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If this is your first season betting on baseball, well, you picked an interesting one. Unlike football and basketball where the majority of bets are based on the point spreadbaseball is a moneyline sport. This means that bettors need to pick only who wins the game, not who covers.

Matched betting calculator xls to pdf nicobet betting odds

Matched betting calculator xls to pdf

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So you enter those details into the calculator again:. Disclaimer : This is all mathematically speaking. In rare cases where the Bookmaker does not pay out, or voids your bets, you are not guaranteed profits. If not skip the rest of this section, and just take my word for it. Think about it: to you the Bookie account has not lost anything.

Not bad for betting without risk. In most cases only your very first bet counts. Remember: no free bet means no profit. Also be aware that my example only shows you how to deal with one scenario. To learn how to approach each and every free bet, subscribe to OddsMonkey. Every case is perfectly explained. Betfair to place your Lay bet. I have suggested seeking popular sports events in order to avoid running into low liquidity problems on the Betting Exchange. In the wort case scenario, consider queuing your Lay bet at a higher price.

I highly recommend signing up. I am new to matched betting and this is the most information I have found in one place! I have probably searched more websites than I care to count trying to find someone who explains it as well as you do. Thank you for taking the time to create this guide and give newbies like myself a good start.

Glad to be of help! Luckily I could recall some of the questions I had when I first did it myself. I remember the best thing for me to understand it was by playing around with numbers in the calculators, seeing what maximised the profit, what incurred the most loss.

The conclusion i made was that it was pretty much just arbing at a small loss, but with a free bet attached — making it profitable! I think that explaining things with the Maths as I have is probably unnecessary for most of us. Playing around with the calculator makes it easier to fully appreciate how it all works. They both offer similar functionality and are pretty much neck-and-neck.

Hello,you have very nice site with useful informations,i am new to arbitrage but i like the system with free bets and Matched betting. I have a problem and i want your opinion. I am from Greece,here the exchanges bookmakers like betfair,matchbook and many others are not accept three years now to my country.

In past i had a account to betfair. I thinking a trick to trading again,i want to use VPN to hide my IP,you think that trick will be good idea to trading in betfair hiding my IP? This trick is good and for arbitrage to see the book different country IP every time that make log in? Additionally they may ask for ID or an addressed bill, in which case there is no hiding your true location.

If however you have a permanent address abroad, then you may have the right to bet from that location as a citizen of that country. Be careful with trying to get around these issues as Bookmakers are likely to be aware of the tricks used. They also match new accounts up with old ones, so bare that in mind. Thank you for your advice,i will be very carefully.

The pinnacle make a new site that accept me to bet there,this hapened because our country dont know this new site so is not in the black list. I have make many bets there,as you know pinnacle have high odds and is very friendly to arbs. The only that want is to bet 3x the ammount that you deposit before withdraw. But i will make a test to withdraw some money to be sure. I have already send the documents that they want. I think youll be much better off playing there than trying to get around the restrictions at other bookies.

Yes you have right. I have focus to arbs now. I am looking a good free software or service to see arbs in live option but is difficult to find live,there are some good sites like oddsportal that give surebets but is in delay. The most good program is the relbetting but is expencive for the momment,maybe use it later. If you know or if you have already compare arbs softwares and know something good and cheap just tell me.

Yes, I highly recommend using OddsMonkey for free arbs. I have test it,is good for others,but for me is not so good because i have few bookmakers to make arbs,i was test the dutch premium for days but nothing send me arbs so cancel the premiun and i have make a filter to show me my bookmakers if see any arbs to send me email.

I have test some others arbs services,so far the best is the betonvalue,it have more arbs for my bookmakers but is a little delay the signals,i have ask them to test the premium that is more faster without delay and i will tell you if it is better. When i say good always i mean good for me that have few bookmakers,i dont say that is not good any of the others arbs services for others people. I have test and the arbhunters that is a little more cheaper from betonvalue,its good but same few arbs.

Yes, in your case you may need more options. For those in unrestricted locations OddsMonkey should be sufficient. I try to keep on the lookout but most alternatives tend to either be either expensive… or not really professional enough. Please keep me posted. For the first part yes, you lose a bit. You have 2 cases for the free bet part:. In this case you win your Lay bet and make an easy profit. Your Bookmaker account wins money without you placing any stake yourself, but your Lay bet loses.

You have to be careful to use the OddsMonkey calculator correctly by selecting the right bet type. Other than that, it works. Thanks for the really speedy reply! I completely understand the small loss in part 1 in order to get the free bet for part 2.

The easy part is when the Lay bet wins. Simple as that. Is that it? However, if it does win then you lose the big amount? If they win that bet, then you have to pay them their winnings. If Spurs WIN then you have to pay 3. Well I joined Oddsmonkey with the free trial today and did my first offer. Around 5.

With Matched Betting the Bookies are more likely to spot you if you bet on very obscure sports events. They love professional gamblers. I think they are probably mopping up every free bet they find, or all the ones provided by services like OddsMonkey. There are some bigger offers too, as you say. Once your comfortable it could be worth doing those as well. Thanks Toby. Thank you for your patience and detailed explanations.

Maybe I will try the trial on Profitaculumator and see if it gets clearer with the videos and giving it a go though I am worried I will lose money. But I will look for low liability ones I guess and use the tools to try and get the best matches.

Everyone keeps saying the more you can have in the pot the more profit you can make. Probably the biggest mistake you could make is double-backing. Avoid doing that at all costs. Thanks for this guide! A lot of helpful tips. Does the same process work with other services like profit accumulator? Is this unique for Oddsmonkey users? Yes, it also works with Profit Accumulator. They both save you an awful lot of time, basically.

If you just cancel out bets by backing it and then betting against it then why do you even need the free bets? Cant it be done without them? This would give an overall loss of 77p for this qualifying bet. So, regardless of the result, we are guaranteed to make a small loss of either 78p or 77p on this qualifying bet. We are not worried about this loss because it has qualified us for a 25 free bet and we will use this to make our profit. This bonus is different to the Eurobet bonus in Example 1 because the stake is not returned.

You have to be a little bit smarter to make a profit from a free bet when the bookie does not return the stake. For 'stake not returned' bonuses we like to look for back odds of 4. For example, back odds of 5. Step One - Back 25 on Walsall at odds of 5.

Step Two - Lay on Walsall at odds of 5. If Walsall win the game we will win at Paddy Power profit because this is a free bet and lose at Betfair. This means we lost 77p on our qualifying bet and won from our free bet - giving a total profit of Now its time use the techniques you have learnt on a more complex and profitable free bet offer. Bet offer a free bet basket and this is currently one of the most generous offers available.

This fantastic offer is not without hoops to jump through TIP: The free bet basket at Bet changes between and depending on the day of the week. The free bets are usually available to new customers who join at the weekend. You should ensure that you visit Bet at the weekend, check the offer is being advertised, and then join. The Deal: 50 free bet when you deposit and bet 50 at odds of 1. A second 50 free bet is available when you place a further five 50 bets at odds of 1. A third 50 free bet is available when you place a further five 50 bets at odds of 1.

A fourth free bet is available when you place a further five 50 bets at odds of 1. The stakes are not returned with these free bets. The back and lay odds for Charlton are 1. Unfortunately the original screenshots we took became corrupted so we have had to take screenshots of the settled bets screens. This still proves that the odds were available and we are not just making this whole system up as we go along!

Step One - Join Bet and deposit Step Two - Back 50 on Charlton at odds of 1. Step Three - Lay on Charlton at odds of 1. If Charlton win the game we will win at Bet profit and lose at Betfair. This would give an overall loss of 1. So, regardless of the result, we are guaranteed to make a small loss of 1. We are not worried about this loss because it has qualified us for a 50 free bet and we will use this to make our profit. The back and lay odds for the draw are 4. Step One - Back 50 on the draw at odds of 4.

Step Two - Lay on the draw at odds of 4. If the match ends as a draw we will win at Bet profit because this is a free bet but the stake is not returned and lose at Betfair. This would give an overall profit of 30 for this free bet. This means we lost 1. The beauty of the Bet bonuses is that the fun does not stop at the first free bet. If we now make five more qualifying bets of 50 at odds of 1.

But wait Once we have used our third free bet we can make another five qualifying bets of 50 at odds of 1. We are not going to run through these extra qualifying and free bets with detailed examples and screenshots because it would take numerous additional pages and probably result in 'information overload'. For each of these extra qualifying bets we would aim to lose no more than 3 and we would look to make a profit of around 35 for each of the extra free bets.

This would mean that each of the extra free bets would bring in approximately 20, taking the total profit for these Bet bonuses to around 90! Before we leave you to get on with it we will run through our top tips to making the biggest profit possible from this system. Open a Betfair account and deposit at least to cover the liability on your lay bets. If you have the funds in the bank we recommend using a debit card to deposit to the bookies in order to avoid bank charges.

Select the bonus you wish to take advantage of. Check the terms of the bonus and print them out for easy reference. Make your qualifying bet and aim to lose as little as possible by selection back and lay odds that are very close to each other. Your qualifying and free bets can be placed on any event where you can back an outcome at the bookie and lay the exact same outcome at Betfair.

However, we prefer to stick to the football match odds 1X2 of the better-known leagues and internationals wherever possible. This is because there is always plenty of liquidity for these matches at Betfair and there is very little chance of your bets being ruined by an abandoned game. Make the biggest profit possible from you free bet by selecting back odds of 4. Take advantage of all the free bets available. The smaller free bets usually have much simpler terms for the qualifying bet and can be harvested in minutes.

Many of these bonuses are 'partner friendly' so once you have taken advantage of them in your name you can start again with a partners or friends details with their permission of course! You will need a separate address and debit card and ideally you should use a different computer and reboot your wireless router if you have one.

To gain access to this website simply click HERE and enter your name and address in the boxes on the left hand side of the page to join the free UCantLose. Once you have joined the free UCantLose. By joining our free mailing list you also qualify for a free 6 month subscription to Gambling Online Magazine worth Please note that all information is provided as is and no guarantees are given whatsoever as to the amount of profit you will make if you use this system.

Neither the seller. So, if you re still interested then read on I imagine you will. The right has been asserted in accordance with the copyright, designs and patents act Updated: May. By purchasing this ebook you now have access to a very simple, yet highly profitable system to make TAX FREE profits with horse racing. How to make Equotion Working with Equotion Working with Equotion This how to guide has been pulled together to help new users get the most out of the Equotion system.

Part of this is to make sure that you understand. It is not intended to encourage. Bookie Sign Up Bonus Offers So here is a comprehensive list of bookie sign up offers with everything you need to know. All offers are to be done on laptop or PC, not mobile devices unless stated otherwise.

Your essential guide to the bookies best offers In this special report from Matt Nesbitt at Football Betting Data: The truth about the bookies free bet offers The best new account offers on the market. If you like a flutter on the horses or any other sport then I would strongly recommend Betfair to place those bets. I find it amazing the number of people still using high street bookmakers which offer.

Betting Terms Explained www. How To Avoid Bookmaker Restrictions Some very useful tips for serious sports investor who uses Racing Profit Booster Daily Dealing with bookmaker restrictions is unfortunately part and parcel of professional. You re about to discover a slightly strange, rather unkown method to.

What Is Bonus Scalping? Risks of Sports Arbitrage Trading? It really is straight. Man Vs Bookie The 3 ways to make profit betting on Football Sports Betting can be one of the most exciting and rewarding forms of entertainment and is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. Follow these easy step by step instructions and you will This Version of the ebook is for all countries other than the USA.

If you need the. Contents Betfair - The basics As the owner of a small business, you understand. This Method will show you exactly how you can profit from this specific online casino and beat them at their own game. By Ofem Inas www. We do not guarantee any. Roulette Best Winning System!!! Many people have made money out of this system, including.

It is ok to share the manual with as many people as you want but in the original format. Brought to you by: www. No reproduction or distribution of this report is permitted without the prior consent of. Inform Racing User Guide. Speed Ratings Race Card Here the main Inform Racing race card provides all relevant speed ratings plus draw data, VDW ratings, run style information, links to form guides, advanced.

In this free. JVZoo is a digital marketplace where product. Jordan Miller s: Jordan Miller s Betting Profit Blitz Introduction Please note that this publication is the result of nearly eight years work involving extensive research and very often many sleepless. Debit entries are recorded on the. Virtual Sports Betting Secrets How to make a fortune betting on virtual football by using these revolutionary new betting systems A step-by-step blueprint for beginners or experts!

By: Frank Belanger www. Need help with your phone? No problem. Just get in touch with the store or website you bought it from. If you need a hand with your mobile service, one of our team will be happy to help. Soon you will be making money from online Blackjack. This book comes with full resale rights.

Please feel. Clark All rights reserved. No part of this book may be duplicated, stored in a retrieval system, resold or used as part. You are granted free resale rights of this ebook. You can also give it away to as many people as you wish. The only restriction. Disclaimer: All of the information inside this report reflects my own personal opinion and my own personal experiences. I am in NO way. I have been playing and buying roulette systems for many years and I am often asked for.

Thinking about College? Harrison Okoyibo Website: www. The Betting Market It is illegal to copy, distribute, or create derivative works from this book in whole. Martin J. All rights reserved. Except for brief passages. Welcome to the Form Lab 2. A promo code will be provided in an email or SMS specifically addressed to you.

Enter promo code,. Firstly, I'd just like to say thank you for purchasing this information. I do not charge a huge amount for it so I hope that you will find it useful. Please note that if you. Copyright Rights This E-Book is not distributed with re-sale rights. This ebook is only available from www. Invoice processing difficulties? Managing invoice payments to various suppliers. Silverthorne How to Beat Online Roulette! Silverthorne Publications, Inc.

How to Beat Online Roulette! Steal From the Casino! Roulette Sniper Congratulations - You really do want to make easy money! Get started. This is a free ebook from Frank Jones. You should not have paid for it. All Rights Reserved:. You can use. Don t stress out as part of the. Disclaimer Please make sure you read this disclaimer all the way through and contact us if there is anything you don't understand before you use the contents of this guide. We always recommend that you.

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Sign up to Team Profit for free to get access to the matched betting calculator that you will need to profit from every offer risk free! Tip: Watch the video in full screen by clicking the square icon on the bottom right of the video. It lasts 5 minutes and will show you how to add in your existing balances and use multiple exchanges. Facebook Group - ask over 30, fellow matched bettors including the Team! See the chat module at the bottom right of site. Start Learning. Calculator My History Blog.

Profit Tracker. Matched Betting Spreadsheet - Profit Tracker. Automatically track your profit. Not sure what we're on about? Read our matched betting guide. We have lots of other betting calculators that are free to use, including:. A matched betting calculator is a bit different to a regular odds calculator as it will help you calculate how to place lay and back bets to unlock profit from the free bets offered by bookmakers.

It's an important tool because it shows you how much you need to stake with both the bookmaker and the betting exchange. It does this without any need for complicated maths, giving you a quick and easy answer with zero hassle!

Our OddsMonkey calculator allows you to see potential profits on both normal and free bets and can be adjusted to show you all the info you need for qualifying bets, free bets where the stake is not returned SNR , and free bets where the stake is returned SR. You can use this free matched betting calculator alongside our OddsMatcher tool to find and calculate the best odds when you are matched betting so that you can maximise your earnings.