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They may have become a pioneer as a teenager, a ministerial servant in their early twenties, an elder before thirty, and a circuit overseer in their forties. JWs Work In Pairs. They will always come to your door in pairs that could consist of any of the combinations above.

It could be two publishers, a pioneer and an unbaptized publisher, two elders, circuit overseers, and an elder. Every aspect of their life is to make disciples, to reason, explain, prove, persuade. Every moment is a learning situation. JW Literature. All of their literature is designed to education with a mild leaning to helping with evangelism to a primary focus on helping their evangelism. Christian Literature. This does not mean that they will not consider it in your home.

However, there are thousands of JWs that are well educated in Christian literature outside the organization, like biblical Hebrew and Greek, textual studies hermeneutics, theology, and so on. So, do not be surprised if you happen upon the right Witness. All Witnesses are trained in this way. The literature is geared this way.

The meetings are designed this way. They are trained to reason with you using logic, leading questions, and will easily overturn most objections they come across. The more skilled Witness that you come across, the more difficult it will be to cope with their skills. Some might see my tone thus far as showing too much respect to what they feel to be a cult. There is respect just like one military special forces, say the Navy Seals might have for the Israelies special forces, the elite commando, counterterrorist, antiterrorist and recon units.

Overturning Your Objections. One tool they have is the book they have had for decades, Reasoning From the Scriptures. Rather, it provides valuable information that is meant to be used in reasoning with individuals who will allow you to do so. Some of them may ask questions to which they really want satisfying answers. Others, in the course of conversation, may simply state their own beliefs and they may do so with some conviction.

But are they reasonable persons who are willing to listen to another viewpoint? If so, you can share with them what the Bible says, doing so with the conviction that it will find welcome response in the hearts of lovers of truth. It does not matter if you have an MDiv and a Ph. As long as you are respectful and show interest, they will keep returning affording you the opportunity to witness to the Witnesses.

I hope this brief insight into the Witnesses will help you not to underestimate them, and push you to dig deeper to evangelism those that come knocking. It may seem like such a video would be highly edited to make things seem better than they are but this is reflective of what it would really look like. Hebrews , 25 At these meetings, which are open to the public, they examine what the Bible says and how we can apply its teachings in our life as they understand it.

Most of our services include audience participation, much like a classroom discussion. Meetings begin and end with song and prayer. They invite everyone to come along. Seats are free. No collections are ever taken. The meetings are largely devoted to the study of the Bible and Witness doctrines. He says they are also important in helping new converts adopt a different way of life. Two meetings each week are divided into five distinct sections, lasting a total of about four hours.

Witnesses are urged to prepare for all meetings by studying Watch Tower literature from which the content is drawn and looking up the scriptures cited in the articles. Kingdom Halls are typically functional in character and contain no religious symbols. These larger gatherings are usually held at rented stadiums or auditoriums.

Each circuit comprises several congregations in a geographical area. These conventions consist primarily of Bible-based sermons, including demonstrations and experiences of their preaching work. Witnesses are frequently instructed through Watch Tower Society publications, and at meetings and conventions, to increase the quality and quantity of their preaching efforts.

These individuals dedicate, on average, more than hours per month to their work. The publications are produced in many languages, with a small selection available in languages. New books, brochures, and other items are released at their annual conventions. Some of these also provide dramas based on biblical accounts.

Since all Watch Tower literature has been published anonymously. Publications were sold to the public until the early s, from which time they were offered free of charge, with a request for donations. Much of the literature is illustrated extensively, with sociologist Andrew Holden observing utopian, post-Armageddon images of happy Witnesses in bright sunshine and pristine environments, often playing with formerly wild animals such as lions and tigers, in contrast to dark-colored images of unfavorable activities such as murders, burglaries and promiscuity that highlight the moral dangers outside the organization.

They will be expected to attend meetings at the Kingdom Hall and must also demonstrate a willingness to carry out the doorstep ministry. Baptisms are normally performed in pools at assemblies and conventions. The speaker asks the candidates the following two questions. After candidates agree to both questions, they line up to undergo water immersion, usually in quick succession, often with hundreds baptized at large conventions.

Larger construction projects, including building regional Assembly Halls and Bethel offices, factories, residences, warehouses, and farm facilities, are also performed almost entirely by volunteer members. Donation boxes labeled for several purposes are located in Kingdom Halls and other meeting facilities.

The accounts including donations and the financial operation of the local congregation are reviewed monthly and posted on a congregation notice board. Donations are also accepted via mail, and the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society can be named as a beneficiary to an estate, and also accepts donations in the form of life insurance policies, pension plans, bank accounts, certificates of deposit, retirement accounts, stocks and bonds, real estate, annuities, and trusts.

If the wolfish foes draw wrong conclusions from our maneuvers to outwit them, no harm has been done to them by the harmless sheep, innocent in their motives as doves. If you have an appreciation of just how prepared the Witnesses truly are; then, you will not come to the door unprepared when they come knocking. The King James Bible was originally published in Some have estimated that the number of copies of the King James Version that have been produced in print worldwide is over one billion!

There is little doubt that the King James Version is a literary masterpiece, which this author has and will appreciate and value for its unparalleled beauty of expression. This book is in no way trying to take away from what the King James Version has accomplished. The King James Version is a book to be commended for all that it has accomplished.

What do most users of the King James Bible not know about their translation? Whether you are one who favors the King James Version or one who prefers a modern translation, Andrews will answer the questions that have long been asked for centuries about the King James Bible and far more. CGBT is also for those who are interested in which translation s would be the most beneficial to use. CGBT will communicate as clearly and powerfully as possible to all of its readers while also accurately communicating information about the Bible.

We have come a long, long way from the time that the KJV was The Bible in English and the many translations available today. Finding the right Bible for the right person can be daunting, with almost too many choices available. However, it is still possible to divide the options into two broad categories: literal translations and dynamic equivalents. What is the difference, and why should you care? Bible publishers used to say that literal translations are good for study purposes, and dynamic equivalents are better for reading.

Naturally, publishers do not advertise the negatives, so they did not point out that the literal translations might be a little harder to read, or that the dynamic equivalents might not be entirely faithful to the original languages of the Bible. However, more recently, some scholars have been taking this analysis in a new direction, assessing literal translations as less desirable than dynamic equivalents even for accuracy and reliability.

Many have asked Edward D. I have gotten conflicting opinions on social media. Can you please clear this up for me? Have you experienced this? Do you know why these verses are omitted from modern translations? Andrews will help the reader find the answers to whether verses are being omitted and far more when it comes to the differences between the King James Bible and the Modern Bible translations.

The fascinating story of how we got the English Bible in its present form starts 1, years ago. Andrews invites readers to explore the process of from the early manuscripts to contemporary translations today. And so, it was that translators like William Tyndale were martyred for the honor of giving the people a Bible that could easily be understood.

What a price they had paid, however; it was a priceless gift! Tyndale and others before and after him had worked with the shadow of death towering over their heads. However, by delivering the Bible to many people in their native tongue, they opened up before them the possibility, not of death, but life eternal. There are more than different Bible translations in the English language alone. Some are what we call literal translations, which seeks to give the reader the exact English equivalent of what was written in the original language text, thus allowing the reader access to the actual Word of God.

Then, there are dynamic equivalents, where the translator determines what the author meant by the original language text, and this is what they give the reader. There is also a paraphrase translation, which is an extremely interpretive translation. Exactly what are these differences? Are some translations better than others? What standards and principles can we use to determine what makes a good translation? Andrews introduces the readers to the central issues in this debate and presents several reasons why literal translations are superior to dynamic equivalent and paraphrase translations.

We do not need to be a Bible scholar to understand these issues, as well as the importance of having the most accurate and faithful translation that is reflective of the original text. Andrews introduces the new and relatively new reader to this subject in the first few chapters of the TTNT. Andrews deepens his handling of the material, while still making it easy to understand in the next few chapters of the TTNT, all the while being very informative in both sections.

Regardless of those scribes who had worked very hard to be faithful in their copying, errors crept into the text. How can we be confident that what we have today is the Word of God? Wilkins and Andrews offer the reader an account of the copying by hand and transmission of the Greek New Testament. They present a comprehensive survey of the manuscript history from the penning of the 27 New Testament books to the current critical texts. What did the ancient books look like and how were documents written?

How were the New Testament books published? Who would use secretaries? Why was it so hard to be a secretary in the first century? How was such work done? What do we know about the early Christian copyists? What were the scribal habits and tendencies? Is it possible to establish the original text of the NewTestament?

The foremost thing the reader is going to learn is that the Greek New Testament that our modern translations are based on is a mirror-like reflection of the original and can be fully trusted. The reader will learn how the New Testament authors made and published their books, the secretaries in antiquity and their materials like Teritus who helped Paul pen the epistle to the Romans, and the book writing process of the New Testament authors and early copyists. The reader will also discover the reading culture of early Christianity and their view of the integrity of the Greek New Testament.

The reader will also learn how textual scholars known as paleography determine the age of the manuscripts. The reader will learn all about the different sources that go into our restoring the Greek New Testament to its original form. Then, Andrews will cover the ancient version, the era of the printed text, and the arrival of the critical text.

After that, the reader will be given a lengthy chapter on examples of how the textual scholar determines the correct reading by his looking at the internal and external evidence. Finally, and most importantly, the reader will find out the truth about the supposed , textual errors within the Greek New Testament manuscripts. The last chapter will be faith-building and enable you to defend the Word of God as inerrant.

It examines the making of the New Testament books, the New Testament secretaries and the material they used, how the early Christians viewed the New Testament books, and the literacy level of the Christians in the first three centuries. It also explores how the gospels went from an oral message to a written record, the accusation that the apostles were uneducated, the inspiration and inerrancy in the writing process of the New Testament books, the trustworthiness of the early Christian copyists, and the claim that the early scribes were predominantly amateurs.

The Bible has been under attack since Moses penned the first five books. However, the New Testament has faced criticism like no other time over the years. Both friend and foe have challenged the reliability of our New Testament. Self-proclaimed Agnostic textual scholar Dr. Bart D. A leading textual scholar, Greek grammarian, and Christian apologist Dr.

Daniel B. Wallace has stipulated that this is true. This is of particular interest among all Christians, who have been charged with defending the Word of God. In this volume, textual scholar Edward D. Andrews offers the churchgoer and textual student a defense against this specific attack on the New Testament.

Andrews offers the reader a careful analysis of the relevant evidence, giving his readers logical, reasonable, rational assurances that the New Testament can be trusted more than ever before. He will explain the differences between the older Bible translations and the newer ones. Andrews will explain why we do not need the original manuscripts to have the original Word of God. He will reveal how reliable our manuscripts are, how they survived the elements and the persecution of early Christianity, as well as withstanding careless and even deceitful scribes.

This fourth edition will be dealing with the Greek text of our New Testament, through the Eyes of Dr. First, in the introduction, we will look into Bart D. Second, we will open with chapter one covering the book writing process of the New Testament authors and early Christian scribes. The role of women within the church has been a heated, ongoing debate. There are two views. We have the equal ministry opportunity for both men and women egalitarian view and the ministry roles distinguished by gender complementarian view.

Both views mention the teachings of the apostle Paul in 1 Timothy in order to support their viewpoint. So how can we know which ones to trust? Was the Gospel of Mark Written First? Were the Gospel Writers Plagiarists? What is the Q Document? What about Document Q? From the close of the first century A. However, once we enter the so-called period of enlightenment, especially from the 19th century onward, some critical Bible scholars viewed the Gospels not as the inspired, inerrant Word of God but rather as the word of man, and a jumbled word at that.

In addition, they determined that the Gospels were not written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, saying the Gospels were written after the apostles, denying that the writers of the Gospels had any firsthand knowledge of Jesus; therefore, for these Bible critics such men were unable to offer a record of reliable history. Moreover, these critical Bible scholars came to the conclusion that the similarities in structure and content in the synoptic similar view Gospels Matthew, Mark, and Luke , suggests that the evangelists copied extensively from one other.

Further, the critical Bible scholars have rejected that the miracles of Jesus and his resurrection ever occurred as recorded in the Gospels. Lastly, some have even gone so far as to reject the historicity of Jesus himself. Skepticism has become fashionable.

We are urged to question everything: especially the existence of God and the truthfulness of his Word, the Bible. However, much attention is given to more evidenced-based chapters in our pursuit of overcoming any fears or doubts that we may have or that may creep up on us in the future.

How can you improve your effectiveness as teachers? Nevertheless, regardless of your abilities, you can do your best to imitate the way Jesus taught. Nevertheless, regardless of your abilities, you can do your best to imitate the way Paul taught. When it comes to teaching, genuine Christians have a special responsibility.

How true is the Old Testament? How have many scholars questioned the writership of Isaiah, and are they correct? When did skepticism regarding the writership of Isaiah begin, and how did it spread? What dissecting of the book of Isaiah has taken place? When did criticism of the book of Daniel begin, and what fueled similar criticism in more recent centuries? What charges are sometimes made regarding the history in Daniel? Why is the question of the authenticity of the books of Moses, the Book of Isaiah and the Book of Daniel an important one?

What evidence is there to show that the books of Moses, the Book of Isaiah and the Book of Daniel is authentic and true? Why is it important to discuss whether Old Testament Aurhoriship is authentic and true or not? Who wrote the first five books of the Bible? Was it Moses or was it others centuries later? If Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible, then how was his own death and burial written in Deuteronomy Chapter 34? Many mainstream Bible scholars argue that Moses could not have written the Pentateuch since he likely existed many centuries earlier than the development of the Hebrew language.

When was the origin of the Hebrew language? Popular scholarship says that if Moses had written the Pentateuch, he would have written in the Egyptian language, not the Hebrew. Moreover, most of the Israelites and other people of the sixteenth century B. Finally, analysis of the first five books demonstrates multiple authors, not just one, which explains the many discrepancies.

Multiple authors also explain the many cases of telling of the same story twice, making the same events appear to happen more than once. The modern mainstream scholarship would argue that within the Pentateuch we see such things as preferences for certain words, differences in vocabulary, reoccurring expressions in Deuteronomy that are not found in Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers, all evidence for their case for multiple authors.

What does the evidence say? What does archaeology, linguistic analysis, historical studies, textual analysis, and insights from Egyptologists tell us? Again, who wrote the first five books of the Bible? Andrews offers his readers an objective view of the evidence. Agabus is a mysterious prophetic figure that appears only twice in the book of Acts. Though his role is minor, he is a significant figure in a great debate between cessationists and continualists.

On one side are those who believe that the gift of prophecy is on par with the inspired Scriptures, infallible, and has ceased. On the other side are those who define it as fallible and non-revelatory speech that continues today in the life of the church. Proponents of both camps attempt to claim Agabus as an illustration of their convictions.

Beginning with a survey of major figures in the debate, the author conducts an exegetical analysis of passages where Agabus appears in defense of the infallible view. Islam is making a significant mark on our world. It is perhaps the fastest-growing religion in the world. It has become a major obstacle to Christian missions. And Muslim terrorists threaten the West and modern democracies. What is the history of Islam? What do Muslims believe? Do Christians and Muslims worship the same God?

Why do we have this clash of civilizations? Is sharia law a threat to modern democratic values? How can we fight terrorists in the 21st century? These are significant questions that deserve thoughtful answers. This book provides practical, biblical answers so Christians can understand Islam, witness to their Muslim friends, and support efforts by the government to protect all of us from terrorism. Is Islam the One True Faith? This book covers the worldview, practices, and history of Islam and the Quran.

This book is designed as an apologetic evangelistic tool for Christians, as they come across Muslims in their daily lives, as well as to inform them, as a protection again the misleading media. The non-Muslims need to hear these truths about Islam and the Quran so they can have an accurate understanding of the Muslim mindset that leads to their actions. Islam is the second largest religion in the world.

This book is not a dogmatic attack on Islam and the Quran but rather an uncovering of the lies and describing of the truths. The reader will be introduced to the most helpful way of viewing the evidence objectively. We will answer the question of whether the Quran is a literary miracle, as well as is there evidence that the Quran is inspired by God, along with is the Quran harmonious and consistent, and is the Quran from God or man?

We will also examine Islamic teachings, discuss the need to search for the truth, as well as identify the book of truth. We will look at how Islam views the Bible. Finally, we will take up the subjects of Shariah Law, the rise of radical Islam, Islamic eschatology, and how to effectively witness to Muslims. The average Christian knows somewhat how dangerous radical Islam is because of the regular media coverage of beheadings of Christians, Jews, and even young little children, not to mention Muslims with which they disagree.

However, the average Christian does not know their true beliefs, just how many there are, to the extent they will go to carry out these beliefs. Daily we find Islamic commentators on the TV and radio, offering up misleading information, quoting certain portions of the Quran while leaving other parts out. When considering Islamic beliefs, other Islamic writings must be considered, like the Hadith or Sunnah, and the Shariah, or canon law. While Islam, in general, does not support radical Islam, the vast majority do support radical beliefs.

For example, beheadings, stoning for adultery or homosexuality, suicide bombings, turning the world into an Islamic state, and far too many other heinous things. In addition, the three sources of their teaching, six pillars of belief, five pillars of Islam, the twelfth Imam, and much more will be discussed.

All of this from the mind of radical Islam. While there are several books on Islam and radical Islam, this will be the first that will prepare its readers to communicate effectively with Muslims in an effort toward sharing biblical truths. Can I trust the Bible? Does Christianity oppress women? Can we know truth? Why would God allow evil and suffering? Was Jesus God and did He really rise from the dead? How does or should my faith guide my life?

A Time to Speak: Practical Training for the Christian Presenter is a complete guide for effective communication and presentation skills. Discuss any subject with credibility and confidence, from Christian apologetics to the sensitive moral issues of our day, when sharing a testimony, addressing a school board, a community meeting, or conference. This exceptional training is the perfect resource for Christians with any level of public speaking ability.

Historical Criticism of the Bible got started in earnest, known then as Higher Criticism, during the 18th and 19th centuries, it is also known as the Historical-Critical Method of biblical interpretation. Are there any weakness to the Historical-Critical Method of biblical interpretation Historical Criticism , and why is historical criticism so popular among Bible scholars today? Why is this book so critical for all Christians? Biblical criticism is also known as higher criticism, literary criticism, and historical criticism.

Historical criticism is made up of many forms of biblical criticism that are harmful to the authoritative Word of God: historical criticism, source criticism, form criticism, redaction criticism, social-science criticism, canonical criticism, rhetorical criticism, structural criticism, narrative criticism, reader-response criticism, and feminist criticism.

Feminist criticism is a form of literary criticism that is based on feminist theories. The worldview of feminism uses feminist principles to interpret the word of God. Biblical feminists argue that they are merely focused on creating equal opportunities to serve. They say that they want the freedom to follow Jesus Christ as he has called them. Biblical feminists maintain that Scripture clearly states the worth and value of men and women equally when it comes to serving God.

Biblical feminists also say that they want to partner with the men when it comes to taking the lead in the church and parenting in the home. They seek mutual submission and subjection in the church leadership and the home headship, not what they perceive to be a male hierarchy.

Andrews, author of over seventy books, covers information that proves that the Bible is accurate, trustworthy, fully inerrant, and inspired by God for the benefit of humankind. The reader will be introduced to Christan apologetics and evangelism. They will learn what Christian apologetics is. They will be given a biblical answer to the most demanding Bible question: Problem of Evil. The reader will learn how to reach hearts with are the art of persuasion.

They will use persuasion to help others accept Christ. They will learn to teach with insight and persuasiveness. They will learn to use persuasion to reach the heart of those who listen to them. Being objective means that personal feelings or opinions do not influence you in considering and representing facts.

Being subjective means that your understanding is based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or ideas. If the reader finds these insights offense, it might be a little mind control at work from years of being told the same misinformation repeatedly, so ponder things objectively. We can also have preconceived ideas that have been a part of our thinking for so long; we do not question them. Preconceived is an idea or opinion that is formed before having the evidence for its truth.

If we are to be effective, we must season our words, so that they are received well. Then there is the term preconception, which means a preconceived idea or prejudice. Seasoned words, honesty, and accuracy are distinctive features of effective apologetic evangelism. Our message, the Gospel i. We are seeking to reach as many receptive people as possible.

Why should we be interested in the religion of others? The world has become a melting pot of people, cultures, and values, as well as many different religions. Religion has the most significant impact on the lives of mankind today. There are only a few of the major religions that make up billions of people throughout the earth. According to some estimates, there are roughly 4, religions in the world. If there are Hindus, Buddhist or Muslims are in your community, why not initiate a conversation with them?

Christians who take the Great Commission seriously cannot afford to ignore these religions. Today the Gospel is almost an unknown, so what does the Christian evangelist do? The Christian evangelist is preparing their mind and heart so that they will be receptive to the biblical truths. In many ways, this is known as apologetics. It is reasoning from the Scriptures, explaining and proving, as one instructs in sound doctrine, many times having to overturn false reasoning before he can plant the seeds of truth.

Our example in helping the unbeliever to understand the Bible has been provided by Jesus Christ and his apostles. Whether dealing with Bible critics or answering questions from those genuinely interested, Jesus referred to the Scriptures and at times used appropriate illustrations, helping those with a receptive heart to accept the Word of God. Apologist Normal L. Matthew ; ; Ac Why do Christians desire to talk about their beliefs? All true Christians have a determination to imitate God, which moves us to persist in reflecting his glory through our sharing Bible beliefs with others.

Snuggle up with it. The reader will receive eight small introductory books in this one publication. This will enable the reader to lay a solid foundation for which he can build throughout his Christian life. These eight sections with multiple chapters in each cover biblical interpretation, Bible translation philosophies, textual criticism, Bible difficulties, the Holy Spirit, Christian Apologetics, Christian Evangelism, and Christian Living.

Lee M. The Culture War. How the West lost its greatness and was weakened from within outlines how the West lost its values, causing its current decline. The West is now characterized by strict elitist media censorship, hedonism, a culture of drug abuse, abortion, ethnic clashes and racial divide, a destructive feminism and the dramatic breakdown of the family. An ultra-rich elite pushes our nations into a new, authoritarian globalist structure, with no respect for Western historical values. Yet, even in the darkest hour, there is hope.

This manifesto outlines the remedy for the current malaise and describes the greatness of our traditional and religious values that once made our civilization prosper. It shows how we can restore these values to bring back justice, mercy, faith, honesty, fidelity, kindness and respect for one another. Virtues that will motivate individuals to love one another, the core of what will make us great again.

When and how did they come to be called Christians? Who are all obligated to be Christian evangelists? In what way did Jesus set the example for our evangelism? What is the Kingdom of God? What was their worship like and why were they called the Truth and the Way? How did disciples at Pentecost grow to over one million within years?

What was meant by their witness to the ends of the earth? How did Christianity in its infancy function to accomplish all it did? How was it structured? How were the early Christians, not of the world? How were they affected by persecution? How were they not to love the world, in what sense?

What divisions were there in the second and third centuries? Who were the Gnostics? These questions will be answered, as well as a short overview of the division that grew out of the second and third centuries, pre-reformation, the reformation, and a summary of Catholicism and Protestantism.

After a lengthy introduction to First-Century Christianity, there is a chapter on the Holy Spirit in the First Century and Today, followed by sixteen chapters that cover the most prominent Christians from the second to fourth centuries, as well as a chapter on Constantine the Great. This biblical chronology of the Witnesses hinges upon their belief that the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians, which they say occurred in B.

The Witnesses conclude that Chapter 4 of the book of Daniel prophesied a 2, year period that began in B. In order to overcome and church problems, we must first talk about the different problems of the church. Many of the church problems today stem from the isms: liberalism, humanism, modernism, Christian progressivism, theological liberalism, feminism, higher criticism, and biblical criticism. Moreover, many are simply not a biblically grounded church regardless of how much they claim to be so.

Is your church doing the will of the Father? It is an act of obedience. It is embezzlement. However, do you find continuous demanding appeals for money disturbing, perhaps even offensive? Can just any Christian denomination please God? Can all be true or genuine Christianity if they all have different views on the same Bible doctrines? DeRuvo will answer. He will focus on the largest part of Christianity that has many different denominations, the charismatic, ecstatic Signs and Wonders Movements.

Plunkett exposes the errors corrupting the Christian church through the Word of Faith, New Apostolic Reformation, and extreme charismatic movements. The debate is centered around soteriology, that is, the study of salvation, and includes disputes about total depravity, predestination, and atonement. What, though, if you have long felt that you are not studiously inclined?

Realize that the primary difference between a serious Bible student and a less serious Bible student is usually diligence and effort, not being a gifted student. Being a gifted Bible student alone is not enough. Efficient methods of Bible study are worth learning, for those seeking to become serious Bible students. The joy missing from many Bible students is because they do not know how to study their Bible, which means they do not do it well.

Perhaps you dislike Bible study because you have not developed your study skills sufficiently to make your Bible study enjoyable. Maybe you have neglected your Bible study simply because you would rather be doing something else you enjoy. How can we find more enjoyment in studying the Bible? How can we make our study periods more productive?

What circumstances contribute to effective personal study? How can we derive real benefit and pleasure from our Bible reading? From what activities can time be bought out for reading and studying the Bible? Why should we watch our spiritual feeding habits?

What benefits come from reading and studying the Scriptures? There is a great and constantly growing interest in the study of the English Bible in these days. However, very much of the so-called study of the English Bible is unintelligent and not fitted to produce the most satisfactory results.

Why is personal and family Bible study so important in our life now? How can we apply the Word of God in our lives? How can we use the Bible to help others? How can we effectively use the Scriptures when teaching others? How can Bible principles help us to decide wisely? Why should we have faith in God and his word? Certainly, the Bible is a deep and complex book, and reading and studying are not easy at times. However, with time and effort, we can develop a spiritual appetite for personal Bible study.

Correctly interpreting the Bible is paramount to understanding the Word of God. The life of Christ is an exhaustless theme. It reveals a character of greater massiveness than the hills, of a more serene beauty than the stars, of sweeter fragrance than the flowers, higher than the heavens in sublimity and deeper than the seas in mystery. Paul became one of the most widely read and respected biographies of the Apostle to the Gentiles.

As an insightful compendium on the life of Paul, this work is of particular interest to pastors and teachers who desire to add realism and vividness to their account of one of the greatest Christians who ever lived. Paul, along with a number of questions over each chapter for students to discuss.

In addition, seventeen extra chapters have been added that will help the reader better understand who the Apostle Paul was and what first-century Christianity was like. Delving into the basics of biblical interpretation, Edward D. Andrews has provided a complete hands-on guide to understanding what the author meant by the words that he used from the conservative grammatical-historical perspective.

He teaches how to study the Bible on a deep, scholarly level, yet making it understandable to all. He has sought to provide the very best tool for interpreting the Word of God. This includes clarification of technical terms, answers to every facet of biblical interpretation, and defense of the inerrancy and divine inspiration of Scripture. Andrews realizes that the importance of digging deeper in our understanding of the Bible, for defending our faith from modern-day misguided scholarship.

Andrews gives the reader easy and memorable principles and methods to follow for producing an accurate explanation that comes out of, not what many read into the biblical text. The principal procedure within is to define, explain, offer many examples, and give illustrations, to help the reader fully grasp the grammatical-historical approach.

Anybody who wants to study the Bible, either at a personal level or a more scholarly level needs to understand that there are certain principles that guide and govern the process. The technical word used to refer to the principles of biblical interpretation is hermeneutics, which is of immense importance in Biblical Studies and Theology.

How to Interpret the Bible takes into consideration the cultural context, historical background and geographical location in which the text was originally set. Linguistic and literary factors are analyzed so that the various genres of Scripture are examined for their true meaning. The importance of having sound principles of interpretation cannot be overstated as ….

Once upon a time, Postmodernism was a buzzword. It pronounced Modernism dead or at least in the throes of death. It was a wave that swept over Christendom, promising to wash away sterile, dogmatic and outmoded forms of church. But whatever happened to postmodernism? It was regarded as the start of a major historical transition to something new and promising and hailed as a major paradigm shift. The radical fringe has become the dominant view and has been integrated into all aspects of life, including the Christian church.

With the emergence of multicultural societies comes interaction with different belief systems and religions. Values like tolerance and a dislike of dogmatism have become key operating concepts, which reflect a change in worldview. In an age obsessed with physical and psychological health the author emphasizes the importance of spiritual well-being as an essential element of holistic health for the individual Christian and for Christian communities.

This work constitutes a template for a spiritual audit of the local church. It offers an appointment with the Great Physician that no Christian can afford to ignore. Developing Healthy Churches: A Case-Study in Revelation begins with a well-researched outline of the origins and development of the church health movement. With that background in mind the author, aware that throughout the history of the church there have been a number of diverse views about how Revelation ought to be interpreted, presents the reader with four distinct interpretive models.

These are the idealist, preterist, historicist, and futurist. Beville explains these interpretive approaches simply and critiques them fairly. This is a comprehensive study of euthanasia and assisted suicide. It traces the historical debate, examines the legal status of such activity in different countries and explores the political, medical and moral matters surrounding these emotive and controversial subjects in various cultural contexts. Not only are the elderly and disabled becoming increasingly vulnerable but children, psychiatric patients, the depressed and those who are simply tired of life are now on a slippery slope into a dystopian nightmare.

The spotlight is brought to bear on the Netherlands, in particular, where palliative care and the hospice movement are greatly underdeveloped as a result of legalization. The vital role of physicians as healers in society must be preserved and the important but neglected spiritual dimension of death must be explored.

Thus a biblical view of human life is presented. It is a work that can be enjoyed by laypersons as well as pastors and teachers. Simply, powerfully, with great precision, and exegetical accuracy, Kieran Beville masterfully brings us on a life-transforming journey. Readers will be both inspired and challenged as they hear the words of Jesus speaking afresh from the page of Scripture and experience the ministry of Jesus in a spiritually captivating way.

Kieran Beville has done a great service to the church, and especially to true believers, who desire to grow in grace, increase in their knowledge of truth, and experience the intimacy, joy, and underserved and unspeakable privilege of walking, as disciples, with Jesus. One can read a section from the gospel and then read the corresponding section to receive a fresh viewpoint and a practical application.

WOW is all I can say to the fairytale he is writing right here in saying that all Dems are delusional, believing for a perfect fairytale world… Who the fuck is writing that? Most of us figure out that the fairytale is a fantasy, a dream…. Two reasons to see the end of as a great mark on the history timline. Goodbye and Goodbye!!! Under Marxism right out of hitlers handbook you must take away Christianity, have an oppressor to battle whites , and remove strong foundations and values of family.

To make citizens …just like in communism…. God, created us as individuals…. BLM are the brown shirts for the democrats. Already they are following hitlers handbook…coming after half of America to suit their Marxist communist agenda. We are at war with evil people in control of our government. Democrats are coming after Christians and many democrat members have ties to communist groups.

These are facts. Any country that denies healthcare is the opposite of what Jesus Christ stood for, health insurance industry is downright satanic. People die from the flu every year. And u really are stupid if anyone believes Biden actually won. I personally know if 1 person that voted for him and I meet people from all over every single day. Stop believing covid is something like the black plague.

If most people show no symptoms it is less deadly than a cold. Agree on the healthcare comment. However having been in other countries over the course of my life. America is WAY better off. Thank you. I trusted God. I started migraines at 27 years. The neurosurgeon suggested an MRI. He finds 1 bleeding. I have 3 weeksnto live. I prayed. You get up again 77 times not 7. I reread the Bible. That night I woke up. I was not blind. Not paralzed.

I could not walk or stand up. Can I just send the bill to you or will Jesus pick that up this month. In case you do not get it. We can not afford to pay for universal healthcare. You probably think open boarders is a good thing as well. It is people like yourself that is destroying this country!!!! The estimate was 2 million would die therefore lifes were saved. If America is responsible the each Country is also responsible.

You must have voted for Biden on his lies he could magically stop a world pandemic virus. Capitalism and Consumerism are the true evils. These systems reward greed, dishonesty, and cold-heartedness. How can anyone sell humanities future health and prosperity for millions… or billions of dollars in the bank?!?

Tell me… how important is money when the air you breath is slowly killing you? When the water you drink could give you cancer? When you could easily help them? Flu Smu! The exaggeration of the flu is a Democrat contrivance to bring the economy down and blame trump for it. It was never as bad has the contrivers contrived it. Now, we have a contrived presidential smuck that will bring our country down. Biden was the Vice President under Obama back in , and was identified as a lame brain.

At that time, he was almost removed as vice president, and to our demise today, was not. This election today was so obviously contrived. As Trump did a masterful job on the economy and the protection of the country, out comes the virus in the election year.

Do nothing Biden is right there, miraculously on the top of the chart. He does nothing throughout the year to clarify what he stands for, although we should know, and he remains on the top of the totem poll. Incredibly, the last day of the election, although Trump is in the lead in the vote count the last day of voting, there were five states still not finalized, four favoring Trump.

The count was stopped at midnight, but the next morning Biden has those four states favoring him, and leading Trump by 7 million votes. You bet your sweet whatever there was. We have a brainless head of the country that is going to tear this country apart! If money is meaningless then you should have no problem giving it to those that actually need it.

Hey Larry, you cant blame a virus, that came from China, on a single person! Trump acted fast and put things in motion! Listen, if I have asthma or lung issues and I come down with pneumonia and die, what would be cause of death? COVID has not been as deadly as they say; if this was true, there would be more deaths than the avg and we are under that number.

The media and Congressionally Democrats politicized this virus to keep Trump from getting elected. Absolutely Larry, well said. Republicans are like a dirty Q tip. They hate the united states of america and all the citizens in it who are not white. Time to put them in the garbage where they belong.

We the people will rise up and replace these dirty qtips with loyal americans who support their constitution. We will outvote you where ever you run. Just like in Georgia and Arizonia. The new message is Republicans equal Kooks. Put them in jail instead. From someone who A. Has never actually experienced Socialized medicine waiting 4 years for a doctor, therefore every emergency room is plugged with 30 hour waits.

Makes a claim that a government that continuously makes things less efficient, will magically fix the problem by taking money directly from you , then wasting half before it ever gets anywhere near helping anyone. If your child was dying, now, what would you prefer?

When you finally get to see the overworked doctor after the heart has failed, or cancer has spread and you get the news. They could have saved him in the states but it might have cost you some money. There is a gap in coverage that needs to be filled in the states for the low middle class, no argument there.

The system becomes an overcrowded mess, where all classes of folks get to die together waiting for care Canada loves splitting people into classes, and not by money but by law, funny for a lefty society trying to remove classes. People become so desperate from care they are forced to sue the government in order to have the right to PAY for care.

If a guy wearing a shirt says 6MWE and another guy has Auschwitz summer camp, you just might be on the wrong side of history. You are on the wrong side when your party is in alliance with the CCP, members of your party employ and sleep with Chinese operatives and the Democrats president and his son are on the CCP payroll. When Democrats call for censorship, re-education camps, removing children from Trump supporting parents and advocate violence and silencing opposing views this is not just the wrong side, this is the evil side, the side the Democrats and leftist admire and aspire to.

Pure evil! So correct. The lefts ignorance is the enemy of truth. Woah dude you are wacked! Yall really play the uneducated, communist, brainwashed cultmember well. A freak. Do you hear yourself. Trump is the AntiChrist and you are his minions. Anyone that supports Trump and claims they are Christian are only fooling themselves.

He goes against everything God stands for. He lies, he cheats with porn stars, He covets Joe biddens presidency. If you look back Trump has claimed voter fraud since Didnt parden one of the capitol rioters. Nor will he.

Oh, but he pardoned lil Wayne. What is wrong with your weak brain. You will be an abused husband or a woman beater. You are narrow minded and lack after thought just like the mob that let mob rules take over. I think ill steal govt documents and photograph stuff. What did you think would happen. Just shut up. I know Donald Trump. Who am I. Grow up wake up and get help. Oh and find me 11, tbousand 38 something votes. You see things the right way we are all in a world of trouble.

How the courts and most of elected officials allowed dumbass joe biden not the true elected president in is a travesty and the end of free AMERICA! You Trumpsters are so gullible. Her line of clothing was made in China, and her cheesy line of home goods, too. She holds a dozen patents in her name in China. You think that wrangling between Trump and China was real?

His next hotel will be in Beijing. Bruh, Democrats are not even close to communist. The reason people view Democrats as socialists or even communists is because out of all the rightist parties in the United States, the Democrats are the most leftist of all of them, even though they are still a center right party. What are you doing to make the world a better place? Anyone can be a critic and lie.

We will never have unity in this country without truth first! Exactly right! Bidens actions so far are anti American, no debate or talk from mainstream media about the harm to American workers and our future. So right…. Democrats are the greatest threat to America…… they are coming after half of America. Are you nuts? Trump can go golfing in hell. People who hate Trump cannot cite one single instance of why. They heard that you were supposed to hate him in the media because of such and such but cannot be specific.

He has had actual results as president that were positive for the whole world and few who hate him have never even heard of his accomplishments because their media does not discuss them. They finally heard a candidate speak like they want someone to speak of the USA.

He did things that should not be disliked by liberals because they do not necessarily clash with the liberal platform. Only blind hate and mass hysteria to dislike Trump rules on the other side. Trump was hated so much that democrats voted for a guy who has been around for decades not doing anything, never campaigned, and never stated a single platform specific just to vote against Trump.

That many Biden voters and you would think I could find one who can say what he stands for—I cannot. All I can see so far as he wants to do the opposite of Trump thinking that will win approval. When things start to fail and the economy starts to crap with stupid decisions coming out of the current White House that support everyone else in the world except U. Give it a year.

You just do not know how good you had it. It is absolutely true. In my mind I doubt Biden will even be in office by May. I think we know who is behind all this and who is giving the orders. What Democrats are doing is absolutely a total nightmare. Trump did everything for every American. Granted, he is a narcissist and crude at times. Excuse me, but I could care less about that. He lies, 2. He is self serving and covets what others have and say.

He cheats, 4. He is a communist in wolfs clothing. His favorite verse from the Bible is an eye for an eye. He hates jews, black, Muslims and every non white. He was even caught in a lie on the telephone.

He started a riot that killed 5 people and last but not least. Just keep coming. He drinks water like a person with drain bramage.. He walks funny he makes fun of people and he uses the poor uneducated whites. Brainwashing the handful of supporters. The truth will always float to the top. I hate and despise evil and Trump is evil incarnate. Unfortunately when combined with ignorance and incompetency, his evil is even more damaging.

We all agree I personally give it 1 month! So far Biden is the biggest fool this country has seen in history. Nothing he has said or done yet is benefited a single true American! Not to bad at all if I may say, as an outside observer from the UK, I fully concur with your breakdown. The media is still at it. They cannot stand it that Americans were being heard by our president and he actually fulfilled his campaign promises. This bunch of leftist idiots will soon see that they have been deceived.

Being from New York and knowing this filthy worm for 40 years I can tell my Republican friends he is simply not worth your time. I voted for Mitt Romney, who I consider to be an outstanding person and real leader. He would be great place to start for Republicans to get the GOP back. I do not support anyone who tries to violently overthrow the government.

Why do you support treason? Hello, now I may be young but I can safely say that we do not hate trump just because of what the media says. Yes, the media can be false which is why we are careful online but in this instance, the media has proof towards Donald Trump. He has been racist, he banned transgender people from joining the military and he planned the riot to overthrow congress.

Now I also wonder what makes you believe the election votes are a fraud? The reason some voted for Biden is that he stands for LGBTQ rights and to fight against discrimination which are all great things to fight for. The least qualified people? We are just being ourselves and he is accepting that and hiring anyway.

The economy will not crash I can guarantee that the economy was crashing when Trump was president. The white house is supporting everyone but their priorities are those who need more help than us. In a year I will be very happy Trump is not in the office because he was the worst president ever and has been impeached twice. So please maybe do some research before you try to state your reasons because I am not even 16 and I have reasons that I can prove and I have done my research.

Hope you have a nice life though! The country will never be what it was originally meant to be, because freedom of speech has been misused by so many who use it for an excuse to vomit there mental problems and lack of morals. They use it as a default button to make themselves feel as If they dont have to be accountable for morally corrupt decisions. WE have heard loud and clear, we get it, whos in the drivers seat now.

People flipping out and angry because we didnt keep up with the entire alphabet of letters in the identity acronym used, you are all so very special, Im going to make my own acronym GXWFWLC. Oh ya and Im going to be pissed at whoever doesnt know that, maybe I can have my own blog or pod cast about my plight and how undervalued I feel because I was mis addressed or mis identified as GXWFWLC.

No one gives a flying damn who you are. I believe thats the whole problem in a nutshell no pun intended who, what or why you even exist on this planet. Big time Alright. As far as the brillant idea of defunding and shrinking the police agencies in this country.

That arent really problems. I also am not going to apologize for who I am nor do I think anyone should have to which seems to be another pissy waste of time in the country. Certain people having to apologize for who they are. I certainly dont! Lets see if I have it correct with the liberal thought process? We should be able to say anything we like as Long is it is in agreement and compliance with them.

Rights for all Minorities! Endless Government programs, that make decisions for us, that are not for the greater good. But for every individual Special interest group known to human kind. They prey on the people who want someone else to do it all for them, hold their hand and wipe their chin of drool for absolutely everything. Look to God to ease your soul and body of its burdens, and guide your conscience.

Foreign diplomatic Relations and policy. And oh My would that start closing the gap on economic and educational opportunities? I would think a Concentration and focus on several large areas of these issues that are within the scope of what the government is supposed to be for would have a positive ripple effect to all the others. Suck it up make a Plan then make move to make it Better!!! Of course wearing a shirt with that slogan is wrong.

Conservatives at least the majority are not prone to revolt, which is why this had never happened before. But, even among liberals and leftist, the main trouble-makers are paid participants. Soros finances people to fly to protest sites and riot.

I have watched my country fall completely apart in the last 7 years.. I had voted for this jerk, thinking, …. Height just pull it off in changing my country into a better place for all to reside. Boy, was I wrong or what? Listening to the news about the behaviors if this man.. I am not a Nazi not would I ever support any such ideals, I am not a white supremist, not a black or Latino hater.

I , am an American. I wish my countrymen and women could just push aside all their inner demons and negativity in the hate that is exploding inside the hearts of so many people. Our oceans are dying at a alarming rate that is actually terrifying for any future survival fur humanity. Our animals are vanishing, so quickly there can not possibly be enough peoples support to stop the ultimate loss if far too many of theistvnajestic creatures that were created to share this planet along side if us all.

And , who has done this complete distruction? It was not the animals nor the insects or fish either… There is only one species even remotely capable of the kind of total deviststion to the beautiful , living planet. What , are we doing? Why is greed and power and coruption so much more alluring to the nature of our species?

And care about each other again.. Are we truly that doomed to not want so much better for each other? I weot because I never would have ever believed, that that day would have ever come in my lifetime. Actually, the top leaders of the known free world. I simply say down a cried fur my country. And the rest if the world that was going to be capable of seeing and hearing the exact same program I was watching, and having the same negative impact concerning the truthful and actual state of the real future of my entire planet.

I was so sad that day, abd I clearly realized, mankind has messed up everything and more then likely will never get it together in time to make ant real difference in the overall outcome that is going to come from this very staggering truth that we are facing. Concerning survival of our entire planet. Earth is breaking… Our oceans are breaking.. What do you actually think us going to happen? That hate is more important then the survival of all living things.

And our own species. We are in deep trouble people.. And I am one if the simple little nobody voices in this world that is just truly and deeply sad for all if us. I will pray, u will hope, I will do all I can to make whatever little difference that I can to do whatever I can to help this world. I wish , we could all stop being so selfish and live each other … Really live each other…. It could be our last chance to do it. Think about this …. It matters. Thank you for reading my point of view.

Donna Parkerson, Vidmar. He tells you what you want to hear, and any actual truth he tells is accidental. Reagan had He spent his last couple of years yay in office trying to swindle a re-election. He is out for himself, and hates anyone who tells him no. His policies are terrible. Everyone around him gets burned.

Everything he says is either a lie, a distorted truth, or an accidental truth that he can use to control you. You need a handout and he will tell you go to work you lazy bum. When you learn that instant gratification is fleeting and momentary then I will gladly participate in the war, because then and only then would I consider it a challenge. Does a winner act like a sore loser? I am only 12 but even I know the difference between winners and losers.

We do have to keep in check that he is a human and has accomplished more than the average human but he has also done a lot of harm. So he is not a winner in my book. I am a proud American and what is happening in America is frightening. I am neither a Republican or Demarcate I have always voted for the person I thought was the best candidate. I did not vote for Trump. He is socially as graceful as an albatross.

But he started to win me over. The economy improved. I really liked they way he handled foreign affairs. I am amazed at the general disrespect that he has received from media. I feel as a people we were bullied into hating him. We treated like we must be fools if we supported him. I started watching other media on reports on u-tub and saw some very disturbing things happening in America. The opposite opinion other than mainstream was being deleted.

Every bit of information that supported something they did like was erased. We are losing the right of free speech in America. We are being told what to thing by mainstream media. We have to go out side of American sources of information to get another opinion. Most people around me seem to be blind. I think it shows that media is not changing people as much as they wanted too by the election results.

Sadly I saw too much information deleted that has caused me now to believe that the election was manipulated. I no long trust that votes are safe and true. I am worried for the rights of citizens to have free speech and that it will even be heard. All of this Trump stuff is cruel. I can not respect those malicious people who wanted to impeach him. Many of the same people who supported the rioting of the summer and all the people who were killed and damage done to personal property. Very one sided thinking.

American needs to wake up and see what is really happening and stop supporting the media bulling we have been receiving from CNN, MSNBC, and almost every other news source. I agree. I am aware of more than I intentionally share. Thank you worried about cancel culture, many of my sentiments were in what you wrote. The left seems so intent to hate that they can not regard the very serious attacks at our liberty that came with the fraudulent election, and the loss of freedom of speech and our right to vote.

Do they not care about how many people have fought for our country to have that right, not just Democrats, but the whole country! ONE vote cast incorrectly is too many, as it proves how easily it can be done, and that any safeguards against fraud are NOT working.. And somehow, Democrats believe this is an issue of being sore losers and they completely turn a blind eye to the denial of a fair election?!? I am so worried about the future of our Nation.

My children and grandchildren will be living a vastly different life than how lived my youth. In a different world. I just cannot get over the hypocrisy that exists. Why is it that Kamala Harris gets to promote violence causing lives taken, police and others injured, police station burned down, businesses, flags and bibles burned and all the lowdown acts of inhuman jungle animals.

She then wants to get them out and back on the streets. Nancy Pelosi, when being asked about the terrorism stated so nonchalantly that people do what they do and she didnt care much about statues. Pelosi only cares for herself. A very sick woman. Am I aloud to call her a woman or she or her? Sick, pure evil and unbelievable!!! Congrats you are a developing human being unlike anyone who dogmatically supports either side.

I really wish when people write their opinions they would leave out slamming other people for their opinions. Just repeating people are stupid blah blah blah makes YOU look stupid. If you hate trump, say why. If you hate Biden, say why. It is best you leave the hate behind and try to reach a mutual solution where we can all work together. I know… Has to say his hate behind a unknown name.

Typical of the weak-minded haters that have no spine to stand up and be counted for who and what they actually think and believe. You should not allow the staff to be printed. We will lose our right to bear arms, our freedom of speech is already greatly negated, oil is coming only from foreign countries immediately and taxes on vehicle purchases will be so high they will be forced lost in further development.

The dollar will be valueless for the middle class family resultant in starvation of our children. Democrats may as well pluck our eyes out as what would we not stoop to, to save the lives of our children? Go against me and die. Like Hitler. We need give him a chance hes only been in office for few days.

We lost thousands of union jobs and pissed canda off. And made China happy. To a different subject. I fell bad about them people at border we do need to help them. My plan is if I was president I would load them up take them to all the blue states and sum to White House to live with joe. And the rest to his brothers island. Seriously you have to stop spending all of your time on fakebook and listening to news outlets that are all controlled by the left.

Get your facts strait before you post something as childish as that. They just whant to deal with the devil. The traitor lost because of the virus, which brought his stolen WHouse down to earth because he kept telling the virus is fake blah blah creepy garbage when it is real The virus showed the traitor who is real super power and killed his presidency in a jiffy. Good it came as October surprise but one year early in and NOT in because if virus had come in traitor would have faked his way again to stolen WHouse but Divine intervention was in as traitor was sleeping at the switch like his idol Nero fiddling when Rome was burning and finished this scumbag and his crooks criminals cronies forever.

Thank the Divine intervention for saving this country from the traitor, crooks criminals of his ilk, birds of same feathers flocking together. So so many things I want to say…better say them before that right is completely taken away. Try ignoramus! And spelled correctly. Three cheers for total government control over all our lives!!

Hip hip hurrah!! Are you that pathetically lazy or just that plain stupid??? The, Moronic, socialists, are Stupid!!! They hate America. Those Democrats, are horrible!! Trying to take all our freedoms away, our Seniors and our land. Tax raising heathens, ought, not to do those things. His accomplishments are still there, not lies.

According to you, he lied in his inauguration numbers of people present and because of that dismiss all 4 years of great accomplishments? Obama promised peace and hope and yet brought death and division. He was re-elected.

You just described the left for the last 30 years. Trump was an American not a marxists dem politician.. Says the democrat cultist. Totalitarian democrats changed election laws, paid for by Zuckerberg, and democrats applauded. Sounds like China I doubt you have ever been anywhere because if you had, you would know a free America is the pinnacle of the world and the communist democrats just want another communist crap hole. Poor try, brainwashed cultist. What Ovamatwat accomplished please enlighten me.

If your talking about him inciting black violence,if selling this country out to the Muslims and the Sicko in Iran. Look bud if you hate Trump then you hate America. You nailed it……they the ones who are proud to be called deplorables think they can mount a defense for Trump…. Go talk to our generals military leaders, and ask them what they think of him? I would say, they love him! Humble yourself and get on your knees and ask God for the truth, If any of you that lack wisdom let him ask of God,that giveth to all men liberally and up braideth noy, and it shall be given.

Know the truth first before you speak. You do. Sounds like you hate Democrat Politicians more then Trump! Biden has already broken promises he made during his campaign like banning fracking! Go ahead and bow down at the feet of Joe Biden, a politician that has been in the game for nearly 50 years and has done nothing so far but sign 40 plus executive orders to pretty much destroy this country! I guess you liked that too huh? Well said… I think, those comments had to hurt you as much as they will hurt all people.

I agree to an extent. Trump is kind of crazy. Is he a good leader though? It looks like it. He even admits it. Biden is ok I guess. The reason polls always swing to the left is that if you ask a democrat who they voted for chances are they are kinda loud and ignorant and will tell you. So polls show a majority of more left based peeps.

If you wanna comment or reply go right ahead as I would like to see a similar post from a more left perspective. For the most part, this thread is filled with hate for and from both sides. Are we enemies as Americans?

I hope not. I will there are wrongs and rights on both sides, but a civil discourse among ourselves maybe the only solution that will keep America intact. What we are doing now is not anyway close to moving toward that dream. We hate each other, not for wrongs against, but for beliefs and ideas.

King that we are all the same and deserve equal opportunity? Brothers and sisters have always disagreed but, for the most part, they love each other more than they disagree. We as brothers and sisters in the American home, need to show our love for each other more.

We can still disagree, but we must keep our house together. Love is the thousands of nails that hold it together. What you say is your take on your agenda, The man was good to us who produce food for the world and take the wild animals given to us by God to eat,He stood behind our for fathers and beloved Constitution and wisdom that put quil to parchment,both made from animals. The grand list of his accomplishments is incredible,and given the duress in which he was forced to work due to the bratty Democrats and there nothing else to do jobs it was a hitherto spectacular accomplishment in 4 years.

But barring that,how could you not recognize the gloomy alternative! The bloody demorats and jo biden!!! Absolutely and unacceptable trade-off. He will see how good Donald Trump was at the end of Biden term with his Unholy regime. And The Godly will pay for you to learn this lesson.

Face it Ken. Conservatives tried to build a wealthy, employed nation for all groups. The Left now would just as soon shoot you dead in the street if they could get away with it. With all the censorship and banning this or that person because of what they said it is obvious that they want to kill us. They have openly stated that we are all just racists even though a significant portion are black and Latino—more than any other time in history.

I heard white supremacy and racial injustice mentioned multiple times but have yet to uncover a single example of that in American policing for example going back over a decade. Adults are fed up with kids getting away with murder and politicians doing nothing about it because of political correctness.

Political correctness cannot be allowed to sway decisions without bringing out the anger of those who try to do the right thing. I Agree With You A percent!!!!! We do need to Defend Our Country Now!!! They Are Disgusting!!! There is no way Biden should have won the election. It was apparently when he entered the raise at the head of the ticket. Total bull. Rob Dyer. Eloquently put, Thank-you for showing class when there is so little of it lately.

Your writing humbled me. Ken I agree with you. That makes the unity even more difficult. Hope things get better. My husband and I have been married for over 10 years. We met when I was 18 and he was There were several HUGE fights and painful situations in our marriage, but we always seemed to come out stronger on the other side. Out of the blue my husband just sprung the divorce talk on me, I was totally depressed until I found Dr.

Todd website online and I ordered for a Love spell. I was totally amazed! He is wonderful and his spells work so fast. His Email: manifest spell cast g mail. Mr Jim, I ask you what is the difference in Christianity and witch craft? The only difference is you pay a preacher. If you decide to build an altar and pray and have a ceremony using herbs or other natural remedies.

Now ask yourself who is really to gain by convincing the masses to act accordingly. Albeit a smart one. Chew on that lil bit before you accuse, and verbally persecute a person for their beliefs if their contrary to yours! When you say huge fight, do you mean he beats you up? Or you beat him up? And you will probably get asked to get a divorce again. A future problem and a chain around a good mans neck. Iseeyou I thought god was all loving and accepting.

I respect your beliefs but you being extremely mean and judgemental diesnt and using god as a cover. How you treat others matters. I thought the comments only purpose was to be mean and judgemental. Well I dont agree trump was the president that keep. Prices low an he was so dogged. The miller investigation hell Biden is more of a Russia guy then trump. An no miller there hell. They put trump threw ID be crazy to.

That is totally, your opposite, Liar!!! It will tell you how to live and to become a Christian. It is based on Non-denominational, truth, That was inspired by the Word of God. He made us able to live here, and to spread the Gospel. And He made us, with the ability to do so. Live Faithfully, serving God. I appreciate, your reading this review.

Please be nice and not be mean to who was maybe spreading the word of God. Christian Love and care will get you to Heaven, someday, if we continuously Live right. Faithfully, and according to the Word of God. That is, the actual, written, non denominational beliefs we have and strive, living by.

Take care. If I was him and found out you believed in this bullshit, I would continue with the divorce in a New York minute! Dear about to be divorced. All i Have is a message for your. Liberals hate God and they hate America, they want to shut down anyone who dares to disagree with them, because they.

Our universities are brainwashing our children to become Socialist slash Marxist weak puppets. Pray for the country and hope that this Blue takeover wakes up the fools amongst us and passes soon. Hey John.. I am a liberal and I spend a lot of time with GOD.

You are on the side of the very very richest people in America paying very little tax or in some cases, no taxes- while many underprivileged people are homeless and hungry? Would Jesus just let them starve or would Jesus help them to shelter and food? Who are you to judge liberals the way you just did? I want you to know, that I am against abortions except for dire life and death circumstances, but also believe that those circumstances do exist..

So if we are lucky enough to make it to judgement day, I believe the ultimate Judge is GOD, not some hateful, racist supporting guy named John.. So, according to you Liberals and Democrats hate America and God? Did you know the Republican Presidents have hurt or destroyed the economy?

Did you know that Republicans lied about the WMD to start a war in Iraq that killed thousands and destroyed many other veterans lives and civilians? Did you know that Gore lost the prrsidency in by votes in Florida, after 3 people, now Supreme Court judges changed votes? Wake up! I mean, this should not be hard to understand. The country was created by the people, for the people NOT for the Washington elite to Lord it over us and turn us into a socialist and probably communist nation.

Stop making it about Trump and think outside the box. What about the issues??? And stop saying Trump told them to attack the capital, he said no such thing. In fact, he said to be peaceful. Must be watching too much CNN. They cut that part out. BIG lies. So stop acting like Democrats are Saints: they are the most hateful, divisive people I have ever witnessed. Back to the issues: a Christian should NEVER vote for anyone who not only condones, but gleefully celebrates the right to kill , innocent babies a year.

That I have to even explain that to you is appalling, and shows the selfishness of American Christians who only think of how things affect them. You will complain about children at the border or police brutality, but you never seem to acknowledge the acts of injustice that got those people were they are in the first place.

As for the poor children at the border, at least they still have a chance! Imagine the outrage if we took illegals, lined them up and shot them?! Would this be humane? God says there are two sexes and one race. God says he created one man for one woman. God says to obey the government and pray for your president. I doubt many people do this. Democrats want to take away our freedom of speech, religion and the right to bear arms for the purposes of protection.

They want to do this because that is how they establish a State government is by taking away all other opinions and voices. This does not sound like freedom to me, it sounds like tyranny.


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