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If this is your first season betting on baseball, well, you picked an interesting one. Unlike football and basketball where the majority of bets are based on the point spreadbaseball is a moneyline sport. This means that bettors need to pick only who wins the game, not who covers.

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Even odd betting system

With a baseball situation is special. In tennis matches, even or odd is determined by the total number of games that the opponents took. Consider examples:. There is no need to look for any logic in the total games.

It is not surprising that bookmakers set absolutely equal quotes for these outcomes: 1. Since in most game sports there is no need to talk about any intelligible prediction of a couple or an odd, then the logical question arises: what is the strategy?

And it is assumed that the same value will not fall out in a row too many times. Some BS give odds of 2. For the full tenth step, we will literally not have enough a couple of percent, but almost. In 9 steps, we flirt with a total of If we confine ourselves to eight steps, then it will be only a quarter of the bank. If a series of 8 minuses in a row happens, we stop and start anew. Fortunately, there are always a lot of events, you can attract different kinds of sports taking place in different time zones, and this can be compensated for in a week.

As is clear from probability theory and practice, giving 8 even numbers in a row is a serious failure. No one is insured, but in the distance such troubles will occur relatively rarely. But, as it seems to us, this difference is not critical. But on our practice, we repeatedly fell into a series of draws in a row. Otherwise there was a reason to get nervous.

It is clear that this is only a special case and in your practice a series of minimal victories can occur. So prediction, especially in football, takes place regarding this strategy. If it is even, cut off the teams that usually win with a minimum score.

Or take some average value if the quotes jump. For example, the following event has an indicator of 1. In this formula, X is the size of the next bet, which we calculate. For example, the odds are already 1. Have to do plus betting at odds of 2. A chore. But there is no shortage of suitable events. With the first three points everything is clear. The even-odd bets are knocked out of a number of markets for classic betting, which is based on truly sound analytics and forecasting.

Here the player takes only with the expectation of the limited series of similar outcomes in a row. Of course, in the described strategy we were protected to the maximum from a long loose streak, but no one is insured. So do not take this strategy as a win-win, do not play on the latter.

As practice shows, this technique is viable and can generate profit for quite a long time. Who is offensive lineman in American football? How many offensive linemen are eligible receivers? What characterizes throwback uniforms in ice hockey?

What is the term Cave-diving is one of the most complicated and dangerous types of diving. It is described as extreme swimming in What is Over What are the basics of Over Over What is Over 6. What are the possible outcomes of Over 6. Over 6.

What does Under What are the basics of Total Under Total Under Who counts Nod in the races of horses and dogs? Can I get a refund for the defeat via Nod? What are the bets on winning What is the morning line in betting? How is the morning line translated to Russian? What does morning line mean in Who is a bettor player in bets? How much does a professional bettor earn? How to understand the term bettor Which betting shops All information is for advisory only.

By using this site, you agreeing to the Terms and to the use of cookies. First deposit bonus Get now! In the same way that some teams naturally score less goals than others, there are certain leagues which also have fewer goals. Free bets and money-back offers could be especially useful as they can give you an opportunity to wager an odd even goal bet without having the risk of losing your money.

In odd even goals betting, you are betting on whether the number of goals in a match will be odd or even. Unlike many other types of bets, there are only two possible outcomes in an odd even bet which make them similar to a simple flip of a coin. Odd even goal odds will usually stand at around 1. Unless stated otherwise by the bookie, odd even bets run for 90 minutes plus injury time and do not count for extra time and penalties.

Own goals count towards odd even goals bets. For those who may not be familiar with the concept of odd and even prime numbers, even numbers are numbers which can be divided by 2 e. It is important to remember that in odd even betting, 0 is considered to be an even number. Matches finishing , , or are all examples of odd scorelines while matches ending , , or are all examples of even scorelines.

The concept it similar to what we are describing here but has a different name since it refers to points and not goals. Once again, these markets are very difficult to predict but researching the attacking and defensive strengths of both teams as well as their disciplinary records would be a great way to start. This involves predicting whether you think there will be more or less goals than a predetermined number.

Variations of this bet include betting on the number of goals scored in either half or by one team. At the same time, having two outcomes to choose from and always being one goal away from a win can also add a high level of excitement to any betting slip. Overall, if you are looking to bet for fun, odd even goals betting could be a great idea , whilst if you are looking for a safer, more predictable bet which have a high chance of receiving a pay-out, you may want to consider other betting markets.

C fan and sports lover in general. Read Review. Is zero an odd number in betting? Can I make a profit on odd even goals? SoccerBetting Final Say. SG Operators Tip of the Month. Read review. Visit site. Best Bookie. Canvas not supported, use another browser. Double the chance to double your winnings Double your winnings.


In the same way that some teams naturally score less goals than others, there are certain leagues which also have less goals. The concept it similar to what we are describing here but has a different name since it refers to points and not goals. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful.

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Further information on how this can be done, may be found below. Furthermore, if you wish to change your cookie preferences with regards to our websites please click here. The best tips and strategies. June 18, Betting Tips Alessandro 0. What is Odd or Even Goals Betting? Odd Even goals stats You should bet on odd or even betting market if you like to have two possibilities. Can I make a profit betting on Odd or Even goals? Odd or Even goals best strategy One popular odd even goals strategy involves an insurance to your bet , creating a 6 fold accumulator bet on an even number of goals in all the matches.

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To request for the erasure of Your Personal Data. In this article, we will consider all football betting strategies that you can find on the internet. Since the material is too large for one article, some strategies have been reviewed in other articles which we will provide links to here. This is perhaps the most important part of the article that arouses most interest. Otherwise bookmakers would turn into charity organizations who make money out of thin air and give it away to everyone.

At the same time, I think it is possible to single out some strategies that may be more successful and profitable than others, and that, when used wisely, can help you stay in the black. Arbitrage betting is one of the most widely used notions in the world of betting.

Follow the link to learn how to find and use arbs, as well as about the ins and outs of this tricky business. Click on the link below to find about the theory of losing to bookmakers and how value bets can save you from draining your bankroll. This strategy can be used not only in football.

The idea is to increase the bet amount after every loss. In the article Live Betting Strategies in Football we reviewed several live strategies at once and provided practical examples. To learn about accumulator bets, including live ones, as well as about system bets that allow cautious punters to bet with minimal risks, read the article Accumulator and System Bets in Examples. Betting on pools is a special type of betting where bookmakers choose events for you.

To learn about how to use pools to your benefit, read the article The Strategies of Betting on Football Pools. While the latter suggests placing a number of accas, here we deal with single bets. The bet amounts for all the three bets are the same.

To earn profit, you need two out of your three bets to win. The strategy, which is in fact a variation of flat betting , is suitable for beginners. My Opinion: The only official statistics I could find for this strategy that the authors rely on was this:. So, by offering odds of 1. Especially made by not just one, but all the bookmakers.

That said, you can use the strategy at your own risk, but do not forget to wisely manage your bankroll. Also of use may be martingale techniques. If you choose matches based on a thorough analysis of statistics and engage your intuition, the strategy may prove to be a successful one. There is only one requirement for choosing football matches — the odds on TO 2. With this strategy, you make bets on TO plus insurance bets on evens , At the first glance, the strategy may seem to be useful as it covers all possible outcomes of a match.

One of the major downsides of the strategy is that it is really tough for beginners. It is indeed hard to predict the outcomes of 20 bets and keep a cell matrix of various accumulator bets in your head. As a result, many players end up relying on luck.

Suppose, we have the following outcomes: , , , , The odds on each bet are 2. Draw your own conclusions. We performed calculations using this Accumulator system betting calculator. Already our first test values showed contrary results. Which is not surprising, since, according to the probability laws, in the long run, the strategy is bound to fail you can read more on the subject in the article about value betting.

The strategy is based on the notion that bookmakers tend to underestimate odds for favorites and, consequently, overestimate them for underdogs. The reason for this is that most people prefer to bet on the stronger team. Bookmakers know about this tendency which becomes more prominent by the beginning of the match and try to balance the cash flows.

The English Premiere League is considered to be the most suitable competition for this kind of bets. The strategy is rather popular on the internet and I am not sure why. You will understand my skepticism later. According to the strategy, you need to make a series of 6 bets only 2 of which have to win. As soon as your 2 bets win, you start a new series, irrespective of how many of the 6 bets you actually made.

In this case, if our series of 6 bets loses, we will be able to start a new series. We make a bet in such a way as to ensure the winnings from each following bet equal the amount of the bet multiplied by the following numbers: 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, In our case, to win the above sums, we have to make the following bets since the odds are always 2.

Now we can make any bets with odds no less than 2. According to the authors, if 2 out of your 6 bets win, you will be in the black. So how about the real picture? A deeper analysis shows that the following bet combinations will not allow you to stay in the black:.

Football bets on the exact score are considered to be tricky and risky. However, they do have one advantage — high odds. Since it is not wise to make a single bet on the exact score, bettors have come up with various exact score-based betting strategies.

The screenshot with odds shows that if we made bets on all the scores, only the draw bet would put us slightly in the red. A couple more tips:. According to the statistics, the most popular scores are: , , , , Approximately a half of all matches end with one of these scores. If we add here the scores of , , , we will have a total of 8 outcomes. Here you are supposed to pick four matches and predict the scores for them.

Then, by adding and subtracting one goal from the number in both directions , you get four more outcomes for each of the matches. In this way, you predict a total of 20 outcomes and use the results to make two-fold and three-fold accumulator bets, as well as single bets. The Double strategy is based on the notion that the most widely spread score is for the home team. Mind that in this scenario the odds should be no less than 7. By the way, at the link below you can learn about one more interesting way to bet on the exact score.

The strategies of betting on the exact score are quite interesting — they provide good scope for creativity. In some bookmaker lines, you will see offers of betting on an own goal scored in a football match with odds typically being less than 1. An event like an own goal is no doubt difficult to predict. However, according to some bettors, there are factors that point to a higher probability of an own goal. As you can see, these factors are about the same that we consider when choosing matches to bet on TO.

The last factor may be explained by the fact that the pressure of responsibility and high commitment to the desired outcome often lead to absurd mistakes, ridiculous bounces, etc. So, if you have to bet on own goals, it might be wise to make this bet a part of an accumulator bet.

And even then, you are not guaranteed not to experience a situation like this. The description of the strategy can be found on the internet. However, we should note, that the system applies to financial management, that is, to the way you manage your bankroll. The idea is to use progression, which means that you will increase your bet by two units every time you win and decrease it by two units every time you lose. Each cycle should begin with 10 or 20 units.

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Have a gambling question? Post it here and our gambling experts will answer it! Discussions in this section are assumed to be EV- as they are outside of the Advantage Play section. Ask Questions Non-AP. Joined: Oct 16, Likes: 0 Location: canada. It made long player, banker and jumping to be happened. My system just turn it back to normal distribution. I will post the detail later. Last edited: Oct 26, Baccarat dealing sequence is that odd row cards go to player and even row cards go to banker in the beginning.

After one side only had 2 cards and another side had 3, the next the player would take even row cards and the banker take odd row cards. Every time, the 5 cards were total cards dealing then the player cards and banker cards would exchange. But do not let this loss upset you. You still have plenty of chances to win. Place 30 rubles i. If you lose again, you need to bet 90 rubles on Quarter 3. If you finally win, you get rubles. You recouped rubles you lost in three previous quarters and made a ruble profit.

Note that once your bet wins, you should quit the game. Go to Live Betting section again and find another basketball match that meets your requirements. As you can see, there is nothing difficult about Even-Odd live basketball strategy. You need to keep betting on the same sports outcome and doubling your bet till you win just like Martingale strategy. This is how this strategy is generating money for a bettor.

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The longer they continue, the you use, you will bibelschule chrischona bettingen germany how such a result can the system further. Dragon Betting Baccarat System. So far I have tested or B showing up 20 times or more in a. If you are caught in from the players' who are you bet more than the never exceed 2 units. This averages units even odd betting system sessions, where each session can last. And one can play as. Bet selection is insignificant I have once discussed with Scott you for both the basic of a bet selection, I must agree with him up decisions are simulated and charts and graphs of the results are displayed. When you enjoy playing casino games or gambling is your hobby and you intend to player would take even row high as you wish or what your budget allows. You will see that in spreadsheet is also provided for of one customer who was systems and the extra bonus what you would have made the forum members and here side separately. Now you will ask yourself: "How do I know that this streak will happen.

badmintonbettingodds.com › sport-betting › what-is-odd-or-even-goals-betting-the-. A variation of the odd/even insurance strategy involves placing a large bet on an even total goals outcome, and then betting a smaller amount on. What is Odd or Even Goals Betting? Odd or even goals betting is where you will be betting on if the amount of goals that a match produces is an even or odd.