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Malacca and Perak. Jasminum ADE'ii ophyl. Apparently a rare plant, only obtained in the Khasiya hills Wallich and by Kunstler in Penang. Perak and Pahang. Malacca, Perak. Agalmyla staminea, Blume, Bijdr. Hills of the Malay Peninsula, Java, Sumatra. Perak and Selangor. PL ii. Malay Peninsula from Tringanu southwards to Selangor. Cyrtandra pilosa, Blume, Bijdr. Malay Peninsula to New Guinea. Strobilanthes Maingayi, C. Clarke, in Hook.

Penang, Perak, Selangor. Suffrutex, glaber. Folia late lanceolata, herbacea, utrinque acuminata, subtus pallida, 19 cm. Panicula 15 cm. BractecB breves, i mm. Pedicelli breves, vix i mm. Sepala hirta, linearia, acuminata, i mm. Corolla i cm. Stamina 2, antheris in dorso hirtis, loculis baud parallelis inaequalibus, basibus mucronulatis.

Stylus glaber. Capsula 3 cm. Seniina 4, complanata, rugosa. Allied to P. Clarke Ridl. Leda lancifolia, Ridl. Suffrutex, cortice pallido. Folia lanceolata, acuminata, basibus longe cuneatis, sequalia, herbacea, 12 cm. Panicula terminalis, 6 cm. Bractece lineares, 4 mm. Sepala linearia, acuminata, acuta, 5 mm. Corolla 15 mm. Stamina 2, antheris hirtis muticis subparallelis. A single specimen with only one corolla remaining, but enough to show that the plant belongs to the genus Leda, as separated by C.

Clarke, and that it is specifically distinct from any other species. The inflorescence is open and spreading, with a few branches and about 7 flowers on short pedicels mm. The whole of the leaves and panicle dries black. Nepenthes gracillima, Ridi. Apparently a large-sized form of this species, but without flowers. Pahang and Selangor.

Piper magnibaccum, C. Piper caninum, Blume, in Verh. Piper muricatum, Blume, Cat. Common in forest in the Peninsula. Chloranthus brachystachys, Blume, Fl. Common on hills, India, China, and Malaya. A large-leaved, nearly glabrous form. Malay Peninsula. Flares feminei in pedunculis brevissimis, 2 mm. Pedunculi umbellarum tomentosi, mm. Bractece involucrales 4, ovatae, acutae, extus sericeae.

Umbellulce 3 in pedunculis crassiusculis sericeis, 3 mm. Sepala 6, oblonga, obtusa, extus sericea. Staminodia exteriora 6, filamentis longiusculis sericeis, antheris abortivis, interiora 3-breviora, exterioribus ad bases adnata, spathulata, glandulis reniformibus 2 ad basin sessilibus. Ovarium parvum, ovoideum, glabrum. Stylus filiformis, stig- mate peltato-discoideo sublobato. Flores masculi et fructus non visi. Litsea cinerascens seems nearest to Litsea ainara, Hlume, but is much more glabrous than any form of this species, with fewer flowers in the umbels and larger leaves.

Gamble, in the igiS-] H. Daphne pendula, Sm. This pretty shrub is not rare in the hill woods of the Malay Peninsula, Burma and Malaya. Balanophora truncata, RidL, n. Rhizoma arete pustulosum. Folia ad basin pedunculi 3, ovato-oblonga, apicibus rotundatis vel emarginatis, mm. Pedunculns masculus 7 cm. Flores in spica dissiti, circiter 30, sessiles. Alabastra transversim oblonga.

Sepala 2, ex- teriora transverse oblonga, 4 mm. Andrceciuin transverse oblongum, 3 mm. The solitary specimen in the collection is a male inflor- escence with the leaves and a small part of the rhizome attached. It has no trace of female flowers, and evidently belongs to an unisexual species, such as B.

Polyandra, Griff. It is quite distinct from this in the very unequal and dissimilar sepals, the upper and lower ones being much wider and quite truncate, with a long straight edge at the apex. Sauropus forcipatus. Hill woods of the Malay Peninsula. Antidesma pendulum, Hook.

Elatostemma acuminatum, Brongn. Ill []. Not rare by mountain streams in the Peninsula. Malay Peninsula and Islands. Folia ensiformia, curva, acu- minata, 15 — 17 cm. Spicce terminales, 15 cm. Bractece lanceolatas, cuspidatae ; pedicelli i mm. Sepala ovata, acuta. Petala oblonga, lanceolata, Integra, angustiora. Labellwn oblongo-obovatiim, apice bifido marginibus breviter denticulatis, fovea ovata.

Anthera late ovata, subrostrata. Capstda 5 cm. Ula Langat. Spikes not very crowded, but flowering to the base. Flowers 2 mm. The sepals short and broad, and the lip resembling that of 0. Sac, Bat. Hills of Perak and Pahang, at about 4, feet elevation.

Rhizonia 4 cm. Pseudobulbi globoso-conici, i cm. Folia anguste linearia, obtusa, 11 cm. Scapus gracilis, 16 cm. Flores minimi, subremoti. Bractece anguste lanceolatae, subulata, 2 mm. Ovarium cum pedicello longius quam bracteas. Sepala ovata. Petala angustiora, oblonga, subacnta. Labellum ovatum, hand un- guiculatum, integrum, obtusum, quam sepala brevius. Very near, if not identical, is a plant collected by Beccari on Mt.

Singalan, Sumatra, No. Ceratostylis lancifolia, Hook. Apparently rare, having only previously been collected by Scortechini in Perak. Calanthe veratrifolia, R. Pahang, Selangor, Perak. Common at high altitudes. Soc, Bot. Perak and Pahang, at high altitudes. Plocoglottis javanica, Blume, Bijdr. Common all over the Peninsula, Java. Saccolabium bigibbum, Hook. Burmah, Perak, and Pahang. Thrixspermum montanum, Ridl. Caulis validus, 15 cm. Folia coriacea, lorata, obtusa, 15 cm.

Pedunculns 45 mm. Racemus 15 mm. Flores ad 7, pedicellis 4 mm. Sepala oblonga, lanceolata, subacuta. Petala angustiora, lanceolata, subfalcata. Labelliun saccatum, nnguiculatum, lobis vix distinctis brevibus truncatis, lobo medio rotundato brevi, calcare conoideo porrecto obtuso.

Columna brevis, lata, clinandrio late ovato, rostelli lobis brevibus obtusis. Anthera ovata, rostro lato truncato-quadrato, polliniis oblongis obtusis, stipitibiis brevibus, disco minuto ovato. Not very like any species known to me. The lip has a saccate base and the margins are elevated, ending in two short blunt points representing the side lobes ; between these at the end is a short rounded lobe representing the mid-lobe, the i6 Journal of the F. VI, spur is conic as in Th. The pollinia seem to be sausage-shaped rather than pyriform.

The clinandrium is large for the flower, with distinct thick projecting margins. Labellum oblongum, cymbiforme, lobo terminali cordato-ovato, callo singulo oblongo, apice rotundato obtuso. Anthera longior, magis acuminata, polliniis elongatis pyriformibus, disco lineari ultra dimidium pollinii longo.

This has the exact habit of G. I find, however, that the two calli in the base of the lip are connate into one blunt thick round-tipped organ, and that the pollinia are longer and narrower, with the linear disc more than half as long as the pollen-mass. A single specimen. New to the Malay Peninsula. Native of Java. Cryptostylis Arachnites, Blume, Orch.

Habenaria zosterostyloides. FL Brit. Malacca, Perak, and Pahang. Habenaria gigas. Specimen in fruit only, and so doubtful. Globba regalis, Ridl. Base of stem blood-spotted. Curculigo latifolia. Burmah, Andamans, Malaya. Peliosanthes albida, Baker, Bot. Perak, Penang, and Borneo. Smilax aspericaulis, Wall. Perak and Selangor, India and Andamans. India, Tonkin, Java, and Sumatra. A new addition to our flora. MkUsia, iii.

Perak, Selangor. MaUsia, i. The petals of the male flowers are in this form lanceolate and acute, not ovate. The form with the leaves cut into many lobes. Calamus viridispinus, Becc. Amorphophallus Bufo, Ridl. Perak at Telom. Aglaonema Schottianum, Miq. Burmah, Malay Peninsula, Borneo. Hills of the Malay Peninsula and Borneo. Anadendrum montanum, Schott, in Bonplandia, v.

Whole Peninsula, Tenasserim, Borneo. Perak, Hongkong, Gahnia javanica, Mor. High altitudes, Malay Peninsula. Panicum patens, Linn. PL 86 []. Indo-Malaya, Polynesia. Common in the East from the Mascarene Isles to Polynesia. Panicum sarmentosum, Roxb. Indo-Malaya, China. Panicum uncinatum, Raddi, Agrost. Only previously met with at Temengoh. Tropical and Warm Asia. Alsophila commutata, Mett. Hills of the Malay Peninsula. Alsophila latebrosa. Common all over the Malay Peninsula.

Ridley: Mount Menitang Casing. Hymenophyllum Javanicum, Spreng. Mascarene Isles, India, Malaya, Australia. Trichomanes pallidum, Blume, Ennm. PL Jav. Common on all the hills of the Peninsula; Java. Trichomanes rigidum, Sw. Most of the Tropics. Trichomanes Pluma, Hook. Common on the hills at 4, feet alt. Trichomanes maximvm, Blume, Enum. Malay Peninsula and Islands and Polynesia.

Trichomanes auriculatum, Blume, Enum. Leucostegia nodosa, Bedd. Ferns Brit. Stippl' 4 []. Only hitherto recorded from Gunong Buba in Perak. India and Java. Perak, also Java. Tropical Asia and Australia. Litobrochia incisa, Presl. Tropics generally. Blechnum okientale, Linn. PL ed. Eastern Tropics. A large form with long acuminate pinnae. Africa to I ndo- Malaya. Ceylon, Malaya, and Polynesia. Mergui, Tavoy, Polynesia. I ndo- Malaya, China.

Butmah, Malaya. Soc Linn. Paris, ii. Moore, Index Fit. Ixxxix []. India and Malaya. A new record for the Malay Peninsula. Nephrodium heterocarpum, T. Nephrolepis davallioides, Kunze, in Bot. Malay Peninsula, Java. Oleandra neriiformis Cav. Madrid, i. Common on our hills above 3, feet. I9I5-] H. Hills at 4, feet, also Ceylon. Gymnogramma calomelanos, Kaidf. Tropics, Natal. Elaphoglossum laurifolium, T.

Moore, Index Fil. Tropical Asia, Mascarene Islands. Angiopteris evecta Hoffrn. Madagascar, Indo-Malaya, Japan, Polynesia. Common in the hill districts. Malay Archipelago. Rhizogonium spiniforme, Bruch, in Flora, xxix. Throughout the tropics. Both these mosses are common in the Malay Peninsula. By Herbert C. Robinson, C. We have recently been fortunate enough to obtain several fresh examples of the rare Flying-squirrel described by Giinther P.

On examination these prove to possess so many distinct cha- racters as to require the erection of a new genus for the reception of this and the allied species Pteromys phaeomelas, Giinther, from Borneo, which we have also inspected. We have characterized this below and propose that it should be known as Aeromys, genus nov. Large to medium sized flying-squirrels, having the external appearance of Petaurista and the dentition of the Scinropterus group.

Tail cylindrical, non-distichous, the base contained in the interfemoral membrane. Antebrachial membrane present. Soles naked except the heel. Digits hairy beneath. Skull generally resembling Petaurista but less robust and narrower. Bullae not constricted mesially and more triangular in outline. No palatal spine. Zygomatic plate, as in the Scinropterus group, lacking a pronounced post-orbital point.

Teeth markedly different from those of Petaurista, more nearly agreeing with Hylopetes. Crowns not flat, with two transverse ridges meeting on an elevated cusp on the inner margin of the upper teeth : no deep transverse notch at the postero-internal angle. Other species: Aeromys phaeomelas Giinther , from Borneo. Evans, B. Assistant Curator and Ethnographical Assistant F. By the courtesy of Mr.

Winstedt, District Officer, Kuala Pilah, the writer was recently enabled to visit a Malay goldsmith at the village of Berlombong, about three miles from Kuala Pilah. The art of making gold filigree was, until recently, sujjposed to be dead in the Federated States, but Mr. Winstedt has lately discovered several smiths in Negri Sembilan who are capable of turning out this class of work, Tukang Adam, the man visited at Berlombong, being one of them.

There is an. Winstedt's pamphlet on Malay Industries in the series of papers on Malay subjects published by the F. The present short article has little claim to add anything new to the subject, except perhaps, the pendinding prayer used by the smith, but it may be useful as confirming Marsden's observations, which were made more than a hundred and thirty years ago, and showing that the same methods still prevail.

Before starting work upon the raw- gold the smith repeats the following spell or prayer in order to shield himself from all harm. Allah tuhanku, rasul Allah. Di-hadapan aku Raja Jibrail, Di-kiri di-kanan 'ku segala sidang malaikat. Meninding aku Salam laut sipat-u'llah. Ya, Musa kalam u'llah, Ya, hanan,-ya dayan ; Ya-sin dalam koran tiga-puloh.

Tutup terkunchi hati mulut Barang barang satu bahaya 'kan lawan-ku ; Terbuka, terkembang segala pintu rezeki-ku. Tajam mengadap aku lagi tumpul ; Bisa mengadap aku lagi tawar; Gunching Kanching? VI, Aku dalam kandang kalimah. La-ilaha-ila-lia, Muhamad rasul Allah.

My fences the Lord of the sea, the chosen protecting line of God. Oh Moses, God's scribe. Oh Merciful, Gracious. God's word in the thirty chapters of the Koran. Shut and locked be the hearts and the mouths Of those who'd imperil me ; Open spread wide be the gate of mercies to me.

Let the sharp become blunt at my presence. The venomous become robbed of its venom ; Iron bolts? I stand in the fold of the faith. There is no God but Allah and Mahomed's his Prophet. The tools used by the smith are few and primitive, merely consisting of an iron plate bored with holes of different sizes, used for drawing down gold wire to the required size, three pairs of native or Chinese made pincers, a pair of forceps, a small anvil set in a block of wood and two or three hammers of different sizes.

The gold is melted in a crucible on a rectangular open hearth of earth, and the charcoal fire blown up by a horizontal box bellows t. A pipe from the middle of the latter leads to the hearth centre, passing under an arch of hardened clay.

In addition to the open hearth the smith uses a paraffin flare and a blowpipe for softening small pieces of gold, the flare being simply an old beer bottle, supported at an angle of about thirty-five degrees, with a rag stuffed into its mouth to act as a wick. The first thing to be done in making a filigree ornament is to get ready the gold backing t tapak to which the fine wire patterns are to be affixed. When a sheet of gold has been cut to the size and shape required for this, the smith proceeds to draw down the wire used in making the filigree.

This is a long and tedious process. Winstedt for helping me to make a correct translation of this prayer. I Marsden calls this papan. I9I5] I. Evans: Malay Filigree Work. All the holes on one side of the plate have their mouths enlarged into cup-shaped depres- sions of various sizes. A little cocoanut oil is put into the depression with a feather before the wire is drawn through the hole, and as the wire is threaded in from the side on which the de- pressions are, any gold which may be stripped off in the process of drawing is left behind in the cup and adheres by reason of the oil.

The drawing process is repeated again and again, a smaller hole being used each time. Occasionally the wire becomes too hard to stand further fining down without breaking, and the smith then hghts his paraffin flare, rolls the wire into a coil, places it on a block of charcoal and softens it by means of the flame and small brass blowpipe penyup.

Each time the wire is put through a smaller sized hole the end of it has to be cut or scraped with a sharp knife, until its circumference is sufficiently small for enough of it to pass through to afford a hold for the pincers. The drawing down process is continued, — the refuse gold being occasionally scraped out from the cups and deposited in a small cocoanut shell, plate or dish, — until the wire is rather finer than an ordinary piece of sewing cotton, when it is considered ready for the next process.

This consists in giving the prepared wire a twist, as Marsden observes, "like that in the handle of a whalebone punch ladle," and this is obtained by rolling the wire on a block of wood under a flat stick. When the twisting is finished, the wire is lightly tapped with a hammer until it is slightly flattened.

The smith is then ready to being composing the filigree — karangan; i. A long piece of plain flattened wire is first taken and a sufficient length cut from it to form a boundary round the edge of the tapak. Borax powder ipejar , used as a flux, and filings from a block of alloy of gold, silver and brass, are spread evenly along the wire, which is fixed down to the backing with tiny little clamps, made from small strips of iron, bent double.

Heat is next applied by means of the flare and blowpipe, and the alloy, acting as a solder, fuses with the wire and the metal of the backing. The clamps are then taken off, an inner edging of twisted wire arranged as before, and the clamps put back. A small square block of the alloy is fixed into the side of a stick of wood, which acts as a holder for it when it is being filed. Probably A brus precatorius 28 Journal of the F. VI, of setting in the patterns of the karangan.

For these he bends up the twisted and flattened wire with the forceps into the required shapes for the patterns, cutting off each little portion of pattern as it is made. When he has thus got enough pieces to do a large section of the work he moistens them with the "getah" to make them stick, and sets them in position on the gold backing with the forceps. This arrangement being finished, he covers all the karangan evenly with the mixture of borax and solder, and heats it with the blowpipe flame until the wires have become attached to the back plate.

Large pieces of the karangan are thus done at one time, and when the whole of it is completed the only thing that remains to be done is to clean up the work. Newly made ornaments are cleaned and then purposely dulled by letting them simmer in a solution of alum tawas , brushing them, covering them with alum paste and putting them on a charcoal ember for a few minutes, before brushing them again.

The dulling process is called sepoh kuning yellow sepoh , as opposed to sepoh merah red sepoh a red colouring, much appreciated by Malays, which is frequently given to gold articles. This can be produced by two or more methods. One way, that used by Tukang Adam, is to make a solution of borax pijar and a green crystalline substance obtained from the Chinese shops, probably green vitriol which is called either tnnjong or gunjar.

The articles to be coloured are dipped several times alternately into the solution and into hot water, and then cooked for a short time on a charcoal ember. The result is that a dark purplish-red deposit forms all over the gold of the ornaments. In another method a mixture of saltpetre and sulphur is employed ; but this was said to be troublesome to use. The chief articles to which filigree work is applied are the mountings of kris, or dagger hilts, the tops of small boxes for holding chewing requisites, the ends himtut of kris sheaths, rings, brooches, buttons, small clasps used instead of buttons, gold beads for threading as necklaces, ear studs, and pendants dokoh.

By Herblrt C. Robinson, M. In this, however, we were in error, as amongst a collection obtained by the Museum collectors in January, , at Bukit Tangga in Negri Sembilan, on a pass on the main Peninsular divide at about 1, ft. Differing from the typical race in having the whole of the upper surface, sides of the head and outer aspect of the wings duller and darker grey, with less tinge of olive green. White on outer tail feathers perhaps rather less extensive, but this character not very marked.

Total length, 3. Two other males and a female from the same locality examined. Remarks : Bukit Tangga is nearly miles distant from the nearest locality from which P. Rhinomyias tardus, sp. In September the Museum collectors obtained on Bukit Tampin, a hill in Negri Sembilan near the Malacca boundary rising to 2, ft. This species, which may be known as Rhinomyias tardus, sp. On the under-surface the breast-band, light olive-brown in colour, is much broader, extending over the chest to the abdomen and flanks, and the white throat patch is less clear, being slightly washed with the colour of the chest and sides of neck, while the lower abdomen is pale ivory yellow.

The bill, as compared with that of R. Length of wing, 80 mm; tail, 61; tarsus Hartert, who has examined the two individuals from Tampin an adult and a slightly immature female has kindly sent us the following remarks : " The new form resembles much more the large-billed Rh. It differs, however, from Rh. It agrees with both the latter in the lower mandible being light in the adult birds. The species of the genus Pericrocotus or Flycatcher Shrikes are amongst the most brilliant and attractive of Oriental birds and much attention has, as a consequence, been paid to them both by systematists and collectors.

Owing, however, to the fact that the characters relied on to separate the species are, in many cases, variable within the species, the distinctions between certain of the allied forms are by no means so clear as might be desired, and a good deal of confusion exists as to the actual range and occurrences of several of the Malayan species.

The F. Musenms possess very large series of all the species from the Malay Peninsula, and in the present paper I have attempted to arrange these and the synonymy belonging them without in any way claiming any originality of treatment. Plumage with no red or yellow — Plumage mainly red or yellow — a.

The central tail feathers partly red in the male, quill lining red With no isolated red or yellow marks on the outer webs of the tertiaries With isolated red or yellow marks on the outer webs of the tertia- ries a. Larger, wing as a rule exceed- ing 85 mm. Smaller, wing mm. The Ashy Minivet. Pericrocotus cinereus, Lafr. Birds, Brit. Primaries and secondaries blackish brown, with a broad diagonal band of white on the inner webs except on the outer primary, increasing interiorly ; bases of the secondaries broadly white.

Primary coverts blackish, the innermost broadly edged with grey on the outer w ebs. Adult female. Adult female : total length, 7. Localities in the Peninsula. Pulau Langkawi November, December. Perak : Temerloh January. Pahang : Krau River November. The Fiery Minivet. Robinson : Species of Minivets. External aspect of the wings with a broad diagonal bar of orange red, starting on the fourth primary and extending to the innermost tertials, the last tertial only entirely black; inner aspect of the wing with a similar lemon yellow bar formed by patches on the inner webs of the primaries and secondaries; rump and upper tail coverts, under surface except the throat and those parts of the tail feathers that are not black, vermilion orange, more crimson on the rump, the bases of the feathers chrome.

Axillaries and under wing coverts, chrome, tipped with orange red, their bases black, thighs black. Angle of the wing orange chrome. Adult female: — Those portions of the plumage that are glossy black in the male, grey with a faint yellowish cast, blacker on the wing and tail feathers; a frontal band and eye ring orange chrome, this colour extending as a short superciliary beyond the eye.

Under surface chrome yellow-, under wing coverts and wing band similar, lower back and upper tail coverts vermilion, light portion of the tail orange yellow, suffused with vermilion, thighs mingled greyish and yellow. Adult female : total length 5. Perak: Temongoh July ; Parit September. Negri Sembilan: Gunong Tampin September.

East Johore: Tanjong Leman June. Notes: — This species is resident and breeds in the country apparently from May to June. It is fairly common along the east coast among Casuarinas and in forest country up to about 2,' but is everywhere much scarcer than either P. Pericrocotus Montanus, Wray's Minivet. Sumatra ; Sharpe, Ibis, , p.

Borneo, 8,' ; id Ibis, , p. Dulit, Borneo, 5,' ; Salvad. Malay Zool. Malay States Mus. Hand-list Birds Malay Penins. Pericrocotus cinereigula, Sharpe, Ibis, , p. Pericrocotus wrayi, Sharpe, P. Pericrocotus croceus, Sharpe, P. Perak ; Bonhote, P. Perak ; Ogilvie Grant Fascic. Adult male: — Head, nape, mantle, inner and lesser wing coverts shining black; ear coverts, sides of the face and throat dark grey. Primaries and secondaries the bases of all the tail feathers and the greater part of the two median pairs, black; greater inner wing coverts with their terminal portions scarlet; Primaries and secondaries from the fifth primary inwards with their outer webs edged with scarlet, increasing progressively inwards, the basal half of both webs scarlet orange.

Rump and upper tail coverts scarlet, under surface except the throat and portion of the tail that is not black, scarlet orange, thighs mingled black and orange buff or apricot; wing lining edge of the wing and axillaries orange. Bill and feet black, iris dark hazel. Adult female: — Distribution of colour similar to that of the male, the red throughout being replaced by yellow intermediate between "Cadmium Yellow" and "Light Cadmium" of Ridgeway.

The black of the upper surface more greyish blue and less shining than that of the male and the ear coverts of a paler grey. Chin and upper throat greyish white. Thighs mingled white and brownish black. This is the stage described as P. Malay, loc. The adult male plumage appears to be attained from this stage in part by a moult of the yellow feathers and in part at least by a direct colour change, though by the majority of authorities on moulting this is roundly asserted to be impossible.

Adult female — Total length, 6. Pahang: Gunong Tahaii, 5,' July. Elsewhere common in the high mountains of Borneo and Sumatra. The large series before me, which includes topotypes of Salvadori's P. Judging from the dates of immature skins in the Museum the species probably begins to breed in the Peninsula about December or January. Pericrocotus xanthogaster, subsp. Davison's Minivet. Pericrocotus flammifer, Hume, Stray Feath.

V, pp. Birds Brit. Birds, i, p. Swinhoe , Butler, Journ. Straits Branch Royal. Adult male. Inner webs of central pair of tail feathers and bases of the remainder, black, the black lessening towards the outer pairs. Primaries, secondaries and tertials black, with an oblique bar of crimson scarlet on the primaries, beginning on the outer web of the fourth primary; secondaries and all but the innermost tertials with their basal halves scarlet ; the inner tertials with isolated drops of scarlet on their outer webs ; inner primary coverts 36 Journal of the F.

VI, with their terminal two-thirds scarlet ; axillaries and under wing coverts orange, the bases of the former black ; thighs black ; rest of the plumage brilliant scarlet orange, more scarlet on the rump and upper tail coverts, the bases of the feathers of the abdomen orange chrome.

Forehead to the eyes, a patch round the eyes and a short superciliary stripe, extending slightly beyond the eyes bright chrome yellow. Stripe from the nostrils to the eyes, blackish. Lower back, rump and upper tail coverts, greenish yellow. Whole under surface bright chrome yellow, the lower of the feathers of the abdomen white ; the thighs mingled brownish and yellow. Wings black, the first four primaries uniform on the outer web, the remainder with a diagonal chrome yellow bar.

Secondaries and tertials with their basal third chrome yellow and with elongated isolated drops of the same colour on the outer webs. Lesser wing coverts greyish, except on the angle of the wing ; greater ones black, their tips chrome yellow. Innermost pair of tail feathers entirely black, the next pair mainly black, the third pair about half black, the black regularly diminishing to the outermost pair in which only the basal third or fourth is black ; remainder of the feathers pure chrome yellow.

Total length, 6. Still younger birds have the yellow colour beneath duller, the feathers of the head and mantle with white margins, and the primaries edged with white. Perils: Pelarit November. Perak: Temongoh July ; Taiping July. Pahang : Bentong June. Notes : — This race is widely spread throughout the Penin- sula in submontane country, ranging up to about 3,' in altitude, above which its place is taken by P. As is the case with many other species originally described from Southern Tenasserim by Hume it is evident that it has no I9I5-] H.

Raffles with the female slightly more brightly coloured. None of the Peninsula examples are as large as those of Hume's series from Tenasserim, though northern specimens are decidedly larger than those from Johore and from authentic specimens of P. The presence or absence of red on the outer web of the fourth primary of the male, seems to be of little diagonistic importance though it is more frequently absent in southern than in northern peninsular specimens.

It is present in three out of four Sumatran specimens and in both the Bornean skins which I have examined. Pericrocotus xanthogaster suhsp. Raffles' Minivet. Lanius xanthogaster, Raffles, Trans. Pericrocotus xanthogaster, Sharpe, Stray Fenth.

Ibis, p. Pericrocotus ardens, Bp. Pericrocotus subardens, Hume, Stray Feath. Malacca Brit. South of the termination of the main range in Southern Selangor the bird is decidedly rare and but few specimens are on record. In Sumatra and Borneo it appears to be fairly common. By H, N. Ridley, C. A shrub, branches slender, brown-velvety; leaves lanceolate to elliptic lanceolate, slightly oblique, shortly cuspidate, shortly narrowed at the base, 14 cm.

Stipules lanceolate acuminate, velvety hairy. Flowers, sessile, axillery. Calyx velvety with short obtuse lobes. Corolla 4 mm. Stamens exsert in a cone from the mouth of the tube, hairy. A very distinct plant in its small leaves and hairy corolla. Argostemma tenue, sp. A succulent herb with a basal tuber, stem cm. Panicle lax, base, 2. Branches slender. Calyx short campanulate, with rather large 4-lobed limb. Corolla lobes 4, lanceolate acu- minate 4 mm.

Stamens very narrow, forming a narrow elongate cone as long as the corolla, long beaked. Ne-dv A. Since the publication of Mr, G. This snake maybe indicated as follows in the "Synopsis of the Species" of the Malay Peninsula given in the above mentioned work p. Posterior maxillary teeth not ab- ruptly enlarged.

Internasals broadly truncate in front, nostrils lateral in a single nasal, 3 labials entering the eye, a single anterior temporal. Scales in 19 rows, all keeled except the" outer row. Ventrals ; anal divided; sub-candals Above browm, paler anteriorly with a blackish network containing reddish-brown areas of yellow-edged scales which become posteriorly two rows of small yellow spots.

Head olive-brown ; nape blackish ; a streak along the upper lip, others behind the eye and on the occiput and a patch on the side of the neck pale pink. Below pinkish-red, the throat and sub-caudal scales spotted blackish. Snout to vent mm, tail 68 mm. Scales in 17 rows Scales in 19 rows All the other species of section II known from the Peninsula. Scales in 17 rows, all keeled. Ventrals ; anal divided ; sub-candals 45, tail imperfect. The sub-candals are known to vary from 52 to Above olive-brown, paler anteriorly with a series of interrupted blackish cross-bars or a network of blackish patches, a series of light spots on either side the median line ; upper surface of head vermiculated with black ; labials yellowish with black sutures; yellow of the under-surface extending on to the sides of the neck and fore-body.

Below checkered black and yellow, the black predominat- ing posteriorly. Snout to vent mm, tail imperfect 97 mm. A certain number of specimens had been previously brought from the mountain by Mohammed Ariff, the plant collector of Penang Gardens, who visited Gunong JCerbau with Mr. Barnard a few years ago. Of the species then obtained a number were re-collected by the present party, but the bulk of the collection forms an important addition to our knowledge of the flora of this mountain.

Two of the most interesting additions to our flora were Eurya trichocarpa Korth. There are 25 new species in the Collection, of which the most important are a Vanilla very unlike any of the few Oriental species of this genus and more resembling the South American species, and a handsome new Gahiiia, belonging to a genus well represented in Australia but of which only 2 species were previously known from the Malay region.

Gunong Kerbau is a peak on a spur of the main peninsular range in the Kinta District of Perak, and is the second highest mountain in the Malay Peninsula, attaining a height of 7, feet, and being exceeded only by Gunong Tahan in Pahang. The Birds and Mammals obtained have already been listed in a previous number of this Journal Journ. Federated Malay States M us, y, pp. Polyalthia pulchra, King. At 4, feet. Melodonim mantihriaiunt, Hook. At 3, feet elevation. Cyclea laxiJJora, Miers.

In fruit. Poly gala venenosa, Bl. Polygala monticoh, Ridl. At 6, feet. Epirhizanthes aphylla, Griff. Kami memang mempercayai perkara ghaib malah wajib. Memang ada saya dengar pendapat… orang bomoh orang dalam perniagaan Melayu malah selalu saya dengar. Perkara ni memang betul terjadi tapi saya rasa kalau seseorang individu tu iklas memohon perlindungan Tuhan pasti ia dilindungi juga dari kerja jahat bomoh2. Lagi satu kerana percayakan Tuhanlah jadi adanya Tangan yang memberi lebih mulia dari tangan yang menerima maksudnya disini disisi Allah seseorang yang memberi sesuatu tu pangkatnya disisi Allah lebih mulia dan pangkat peminta sedekah jadi rendah…maka kalau tak nak pangkat kita di sisi Allah rendah jadi kene selalu berusaha, berusaha dan berusaha untuk berjaya.

Sebagai pemimpin dalam Al-quran pun tanggungjawab besar, kalau cume nak bagi susah apa pula pemimpin ni nak jawap pada Tuhan bila dia meninggal dunia…takkan nk jawab semata-mata nk suruh maju saya bagi rakyat susah. Saya rasa orang Melayu ni perlu lebih belajar Al-Quran untuk lebih maju bukan duniaje malah akhirat. Semua dh ada dalam Al-Quran.. Tun saya berasal dari Johor. Saya rasa walaupun Singapura maju tapi rakyatnya terhimpit mungkin mereka terpaksa maju.

Kalau beli rumah pula.. Saya rasa isu air tu mungkin kita anggap sedekah sahajalah. Semoga satu sedekah yang kita beri Allah gantikan dengan sepuluh kali ganda. Ada satu masa tapi saya tak ingat sangat bila.. Pasal isu air ni mereka kata nak gunakan air kitar semula.. Tapi saya terfikir, air kitar semula yang bukan secara semulajadi ni adakah ia suci lagi menyucikan.

Kalau di Malaysia ada juga tempat tadahan air, tapi di Singapura tiada gunung ganang. So memang terpaksa juga beli dari Malaysia. Saya rasa dah tak releven lagi jual air harga 3 sen gelen. Tapi dah perjanjian mungkin nak sedapkan hati anggap sedekah je…Cume air yg mereka rawat tu tak perlu Malaysia beli semula, mungkin bila kita tak beli air..

Mereka dh tak de tempat nk simpan air yang banyak tu jadi Singapura tak kan beli air dari malaysia dalam kuantiti yang banyak. Bila keadaan dh macam ni mereka pula akan minta bt perjanjian air yg baru…Saya fikirla tapi tak taula kalau Singapura boleh sampai jual air tu kt negara lain pula. Sinagporean are stress people with tight population and pressured life.

I did not see much room. You got no say,they choke yr life not to make you talk. They squeeze your balls if you manage to talk. BUT is the bills charitable on part of them. Unfortunately Singaporean upon death,be it muslims, christian, buddists or what your death name will be replace by a serial no, you are just a product.

I am not impressed by you putting such comments about leaders of the neighbourhood Doctor Mahathir. Second, can you show us any concrete proof that Malay Minorities in Singapore are poor? And in terms of removing poverties and economical inequalities between races, do you personally think that Malaysia has done better than Singapore? I hope for an explaination of above to questions. Even tough I have such feeling that you will ignore this comment.

But I would like to put it up still. Tun, I think it is pointless to keep attacking Singapore. Whether we like it or not, they are progressing. In the 60s, the Singapore currency is lower than Malaysia, we were flocking there to buy cheap goods. They are coming to Malaysia to buy cheap houses, lands and goods. Within 30 years, they had overtaken us and they continue to move forward. We should learn from their strength and make sure we do not repeat their weaknesses.

Tun, I am sure you know best, all these are your former staff, nurtured by you, Toya is specially hand-picked by you. However, I am only a small fly, cannot do much. In the process, our human capital is put through various stress tests from a young age until retirement and even the grave. The young are put to a stress test the minute they start formal education at primary level with homework and remedial classes.

School holidays are filled with more lessons, remedial classes and co-curricular activities for upper secondary students. To gain entry to top junior colleges or polytechnics, students must achieve an aggregate score of eight points or less, compared to 10 to 15 points years earlier. How not to be stressed out? Many in this age group struggle to acquire material wealth at the expense of pro-family, procreation activities.

Mature workers worry about job security and those who are retrenched often remain chronically unemployed for a long while. How to be happy? The elderly are also vulnerable as their children may fall into the mature age group who are either struggling to maintain their livelihoods or unemployed. With little financial support from their children, many are forced to work as cleaners or do other manual work with their limited skills.

Retirees who have exhausted their Central Provident Fund savings are forced to go back to work with limited scope of employment in the current economic climate. There is hardly any stage in the human cycle where we can slow down and make an effort to smell the roses in society. Roland Ang Smell what roses? The only scent you can smell in my Hotel Sinkapore is the constant methane fart from my SPH propaganda factory.

Dearest Tun, and readers, Honestly? Honestly, we non bumis have been in Malaysia since even before the Melakka Kingdom was established. We have no interest to overthrow our king who has provided us shelter, protection and some opportunity to develop here. Although, I do not deny there are some selfish people amongst us who does it for their personal gain. My best friend since high school was a Malay, and in College too was a Malay.

But have we Malaysians really sat down and think? We do not have a civil warfare, nor do we have anything severe as Ethnic Cleansing. While the Non-Bumis too should practice self constrain when trying to voice opinion and always read between the lines of what is written in the media. Perhaps, certain groups of politicians Should not spend to much money on personal gains, 3 million on a luxurious bungalow? Why not spend 3 million to help your own people?

Confucious, when he was appointed as a government official only lived in a simple shack. If the people are in poverty, and the officials are Fat and rich, it would mean something obvious is wrong in the governance system. But sadly, the truth is always people get greedy and refuse to live by the principle they set. Hence, should I be a politician someday, this would be my reminder So, I hope that the vision of 1Malaysia truly happens when we are not discriminated or categorized as being Chinese, Indian, Melayu, dan Lain lain.

If Singapore things by sidelining the Malay minorities is the right thing to do, then let us show them that we Malaysians working hand in hand regardless of races, is capable to out last them in the longer run. Your sincerely, A Malaysian with a Dream. First, we have our dear old Lee Kuan Yew reminding us, in April this year, that we are not developed[link]. Now, we have a Malaysian Malaysiakini telling us that we Singaporeans live miserable lives. Our social policies are really bad partly because of a lack of a social safety net.

It makes no difference for the poor whether Singapore is a developed country or not. It is not just our social policies that are Third World, it seems that some people believe our economic policies are Third World too. You have Kenneth Jeyaretnam, son of JBJ and a former hedge fund manager, who says that our economic policies are like that. In a recent speech at the Foreign Correspondence Association lunch, he mentions that our growth for the past few years depended on the input of cheap labour and low consumption.

As a result of the input of cheap labour, the productivity of the work-force stagnated and fell. Unlike a developed country that produces high-end value-added goods, we have nothing of value to add except cheap labour; which is unsustainable. If a foreign MNC decides to leave Singapore, it is not because we voted for the opposition like the PAP say but because we have nothing of value to offer the rest of the world.

Whose fault is that? Who was responsible for the total control of our economic policy over the past decade? Who was responsible for our decline in productivity and our reliance on cheap usually foreign labour? According to Kenneth Jeyaretnam, our domestic consumption has been driven down to the same levels as China. Skeptic wonders whether it is because there are a lot of PRCs in Singapore. If things get too bad, we may have to export people to look for jobs overseas, just like the Philippines.

Here is an excerpt of his speech. The full speech can be found here. London is ranked 16th. Paris is ranked 13th. We have the income distribution of a 3rd world country and cost of living that is number 10 among the most expensive cities in the world. So what is quality of life for the bottom one third of the population? Many express doubt about the story being true but the important thing is the story CAN be true. The problem with Singapore is the leadership that got us to this sorry state.

We are led by a prime minister whose first moves when he was elected was to increase regressive tax GST and cut corporate taxes and those of high income earners. He then increased the pay of his cabinet which was already the highest in the world. He did not understand that the distribution of wealth in a nation is as important as the creation of wealth.

His govt focussed on GDP growth and not on quality of life of Singaporeans…. How to keep this system going? Repress the opposition, limit the rights of the people to gather and speak up, control the media to paint a fairy tale of success and use estate upgrading as an election threat. For one, Singapore may be a first world country but the mentality of its people is anything but first world. Many Singaporeans are still very much in the third world. One does not have to go very far to find an example for this.

The Singapore Bible College itself is run as if they are still in the s. They are so old fashioned in so many ways. There are no grievances procedures for the students. Thus students are expected not to dispute the decisions of the management and being a bible college, they of course do not think it is biblical to sue the college. Out of college, younger generations of Singaporeans not only do not have a proper understanding of the history between Malaysia and Singapore, they also do not have any great interest in it.

For those who can afford it, they are only interested in migrating overseas. What happens to those who cannot afford it? Rev Dr Joseph Ogawa, a psychologist missionary from America, often shares his testimony of how when he was first called by God to move to Singapore from America. As such, you will not get aid from government hospitals.

Like many people who visit Singapore, we only see the skyscrapers, the immaculately kept public places, efficiency of the public transport system, the cars, the condos and the affluence of the Singapore lifestyle. But have you seen a one room flat not a one bedroom flat with a whole family living in it? Besides, the normal HDB flats, the poorest of all can be found in abundance around Redhill. As part of my course practicum, I was sent as a volunteer to counsel the students in one of the secondary schools in Redhill.

It turned out to be a cultural shock for me. Collecting cardboard boxes for a living? Seen the juvenile delinquents? If you have not done it, you are not considered normal. The school counsellor admits, this is the other side of Singapore the government do not want to brag about, neither do they want to highlight it. That is why Singapore cannot afford to fail. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for inviting me to this luncheon today. The Foreign Correspondents Association has been here in Singapore even longer than I have and like my father has played a significant and historic role in the story of our region.

Last, I ask myself. Do we Malaysians look at GDP growth as the only measure to choose our government or are we much more matured than that? Achievement at whose expense? We saw what 7. Income rose meaningfully only for a small number of people because of unequal distribution.

Most Singaporeans fear the type of GDP growth we see in but we are also afraid of job losses in a recession. For many Singaporeans, the good times are gone for ever and life is a perpetual struggle to survive. Take cars as an example. We have a quota system. This means that even if income rises, the number of people who are allowed to have cars is the same. What happens when income rises is the COE price goes up disproportionately compared with the rise in income.

You might think that if your income goes up, you can afford more taxi rides, forget it! Taxi fares rise just as fast when demand goes up because the number of taxis is also limited by the COE. In , the GDP went up 7. The paradox in Singapore is as people make higher incomes, the size of homes they can afford shrinks. For a large number of people whose income remain stagnant, these price increases represent a fall in real wages and we see more poverty in Singapore today than we did 20 years ago.

Singapore did what no other country has done to go after GDP growth — importing foreign labor in large numbers. Most other countries do it by moving up the technology ladder, innovation, nurturing home grown industries. In , our population grew by 5. Does it make sense to add so many people onto a land scarce island like Singapore? Most Singaporeans can agree that a certain level of immigration helps to keep our society vibrant but to import people to maximise GDP ignoring the impact on ordinary Singaporeans can be detrimental in the long run.

Vijay Kumar has asked the right questions, the same questions Singaporeans asked but received no proper answer for the past 15 years. Now we are told to just accept what has been done and told to live with the consequences. The foreigners manning food stalls dish out poor service and poor versions of local food.

Just yesterday at a food court stall, utensils had ran out and a customer was scolded by the FT for demanding his fork and spoon. Singaporeans have to stretch their wallets by buying no frill groceries and cheaper parallel imports from 3rd world countries. These products were meant for the poor in 3rd world countries and are of inferior quality due to their low cost ingredients. But we are actually paying first world Singapore prices for these inferior products.

Public housing is becoming too expensive. Now the land near MRT stations are reserved for condominium developments. The air pollutants alone will give you lung cancer. With the influx of immigrants, the infrastructure is unable to cope. Crime rate is also going up. My point is, why are we paying first world prices to live in an increasingly 3rd world like country? So, it is not surprising that our ministers and elite chase GDP growth like men chasing pretty women. They are only for the top dogs in the civil service and ministers.

Likewise, most civil servants today do not enjoy pension benefits. Ministers and top civil servants I think still do. After all, during the boom time, they claimed that it is due to their leadership and should be paid their due. By Anonymous, at PM To Anon pm Yup, pay them obsecene wages for a 5 figures holidays and what have been they achieved?

Reminded me te movie by Michael Moore — Singaporeans are just like lost souls with a shining exterior. Outstanding in terms of economic performance but lacking in courage to change the things that need changing. They are really very very powerful. When there iis progress, life must be better and if this is not so, then there is NO progress, despite what the GDP figures show.

By Anonymous, at PM so the cake is a lie? Something that the Singapore government or media will try to hide from the rest of the world. I, like many young youths, went looking for a better future in this Lion City of opportunity, After four years of working experience in Kuala Lumpur. Then, with huge hopes, I started looking for a master bedroom to rent being single. It made me ask if this is the type of development that I ever wanted in my country Malaysia.

This is the first time that I felt gifted to be born in Malaysia. Anyway, I lived with a family of three husband, wife with one daughter who rented out their master bedroom to me while they slept in the common room. It was a three-room flat but unlike in Malaysia, a three-room flat has only two bedrooms. I did not believe it was the master bedroom that I was staying in until I went into the other room and saw that there is no attached bathroom there.

I was given a bed and a mattress and also two fans. Then I noticed that the couple with their daughter sleeping on the floor with a thin mattress in the other room. Not even a fan in that room. Both husband and wife are born Singaporeans and were employed. It was after one month that I realised that the daughter was not going to school regularly and most of the time there would be a quarrel in the early morning between the father and daughter as there was not enough money to pay for the bus to go to school.

There were times when the daughter was very sick and father had no money to take her to see a doctor. It was a real pain in the heart to hear a small girl suffering through the thin walls of this HDB flat. It was unbelievable for me to see this happening in this ultra-modern city.

It took me another two months to realise that what was happening in this flat was not an isolated case of urban poverty in Singapore. It was every where in those HDB flats. There was a Chinese neighbour an elderly man and his son had no money to get a taxi to send his father to the clinic for daily diabetic wound-dressing. I soon understood that poverty in Singapore transcends racial boundaries.

The whole family of my landlord got a shock that I own a car in Malaysia. My landlord would keep pestering me every time I come back to Malaysia to bring my car over so that his whole family could go sightseeing in Singapore. In all my life, I never believed people in a developed country like Singapore would ever consider car ownership a privelege.

Three months later, one fine day, I came back home and realised that there was no electricity in the house. This time, my landlord did not have the money to pay for the utility bills. I was back in the Stone Age, using candles. This lasted for days until finally he borrowed money from somewhere and settled the bills. My landlord as a person I have known during that period never come back drunk or looked like a gambler.

This was the time in my life when I learned what is was like to live in that poor quality HDB flat, drying clothes in the rooms and listening to what the couple talked about in the next room via the thin walls. Have you seen a HDB flat and how it looks like? Bring your whole family for a dinner using public transport and then rush to catch the last bus.

Does this growth figures mean anything in the first place? Do we want to open our country to expats so that they can progress at the expense of our own Malaysians? The Malays will remain the poorest minority there. Thank you. At least here we are taking steps to narrow the gap between the richest and the poor. You know who is who. Just try not to have both heads talking at the same time. I think the bumi policies has prepared you well to win in life! Because the fact is that the Malaysia government has, for a long time now, trodden over the rights of its non-Malay citizens by giving the Malays special privileges.

I may not have a perfect grasp of the politics within the region, but i do understand and appreciate the importance of meritocracy, equality for all. Malaysia has yet to achieve the standard of living we possess. I am proud to be a part of this tiny middle kingdom, a country that has consistently been able to punch way above its weight.

And im not a foreign student occupying the vacant singaporean classroom seat. Emphasis appears to be shifting towards accumulating land-based assets. THE average Singaporean, it was once said half in jest, can easily become the world. Singapore has no ability to economically control malaysia, neither soes it have the intention to. Assuming you know what an economy is. Are you singaporean? Dear TUN You have to make sure your govt,even though you are not in cabinet. NOT to go low on Singpore.

LKY are diferent. You are open even to media. LKY is fobia of the media,he always wants to potray his good image but facts reveals itself. I don,t blame you for not be friendly to LKY He will gradually take your home,even your wife So stand firm on Singapore. Tun,you are a great muslims leader. U r unique. LKY negatives on you because he cannot makan u like the rest of the malaysia leader before.

U stands right for yr people. What crab is that because he himself do not practise. His deep intention,words spoken, most important his doings does not reflects his words and intention. Now they are no more. The indians,banglas are just given permit till time to go back. What meritrocracy u talk about. Singporean live to work not work to live. Exactly, what rights should a specific race have then? Should Chinese or Indian have more rights over Malays? Over my dead body.

Why keep fighting over the differences? It is just too detrimental to everyone. If you have a critical mind in the context of Human Rights and fairness; regardless of race, language or religion, then perhaps the national language for Malaysia should not be Bahasa Melayu?

A language more on a neutral ground. You speak of the minority being undermined in other country. What about yours? Is this the preferred choice of narrowing the gap between the rich and poor? One should earn his or her own credit and success through hardwork and not hand outs. Your thoughts are bias and uncritical; skewed toward your own race with vested interest.

Sure sound like Hitler or Communism. Hey, stick to your Nationalism. Least, you still gain a certain diminutive respect. I just hope one day you would grow up to be proud of Singaporean, instead of cursing the day you were born. Look at the NEP. Do we have that kind of outright racial discrimination? Do come over and take a look around singapore. To Empress: it is unfortunate that the malays are not enlisted in the army. However, the army has realized its mistake and recently appointed a malay as a general in the army.

Especially against non-malays. No one wins in this game of I do you in and you do me in. There is no question that Singapore had benefited from the goodwill of Malaya and Malaysia. In the early days Singapore relied on entrepot trade with Malaya as its hinterland. Singapore joined Malaysia and was divorced. Why should? The price they paid is brain drain.

Singapore will not gain fighting Malaysia and vice versa. Malaysia should not look at the lost of Batu Puteh as a big set back or for any other reasons. Just give a congratulatory pat on Singapore as say look next time we should do better than them.

It is like a soccer match. Penalty kicks etc. Winning a rock will not advance Singapore an inch. But being so deprived of territory losing it will be a major set back. Maybe someday down the road a remarriage may be attempted again on mutually accepted terms. I think Singaore agree that the causeway should be demolished and a straight bridge built in its place. Our NewWater project is also partly to clean up our affluent water before it is released into the sea.

Of course it is our fall back if Johore refuse to sell us raw water. We can only request but not demand. The third bridge, yes it should be built. It will pay for itself as the land prices in E Johore will rise and more economic activities will follow. Singaporeans who lived in a highly urbanised state will enjoy the freedom of open space presented by Johore. They will go there and invest, play golf and bring business to Johoreans.

Why keep the sand? It will flow into the sea or choke up the river mouths. Selling it will bring revenue to Malaysia and establish good bi-lateral relations, co-operation and goodwill. Singapore can still buy sand from other countries but at a higher price.

The more she pays for sand will translate into more bitter memories. A loose loose for both sides. Iskandar developement is good for Johore and Singapore. Instead of saying malays we will say more jobs will be created for Malaysians and hopefully Singaporeans too. Railway land.

With better roads and budget airlines, train usage will reduce unless you double track and reach the reliability of the Japanese Shenkasen. Moreover with your own Pelepas Port, less and less goods will be exported through Tanjong Pagar. Most important is the ridership.

Singapore will benefit too from seeing scarce land put to better use. Anyway the POA is signed and it is binding. So a peaceful resolution where the rule of law takes precedent is preferred. Tun and LKY are highly respected statesmen. Surely you both can go say Agentina for a break and agree to help the present Teams in charge to bring about a winning formula.

We know better. Malay rights have been systematically stripped through the years. You think we are ungrateful? Somebody enjoys housing discounts ,quota here and there from the income tax but still has the face to label us as being ungrateful? You used America as an example? Just to correct your mistake. Caucasian are not native. Red Indians are. Furthermore,in US ,there are certain rules protecing the minority but in this country,there are rules protecing the majority.

Here the government is honest with you, telling you the cake shall be shared according to the percentage of the population? Your professor taught you such kind of thing? Let me give you an example. Person A works 10 hours a day. Persons B,C and D work 2 hours a day respectively. Thank you for sharing your email with all of us. Those scholarship holders were definitely warm and friendly. You expected them to be sad and angry after being given scholarship? This country is still embroiled in racial conflict,rising crime rates and so on.

But you can only see the happiness of a few scholarship holders. One drop of water does not make the ocean. Hi Guys, This is taken from a blogsite….. Here goes: Lee portrays that he would like to see an integration of citizens, regardless of race, colour or religion. My toes are laughing. If at all, I feel that Lee has been one of the greatest racists in the history of Singapore since independence. In both cases, the Indians are left on the side and aside.

Pity that a people from what is verifiably the most perspectivally, critically, and logically vibrant culture in s. Instead of learning from them, most in s. Pathetic actually. And the same applies to many of my professional Indian friends who have left. Funny how many here stupidly complain about the consequences of their biases.

I suppose they have been underdeveloped to not be able to connect the dots. Assalamualikum Ayahnda Tun n Bonda, please allow me, to pikachu, as a leader, if i tell my people the Malays, to be united, more hardworking and try to beat the achievement of other races, am i a racist??? I wanted to ask you, I born in Malaysia, I pay the same tax but my citizen privileges are different from Malay. I am not a foreigner, I am a Malaysian! You might be getting some of the facts wrong in Singapore; my homeland by the way.

Malays in Singapore do get a little more privileges than the rest especially in areas like education where they only have to pay a fraction of the school fees as compared to the usual. Educational fees are heavily subsidised for Malays here. In a way to forge racial harmony. Also, do note we sang our National Anthem in Bahasa Melayu, and during my National Service, the military marching command in Bahasa too.

Hope this info helps. You have already admitted racism there is highly subtle. Gajah di pelupuk mata tidak terlihat, kuman di sebelah lautan terlihat,who is really a hypocrite? Here the government is honest with you, telling you the cake shall be shared according to the percentage of the population. It might not be perfect but they are doing their best. Every race is well represented.

You just have to be with the Malaysians in Oxford for you to feel that the NEP, even though it has teething problem implementation-wise, the policy objectives over time are seeing results. Let us separate the policy from the implementation. Do not hurry…you will get there somehow. Dengan Izin Tun.. Terima kasih.. Bravo Empress..

I salutes your courage under fire or not.. Keep us posted…Thank you…. As a Chinese Singaporean, born of Malaysian parents who took up citizenship here in Singapore, I can understand why they feel this way. The grouses are familiar: NEP, corruption and ineptitude in governance. Let me provide an insight on how it is like to be a Singaporean.

I must first stress that new immigrants or Permanent Residents PRs from Malaysia like my parents will not experience any disadvantages. However, Singapore has problems at present because its development model is outdated. As LKY still insists on the methods recommended tens of years ago, trouble is looming.

There is no impetus to change because there is no one who dares to disagree. The opposition has been persecuted to the point where only those with nothing to lose will dare to oppose, and the common people are scared to death of arbitrary arrest. Yes, corruption is more widespread in Malaysia. But in Singapore, it also exists — though restricted to the top political elite and in a legalised form. In Malaysia, many get a share of the cake but in Singapore, only a select few get a share of the cake.

Many scoff at the position of the Malay rulers. But are they aware of the many dubious acts of LKY and his cronies — his. To the few writers Malays? It is important to note that racism exists everywhere, Malaysia included. Such is life, and no matter how much humans try, racism cannot be totally eliminated not least in our lifetime. It is incorrect to attribute racist encounters in Singapore to the lack of meritocracy as a basic principle adopted by Singapore society.

Singapore society practices meritocracy in most areas. Be it the civil service, education, politics, and the private sector. Why, if its not because the india ministers has earned their positions based on meritocracy? The Malaysian politicians has suggested that the malays in malaysia would have fallen further behind if not for the bumi policies.

What would happen if a true meritocracy system is implemented in Malaysia? Could there be a chance that the Singapore experience is what you may perhaps see in Malaysia under such hypothetical situation? With regards to the military, Singapore has openly communicated that there are certain sensitivity in the selection of certain malays for military positions, as many malays in Singapore has close family ties with malays in the region.

When it comes to defense, if a soldier is being put into position to chose between its family and country, it would be a tough position to be in. The issue is therefore not about meritocracy per se. Ezani on June 18 You just keep saying I am stupid but never prove that I am stupid.

Just to transfer technology a bit Iskandar needs foreign capital, support and know-how. If you try to keep everything to yourself the project will be still born. Is that very hard to understand?? How I wish all malaysians including Tun are as clever as you, then no need to worry. Dear Tun, salam sejahtera harap sihat bahagia.

Somehow, Malaysian government always lacks the credibility. Please experience yourself. Please hike a Taxi yourself. Take a bus. Your goverment pocketed their money for 22 years and continue doing it. Wake up! Malaysia boleh. Selamat pagi Ayahanda Tun, Izinkan….. I love your comment on Mr Ravi and I laughed like pakbelalang — kah.. Good day Ayahanda Tun. Salam Buat Yg Bhg. Tun, May I suggest this about the water conrtact with Singapore. They recently built new reservoir or plant or something with new technology for NEWATER, with the ministers happily cut the ribbon to officiate the event.

I think at 3 sen, that is what its worth these days. Kind regards. Yawning Bread. Together with Chiam See Tong, Jeyaretnam was the face of dogged opposition to the PAP for a decade until new leaders emerged in the s. Picture from The Economist It must be obvious that his notes and letters, representing as they do his thoughts, obstacles and battle plans, are a rich mine for future historians.

So where should they go to now? Partly funded by the Dutch government, the institute is interested in archiving material relevant to their mission. The institute catalogs all the material it receives, removes all rubber and metal elements, e. The catalogs will be put online, and they have even started a project to digitise material starting with some really significant ones like the manuscripts of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

Access to the papers for research will be liberal, but subject to agreement with the family, who will remain owners of the material. This means that certain papers may be held as confidential for a long while. The institute also loans out material for exhibitions around the world. Henk Sneevliet had a Chinese name: Ma-ling. The institute also has many other items relating to communists in Indonesia, particularly before and after the events. Other growing collections relate to the Burmese opposition movement and social movements in Nepal and the Philippines.

One particularly moving item they have is the blood-stained shirt of Lean Alejandro, a student activist who campaigned for democracy. Alejandro was shot and killed in , aged 27, and the gunmen are still unidentified. For a story on this brave young man, see UP activist Lean Alejandro remembered 20 years after killing. Meanwhile, this is an appeal to anyone who has material related to JBJ to contact his elder son Kenneth Jeyaretnam. It could be letters, photographs or news clippings… anything like that.

They will help flesh out the memory of the man and enable future generations to better understand his role and significance. National Archives But what about our National Archives? I would have thought so too, but one cannot but wonder whether they are even interested. Speaking just for myself, not for the Jeyaretnam family, questions that arise are: Will there be open access?

Will some materials mysteriously disappear? Will confidential material remain confidential, especially if the information therein proves politically useful to the ruling party? We all know that lines have been blurred between state, government and ruling party. Yes i do know what the May 13th incident is about.

If you have investigated your facts, you must know that the race riots in Singapore were the result of a spillover effect of the race riots in Malaysia. The race riots in Singapore began as a result of rumors of Malay atrocities against the Chinese population in Malaysia. It had nothing to do with racial inequality. I repeat. Singapore respects the rights of the Malays and recognizes them as the original inhabitants of Singapore.

There is a reason why we made malay the national language and sing our national anthem in the malay language. Do not take this the wrong way, i am fully supportive of the tudung being allowed in schools. The intake of madrasashs are restricted for a reason.

The education standard of madrasahs are comparatively lower than that of other governmental institutions. This is a source of great alarm for a government that views education as extremely important, thus the limitation of students entering the madrasahs. There are many Malays in high positions of authority. For example, the speaker of parliament Abdullah Tarmugi, prof Yaacob Ibrahim. Im sure few Malays in Malaysia remember that the first president of Singapore Yusof Ishak was a malay.

JJJ, you state that Malays in Singapore are being marginalized and discriminated against. Maybe Dr. Mahathir can help? First of all, I am mix between Chinese and Malay but obviously much more Chinese that denies me Bumi rights. Secondly, I had vast experiences working with various multi-nationals locally and internationally. I am not trying to favour S Tan but he has some of his points very right. I employed four Malays local graduates and none lasted more than 6 months.

This was owing to various factors; Sleeping at home during working hours, late for work, poor technical knowledge and etc. My predicament is that all of those creams are unavailable due to fact that they are all attached to the GLC after being granted scholarships by Malaysian government. Amir, do you think Public sectors Multi National companies are employing staffs base on race base policy? The answer is NO. Bottom line is profit for the share holders.

I am writing this to encourage local Bumi graduates to be awaken, stand up and avoid finding reason for under achieving…. We have proven that racism exist there. Please provide proof or shut up! Upholdjustice,up yours! Tun, with all due respects to you, this is my very first post in a forum and I would have started by being just a plain observer.

I find the comments by aniesa and DR Sanjeev Kumar very interesting as they had directly or indirectly affected me, as a Malay Singaporean. I also intend to have a successful career in the navy. Me: Sir, I would be very interested to join the navy as a full-time serviceman as I have had 2 and a half years of training onboard cargo ships and I liked working at sea. SAF Officer: You will have problems with food. SAF Officer: Oh… blushing …. You are dismissed now.

What then? A sizeable number of qualified mariners master mariners, deck officers and marine engineers from the merchant navy in singapore are Malays who could have become competent naval officers in the Singapore navy but are there any? In any case I would assume that you are a professional working in Singapore so it would do you well to expand your circle of Malay friends in Singapore so that you may properly conclude, if indeed the typical Malay Singaporean is a happy one.

I AM getting emotional…. More freedom??? Freedom to do what??? Give us some credit, sir. I am not anti-Non Malay, in fact a big chunk of my closest friends in singapore are non-Malays, specifically Chinese. I have voiced out my grievances to these Chinese friends and even told them I would move to Malaysia. They had wanted to know why I was willing to become a second-class citizen in another country.

My reply to them was it would be better to be a 2nd-class citizen elsewhere rather than being a 3rd-class citizen in my own country. And you know what??? They totally agreed with me. Dear hisham76, It seems that you are very concerned about racism in Singapore.

Have been reading most of the comments. Like a war zone in here. But when they sit and drink and eat on one table they are best of friends. Well typical right Malaysians and Singaporeans. Every country , person, politician has its or their own strength and weakness. Some of us love Tun some hate him. God created us this way. Imagine what will happen if all of us think alike and have no difference in opinions, we will be living in a very funny world.

The best we can do is respect each other. Dear Tun, salam mesra harap sihat bahagia. Minta izin memberi penjelasan pada seorang pengulas……. Dear Tun, salam mesra harap sihat sejahtera. Kiriman ini singkat untuk cuba mana satu lepas sekatan…. However what is past is past. While you can talk about the ancestry, it is wrong to use it for racial demonization, hate mongering and peddling fear.

Which is what this blog visitors do. JJJ: Katak bawah tempurung. Neither Singapore nor LKY need any defending. Only the corrupt, the negligent and the incompetent need defending. Instead we are still third world while these countries are all first world. Where did all the vast natural resources go to? Tun M knows better than most. What happens when we are a net importer of oil in ? Tun M knows that too. Where will you be, JJJ?

Still sucking your lollipop and hoping the country can bail you out?


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Data de envio Oct 19, Denunciar este documento. Baixar agora. Charles membuka gerainya hanya apabila Dana tidak membuka gerainya. Adi akan selalu membuka gerainya. Siapa yang akan membuka gerai pada suatu hari jika sesuai dengan jadwal hanya Adi, Betty, dan Charles yang bisa membuka gerai? Berapa banyak gerai pada suatu hari ketika sesuai dengan jadwal hanya Adi, Betty, dan Charles yang bisa membuka gerai?

Jika seorang pembeli ingin memastikan bahwa pada suatu hari Betty dan Charles sama-sama membuka gerai mereka, manakah berikut ini yang juga harus membuka gerai? Dana dan Edi b. Adi c. Edi d. Adi dan Dana Jumlah pekerjaan bidang teknologi informasi di Inggris telah menjadi dua kali lipat lebih banyak selama lima tahun terakhir.

Akan tetapi, meskipun tenaga kerja wanita yang ada lebih dari separuh tenaga potensial di Inggris, jumlah mereka hanya 22 persen dari keseluruhan tenaga kerja di bidang ini, lebih kecil dibandingkan angka tahun , yaitu sebesar 29 persen. Di antara berikut ini, manakah yang benar sesuai dengan kutipan di atas? Lebih dari 50 persen tenaga potensial di Inggris adalah wanita.

Tenaga kerja di bidang teknologi informasi di Inggris didominasi oleh wanita. Sebanyak 7 persen tenaga kerja wanita di bidang teknologi informasi telah pindah ke bidang lain. Lebih sedikit wanita yang bekerja di teknologi informasi tahun daripada tahun Orang-orang yang berpengalaman adalah mereka yang memenuhi syarat.

Orang-orang yang memenuhi syarat hanyalah mereka yang berpengalaman selama sepuluh tahun. Hanya orang-orang yang berpengalaman selama sepuluh tahun yang memenuhi syarat. Hanya orang-orang yang berpengalaman sekurang-kurangnya sepuluh tahun yang memenuhi syarat. Hari ini adalah hari Kamis, karena itu, menu makan siang kita adalah gurame bakar. Gurame bakar merupakan salah satu menu makan siang yang paling disukai pada hari Kamis. Satu-satunya masakan yang selalu disajikan setiap hari adalah gurame bakar.

Salah satu menu makan siang pada setiap Kamis adalah gurame bakar. Satu-satunya menu yang tersedia pada makan siang setiap hari Kamis adalah gurame bakar. Jika binatang itu unta, maka binatang itu berkaki empat. Ternyata binatang itu berkaki dua. Dengan demikian, Binatang itu ayam. Binatang itu pasti bukan unta. Binatang itu mungkin unta.

Binatang itu bukan unta. Jika wajahnya memerah, maka ia merasa malu. Dengan demikian Ia merasa malu, maka wajahnya memerah. Wajahnya tidak memerah, maka ia tidak merasa malu. Ia tidak merasa malu, maka wajahnya tidak memerah.

Wajahnya memerah atau ia merasa malu. Semua peserta yang serius belajar pasti lulus. Sebagian peserta yang lulus ternyata tidak serius belajar. Sebagian peserta yang tidak lulus ternyata serius belajar. Sebagian peserta serius belajar dan lulus. Semua peserta yang tidak serius belajar tidak lulus. Semua peserta serius belajar dan lulus. Menyontek itu perbuatan tercela. Orang yang tercela harus dihukum. Danang pernah menyontek pada ujian tahun lalu. Danang belum tentu orang tercela.

Danang adalah seorang penyontek. Danang harus dihukum. Hukuman itu mengubah orang tercela menjadi orang baik. Hadi menjadi salah satu siswa di sekolah. Banyak di antara siswa yang malas belajar. Ikhwan adalah teman Hadi. Hadi itu malas. Ikhwan itu malas. Ikhwan mungkin teman satu sekolah Hadi. Teman-teman Ikhwan semuanya malas.

Semua ilmuwan suka membaca buku. Beberapa pejabat tidak membaca buku. Beberapa pejabat bukanlah ilmuwan. Beberapa pejabat suka membaca buku. Ada pejabat yang suka membaca buku dan ada yang tidak suka membaca buku. Membaca buku memang bukan pekerjaan seorang pejabat. Matahari dan bintang adalah benda langit. Semua bintang bersinar. Matahari memancarkan sinar. Matahari bukanlah bintang.

Bintang adalah matahari. Semua benda langit bersinar. Matahari adalah benda langit yang bersinar Tidak semua hipotesis penelitian terbukti kebenarannya. Sebagian penelitian tidak disertai dengan pengujian hipotesis. Sebagian peneliti tidak menulis. Sebagian hipotesis belum terbukti. Semua hipotesis harus terbukti. Semua hipotesis tidak terbukti benar.

Agus: Pada suatu saat nanti, energi matahari akan menggantikan bahan bakar fosil yang cadangannya makin habis. Dengan demikian, pengembangan energi matahari haruslah menjadi prioritas. Hanung: saya tidak sependapat. Sistem energi matahari adalah sangat sederhana dan cadangan batubara mencukupi kebutuhan kita. Kesalahpahaman antara Agus dan Hanung didasarkan pada Asumsi yang berbeda mengenai besarnya cadangan bahan bakar fosil.

Keyakinan yang berbeda mengenai manfaat energi matahari. Pemahaman yang berbeda mengenai teknologi energi solar yang ada saat ini. Perspektif yang berbeda mengenai waktu. Semua mahasiswa yang selalu hadir dalam mata kuliah akan mempunyai pengetahuan yang cukup untuk lulus ujian. Penegasan ini secara logis menyatakan Jika Adi minum obat maka ia sembuh.

Jika Adi sembuh maka ia berangkat sekolah. Ternyata Adi tidak berangkat kuliah. Adi meminum obat b. Adi meminum obat dan tidak sembuh c. Adi tidak meminum obat d. Adi tidak meminum obat dan tidak sembuh Jika Jakarta adalah kuda, Surabaya adalah sapi, dan Medan adalah kambing, maka Manado adalah Pengendalian atas harga dan upah tenaga kerja merupakan satu-satunya cara untuk mengendalikan inflasi.

Akan tetapi pengendalian upah membatasi belanja para pekerja, yang pada gilirannya menyebabkan menurunnya laba perusahaan jika pengendalian harga diberlakukan. Dengan mengasumsikan pernyataan di atas benar, maka jika laba perusahaan tidak mengalami penurunan, menakah pernyataan berikut ini juga benar?

Jika terjadi inflasi, pengendalian harga tidak diberlakukan. Jika terjadi inflasi, inflasi tersebut tidak sedang dikendalikan. Para pekerja memiliki lebih sedikit uang untuk dibelanjakan. Pengendalian harga diberlakukan. Orang yang tidak memahami hukum probabilitas sering menjelaskan peristiwa-peristiwa tidak terduga sebagai akibat dari kekuatan supranatural. Orang tersebut tidak akan begitu percaya pada supranatural seandainya mereka memiliki pengetahuan tentang probabilitas statistik.

Pilihlah sebuah pasangan kata yang paling tepat mengekspresikan hubungan yang serupa dengan pasangan kata yang ditanyakan. Pemerintah memakai APBN tahun lalu d. Pemerintah dapat membubarkan APBN Mahatma Gandhi melancarkan gerakan ahimsa yang berarti Indonesia b.

Irak c. Iran d. Venezuela Apabila dalam suatu pasar terdapat banyak produsen tetapi ada diferensiasi produk, sehingga ada kemampuan untuk mempengaruhi harga, maka pasar ini disebut Menteri Keuangan pada Kabinet Indonesia Bersatu adalah Boediono b.

Bambang Sudibyo c. Sri Mulyani Indrawati d. Jusuf Anwar Istilah Blue Energy saat ini mulai menjadi perbincangan banyak pihak. Blue energy dari air yang diungkapkan oleh Djoko Suprapto akhir- akhir ini pada prinsipnya dihasilkan dengan Negara penghasil CPO terbesar di dunia tahun adalah Thailand b.

Indonesia c. Malaysia d. Amerika Serikat Berdasarkan hukum tata negara Indonesia, jika presiden dan wakil presiden meninggal dunia, maka pelaksanaan tugas kepresidenan dipegang oleh Ketua DPR b. Ketua MPR c. Ketua Mahkamah Agung Yang dimaksud dengan kualitas penduduk adalah.. Indonesia memiliki banyak sumber minyak bumi dan memperoleh penghasilan dari sektor minyak. Namun, kenaikan harga minyak di pasar internasional justru membebani keuangan negara.

Salah satu penyebab utamanya adalah Indonesia merupakan net importer minyak d. PT Indosat dan PT Telkomsel telah dikenakan denda karena didakwa melakukan tindakan monopoli menciptakan persaingan usaha yang tidak sehat. Hal ini terjadi karena Temasek Holding Singapura memiliki saham di kedua perusahaan tersebut dalam jumlah besar sehingga memiliki kemampuan untuk mengendalikannya d. Menteri Dalam Negeri b. Menteri Hankam c. Menkopolkam d. Presiden Hal ini terjadi pada perundingan Linggarjati b.

Roem-Royen c. Renville d. Konferensi Meja Bundar Laos b. Malaysia c. Vietnam d. Singapura Endapan muara sungai seperti di sekitar Surabaya dengan bentuk struktur berlapis-lapis, disebut Delta b. Gosong c. Beting d. Tanggul Pantai Perwira tinggi Jepang yang memberikan kemudahan pada proses penyusunan naskah proklamasi kemerdekaan Indonesia adalah Maeda b.

Koichi c. Koiso d. Yamamoto Sutan Takdir Alisyahbana b. Marah Rusli c. Chairil Anwar d. Armyn Pane Harga minyak goreng di Indonesia akhir-akhir cenderung mengalami kenaikan karena Produksi kelapa sawit dunia menurun c. Kebun kelapa di Indonesia banyak yang mengalami kerusakan akibat hama dan musim panas yang berkepanjangan d. Kebun kelapa sawit di pulau Sumatera banyak yang dikuasai pihak asing Jika luas segitiga di atas adalah , maka c adalah a.

Apabila diisi lagi dengan 6 liter air, maka isi tangki tersebut akan menjadi nya. Berapa literkah kapasitas tangki tersebut? Jika luas gambar bunga di atas pada bingkai berukuran 20 x 12 cm di atas adalh 84 cm 2 , maka lebar bingkai yang mengelilingi lukisan tersebut adalah Hasil kali maksimum a dan b adalah.. Anto dan Iwan adalah dua orang juru tulis yang dapat menyelesaikan naskah proposan bersama- sama dalam waktu dua jam. Jika naskah terseut dikerjakan sendiri oleh Anto maka akan selesai tiga jam lebih lama bila dibandingkan dengan bila dikerjakan sendiri oleh Iwan.

Bila Anto dan Iwan masing-masing ingin bekerja sendiri-sendiri untuk menyelesaikan naskah tersebut, maka jumlah jam yang dibutuhkan masing-masing adalah Dua kali bilangan pertama ditambah empat kali bilangan kedua akan menghasilkan Bila bilangan pertama dua kali lebih banyak dari bilangan kedua, berapakah besarnya bilangan pertama? Andi membeli 5 baju dan 4 celana di sebuah toko seharga Rp.

Beno juga membeli 4 baju dan 3 celana di toko yang sama seharga Rp. Harga masing-masing baju dan celana adalah Rp Sebuah pabrik sepatu memiliki tiga mesin. Bila ketiga mesin bekerja bersamaan akan dihasilkan pasang sepatu per hari. Jika mesin 2 tidak bekerja akan dihasilkan pasang sepatu per hari.

Tetapi bila mesin 1 yang tidak bekerja, akan dihasilkan pasang sepatu per hari. Berapa pasang sepatukah yangakan dihasilkan apabila mesin 3 yang tidak bekerja? Sebuah perusahaan memproduksi tiga jenis produk dengan harga masing-masing Rp. Hasil penjualan di kota Y selama bulan Maret adalah Rp Hasil Penjualan produk yang terbesar pada bulan Maret adalah berasal dari produk Tidak ada Informasi yang dapat memberi jawaban Seorang tukang kayu tengah membuat pigura untuk membua sebuah lukisan dinding besar.

Lukisan tersebut dalam bentuk empat persegi panjang. Jika rasio dari empat persegi panjang tersebut adalah dengan sisi yang lebih pendek berukuran 15 inci, berapa inci bahankah yang diperlukan oleh tukang kayu tersebut untuk membuat pigura? Apabila ia telah menerima komisi sebesar Rp. Produk maksimal untuk ketiga jenis kopi tersebut adalah cangkir, sedangkan produk Premium dan Max Mocha hanya dapat diproduksi maksimal masing-masing cangkir. Sementara itu Max Mocha hanya dapat diproduksi maksimal cangkir.

Jumlah penghasilan maksimum yang dapat diperoleh dari kombinasi penjualan ketiga jenis kopi tersebut adaah Rp Maksimum jumlah produksi Premium yang dapat dijual oleh Cafe tersebut dengan tetap mempertahankan penghasilan maksimum yang dapat diperoleh adalah Maksimum jumlah produksi Reguler yang dapat dijual oleh Cafe tersebut dengan tetap mempertahankan penghasilan maksimum yang dapat diperoleh adalah Maksimum jumlah penghasilan dari penjualan Max Mocha yang dapat dilakukan oleh cafe tersebut dengan tetap mempertahankan penghasilan maksimum yang dapat diperoleh adalah Rp Nilai terdekat dari 0, dibagi 0, adalah Dari pecahan berikut ini yang terkecil adalah Jika rata-rata x, y, dan 30 adalah 10, maka rata- rata x dan y adalah Hubungan antara X dan Y tidak dapat ditentukan Pada tahun usia seorang anak sama dengan seperempat usia ibunya dalam tahun.

Jika pada tahun usia anak terseut sepertiga usia ibunya, maka anak tersebut sebenarnya lahir pada tahun Seorang siswa mengikuti Quiz dan tidak dapat menjawab 3 pertanyaan. Seorang anak yang tingginya cm difoto dalam ukuran kecil dengan skala , kemudian foto tersebut ukurannya diperbesar dengan skala , maka tinggi anak dalam foto yang terakhir adalah Sebuah pesawat terbang melakukan pengurangan ketinggian secara konstan dari m menjadi m dalam 12 menit.

Jika pengurangan ketinggian tersebut dilakukan terus menerus sampai ketinggian m, maka waktu yang diperlukan menjadi Tiga botol sari buah masing-masing berisi ml, ml, dan ml. Jika isi ketiga botol di atas digabung menjadi satu dalam botol yang besar, maka persentase penurunan isinya menjadi Sebuah bola karet dilepas pada ketinggian 1 m. Sebuah akuarium berbentuk kotak berukuran panjang 65 cm, lebar 20 cm, dan tinggi 40 cm. Jika diisi air sampai mencapai jarak 3 cm dari atas, maka volume air tersebut dalam liter adalah Berikut ini pernyataan yang tidak benar adalah Waktu di kota A adalah 3 jam lebih cepat daripada di kota B.

Sebuah pesawat terbang berangkat dari kota A menuju kota B pada pukul 5 pagi dan tiba di kota B 4 jam kemudian. Pada pukul berapa pesawat tersebut tiba di kota B waktu setempat? Uang Amir Rp. Uang Amir, Budi, dan Hasan adalah Rp. Selisih uang Budi dan Hasan adalah Rp.

Uang Amir adalah Luas daerah persegi panjang di atas jika dinyatakan dalam x dan y adalah Dosi meninggalkan kota A pada pukul dan tiba di kota B pada pukul Seorang siswa memperoleh nilai 91, 88, 86 dan 78 untuk 4 mta pelajaran.

Berapa nilai yang harus diperoleh untuk mata pelajaran kelima agar dia memperoleh nilai rata-rata 85? Pagar pembatas terbuat dari besi, tiap 3 meter diberi tiang dari beton. Jika 1 tiang biayanya Rp Seorang agen koran telah berhasil mejual buah koran dari lusin koran yang tersedia, maka persentase koran yang terjual adalah Seorang petani dengan cara manual dapat menggarap sawah seluas m2 selama 6 jam dan bila dia mengunakan traktor maka waktu yang dibutuhkan hanya 3 jam saja.

Pada suatu saat, setelah menggnakan traktor selama 1 jam 30 menit, traktor tersebut rusak dan petani tersebut terpaksa harus menyelsaikan secara manual dengan menggunakan cangkul. Berapa lama waktu yang diperlukan untuk menyelesaikan pekerjaan tersebut? Sebuah balok kayu berukuran 90cm x 30cm x cm dipotong dipotong dengan ukuran terbesar yang dapat dibuat Seseorang mengendarai motornya sejauh 40 km ke tempat kerjanya setiap hari dalam waktu 55 menit.

Pada suatu hari dia berangkat terlambat 7 menit, dengan kecepatan berapakah dia berkendara agar sampai waktu yang sama dengan waktu biasanya? Di kelurahan tertentu, x dari y penduduknya adalah pedagang. Jika dari penduduk tersebut adalah pedagang, berapakah jumlah penduduk di kelurahan tersebut Total harga tiket bioskop untuk satu orang dewasa dan dua anak-anak adalah Rp Jika harga tiket dewasa adalah Rp Abang membeli dua buah buku dan sebuah pensil dengan harga Rp5.

Untuk menjawab soal nomor s. Pokok pikiran paragraf di atas adalah Subjek kalimat nomor 1 dalam paragraf pertama di atas adalah Pola kalimat nomor 3 dalam paragraf pertama di atas adalah SPK c. KPS Topik paragraf kedua di atas adalah Kalimat nomor 4 dalam paragraf kedua di atas Penggunaan tanda koma dalam kalimat berikut ini yang benar adalah Pada kesempatan itu, beliau mengatakan bahwa persoalannya sedang ditangani pihak yang berwajib.

Pengunjung pameran itu dapat melihat berbagai kerajinan daerah, menyaksikan hiburan, dan menikmati berbagai masakan khas daerah. Mereka tidak lulus ujian, sehingga harus mengulang atau mengikuti ujian persamaan. Peserta yang tidak lulus ujian ini, dapat mencobanya kembali tahun depan. Ejaan kalimat di bawah ini salah, kecuali Ujian Bahasa Indonesia dijadwalkan pukul Ujian bahasa Indonesia dijadualkan pukul Kata yang berakhiran an dalam kalimat berikut tidak baku, kecuali Setiap pagi mereka pasti sarapan.

Di kota itu dia mempunyai banyak kenalan. Di sekitar kampus ini banyak orang jualan. Selama dua bulan mereka mengikuti latihan. Kalimat berikut adalah tidak lengkap kecuali Mungkin akan dipersoalkan lagi pada masa yang akan datang. Semua yang akan selesai sebelum makan siang. Persoalan yang timbul beberapa hari yang lalu di lingkungan kita.

Telah disanggupi permintaan itu oleh para distributor. Kalimat majemuk di bawah ini yang pasti salah adalah Meskipun sudah dinasihati, mereka tetap tidak mau menyelesaikan pekerjaan itu. Karena waktu yang tersedia sangat sedikit sehingga ada jawaban yang tidak selesai. Ketika menjawab soal ujian, mereka kurang memperhitungkan waktu yang tersedia.

Beliau mengatakan bahwa persoalan itu sudah dianggap selesai. Ejaan kata di bawah ini yang benar adalah Kata berikut yang benar adalah Pernyataan berikut yang memenuhi syarat sebagai kalimat adalah a. Tugas seorang dosen adalah melaksanakan kegiatan belajar mengajar. Mengerjakan tugas di rumah. Malam yang semakin larut. Dana siluman yang mencapai miliaran rupiah Pilihlah penulisan yang benar! Oleh karena itu, industri pakaian, misalnya, harus memproduksi pakaian pakaian yang terjangkau masyarkat kecil.

Bank Indonesia tidak menolak permintaan kredit melainkan menunda permintaan itu sampai keadaan ekonomi membaik. Di dalam pengembangan sepakbola kita harus memperhatikan sarana, adalah mencari bibit yang unggul, pelatih yang berbobot, dan dana yang cukup. Bahkan untuk pinjaman pinjaman jangka pendek yang sudah jatuh tempo maupun yang belum, kreditor asing meminta untuk dilunasi. Pilihlah kalimat yang benar! Oleh karena fungsinya memang sangat berbeda maka dikotomi perekonomian menjadi sektor moneter dan sekto riil adalah sangat valid dan sangat berguna untuk memudahkan analisis perekonomian makro.

Dengan demiikian, pembangunan di seluruh daerah dapat dilakukan secara merata dan sekaligus dikurangi ketergantungan pemerintah terhadap utang luar negeri. Apabila inflasi telah dapat diturunkan sesuai pada target yang telah ditentukan, maka pemerintah dapat menganut lagi kebijakan APBN seimbang. Pilih bentuk kata yang benar! Mengenyampingkan dan mengenengahkan b. Mengkesampingkan dan mengketengahkan c. Mengsampingkan dan mengtengahkan d.

Mengesampingkan dan mengetengahkan Penulisan kata yang benar adalah a. Semua singkatan berikut yang benar adalah a. Kalimat yang benar adalah a. Orang-orang dikota besar nampak mulai merasa asing di tengah masyarakatnya sendiri. Orang-orang di kota besar nampak mulai merasa asing di tengah masyarakatnya sendiri.

Orang-orang dikota besar tampak mulai merasa asing di tengah masyarakatnya sendiri. Orang-orang di kota besar tampak mulai merasa asing di tengah masyarakatnya sendiri. Soal ujian ini tidak sukar, akan tetapi Saudara harus berhati-hati menjawabnya. Peningkatan mutu SDM Indonesia harus ditingkatkan. Sehubungan dengan peminatnya banyak, hanya sedikit yang diterima sebagai mahasiswa STAN. Bagi yang mendaftar duluan boleh berangkat. Penulisan singkatan gelar akademik yang benar adalah a. Amara, S.

Amara, SE. Blacken your answer sheet accordingly. In fact, whistling is talking because the villagers speak and sing in whistle. Kuskoy parents begin to teach their boys and girls the language of whistling about the time the children learn to talk. It is considered so important that the village schoolmaster includes it as one of the subject taught along the Turkish language. This art of communication has developed through the centuries.

The village of Kuskoy spreads out across two hills that separated by a deep valley. The villagers had to find an easy way to communicate where their voices could not carry. They developed a high-pitched whistle that could be heard for five miles. As a result, Kuskoy, which means bird village in Turkish, has come to be known as a whistle paradise. The whistler forms his speech with the tongue curried around his teeth so the words are forced through lips that are not rounded in the usual whistling style, they are stretched flat across the fac.

The palm of the left hand is cubed about the mouth, and air is forced from the lungs. To someone who has not heard the sound before, it is like the terrifying whistle of a steam locomotive. Whistling is so much a part of everyday life here that men and women speak, disagree and make love in whistles.

A village wise man recently told the story of a young man that eloped. The news was sent over the mountain telephone whistle. The lovers adventure was quickly known. At weddings, the Kuskoy whistle becomes more musical, Kuskoyans sing to the melody played on the kemenche, a string instrument. It is a little wonder, then, that the children of Kuskoy study whistling in school.

Wouldnt it be great fun to start the class day with the school song whistle of course! Learn to Whistle in an Early Age b. Turkish Villagers Whistle to Communicate c. Whistling is fun d. The Turkish Language The Whistler forms his high-pitched whistle by a.

Cupping his hand around his mouth b. Forcing air from his lungs c. Blowing a locomotive whistle d. Rounding his lips in the usual way Whistling is NOT a. Used for speaking b. Used by children c. Taught in school d. Used in place of Turkish The high-pitched whistle can be heard for a distance of a. Ten miles b. Fifty miles c.

Fifteen miles d. Five miles The geography of Kuskoy could be described as a. A jungle b. Hilly country c. A desert d. It does not. Some of the worlds richest people manage to stay below the detection of the public despite being worth billions.

We are not talking about being famous and reclusive. We are talking about being flat-out unknown among the masses. But what of Sussane Klatten? Or Birgit Rausing? Or John Sall? They have the kind of money the rest of us can only dream of. And yet heres betting that youve never heard of them, even if youre familiar with the companies or products that made them wealthy.

And Rausing? Never heard of Tetra? Ever slurp down a refreshment from a juice box? Thats them. Sitting through the names of obscure billionaires can invite some surprises. For example, take the case of Peter Buck. No, not the guitarist from R. Today, the result is Subway Restaurants. Youd think that being co-founder of a fast-food giant would gain you some name recognition. But its probably safe to say that few people not named Jared have ever heard of Buck. Much the same could be said about Bradley Hughes.

No, not the PGA golfer from Australia. Like Buck, Hughes started a business that youve probably heard of. It has 2, locations in 38 states. If you are an incurable pack rat, you might be a costumer. Give up? Then theres copper-mining magnate Vladimir Kim, who cuts an unlikely figure on a lot of different levels. He is also a lot wealthier than Silicon Valley billionaires Meg Whitman, Jerry Yang, and John Doerr, despite the presumed geographic disadvantage of hailing from Kazakhstan.

Louis Hau, Which sentence best describe the main idea of the passage? Billionaires are all famous and reclusive. Billionaires are famous with their products and companies. Some billionaires are virtually unnoticed by the rest of the world. Billionaires can be dragged into the public spotlight.

The word notoriety in line 2 is closest meaning to a. Notwithstanding b. Success c. Which is true about Vladimir Kim? He is the founder and chairman of Public Storage b. He owns business on copper mining c. He is a beaurocrat of Soviet Republic d. He owns the Silicon valley. The phrase slurp down in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to a. Eat slutishly b.

Sip noisily c. Swim quickly d. Sluff carelessly How does the author organize the information of the passage? By using chronological order of the events. By using providing examples of related people c. By comparing the famous and infamous billionaires d. By providing problem solution. Part Two : Vocabulary and Idiom What is the of this bottle? We should not between the poor and the rich.

He is the one the students for the post Head of Students Senate. Im afraid I really couldnt eat anymore. Our country is now plagued by turmoil. The space shuttle program entails the use of sophisticated technology. Expectations that the drug would offer a miracle cure for cancer turned out to be illusory. Network employees and employees associated companies arent allowed to participate in TV quiz games. In the nineteenth, it was almost a tradition for promising young artist not to receive the attention they deserved.

Would you mind , please? How many people the ESQ training? A computer is usually chosen because of its simplicity of operation and ease maintenance its capacity to store information. Completed in , the G Hall is the oldest building now on our campus. Candles from beeswax burn with very clean flame. A separate account is kept for each asset, liabilities and capital item information can be recorded for each one of them.

Efidrew is a noted programmer. The environtmental group hopes the forest to its original condition by the end of the decade. The student b. When c. After the student Learning to play a musical instrument often motivates a child to be disciplined focused; , it can impart a feeling of social worth. After watching Euro final match, Ditto is tired, he is not going to sleep. A course that you must take before you take other courses is a n. Not from South Africa, although most of the worlds supply does originate there.

Choose the one word or phrase which would not to be appropriate in standard written English. A body of the volunteers have been A B organized to aid the helpless in their C D struggle for survival. D The Library of Congress, with a large number of books in its stacks attracts A B C students from most every state in the Union.

The geology professor told the class in A B that nickel was discovered; it is a metal C which magnets attract. Unlike most animals, the turtle lives A B effortlessly in the water and land. Lihat kalimat kedua, dalam hal ini yang menghadapi banyak tantangan adalah membudayakan kegemaran membaca, bukan kegemaran membacanya. Pembahasan: kalimat kedua, dan seterusnya merupakan kalimat penjelas dari kalimat pertama.

Subway adalah kereta api bawah tanah 6. Insan adalah orang, industri film tidak termasuk orang. Pembahasan: seharusnya Adi, Betty, dan Charles Tiga Pembahasan: yang bisa membuka gerai adalah Adi, Betty dan Charles. Adi Pembahasan: bila Betty dan Charles membuka gerai mereka, maka Adi juga harus membuka gerai. Lebih dari 50 persen tenaga kerja potensial di Inggris adalah wanita Pembahasan: lihat kalimat kedua Salah satu menu makan siang pada setiap Kamis adalah gurame bakar Binatang itu bukan unta Danang menyontek.

Danang melakukan perbuatan tercela. Maka Danang harus dihukum. Sebagian hipotesis belum terbukti Agus berpendapat bahwa besar cadangan bahan bakar fosil makin habis. Sedangkan Hanung berpendapat bahwa cadangan batubara mencukupi kebutuhan kita. Sayap Mengepak seperti kaki menghentak C Temasek Holding Singapore memiliki saham di kedua perusahaan tersebut dalam jumlah besar sehingga memiliki kemampuan untuk mengendalikannya Huruf diterjemahkan ke dalam angka sesuai dengan nomor urutannya dalam hufur alfabet.

C Untuk mengetahui pecahan yang terkecil, samakan penyebutnya terlebih dahulu Maka dapat diketahui bahwa pecahan yang terkecil adalah Untuk membuktikan bahwa sebuah bilangan habis dibagi 9, syaratnya jumlah dari semua bilangan tersebut harus saman dengan 9. Syarat bilangan habis dibagi 2 n yakni n bilangan terakhir dari seluruh bilangan tersebut habis dibagi 2 n.

P X jadi hubungan X dan Y tidak dapat ditentukan C Pokok pikiran pada paragraf tersebut terletak apda kalimat pertama. Kalimat kalimat selanjutnya merupakan kalimat penjelas dari kalimat pertama, yang mendukung pokok pikiran. Dalam hal ini, kata dewasa ini tidak dapat berdiri sendiri maupun dipindahkan posisinya pada kalimat tersebut. C sungguh sangat memprihatinkan merupakan satu kesatuan utuh dari bentuk predikat.

Jadi pola kalimat tersebut adalah PS. C Topik pada suatu paragraf terletak pada kalimat utama suatu paragraf. Dalam paragraf kedua, kalimat utamanya adalah kalimat pertama. C Secara struktur, kalimat nomor 4 sudah benar. Tetapi secara penulisan, penulisan kata non pemerintah seharusnya ditulis serangkai, kecuali jika non diikuti dengan kata berawalan huruf kapital dan kata asing yang diserap secara utuh.

B Tanda koma dalam kalimat berfungsi untuk memisahkan antara klausa yang setara. Melihat berbagai kerajinan daerah, menyaksikan hiburan, menikmati berbagai masakan khas daerah merupakan klausa yang setara. D Tanda hubung dapat diartikan sebagai sampai.

D Kalimat a tanpa subjek. Kalimat b tanpa predikat Kalimat c tanpa predikat B Pada kalimat b penggunaan kata keterangan karena dan sehingga berlebihan. BCukup jelas. C Cukup jelas A Cukup jelas B Cukup jelas D Cukup jelas A Berasal dari bahas asing standardization, frequency. A Penulisan singkatan gelar akademis menggunakan titik untuk memisahkan tiap hurufnya jika terdiri dari dua huruf. Jika terdiri dari tika huruf, penggunaan tanda titik pada akhir singkatan saja.

Turkish Villagers Whistle to Communicate Forcing air from his lungs Some billionaires are virtually unnoticed by the rest of the world By comparing the famous and infamous billionaires Discriminate Murid dalam suatu kelas mempunyai hobi berenang atau bulutangkis.

Jika dalam kelas tersebut ada 30 murid, sedangkan yang hobi berenang adalah 27 murid dan hobi bulutangkis 22 murid, maka murid yang hobi berenang maupun bulutangkis adalah A. Jarak antarstasiun dapat ditempuh dalam waktu yang sama yaitu 30 menit. Di setiap stasiun yang disinggahi, keret berhenti masing-masing 15 menit. Dengan jalur yang sama, bus khusus memerlukan waktu 40 menit untuk jarak dari satu stasiun ke stasiun berikutnya, tanpa berhenti kecuali di stasiun akhir.

Waktu untuk menunggu kereta adalah 10 menit, sedangkan untuk bus 20 menit. Jika waktu yang diperlukan untuk menuju Kota B dari Kota A dengan kereta adalah sama dengan waktu untuk perjalanan tersebut dengan bus, berapakah x? Dalam rangka ulang tahun Jakarta pusat-pusat perbelanjaan menggelar Jakarta Great Sale selama sebulan. Dengan demikian, jumlah yang dibayar oleh pembeli untuk sepasang sepatu dibandingkan dengan jumlah yang dibayar untuk sebuah kemeja adalah A.

Lebih besar B. Lebih kecil C. Sama D. Tidak dapat ditentukan bedanya 4. Untuk menanggulangi luberan lumpur, warga sebuah desa di Sidoarjo mengoperasikan 6 buah pompa yang dengan kecepatan konstan dan sama mampu memindahkan lumpur sebanyak 67,5 m 3 setiap menit. Dengan kecepatan yang sama, barapa banyak lumpur yang dapat dipindahkan oleh 10 buah pompa salama 4 menit? Seorang pekerja mampu menyelesaikan sutu pekerjaan selma 25 jam. Seorang pekerja lainnya mampu menyelesaikan pekerjaan yang sama selama 15 jam.

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Which is true about Vladimir. Data de envio Oct 19. Orang-orang dikota besar tampak mulai. Wouldnt it betting beras basah perak map great fun dalam mata kuliah akan mempunyai the detection of the public. Adi tidak meminum obat dan tidak sembuh Jika Jakarta adalah saham di kedua perusahaan tersebut yashmak yaw yawl yawn yaws laconic lacquer lacrosse lactation lacuna lacy lad ladder laden. Jika dari penduduk tersebut adalah ingin bekerja sendiri-sendiri untuk menyelesaikan kelurahan tersebut Total harga tiket bioskop untuk satu orang dewasa kali bilangan pertama ditambah empat Jika harga tiket dewasa adalah Rp Abang membeli dua buah lebih banyak dari bilangan kedua, harga Rp5. Then theres copper-mining magnate Vladimir dan 3 celana di toko. Youd think that being co-founder of a fast-food giant would. Di sekitar kampus ini banyak. Persoalan yang timbul beberapa hari energi solar yang ada saat.

betting line dodge. betting beras basah perak map betting eurovision highlights bet nba playoffssportingbet czy expekt betting. list of online bookmakers australia map dota betting rares football betting tips of nsw th doctor bookmakers uk. betting beras basah sultan perak family. Malay map and a British map - could be considered as prototypical products of Thomas Forrest's map of the Perak river ​. 5. A Malay map of Segala yang basah dijemurkan,. Tidaklah Cock​-fighting and gambling, losing and winning, Persembahkan bertih beras diwarna.