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Betting good 2 go taco

Shredded and topped with some cilantro and onion and roasted onions if you ask for them , these things are groan-inducing-ly good. Click here for more details on Seviche. While the standard lineup of meats are all spectacular even the tripas, or intestines, are good , the fish taco is the way to go. Flaky white fish is fried until golden brown and crispy, topped with shredded cabbage and a flavorful chipotle sauce.

Click here for more details on Pelly's. It goes without saying that the fish is going to be fresh; the fact that the dishes coming out of the kitchen are also spectacular comes as little surprise. Tacos can be made with your choice of fish, including such choices as yellowtail, shark, red snapper, halibut, sea bass, mahi mahi , and ahi tuna; filets are simply grilled and rolled up in a corn tortilla with salsa fresca, cabbage slaw, and yogurt sauce. This San Francisco gem has four locations, and its success lies in fresh ingredients and an eye toward authenticity.

Click here for more details on Tacolicious. Click here for more details on Joe's Bakery. Recipes have been passed down for generations, and the carne guisada is nothing short of revelatory. Pork butt as opposed to traditional beef is slow-cooked in tomato sauce with garlic, cumin, salt, and a little flour, and heaped into a house-made flour tortilla. Belly up to the counter and experience a true Austin original. Click here for more details on New York Bakery.

The chicken quesadilla is a crowd pleaser, but the absolute favorite is the fish taco, with pieces of battered and fried fish, cilantro, onions, green sauce, and thin slices of avocado. Puffy tacos, a San Antonio delicacy, can sometimes be tough and greasy, but the one at Taco Taco is light, airy, and almost out-of-this-world good. Click here for more details on Taco Taco. In a small, unassuming building, they make all their tortillas from scratch, but if you try one thing here, go for the puffy taco with picadillo, or spicy ground beef.

The ground beef is mixed with a blend of seasonings and slow-cooked with onions, tomatoes, and a little bit of potato. Click here for more details on Tacos Tequila Whiskey. Chef Kevin Morrison has put a modern twist on Mexican street food, serving a sweet-and-sour-braised pork belly with candied garlic, cabbage and cilantro slaw, and a nuanced braising jus to add extra flavor and moisture.

Click here for more details on Bob's Taco Station. There are classic breakfast tacos along with tongue, carne guisada, and barbacoa, rich, beefy, and topped with cilantro and onions upon request. Cemitas sandwiches on a sesame seed roll with meat, avocado, Oaxaca cheese, and chipotle sauce may be the claim to fame at this beloved Chicago standby specializing in the cuisine of Puebla, but the tacos are definitely not to be ignored, especially the tacos arabe.

Click here for more details on Cemitas Puebla. Click here for more details on Frontera Grill. But what's more important for present purposes is that he's also a really good cook, capable of producing dishes that make us return to his restaurants again and again.

Like his tacos arabes, Arab tacos — a delicious combination of roasted, sliced black-pepper pork shoulder; chipotle salsa; cucumber; and jocoque, which is strained Mexican yogurt inspired by Lebanese yogurt, just as the roasted meat is inspired by Lebanese shawarma. In Mexico, tacos arabes are often served in a piece of folded-over pita bread, but here, the filling bulges out of perfect corn tortillas.

Click here for more details on Tehuitzingo. Our panel of experts urges us to try the suadero, which is fried beef cut from between the belly and the leg, heaped into a corn tortilla and topped with cilantro, onions, and your choice of green or red salsa. Since , El Parasol has been serving traditional Mexican classics as well as no-frills American fare like burgers, hot dogs, and chili cheese fries.

Click here for more details on El Parasol. Click here for more details on Big Star. The taco al pastor is the first item on the menu and the one to order: Pork shoulder is spit-roasted and sliced off to order, and served with grilled pineapple, grilled onion, and cilantro. Click here for more details on Hugo's Tacos. The shredded, glistening pork is rich and flavorful, with plenty of brown edges, and the salsa is a perfect accompaniment. Click here for more details on Taco y Taco.

Opt for the al pastor and pork will be sliced from a giant rotating spit and deposited directly onto the flat top for some extra caramelization. With more stuff on the walls and floors than a T. Fridays including a Model-T dump truck , a wonderfully raucous jukebox, and an atmosphere that suggests a funky roadhouse more than an urban Tex-Mex place, Ray's — which opened in — turns out fine versions of the local standards, along with hot dogs, hamburgers, and fish sandwiches.

Find more details on Ray's here. It is particularly famous, though, for its puffy tacos, which weren't invented at Ray's, but may have first been named here. They're light, crisp, and flavorful, and the meltingly soft carne guisada stewed beef filling is perfectly spiced and not at all greasy. The secret to that success? Two words: red chile. The fiery sauce, made simply from ground dried whole chiles, salt, and garlic, tops everything from eggs to chile rellenos, but the carne adovada, juicy and tender marinated and slow-baked pork, is the way to go.

Find more details on La Condesa here. The Arabic tacos, for instance, which get high marks for originality and intensity of flavor, combine seared venison with pickled cucumber, chipotle harissa, fennel pollen yogurt, and cilantro, wrapped in a tortilla made — in decidedly non-Arabic style — with bacon fat. Neither classic Mexican nor Tex-Mex, this thing is just plain good. A go-to Mexican restaurant for Austinites since , Matt's , which advertises itself as having the "Best Mexican Food in the World — Always Good," is a big place with a big menu.

Find more details on Matt's here. Dishes like the smoked duck enchiladas, the grilled shrimp with bean and cheese flautas, and even the chicken-fried steak "cowboy-style" with chili have their loyal fans, but the tacos are terrific. With Los Tacos No. Find more details on Los Tacos No. Los Tacos No. Not that the proprietors here are unfamiliar with real tacos: Los Tacos is a collaboration between three close friends from Tijuana and Brawley, California.

Sweet but not cloying. Proper moisture and an accurately delivered tortilla. There are expertly prepared salsas. Dress it yourself. Find more details on Torchy's here. And who needs lettuce when cheese sauce is an option? Find more details on Hugo's here.

Stop by during lunchtime hours and make sure you order the Tacos de Pescado Estila Baja, Baja-style fish tacos that are only available during the day. To make the tacos, beer-battered catfish filets are fried until golden brown, then tucked into fresh corn tortillas atop a pile of fresh shredded cabbage, chipotle mayo, and pico de gallo.

An absolute must-eat. Find more on ABC Cocina here. Available only on the dinner menu, these tacos consist of tortillas filled with glazed short rib, frizzled onion, and habanero relish. At the no-frills, order-at-the-counter Tacomiendo , where you'll hear much more Spanish than English spoken, the tortillas are homemade, the prices are reasonable, and the tacos are big.

Find more details on Tacomiendo here. Burritos are a favorite here, but the tacos get high marks, too. If you don't mind carbo-loading, the unusual potato taco — potato chunks and cheese in a crispy shell — is very memorable.

Find more details on Chico's here. Take the cheese, which is so finely shredded you could swear you see powder. But something happens with that first bite. The "flautas" are crunchy, but soaked in the salsa, the crispness begins to give. And though it's more like a thin broth, there's surprisingly good flavor. There's a hot, dip-with-every-bite experience, and no need for plastic utensils. You pick one up, bite, dip, and bite again until they're gone and you're left with a quarter-inch of cheese and sauce that begs drinking.

Little did they know that within… months, they would become an icon of LA street food. Kogi set off a flavor bomb that would shake up the foundations of the industry so that street food would never be looked at the same way. Find more details on Kogi here. Our very favorite menu item is the short-rib taco. The meat is simmered in a mixture of apple and orange juices, carrots, chestnuts, garlic, ginger, shiitake mushrooms, soy sauce, and yellow onions — among other ingredients — which all lends the ribs a complex flavor that will leaving you wanting more.

Find more details on Henry's here. The famed tortillas are made in-house and fried so that they puff out, creating a fun way to eat what otherwise is a relatively conventional Tex-Mex taco. The puffy tortilla shell is filled with the meat of your choice spicy beef fajita is the most popular , then topped with shredded iceberg lettuce, grated cheese, sour cream, and guacamole. Find more details on Tortilleria Nixtamal. Chunks of pork are slow-cooked for more than two hours in lard, and then simply topped with onion, cilantro, and a little hot sauce.

Click here for more details on Mi Tierra. The fresh flavors and simple but perfect presentations at this casual, counter-service Santa Barbara landmark, known as Julia Child's favorite Mexican restaurant , continue to draw long lines of hungry customers. Click here for more details on La Super-Rica.

Though the vegetable tamales, cheese-stuffed pasilla chiles, chorizo quesadillas, and the like have strong followings, it's hard to beat La Super-Rica's exquisitely minimalist tri-tip tacos: grilled tri-tip from the bottom of the sirloin — the defining beef cut on California's Central Coast — heaped atop made-from-scratch corn tortillas you can watch them being patted by hand through a window into the kitchen.

Feel free to add pico de gallo or other condiments from the oft-refreshed salsa bar. Click here for more details on Tacos La Vaquita. Mexicali Taco was founded by two friends, Esdras Ochoa and Javier Fregoso, in , and quickly made a name for itself as one of the best taco stands in the already crowded Los Angeles Mexican food scene.

Click here for more details on Mexicali Taco. He also has the benefit of playing with and learning from DeMarcus Lawrence, who experienced a similar learning curve his first few years in the league before finally putting it all together. Says Lawrence of Charlton:. Longtime NFL coach Marty Schottenheimer has passed away at the age of 77 after a years-long battle with Alzheimer's disease and a recent stint on hospice care.

The man who racked up regular-season wins over his 21 seasons as a head coach leaves behind a remarkable football legacy that is perhaps most striking when one considers the young coaches Schottenheimer hired and mentored who went on to themselves be listed among the game's greats.

Both Pittsburgh guys, Schottenheimer hired the Tradition dictates they'll launch the next season on the same field on opening night And since each team's upcoming opponents is already known- along with who the home team will be for each matchup- one can go down the list and take early guesses as to which Tampa Bay opponent will travel to the pirate ship to take part in the kickoff festivities. You'll now receive the top Cowboys Wire stories each day directly in your inbox.

Please enter an email address. Something went wrong. July 3, From The Web Ads by Zergnet. Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy is among them. Cowboys a possibility as Buccaneers' opponent for opening night Todd Brock. The Dallas Cowboys could well be the visiting squad on opening night It's long been Share this article 49 shares share.


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