3 betting with ak

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If this is your first season betting on baseball, well, you picked an interesting one. Unlike football and basketball where the majority of bets are based on the point spreadbaseball is a moneyline sport. This means that bettors need to pick only who wins the game, not who covers.

3 betting with ak what does sw mean in football betting

3 betting with ak

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Incidentally, I am a short and mid-stack specialist. If you are interested in getting a free full basic strategy that includes both pre-flop and post-flop, sign up for my newsletter. I will instantly email you the free comprehensive strategy. Here are the instructions on how to use the charts. To save space on the charts, I use a common hand range shorthand. It may take a bit to master, but once you do you will appreciate the simplicity.

You will notice the positions are separated into columns. Once you establish your position at the table, you use the appropriate column and find the row that fits the situation. The raise size is listed, when appropriate. The sizing is based on the number of big blinds or the current raise size.

As you move down the chart looking for the correct range to use, always do an aggressive action first if your hand is included in a range. You should only perform a passive action after exhausting the possibility of an aggressive one. You open 2. You can either 4-bet, call, or fold. AK falls within both the 4-betting and calling ranges. The aggressive action is to 4-bet, so you reraise to 25 times the big blind, as per the chart.

If there are limpers in front of you, I recommend isolating ISO your normal raise size plus 1bb per limper with your entire Middle Position range. Versus one limper who is an obvious bad player fish , you can isolate even wider with your entire Cutoff range. The exception is in the blinds. I recommend isolating with your Early Position range only. The positional disadvantage warrants tightening up. The ranges in my pre-flop charts are based on sound theory and practical experience.

Opening Ranges are based on the concept of variable positional ranges, or more commonly known as being positionally aware. While the gap concept has lost a bit of merit somewhat over the years and decisions are now based more on the EV of a play, it still holds true for the exercise of range building. Deciding which hands to include in your standard open raising range from various positions is determined mostly by what your position will likely be after the flop.

The earlier your position the more likely someone behind you will have a premium hand. Also, if you get called, you are more likely to be playing out of position. These are the reasons you play more tightly UTG than you do on the button. Hands played out of position that are not profitable, suddenly become winners when played in position. As a result, our entire opening range should be geared toward playing more hands in position than our opponents and fewer hands out of position.

Therefore, as we get closer to the button our opening frequency should steadily increase. When it comes to deciding on what ranges to call or reraise with, the gap concept is a useful tool. Generally, you will use a tighter range to counter your opponent. The exact range and how you structure the range largely depends on your fold equity and what type of opponent you face. Before I get too complicated with this, I point you in the direction of my poker strategy guide.

If you like the way these charts are designed you may also want to check out my free short stacking strategy guide. I provide full basic ranges for 20 to 50bb play and even include a chart that tells you exactly what to do post-flop. I hope these charts serve you well at the tables. Just remember that they are not a panacea and you will have to spend time learning strategy and how to adjust to your opponents. Even so, the ranges are much better than just going it alone with no guide at all. However, if you do not have a lot of experience or are currently a losing player, it is very likely that you will perform better at the table using these charts rather than just winging it.

I just get into tough positions over and over again. Limper folds CO calls flop comes: 10h 6c 3s CO bets pot-sized. This time I call, turn comes: 8h CO bets pot-sized and I fold. Or before the flop the CO goes 4-bets all in with a full stack. What then? Tags: None. Are you playing cash games or MTTs? Comment Post Cancel. Originally posted by Turbulence View Post. What is your sample size? How many AK hands are you analyzing over how many hands total played?

There is a good chance you're looking at too small of a sample size. AK is one of the best hands, it just is. When it doesn't it has at least 6 outs to top pair top kicker or better on every flop. As others have mentioned we need to be somewhat balanced.

AK isn't even a bluff, it's raising for value. If we're polarized, we're also raising hands like weaker suited connectors, suited gappers, weaker suited AX, junky off-suit hands with blockers It's important to know how your range and villain's range interacts with the board and how to proceed. Your first example seems fine to me, he leads into you on the flop, you call even though you're not necessarily getting the right odds but without a read you would need to call to not be exploitable here, then you fold turn when he barrels What happens when you 3bet and CO 4bets Last example you didn't describe the post flop action, but if you're playing a guy who limp-flats a 3bet UTG with KK you thank God for being good because that person is a fish who is leaving value on the table constantly.

It really comes down to trust the teaching from the coaches, study the material diligently, implement the strategies when you play, and do not even think about the short term results because they aren't meaningful. Maybeeeee start looking at your hand history as significant when it's 50KK hands but even then, that's a small sample size.

Originally posted by Dilly View Post. Dilly commented. Anytime brotha. Besides what Dilly has said.. That will help you make better 3bet decisions, albeit you might want to raise AK pretty much everytime. It is the best blocker hand taking the AA and KK combos from a total of 12 to a total of 6 and the chance of having the best pair a good portion of the time.

This way you know you still get a chance of taking the pot down even if you miss the flop. Otherwise, let's be honest, it's going to be tough bluffing opponents who never fold their equity. Also, be careful what players are left to act behind you. It's not unusual to have your 3bet cold called by someone at this stakes usually a very high VPIP player. It you are going multiway, it's game over unless you hit. With AK all-in, you need to target specific opponents, usually the ones with very high 3bet ranges, aggression etc.

Pro tip: many of these players are shortstacked - they will go for it as they might never get such a good hand soon. The only comment I would add is I would want to be called by splashy players with worse hands and let them stack off when the hit with their K9 or A5 etc. AK is a premium hand so I'm not trying to get players to fold, I'm building the pot. When we ask why we three-bet AK, we should look at why we three-bet any hand in our three-betting range. The answer is that three-betting makes money -- lots of money.

Open up your tracking software and filter for hands where you 3-bet preflop.