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Star Alliance today announced the plans for Thai Smile Airways to become the next Connecting Partner in its global network. The Connecting Partner model was established by Star Alliance in June to complement its membership model.

In contrast to full membership in the Alliance, requiring building of commercial ties with all full members, the more regional Connecting Partner scope calls for commercial relationships with a minimum of three carriers only. Customers travelling on an itinerary which includes a transfer between a Star Alliance member airline and a Connecting Partner will be offered standard Alliance benefits such as passenger and baggage through check-in. In addition, customers who have achieved Star Alliance Gold Status in their frequent flyer programme will enjoy premium customer benefits.

Once all entry requirements are fulfilled, which is expected by the end of the year, Thai Smile Airways will become the second Connecting Partner, joining Juneyao Airlines that entered in Connecting Partners allow Star Alliance to close network gaps that may exist of a regional basis. Thai Smile Airways will add 11 new destinations to the Star Alliance network, which already comprises over 1, airports in countries. The Bangkok based airline has begun to implement the necessary technology and commercial links which will allow Thai Smile to begin serving Star Alliance connecting passengers in Thai Smile Airways is offering special promotional fares for one-way travel to Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen with prices starting at Baht, for one-way travel to Phuket with fares starting at 1, Baht.

Thai Smile:. Thai Airways International Bangkok is now planning to totally spin off its Thai Smile Bangkok subsidiary into a totally independent carrier. Copyright Photo: Michael B. The airline once its goes independent is likely to lose the Thai colors and tail in its livery. Thai Airways International:.

Thai Smile Air subsidiary of Thai Airways International Bangkok will now launch operations on July 7 delayed from July 1 following the delivery of its first aircraft. The first route will be from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi to Macau. Copyright Photo: Gerd Beilfuss. Access is further hindered by linguistic and orthographic facts and the limited availability of translations of laws into world languages, something that may be said, too, of Greece and Turkey.

The U. State Department site has a page on judicial assistance and a page on reciprocal consular treatment in Cyprus. In addition to the sites linked here and in the TRNC section below, Greek and Turkish government sites contain documentation and treaties, as well as substantial polemics. The Cyprus Stock Exchange site discusses the financial services regulatory scheme. Some statutes have been collected in the form of codes and some have been translated.

Among those codes and collections included in common bibliographies:. Statute laws of Cyprus: Statutes that have not been consolidated into codes may be unwieldy due to multiple amendments, especially for the reader not fluent in Greek. The author has used a Cyprus secretarial service see Cyprus Yellow Pages to transcribe into modern post Greek orthography [21] Cypriot statute law from copies of the official gazette. Official translation of the general body of Cypriot law into Turkish, while envisaged by the Treaty of Guarantee of Aug.

The text of Cyprus treaties and diplomatic correspondence can be found on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. On linguistic and demographic issues, see the University of Laval site. Both the political and the linguistic environments are changing, however, with EU accession. One cannot know the content of diplomatic talks, but the opening of the Green Line, the new access of Turkish Cypriots to employment in the South and a sudden interest in Turkish language study there hold promise.

For an examination of the respective roles of Greece and Turkey in prolonging the dispute through the EU accession process, see Neophytos G. The Necatigil book below describes the forcible removal of non-Greek jurists from the court system, which thereafter largely ceased to operate in English and Turkish. IALS London holds:. A recent historical review of post-war human rights and British decolonization with extensive treatment of Cyprus is Prof.

While unrecognized internationally except by Turkey, the international community has taken a pragmatic approach administratively to the division of the island. Researchers who review the more hysterical Internet forum postings might have despaired of peaceful coexistence ever again occurring and wonder how soon reunification in democratic conditions under the internationally-recognized Cyprus government is likely to occur.

Yet, with the recent opening of the Green Line, peaceful encounters have proved possible, and reconciliation may be in sight. Whatever the position of foreign and international tribunals with respects to claims mostly by ethnic Greeks for lost property the existence of an economy, a polity and a legal system argues for a pragmatic approach to the jurisdiction, at least in matters of librarianship and comparative law.

The status of the TRNC, as well as its inhabitants - nationals [22] , ressortissants [23] , belongers [24] and migrants from mainland Turkey - and TRNC legal acts have been the subject of a number of important foreign and international legal cases concerning taxes, nationality, refugee status and insolvency that researchers concerned with matters relating to persons, property and transactions in the North of the Island may need to consult.

These include:. The Caglar case, by implication, underlines the problem of status of the inhabitants of Northern Cyprus, immigrants from Turkey and their descendants, who have no status as Cypriots under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus. This is an issue that will need to be settled upon reunification, and one that can create choice-of-law anomalies in cases that reach courts abroad. The TRNC has a functioning legislature and court system, and this author has met and corresponded professionally with some of its parliamentarians and law librarians.

It has a multitude of political parties and holds democratic elections. Adams v. Adams , [] P. The non-recognition of governmental acts relating to status is no longer so strictly maintained as in Adams [26] and the jurisdictional point has been rendered largely moot by statute.

See R. Documents issued by the TRNC Government are not, in principle, treated as valid governmental documents. The passport may be viewed as proof of identity but the visa, if issued, is entered onto a consular form by a United States other consular officers. See Constitution, Art. Compare the British Order in Council of , still in force in Israel.

Legal pluralism, the assignment of personal law according to religion or ethnic group, was common in the colonial and protectorate context and exists today in many Muslim and multi-ethnic jurisdictions. Researchers may wish to review:. A project has been under way since to post all laws in force on the Internet in Turkish.

The parliamentary librarian has been helpful in the past in providing requested documentation by e-mail. The former Attorney General of the TRNC has written treatises in Turkish and in English on the subject of constitutional and political law as well as pre treatises on Cypriot law; Dr. Necatigil also appeared as an expert witness in the Caglar case, and he provided us with the nationality law translation :. While the CIA World Factbook, and dozens of websites which draw from it, assert that "the legal system of the Faroe Islands is Danish," that is a considerable oversimplification.

In both the Faroe and the Greenland Home Rule Governments there is great political interest in promoting the fundamental ideas and principles embodied in the Convention to the extent possible. However, as the Convention is prepared with a view to European countries with relatively large populations and corresponding administrative and social structures, it is not a matter of course that the Convention is in all respects suitable for the scarcely populated and far less diverse societies of the Faroe Islands and of Greenland.

Thus, full implementation of the Convention in these areas may imply needless and inadequate bureaucratization. The authorities of the Faroe Islands and of Greenland will analyse this question thoroughly. Unfortunately, no thorough overview of the Faroes legal system exists other than those written in Faroese or in Danish, and an original undertaking is beyond the scope of this guide.

What we can provide are sources of primary and secondary law and political and economic data, online and in print, for those who might want to undertake such a project or who need to find a specific law or legal principle as applied in the Faroe Islands. Some brief commercial and government descriptive material.

The following statement was provided to us in by the Mission of the Faroe Islands to the United Kingdom for the preparation of an earlier version of this article: "The Faroes are a part of the Danish Kingdom and the Danish judicial system; the Danish Supreme Court is also the court of last instance in Faroese matters.

The Danish judicial system is comprised of many city courts as tribunals of first instance. There are two High Courts, East and West. Denmark and Iceland have been ratifying signatories to the Treaty of Brussels Mar. First, see the introductory remarks for the entry on the Faroe Islands.

Additionally, consult the following:. As it became fully independent only in , a review of the law of state succession may be relevant. The Iceland Constitution , as amended, is available in English translation on the principal government site.

Liechtenstein law originates from Swiss and Austrian law. Of Austrian origin are civil and criminal court procedures, criminal law, succession and family law, and the law pertaining to contracts, torts and rights in personam.

Swiss law pertaining to civil status, property, and to an extent, rights in personam has been adopted. The last twenty years have seen amendments to many laws. Relations with Switzerland with list of treaties, including:. Liechtenstein , App. The Liechtensteinische Juristenzeitung LJZ is the authoritative legal journal and source of commentary and case reports. It is found in many libraries overseas.

The Liechtensteinische Landesbibliothek , Gerberweg 5, FL Vaduz maintains a complete collection of Liechtenstein legal materials, along with comparative-law documentation of contiguous jurisdictions. A note about Liechtenstein and an aspect of international law: Liechtenstein was party to the Nottebohm case Liechtenstein v. Guatemala that created the concept of "effective nationality," a concept now somewhat eroded in view of changes in nationality law, human rights law notably gender equality but also the evolution of nationality as primarily a source of rights rather than of obligations , and supranational arrangements.

See, e. The legal portal includes all decrees on Liechtenstein law, all legislative materials reports and petitions as well as government statements, state parliamentary minutes , the entire judicature published in the Liechtenstein Decision Collection LES as well as all other decisions of the Liechtenstein courts. The version of this survey of Liechtenstein legal resources was drafted with the kind assistance of Lic. See the Wikipedia page for a complete list of versions, with links to the relevant official gazettes.

The site includes a searchable database of laws, reports, official gazettes and documents published since These sites had been in the final stages of planning when the author called on the Ministry in Roosevelt, L Luxembourg.

Other periodicals are listed on their website. A private bookstore, Librarie um Fieldgen , sells law and tax materials and has an online bibliography and price list. The Legilux website has undergone continuous improvement over the years. There is a proprietary online service of the Code fiscal and LexGo provides a number of laws and legal articles in English and French. Luxembourg law students study at Belgian universities as well as the University of Luxembourg , and Luxembourg juridical methods to a certain extent follow the Belgian pattern.

See also the site of the Institut Universitaire International de Luxembourg. The major published case reporter and digest is the Pasicrisie Luxembourgeoise. An alternative source of laws and decrees is the Pasinomie Luxembourgeoise. These include civil, criminal, commercial and procedural codes, which can be found in many libraries. Maltese statutes are published in English and in Maltese, in print and online at the Ministry of Justice site and its Court Services page.

The starting point for research is the Maltese government portal. A number of codes civil, commercial, penal, procedural have been consolidated and published separately. The Government Gazette is available online, issues from June See also the Administrative Reform in the Mediterranean Region, Summary of Malta on the reform process of Malta's governmental institutional framework — Archived copy.

The absurdity of the episode has provided inspirational material for filmmakers, advocates of fiscal reform, and observers of global finance. This article tries to explain the origins of the crisis, and compare the treatment of tax havens by bigger countries before and after the globalization of capital flows. Other legal and institutional data, from international sites non-exhaustive; to show the kind of sites that may be identified in a Web search :.

The publisher has in the past been willing to provide copies of individual statutes in Serbian upon e-mail by non-subscribers. The official source of primary law is the Bollettino Ufficiale della Repubblica di San Marino , for which an annual index is available. Prior to their official publication, newly-enacted laws are available from the Ministry of Justice. Both versions may be consulted at the Biblioteca di Stato.

An online database maintained by the Department of Internal Affairs for official use can be consulted by the public, and material printed or downloaded, at the Biblioteca di Stato. As of March 23, , the database included laws through It might be worthwhile checking from time to time to see if web access has been made available to this database. Few specific laws may be found on the Web servers of government agencies and international organizations, and may be located on Google or another search engine:.

Some legal materials may be found on Italian websites, especially treaties and their implementing laws. European Court of Human Rights matters:. Norwegian private law, criminal law and procedural law applies, however, unless otherwise provided. Other statutory provisions apply only if it is determined separately in the law.

The international community does not recognise its self-declared statehood, and the de facto government, which remains in a tense stand-off with Moldova, is economically, politically and militarily supported by Russia. A referendum on independence in September , not recognised by Moldova or the international community, saw the territory reassert its demand for independence and vote in support of ensuing a union with Russia.

The modern status of the Holy See is governed by the Lateran Convention of — facsimile copy. Ecclesiastical law is well documented in various editions of the Codex Canonici. Notices of importance from a Canon Law perspective are published in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis which can be consulted in major theological institutions, such as Heythrop College London , and in more than other libraries for which holdings are recorded in OCLC.

We are principally concerned here not with Vatican religious law but its civil and penal law. Both are sold by the Vatican Publishing House , which has a catalog online. Older back issues are out of print and rare. The most important issue is Vol. For recent amendments, see the Vatican website Nuova legge fondamentale Numerous Web sources include texts of religious law, among them the principal Vatican site.

The Vatican Library website has some, mostly ecclesiastical, materials online. The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are outside the European Union for most, but not all, purposes [32] and have a unique constitutional status. This section deals only with legal resources unique to the territories named or which include laws directly relevant to them.

For historical cases, the researcher may want to browse through the delightful English Reports , a collection of old case reporters. The Supreme Court formerly the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council , and to a lesser extent other well-reasoned decisions of tribunals in England, may be persuasive of many issues before Channel Islands courts, notwithstanding their judicial independence and the impact of customary law.

Because of their "foreign" status for tax and domicile purposes, the Channel Islands are a flight destination for capital. Increasingly the courts have developed theories to bring the fruits of tax fraud within the reach of the British fisc, whether through insolvency proceedings or otherwise.

The Statute of Elizabeth was applied in some U. One area that merits review in connection with the study of United Kingdom offshore jurisdictions is the expanding external reach of the UK, US and other courts in enforcement matters. This may be in money-laundering, bankruptcy, enforcement of judgment, contempt or criminal proceedings. A few references:. With respect to trusts, a particular caution is necessary in regard to any purported tax and asset protection benefits for US and UK taxpayers; such benefits may in fact be nonexistent in view of current reporting and attribution rules based upon the nationality and domicile of the settlor or beneficiary, and, further, general information exchange programs between the UK Inland Revenue and third-country fiscal authorities.

Terms of a trust and local law may provide little protection to the settlor and beneficiary when the facts are bad:. As the Barlow-Clowes case R. Clowes, [] 2 All E. The Gibraltar Government portal has descriptive material but no substantive law content. For a commentary, see Thomas D. See also the Treaty of Utrecht.

The address for sales and subscriptions is 6, Convent Place, Gibraltar. Some issues of the Gazette and supplements may be found online with a search engine query. Some cases of national and territorial, as well as European Union tribunals relevant to European Union matters appear in Common Market Law Reports, in print and on Westlaw. Privy Council cases, decided in London, appear in the Appellate Cases series of the Law Reports, and decisions since and a few selected earlier judgments appear on the Bailli website collection of judgments of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

Alderney and Sark are separate jurisdictions administratively combined with Guernsey for some purposes. The Island of Sark briefly became well known in United States banking circles after following the "Bank of Sark" scam:. There is an online daily newspaper, Panorama , which reports heavily on legal and commercial matters. Other print and online resources:.

Like the foregoing offshore United Kingdom jurisdictions, the Isle of Man derives its transnational juridical importance from its independent fiscal, financial services, trust and company law regimes. Latterly, its LLC law has attracted attention; LLCs, attractive in the United States for their informality of organization and management, may be useful internationally as hybrid entities. In the USA, "check the box" rules allow for options as to tax treatment; in the United Kingdom and many other countries but not Switzerland they are treated for tax purposes as corporations.

Articles 75 and 76 of the UK Finance Act formalized policy in this regard addressing the use of English limited liability partnerships to hold real property. A Google search under "hybrid entity" will yield explanatory material on the tax advantages of the differential cross-border treatment. A general description of Manx company law is available at the government site and at various proprietary sites which should be treated with appropriate caution , such as the Middleton Katz and Appleby sites.

Similarly for Manx trust law , see another survey. Other references are listed in the bibliography appended to the Wikipedia entry on Manx Law. Heligoland's VAT and duty free alcohol and tobacco, in contrast to 19 percent in the rest of Germany, attracts , day trippers in a year, all of them braving the rough four hour trip. According to Anaya, the autonomy and self-government powers of these parliaments have to be strengthened.

The potential of the Sami Parliaments needs to be expanded to take part in decision-making related to Sami issues and to actually influence these decisions. Especially in Finland, Sami Parliaments are only regarded as bodies by which the Sami could interact with governmental authorities without having substantial influence or decision powers.

Sami Parliaments do not have a special decision power concerning land, waters and natural resources, apart from exceptions as they exist in e. As official gazettes, parliamentary debates, consolidated statutes and case reports migrate to the web, public, and especially foreign, access is rapidly expanding. One may consider that it is in the particular interest of smaller jurisdictions — and especially those whose sovereignty is in dispute and that want to promote an image of stability, commercial vitality and rule of law — to make their laws readily available.

Two obstacles remain: language and cost. In the course of the broader, Europe-wide research project underlying this report, we had mixed responses from national authorities. We received an immediate, positive response from the Jersey authorities, and positive help from parliamentary librarians when we met them in person.

One might have hoped for a more robust response from lawyers and law librarians at commercial providers and private law firms with promising websites, notably those in Cyprus. A further problem underlying foreign and comparative-law research is that of language and official translations, which will be the subject of a later report. Of the jurisdictions reviewed, Luxembourg and the Republic of Cyprus have more than a single written language but in practice both use only one for statutes.

Malta uses two languages in its judicial proceedings. The Danish translation of Faroese documents may not reduce the challenge by much. For passages written in "world languages" machine translations, translating search engines such as Google Translate and reverse. There was a brief effort among law librarians to make available volunteer translating resources to assist in deciphering brief passages; a more satisfactory long-term solution might lie if demand and financial resources would support it in the intervention of a student employment service, along the lines of Columbia Tutoring and Translating Agency at Columbia University.

The Agency's telephone number is The conflict of laws issue is not easily resolved in claims arising from the extension of copyright PDF, kb to 70 years from the death of the author or anonymous works and works for hire 95 years from publication in the United States 17 U. Or they may be stored "nowhere", and developments in peer-to-peer technology, high-speed communication, cheap data storage and effective search engines pose a great threat to the value-added claimed for the traditional legal database.

The impossibility of finding, 50 years after publication, literary heirs or business successors with respect to academic works for which profit was not the motivation has become a serious obstacle to access to doctrine and other secondary sources and led to rampant disregard for the law and a broad, self-serving interpretation of "fair use". Hyperlaw, Inc. Another source of confusion of rights is the linking to internal references within a site rather than to a home page.

Arguably, site owners have no particular right to insist that visitors enter their sites only through a home page and respect a system of frames or searching, only that no false claim of ownership or authorship is made. The argument is strengthened when the reference is for non-commercial purposes. Archiving and caching of web sites, the object of a number of academic and national-library projects and at least ephemerally an essential part of the work of search engines and web crawlers, is another potential source of conflict in matters of ownership and control.

In an effort to reduce the number of broken links, some of the information sites referred to in this article have been cached, complete with the original links, advertisements and references to GIFs and JPEGs. Some links are to articles and documents archived on university servers; the life span of such links is unpredictable. Copyright issues aside, a recent source of Internet deletions and disappearing documents, especially of U. Government publications, is political embarrassment, and the use of security justification to defeat FOIA arguments.

The issues of vested interests and the status of offspring of refugees and migrants would seem to be a matter for diplomatic, rather than legal, analysis. There has been no census. Anand, "Sovereign equality of States in international law", Rec. The accompanying librarian explained with some librarian-style embarrassment that they had been "recalled" by the Presidency. Planning 23 George Young was vice-consul in Damascus at the time; he went on to have a distinguished career in UK government service.

Refugee L. Attorney General , [] E. D ; Luxemburg v. Goldfinger , [] U. Yeldag [] 1 F. Adams and B. Divorce: Northern Cyprus , [] 2 F. Carl Zeiss Jena , F. Elicofon, F. Other cases: Madzimbamuto v. Lardner-Burke , [] 1 A. Rigg , [] N. Rigg , 7 Victoria U. Wellington L. DK, reproduced with permission:. Some of the laws are not in force in the Faroe Islands and Greenland or are in force in a modified form.

The Karnov annotations specify this.


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Star Alliance today announced the plans for Thai Smile Airways to become the next Connecting Partner in its global network.

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Mediazione e conciliazione civile e commerciale nicosia betting See especially the European Treaty Series ; the CoE website allows users to view all treaties acceded to by a specific member state, or to view the ratification status of any particular treaty. The official source of primary law is the Bollettino Ufficiale della Repubblica di San Marinofor which an annual index is available. Transnistria Additionally, consult the following:. Thai Smile will not compete in the low-fare segment that the new Thai Tiger Airways Bangkok joint venture will go after.
Que significa minar bitcoins The airline once its goes independent is likely to lose the Thai colors and tail in its livery. The U. Carl Zeiss JenaF. The major published case reporter and digest is the Pasicrisie Luxembourgeoise. Montenegro Republika Crna Gora
History of sports betting in nigeria Background steno csgo betting. Arguably, site owners have no particular right to insist that visitors enter their sites only through a home page and respect a system of frames or searching, only that no false claim of ownership or authorship is made. Roosevelt, L Luxembourg. Basque Euskadi is a minority language. A history of financial scandals including the Barlow-Clowes affair Regina v.
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Quote euro betting Liechtenstein law originates from Swiss and Austrian law. The Supreme Court formerly the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Counciland to a lesser extent other well-reasoned decisions of tribunals in England, may off track betting in north chicago persuasive of many issues before Channel Islands courts, notwithstanding their judicial independence and the impact of customary law. Some commercialintellectual propertyshippingsecurities and tax laws have been summarized, translated or published privately. The British Sovereign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia [18] 98 square miles total area retained special status, and British personnel were and are governed by legislative acts specific to those areas. For recent amendments, see the Vatican website Nuova legge fondamentale Like the foregoing offshore United Kingdom jurisdictions, the Isle of Man derives its transnational juridical importance from its independent fiscal, financial services, trust and company law regimes.
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Thai Smile Airways will add 11 new destinations to the Star Alliance network, Thai Airways International (Bangkok) appears to be hedging all of its bets as it. Star Alliance welcomed Thai Smile Airways as a Star Alliance Connecting Thai Airways International (Bangkok) appears to be hedging all of its bets as it. 2r telecom sa 2rnet provedor de internet 2talk global ip network 2wire inc. a-net co. ltd. a-net liberec s.r.o. a-siti limited liability company a-star a-telecom ltd a. a. corporation bestweb servicos de telecomunicacoes ltda -me gmbh kknet isp s.r.o. kknk technobud ltd kkon technologies ltd kkr kktc merkez.