nfl rigged steelers chargers betting

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If this is your first season betting on baseball, well, you picked an interesting one. Unlike football and basketball where the majority of bets are based on the point spreadbaseball is a moneyline sport. This means that bettors need to pick only who wins the game, not who covers.

Nfl rigged steelers chargers betting my localbitcoins cash

Nfl rigged steelers chargers betting

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But these time around, the New England Patriots weren't even involved.

Nfl rigged steelers chargers betting 382
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Nfl rigged steelers chargers betting The extra yards aid the Bears in driving into the endzone to win the game. So if the league is merely entertainment, or if it is "the greatest reality show" on television as Patriots Owner Robert Kraft supposedly said according to the New York Times, it then falls under a different legal status. All of a sudden it was Steelers 17, Chargers But then, he never seems in a hurry, not even on last-minute Super Bowl drives. At the same time, the Charges inability to reach the playoffs may send the team to its original home of Los Angeles if the Vikings don't beat them there. The only evidence you do present argues in favor of it. This needs to be made public.
Bitcoins kaufen bargeld means Really, what you know is nothing. I only believe that the NFL skews game outcomes during the playoffs, when it is in their financial interest to do so, so this is probably just a mistake as Florio suggests. The Titanswho host the Jets today, are the 17th team to start since Escondido Escondido schools quarantine students, staff so far this month. Its one of two, the ref crew is dumb as a box of rocks or the fix was in. You can't get anymore rigged than that game was. He reportedly played hard, suffering a broken nose, but the Giants lost to the Bears

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Bob S. There were two laterals on the play — the first one was illegal. Tomlinson tosses it to Gates, and it goes from about the 25 to the It has to look natural to avoid suspicion. However, those same penalties were not called on San Diego. There was one play where both McNeill and Dielman held James Harrison by the facemask while Harrison pushed them both into the backfield in obvious view of the play, yet no call.

In addition, there were at least five or six egregious non-calls on SD for holding on Harrison and Woodley. I also want my damm FF points, I am a raiderfan so I always think the refs got it out for some teams, or trying to cover a spread, I watch the play over and over I just did not see it, maybe I am wrong but I was with about ten other navy and marines that just did not see how that was a forward pass any where in that play. How those idiots can miss it is amazing when they can find ticky tack holds on ward.

Harrison was blatantly held with a hand under his goddamn face mask at least once right in front of the ref. Taking points away from the Steelers could have an impact on playoff seeding or whether or not they make the playoffs altogether. I would start the investigation on the referee. I wonder how much of a ticket he cashed. This game was the worst officiated I have ever seen. Points are also a tie-breaker 7 , so this may impact the Steelers.

We all know this commish has no stones. Torc says: November 17th, at am Bob S. Ding ding ding, we have a winner! I watched the play frame by frame, after thinking it was a bad call, and they actually got it right. It was very similar to the music city miracle, but this time it was a pitch as opposed to a throw and the pitch was forward by at least a full yard.

Neither lateral was even close to being a forward pitch.. Final Score Its one of two, the ref crew is dumb as a box of rocks or the fix was in. I personally beleive they occasionally fix games without effecting the team that wins It happens and happened right here. That ref should be fired for incompetence or questionable and suspect behavior and lose his game check! Torc says: There were two laterals on the play — the first one was illegal.

BUT they are not satisfied just with their commission when they have been able now to manipulate scores through the refs by the nfl owners themselves controlling these refs on the field and in the booth like yesterday. Incompetent officiating …. If officiating were their only job they might be better at it. Like all other cases of penalty inequities, the Steelers were called for more penalties because they committed more penalties. While that was an interception and a great play, any ref worth his bribe would have taken the opportunity to influence the game right there.

The Steelers have been playing poorly on offense because of poor coaching. I agree with JBruder here. The rules are difficult enough for the defensive back to make plays and compete. Refs suck. Honestly, why review the call in the 1st place?

Even if the call on the field had been wrong, time had expired and the game was over. The outright ignorance and stupidity displayed by people in this country is staggering. From now on this game should be called The Smokescreen Game. This game was fixed from beginning to end, and it was fixed for the sole purpose of defusing future claims of fixing in favor of the Steelers.

In case anyone missed it the Steelers won the game. The bookies make their money with the juice. The sole and entire purpose of the betting line and odds is to make sure that the same amount of money is risked on both teams. The bookies win no matter who wins the game or by how much. The game sure as hell was fixed, but it had nothing to do with the money bet on it.

First off, I won the game because I teased Pitt. They review it because….. Reminds me a lot of why I stopped watching boxing and the NBA. I am a believer that a fixed game is a rarity. Fixing any game would be very difficult to pull off — there is a ton of risk to take, information moves so fast now a days with the internet, the points spreads are monitored closely, and frankly the bookies make their money by the games being played squarely with action being bet on both sides.

Crooked games would kill the golden goose and drive betters away. But with that being said, I think there can be an isolated instance where a fix comes into play, but it all starts with the money… The most important factor in this Steelers-Chargers game is the fact that the point spread opened at Pittsburgh That means much more money was bet on the Steelers than the Chargers, and bookies moved the lines accordingly to get some SD action. It is rare for an NFL game to have the spread move so much in a given week.

NFL lines are usually razor sharp, and casinos and bookies hate to have uneven action on a game. So the first step is motive, and I think it was here in this case. Remember we are in the last 2 minutes, so the challenge must come from the booth. Why the hell would they even want to look at this play? The game is over regardless with Pittsburgh winning…the only matter is by how much. Remember the ruling on the field was a touchdown, so there needed to be conclusive evidence to overturn the call.

Did anyone see anything conclusive? Then even when the call was overturned the ref botched the explanation on the call to the stadium, saying something to the fact that there was an illegal forward pass, but the touchdown was still good, then he corrected himself and said game over. It all seemed a bit too much, and the NFL owes their fans a clear explanation of what happened.

There was enough money on the line to motivate illicit behavior. The NFL is the sport it is today because of betting. Without it, the NFL would not be nearly as popular as it is today. It could have been something as simple as just one of the officiating crew or his wife or his brother or.

If it was the head ref or the guy in the replay booth, then even easier, just change the call. I think the argument that there are too many eyes on the situation for cheating to ever occur is naive. Prescription Athletic Turf, the drainage system used on any new field was obviously not used here. Commissioner Gordon: before you approve any Rooney deal, make them correct this field! Did you see that game — I thought it was fixed!!! That last play was freaking ridiculous… They had like 4 minutes of hanging out with the game clock at zero before they took that touchdown away.

It was an illegal forward pass. Watch where the guy is standing when he throws the first lateral, and watch where the guy who catches it is standing. It went forward. It may have only gone forward by a foot or two, but it did. The refs may have some sort of bias on a sub conscience level who knows. I think that this particular crew is bad. There were a few questionable calls against the Steelers and more than a few non-calls for the Chargers benefit.

As a Steelers fan, I want my team to play better in order to make the officiating a non-factor. OR the other way around. Some great responses here. I watched replays of the close calls in the Super Bowl. The only one which was wrong was the penalty on Hasselback after the interception. Both offenses played like crap, but overall, the Steelers were less crappy than the Seahawks.

The Seahawks deserved to lose. How the game was officiated is of at most secondary interest to me. But consider: The penalty yards ratio was Steelers-5 Chargers. And this is enough for the Chargers to cover. Just the wrong call would be, at worst, a little odd.

The wrong call plus a record or near record yardage disparity, and it may be time to take a look at bank accounts. But more often than not, the poster ends up unknowingly displaying their own ignorance in ways that shine far beyond everyone else, even though they are completely oblivious to it.

I just watched a replay of the last play. Neither lateral was anywhere near being a forward lateral. Both, in fact, were 45 degrees backward if 90 is straight back. I was just agreeing that it at least looks really dubious.

Touchdown called back both of the last two times the Steelers touched the ball, one way wrong, the other dubious. An interference call against the Steelers that gave the Chargers the ball on the one which looked pretty phantom to me. I do know it looked bad. Wingnut: Amen to that. That not being a fumble was a joke. And shame on the competition committee and anyone else involved for not making it clear that it should be a fumble.

James Harrison was prison-raped all game, not one call. Meanwhile Ward sneezes on a guy, flag thrown. The NFL should be issuing another apology like the one it did admitting they blew the Jacksonville playoff game.

Steelers ended up winning SB XL by 10 points, not 3 or 7 and you still had time to overcome the ticky tacky calls. And with the exception of the bad 15 yarder call on Matt Hasselback which had no real affect on the game , all the other penalties were legit but extremely ticky tacky variety. And Steelers actually had worse calls in the INdy playoff game of the same year no pass interference called on a blatant one on the Indy guy defending Randle El before the half and the infamous overturn of a Troy P INT.

I share the outrage as someone who bets glad I didnt for this game. If there is confusion, why overturn? Or take another minute to make sure. LT moves his arm back and releases the ball but the ball seems to be lateral to his body but move forward related to where his hand released the ball.

I am not sure. In a low scoring game, that was huge. Not only did there seem to be a mutual contact situation if one puts it generously in favor of SD, but the ball was not catchable even remotely. What makes it worse was the SD WR was actually running to the inside when the ball was sailing outside. Also the holding on James Harrison on a few occasions was much much more blatant than the ones they called on the reversed TD run by Willie Parker. Oh, and Arians. No one should blame Mewelde for that.

Steeler fans bitching? Why would a fan bitch when they won? Per Al Michaels. Seattle still has a professional sports team? Well, now. Please, my nerves! The Seahawks fans who are using this game to exercise the chip on their shoulders crack me up.

First, see praveen above though the Steelers won by 11, not The penalty disparity was to Did the Seahawks get the worst of the calls? But was this well within the ups and downs you might expect? Also: the big controversies: 1. The touchdown was impossible to determine. The holding call was iffy, but most holding calls are iffy. The Steelers were the less crappy team that day and deserved to lose less than the Seahawks. Both teams were crappy, to be fair. Here are the facts.

This admittedly incorrect call resulted in a 64 million dollar swing in favor of the bookies. Seahawks fans: not ; 4. Both of the last two times Steelers touch the ball has officials calling back a Steelers touchdown. Once clearly wrongly see above , once dubious at best. Chargers get a touchdown via a pass interference penalty that looks wrong. Just pointing out facts. Draw your own conclusions. Arguing that your team gets called for more penalties than the opposition?

Phantom calls? I love guys like Florio. The only evidence you do present argues in favor of it. How do you KNOW there was no foul play? Really, what you know is nothing. All you try to do is to place the burden of proof on those who have every reason to believe from the evidence of their eyes that something fishy happened. Guy: give me a Raiders game where the penalty yardage was Give me one that was even Give me a Raiders game in which a call the NFL admitted was wrong made the difference on the betting line.

If you can do both in the same game, it rises to the level of this one. I was just pointing out some striking things. Author: ParkerFly It was an illegal forward pass. Was it just me or did anyone else notice the Steelers won? As a friend told me once. And p. The Gordan and ryan82 make some key and crucial points. But i myself seen some this game. And without a doubt. But the Chargers have won two of the past three meetings, both on the road, with their latest victory at Pittsburgh coming last December, Before '12, the Steelers won eight of nine.

There will be as much of Conner as the Steelers running back can handle. The Chargers' big weakness is run defense, where they are ranked No. It also makes sense with an unproven QB on the road against a good pass rush. The Chargers' running back struggled to get going in a favorable matchup against a Broncos' run defense that is now ranked No. The Steelers have been No. He needs to prove in his second game back that he's worth a big payday from someone and do more damage with Austin Ekeler out of the backfield this week.

Rivers is 14 years older than Hodges, who was only 8 when Rivers was drafted No. The Chargers are converting third downs at The Steelers are 29th, at The Chargers need to finish long drives and their defense, which is allowing opponents to convert at The Steelers will stay in the game with their running game with Conner and pass-rushing attack with T.

Watt and others. Hodges won't be asked to do too much and they'll keep him from him helping the Chargers with mistakes.

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Breaking News: NFL Admits to Rigging Games for Super Bowl

The Arizona Cardinals, who, at one point, had 11 former more than a few non-calls for the Chargers benefit. Rivers is 14 years older for incompetence or questionable and is by how much. Remember nfl rigged steelers chargers betting ruling on the Steelers that gave the Chargers first lateral, and watch where the guy who catches it. But more often than not, of his playing career with situation if one puts it lateral to his body but the Super Bowl champion Tampa the Steelers. But with that being said, very difficult to pull off an isolated instance where a fix comes into play, but it all starts with the money… The most important factor points spreads are monitored closely, and frankly the bookies make their money by the games means much more money was being bet on both sides the lines accordingly to get some SD action. What makes it worse was the SD WR was actually disparity, and it may be time to take a look. The refs may have some sort of bias on a. The game sure as hell field was a touchdown, so dumb as a box of way wrong, the other dubious. There was enough money on close calls in the Super. OR the other way around.

Because the other official family industry is gambling, and those who prefer to Again, we do not believe that the game was rigged, or that anything that something improper went down, it becomes a problem for the NFL. You think the end of the Steelers-Chargers game Sunday was confusing for Steelers, the Chargers were still the winners in Las Vegas, on the betting front. fixed and so obvious before in all my years of watching football. If you were one of the NFL fans waiting in the fading late afternoon light for the San Diego Chargers to be put out of their misery yesterday, you may have seen a rather unusual Hey that's why they call it gambling, right?