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If this is your first season betting on baseball, well, you picked an interesting one. Unlike football and basketball where the majority of bets are based on the point spreadbaseball is a moneyline sport. This means that bettors need to pick only who wins the game, not who covers.

Matched betting calculator poor house farm martinsburg wv

With 57 percent of precincts reporting, Delaney had 58 percent of the vote, compared with 38 percent for Bartlett. Statewide, Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin won re-election to the U. Senate, defeating a Republican and a well-financed independent. Bartlett was first elected to Congress in after the longtime incumbent, conservative Democrat Bev Byron, was knocked off in a primary.

At age 86, Bartlett is the second-oldest member of the House. Delaney defeated state legislator Rob Garagiola in the Democratic primary. Delaney claimed victory shortly before p. With 51 percent of precincts reporting, Cardin had 56 percent of the vote, compared to 27 percent for Bongino and 17 percent for Sobhani. Cardin was first elected to the Senate in after a long career in the House of Representatives.

Bongino is a former Secret Service agent. He said he is gratified Maryland voters responded positively to his first term. Democratic candidate for U. Senate Elizabeth Warren, center, casts her ballot as she and her husband, Bruce Mann, right, visited the polls near their Cambridge, Mass. Warren defeated Sen. Scott Brown, who was elected in a special election in after the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy.

And he alienated some in his own party with his divisive win over six-term Sen. Lugar refused to campaign for him. Scott Brown, who had stunned the political world in January when he won the late Sen. Edward M. Mitt Romney in Massachusetts helped the consumer advocate in her bid.

GOP candidates in those states grabbed the early lead. Democrats currently hold a edge in the Senate, including the two independents who caucus with them. Republicans need a net of four seats to grab the majority, three if Republican Mitt Romney wins the presidency. The outcome in Ohio and Virginia was closely linked to the presidential race.

Republicans and Democrats in Massachusetts, North Dakota and Montana hoped that energetic campaigns and personality would lead to ticket-splitting by voters. Olympia Snowe, who blamed partisan gridlock in Washington for her unexpected decision to retire after 18 years in the Senate. In Ohio, Democratic Sen. In Pennsylvania, Democratic Sen.

Chris Murphy won the. Joe Donnelly, Indiana Democratic candidate for U. Senate, casts his vote Tuesday in South Bend, Ind. Connecticut Senate seat held by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. Cruz will become the third Hispanic in the Senate, joining Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N. In Florida, Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson triumphed in his bid for a third term, holding off a challenge from Republican Rep. Connie Mack.

Republican groups had spent heavily against Nelson early in the race, but the moderate Democrat was a prolific fundraiser with wide appeal among Democrats and some Republicans in the Panhandle. Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders won a second term in Vermont. Democratic Sens. Cruising to another term were Democratic Sens. In West Virginia, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin won a full term even though his state went heavily for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Tennesseans gave Republican Sen.

Bob Corker a second term. Wyoming voters did the same for Sen. Members of both parties have indicated that they expect King — the former governor and one-time Democrat who supports President Barack Obama — to align with Democrats. One factor could be the millionplus dollars that Republican-leaning groups such as the U. Republicans had to deal with retirements in Arizona, Texas and Maine. Republican hopes of reclaiming the Senate suffered a major blow when the GOP candidate in Missouri made awkward remarks about rape and abortion.

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill was considered the most vulnerable incumbent, but Republican Rep. Akin stayed in and is counting on support from evangelicals to lift his prospects in a state that favors Romney. Democrats and Republicans in a dozen states faced an onslaught of outside money that financed endless negative commercials and ugly mailings that left voters exasperated. When all the ballots are counted, Republicans could have as many as 33 governorships — the most since the s and one more than they had in the s.

McCrory defeated Democratic Lt. McCrory narrowly had lost his gubernatorial bid in to Democrat Beverly Perdue, who opted not to run this year. Mitch Daniels, who is barred by state law from seeking a third term. Democratic governors are leaving office in North Carolina, Montana, New Hampshire and Washington, raising Republican hopes that at least some of those offices can be flipped to the GOP.

Dalrymple won his first full term, defeating rancher and Democratic state Sen. Ryan Taylor. Jay Nixon and Republican businessman rival Dave Spence. While federal elections often can be referendums on the national economy, statewide races are often decided by matters unique to those states, including whether voters like and trust a certain candidate, a national political observer said Monday. EW YORK — In an impatient age of social media and instant communication, a close presidential election Tuesday forced patience upon an army of journalists anxious for answers.

Hours after some of the first polls closed, news organizations said most states that were considered true battlegrounds were too close to call. Two of the three biggest broadcast networks had new leaders in place for presidential election night coverage. Brian Williams was back in the anchor seat at NBC. But was notable for the vast array of outlets that an interested consumer could command to create their own media experience on different screens, with websites offering deep drill-downs in data and social media hosting raucous conversations.

A still-unclear picture early in the evening led to some tortured language on television. Fox News was most insistent on warning its viewers not to draw too many conclusions from exit polls, yet conversely spent the most time taking direction from them. He has used statistical data been effective in his response. Yet GOP strate- result popped on the screen. ABC to monitor social media reaction.

The Wisconsin congressman easily won re-election Tuesday night to the U. House seat he has held since He also won his previous congressional elections by comfortable margins. As chairman of the powerful House Budget Committee, he gained prominence when he drew up an austere budget blueprint that would reshape Medicare for many people into a voucher-like program.

He also attracted attention for wanting to keep tax breaks in place that were set to expire for the wealthy. On one hand, they were happy the report recognized how strong the unions are here. But on the other, they seemed apprehensive lest the public gain too much appreciation of their power.

Fordham Institute and Education Reform Now. Some of the study indeed needs to be elaborated upon, as officials of the West Virginia Education Association and the state chapter of the American Federation of Teachers noted. As the union leaders explained, much of that is to pay down unfunded liabilities from the past, not to help teachers in the future.

They have managed to stymie attempts to provide incentive pay for good teachers as well as geographic pay differentials that could help some border counties attract and retain educators now lured away by higher-paying states such as Virginia and Maryland. The unions have blocked a state charter school law as well as improved teacher evaulation methods. No one involved in Mountain State politics doubts the power the unions can bring to bear, especially against governors and legislators who cross them.

Today is Wednesday, Nov. There are 54 days left in the year. On this date: In , U. In , former U. President John Tyler was elected to the Confederate House of Representatives however, Tyler died before he could take his seat. George B. McClellan as commander of the Army of the Potomac with Maj. Ambrose Burnside. In , black boxing champion Jack Johnson was indicted in Chicago for allegedly violating the Mann Act with a white woman, Belle Schreiber.

Johnson was convicted and sentenced to a year in prison; he fled the U. In , President Franklin D. Roosevelt won an unprecedented fourth term in office, defeating Thomas E. Ten years ago: In his first news conference since the midterm elections, President George W. Bush, charting an agenda for the new Republican Congress, said that homeland security came first and that an economic-recovery plan with new tax cuts would wait until the next year.

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Van Middlesworth center of all we do. Martinsburg: A storm of this magnitude creates unique and unpredictable conditions. Our crews I left Martinsburg for Parkersburg last have been and continue to be committed to Thursday morning. When I arrived in broadband, telephone and other communicaParkersburg that afternoon, gas near my tion services.

Our contact When I arrived home in Martinsburg, gas was number is Most gas comes from a refinery in Baltimore or even Philadelphia. Either way, it must be trucked farther to Parkersburg than to Martinsburg, unless they have constructed By Betty Miles a pipeline that I have not heard about.

So, why the discrepancy in price? Evidently, the Martinsburg: Martinsburg gasoline cartel is alive and prosWith our electric off for hours, my huspering on the backs of everyone in this area. We had no electric in our houses believe is still supposed to be illegal. Well, kerosene lamp put their heads in the sand and ignore this is a good substitute for electric light.

Our litprice gouging. As we prepared for bed by flashlight, our prayer to God is let there be light. After all, gravity is present everywhere in the universe. It is what keeps our sun round, and is the force that moves the earth and all her sister planets in their orbits around the sun. The brain trusts that are found in our best institutions should concentrate their research on harnessing gravity and creating gravity motors to power all our vehicles, from motor scooters to space flight vehicles.

Politicians who claim to be pro-life should prove it! Before I make my argument, I begin by saying a pro-life label is an oxymoron. I believe this label is used primarily to denigrate political opponents. So, those who insist on calling themselves pro-life should clearly stand up for all life. Pro-life has to be more than denying victims of rape access to Medicaidfunded abortions, or insisting that a rape victim did all in her power to fight the aggressor, or forcing women to undergo transvaginal ultrasounds, or insisting on an unbelievable assault on contraceptives.

Pro-life has to embrace a quality of life in America for all from beginning to end. Do you stand for the Paycheck Fairness Act so that equal pay is given for equal work? Pro-life would not misuse The brutal effects of Hurricane Sandy the filibuster to block job creation bills as claimed lives, destroyed property and disthe country suffered a terrible recession. The men and women of Frontier deny medical service because of a pre-existCommunications have been involved in ing condition.

A decent healthcare system ongoing recovery efforts. They have worked around the clock to keep Pro-life would not disparage the investour facilities operating even during proments that senior citizens made as entitlelonged commercial power outages. Our ments and deny senior citizens their benefits. Pro-lifers would stand up to the fossil tions lines. They risked their well-being and fuel industry in West Virginia and across left their families to serve all of our cusAmerica to demand a healthy relationship to tomers, especially critical facilities such as the environment.

As long as we allow fossil emergency centers and hospitals. Look worked with customers to coordinate our how often we now have these horrific storms! They live in the com- tually only the wealthy have access to qualimunities Frontier serves and are feeling the ty education and job opportunities. Pro-lifers effects of Sandy first-hand. Prolife means facing the huge difficult time. Our customers are our inspira- problem of human trafficking across the. Pro-life does not advocate war under the guise of patriotism when often the rush to war is based on economic interests.

The U. Constitution charges us to provide for the general welfare of our citizens. Then the Civil War tested our notion of who could have access to this dream. Thank God for the courage and conviction of those who believed that the dream was not just for those of a particular race or creed.

The dream allowed our great grandparents and grandparents to invent, to create and to build businesses. Somewhere the conversation turned from the ability to work to how much one made. I am writing to you to say hello from Rhode Island.

In my geography class, we are working on a long project in which we are responsible for creating an oral, written and poster project on a particular U. Could you please publish this letter in your paper so that your readers could help me on my project? My teacher explained that first-hand information from citizens of our chosen state would be more helpful than information we find off the Internet and books.

If your readers could send me some information, pictures or tourist information to my school, it would help me so much. Thank you for your help with my report and project. Justin N. Journal Junction comments should be limited to two to four sentences and be no longer than 80 words. The Journal's classified ads section offers help to those with lost or found items. This is a sampling of comments received today.

Any others, subject to editing, are published in the online Journal Junction at www. They all have big salaries. This is a scam to seize control of your computer and steal your identity and address list. Microsoft does not care what happens when you buy their software unless you call them for tech support. From Inwood: I am mortified by the inadequacy of the voting setup at Valley View.

In turn, people had to walk behind everyone else, once they were done, while people continued to vote. So much for confidentiality. To reach Journal Junction, call , Ext. Biggest late poll problem long lines in key states Voters cast their ballots on Election Day Tuesday at R.

Payne Elementary School in Lynchburg, Va. Candidates turned to social media to encourage voters through the long wait. The three states allow voters who were in line when polls closed to cast ballots. High turnout rather than glitches or problems appeared to be the cause of the long lines, but there were plenty of other problems around the country.

Many were in Pennsylvania, including a confrontation involving Republican inspectors over access to some polls and a voting machine that lit up for Republican Mitt Romney even when a voter pressed the button for President Barack Obama. One Florida elections office mistakenly told voters in robocalls the election was Wednesday. The Election Protection coalition of civil rights and voting access groups said they had gotten more than 80, complaints and.

Still, Election Day was far from glitch-free. In Philadelphia, the Republican Party said 75 legally credentialed voting inspectors were blocked from polling places in the heavily Democratic city, prompting the GOP to obtain a court order providing them access. Local prosecutors were also looking into the reports.

Democratic Party officials did not immediately return a message seeking comment. Barry Kauffman, executive director of Common Cause in Pennsylvania, said election workers in many places were demanding IDs even though they are not required. It was unclear, however, just how many voters may have been turned away or discouraged.

Also in Philadelphia, a judge ordered a mural of Obama covered up after a Republican election worker snapped a picture of it at a school polling place, according to a statement from the Republican Party. The battleground state of Ohio was the scene of yet another court battle, this one.

Online registration visit. A judge, however, flatly dismissed a lawsuit seeking to stop use of the software. The Florida robocall glitch occurred in Pinellas County, where the supervisor of elections said about 12, voters were wrongly told they could vote Wednesday. Spokeswoman Nancy Whitlock said the office had contracted with a company called callfire. Whitlock said calls went to those voters without a problem Thursday, and then again Monday.

Elsewhere, the Election Protection coalition reported problems with ballot scanners in the Ohio cities of Cleveland, Dayton and Toledo; late-opening polling places in minority neighborhoods in Galveston, Texas; and some precincts in the Tampa, Fla. Both political parties in Nebraska accused each other of voter disenfranchisement after a woman claimed she was handed a ballot already filled out for Romney and Republican Rep.

Lee Terry — a situation elections officials chalked up to a mistake. The GOP, meanwhile, contended some voters were being falsely told in recorded phone calls that they were ineligible to cast ballots. In New Orleans, advocates said they received several complaints from large Vietnamese American communities that in at least three major polling places, language services were not being provided to voters needing help with translations.

Of particular concern were several proposed constitutional amendments and ballot initiatives, said Jennifer Coco, a volunteer field director with the Louisiana Election Protection Program. Price Per System. Must present coupon at time of service.

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For newly opened accounts, the regular APR is The APR will vary with the market based on the U. Prime Rate. The regular APR will apply to certain fees such as a late payment fee or if you use the card for other transactions. If you use the card for cash advances, the cash advance fee is 5. At Jefferson Urgent Care, our patients always feel like they are in good hands, because we give each person the personal attention they deserve. We listen. We respond.

And we truly care for each patient. C a ll:3 04 3 80 ext. AP — A parolee who killed two people and wounded two others on Tuesday at a California chicken processing plant where he worked moved methodically between his first three victims, putting a handgun against their head or neck before pulling the trigger, police said. Lawrence Jones shot 32year-old Fatima Lopez in the back as she tried to flee then put the gun to the head of Estevan Catano and pulled the trigger but was out of bullets, Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

Jones, 42, then went outside the Valley Protein plant, where he reloaded his gun, shot himself and died later at a hospital, the chief said. The victims inside the plant did not hear the shooter because it was loud and at least some of them wore noise protectors, Dyer said. NEW YORK AP — Richard Chan prowled around his cold, dark Staten Island home with knives and a sword to protect it from thieves, standing his ground as another East Coast storm threatened and police went through neighborhoods with loudspeakers warning people to get out.

As the storm moves up the Atlantic coast from Florida it now is expected to veer farther offshore than earlier proSince the superstorm jections had indicated. Jeff made landfall more than a week ago, killing 40 people Masters of the private weather service Weather Underin the city, more than ground says that means less in 10 states and leaving wind and rainfall on land. There are few reports of New York and New Jersey this afternoon and evening.

The nursing gusts might blow down tree home worker planned to limbs weakened from Sandy ride out the latest storm in and cause more power outhis first-floor Rockaway apartment — even after see- ages. Tonight, gusts may occasionally reach 60 mph in ing cars float by his front coastal Connecticut and Long door during Sandy. Island, she said. As the water receded, New Jersey Gov. Chris men dressed in dark clothes Christie warned Tuesday that broke down the door and high winds may mean some were surprised to find him residents who regained and other residents inside.

Tonight will be cloudy with a low of Virginia: Today will be cloudy with a high of Maryland: Today will be cloudy with a high of Pollen Count: 0. Visit our website for additional weather information: day extended forecast, radar maps, satellite photos, current conditions, useful weather information. Masters said. While that should produce only minor flooding, he said it will still cause some erosion problems along the New Jersey coast and the shores of Long Island, where Sandy destroyed some protective dunes.

Coastal Virginia could also get a surge of 2 or 3 feet, causing minor flooding on the east side of Chesapeake Bay during high tides Wednesday morning and evening, Masters said. Up to an inch of snow may fall in northeastern New Jersey and the lower Hudson River valley, weather service meteorologist Mike Layer said.

Central Massachusetts and western Connecticut also could get an inch or two of snow, according to Masters. AP — Preliminary information indicates a spark and fire at a North Carolina hospital that killed a patient and injured three workers occurred during a defibrillation, a procedure typically used to deliver an electric shock to the heart, according to authorities.

He said in an email that both the spark and fire took place during a defibrillation early Tuesday at Durham Regional Hospital. Defibrillation is generally used to re-establish a normal heart rhythm. Fire officials investigating the blaze have not said what caused the fire. The fourth and fifth floors also suffered water damage, authorities said. Twenty-two patients of Select Specialty and about 20 Durham Regional patients were moved to other rooms, said.

Kellie Peacock, marketing director at Durham Regional. The fire was reported about a. When firefighters arrived, the hospital sprinkler system had extinguished the blaze. The patient who died was critically ill, Peacock said. The names of the dead and injured were not immediately released.

Durham Regional is a bed acute care hospital. Penn National states on its website that lost revenue from Maryland competition will affect the amount available to state funds and education. AP — Maryland voters have passed a ballot measure to expand gambling in the state.

The vote for Question 7 on Tuesday came after the most expensive political advertising campaign in Maryland's history. Martin O'Malley called a special session in August to take up the gambling expansion to allow table games like blackjack and a casino near the nation's capital. Lawmakers approved the legislation, which required voter approval. Supporters say they voted for the ballot question to keep Maryland gamblers from spending their money in neighboring states like Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Opponents say they voted against the expansion because they did not believe the money would be used for education as lawmakers have said. Illegal immigrants can pay in-state rates if they attend a Maryland high school for three years and if they or their parents can show they filed state income taxes during that time.

It is a consortium of Maryland congregations, schools and community groups that has been a strong supporter of the ballot question. Kevin Bruffey, a year-old Cockeysville resident, said the Dream Act would bring financial consequences. He described Maryland as already being a "sanctuary state" for illegal immigrants due to other laws, and he said this law will draw more to the state.

Maryland residents faced a variety of highprofile ballot questions this year, including whether to allow same-sex marriage. Votes were very close. Herb Snyder will again be returning to his long-held Senate seat for another four-year term. Snyder gathered 20, votes, with opposing Republican candidate Jim Ruland ending with 17, votes in the senatorial district that includes portions of both Jefferson and Berkeley counties.

Currently serving as the Chairman of the Senate Government Organizations Committee, a position that he said brings more weight into the Eastern Panhan-. With all 32 Jefferson County precincts reporting, unofficial results show the year-old Democrat, who was indicted in June by a federal grand jury. Ballenger won The remaining. The unoffivotes. This Election Day. Some encountered confuhappened to many, many people at Mussion in knowing where to cast their balselman High, where I finally ended up.

But all the runaround was very frustrating. Epic fail by Berkeley more than an hour and experiences of designated precinct commotion — served County. According to Chief Deputy of Elections. No voting precinct of many residents has notification.

I was talking to people in changed since the Oct. Woodfall said the confusion can simply be chalked up to residents ignoring their mail. A list of polling places was available on the Berkeley County Council website prior to the election.

Though according to Erica Epperson, of Martinsburg, some of the information — specifically the voting location designated to precinct 49 — was incorrect. Epperson said she has been a registered voter since Her assigned voting location has subsequently changed with moves she has made throughout the area. Most recently she was redistricted and designated to vote at Faith Christian Academy, as part of precinct 49, where she subsequently voted in the primary election.

Today, however, when Epperson reported to Faith Christian Academy, she only saw signs directing voters comprising precinct Epperson said she was told by poll workers that her designated polling location was Spring Mills Primary School. Lawrence, who will begin her third term as delegate in January, said she was delighted at the news of her re-election. Segraves said he contacted Jefferson County clerks who responded that they would look into it.

In addition to polling location confusion, Moler also questioned polling place practices. They may have asked others. Blankenship questioned poll clerks as to why his alphabetical standing granted him superiority. They did not have answers, he said. Epperson, who doubted she would have time to travel to the polling place prior to work, encountered another precinct 49 voter in the same situation.

Segraves said a classroom project — a student mockelection between the two - Staff writer Holly Shok main presidential party candidates, Barack Obama and can be reached at , ext. Doug Mayne Being originally from Maryland and now residing in Charles Town, Maryland dropped the ball, this is something they should have done 10 years ago.

Without the table slots, the racetrack would not have survived. I get what everybody is saying about being iffy on if the money would really go to the teachers and the schools. That tightens current law, which only removes someone from office at sentencing. The tuition measure,. After retiring, he was hired by the U. Shirley is currently awaiting trial in federal court after being indicted earlier this year on one count of deprivation of rights under the.

On a separate ballot question, Maryland voters approved the state's congressional redistricting map. It had been petitioned to the ballot by opponents who said it had been gerrymandered to favor Democrats. Voters also passed a constitutional amendment requir-. With her continued representation of Jefferson County, Lawrence said she is excited to get back to Charleston.

Ballenger graduated from Harpers Ferry High School in After high school, he enlisted in the U. Army for three years and received an honorable discharge. Snyder also serves as part of the Senate Rules Committee. Before the election, Snyder disagreed with his Republican challenger, in that the state is. Earl Ray Tomblin have done in reference to fiscal responsibility. I think if Marylanders want to have it, more power to them. Martin O'Malley last year, was the first to be successfully petitioned to this year's ballot.

It's been on hold pending the outcome of Tuesday's vote. About a dozen other states have similar laws, but Maryland is the first that has approved it by popular vote. From there, he became a road deputy and eventually attended and graduated from the West Virginia State Police Academy. In , he was awarded the Police Shield of Valor resulting from an engagement in a domestic confrontation with an armed assailant.

In fact, he sold the land on which the school sits to the Jefferson County Board of Education. Snyder is an environmental chemist by trade, father to six children and grandfather to five. Everett R. Henry Sr. He worked at the Interwoven Mill for 20 years as a machinist and retired from Mack Truck after 20 years of service. Bill served two years in the U. Army in the M. Division and attended local schools. He loved going fishing and hunting, camping, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.

Bill is also survived by one brother, Allen Henry, one aunt, Frances Comer, and many nieces, nephews and cousins. Family will receive friends from 6 to 8 p. Thursday, Nov. Graveside service will be held at 11 a. Friday, Nov. Thomas Hartshorn and the Rev. Malcom Cadd officiating. Interment with military rites will follow. Burke St. Arrangements entrusted to Rosedale Funeral Home. Online condolences may be left at www.

Born Nov. In addition to his parents, he is survived by two brothers, Billy Lee Scott Jr. Scott, of Hanover, Pa. Funeral services will be held at p. Jack Rudy officiating. Interment will be held at Pleasant View Memory Gardens. Online condolences may be offered at www. Brown FuneralHomesWV. David M. Hall, 66, died Nov. Services are 11 a. Thursday Nov. Interment private.

Arrangements by Helsley-Johnson. She is survived by her loving husband of 31 years, Steven; her children, son, Joshoua Andrew, and daughters, Caitlyn Elizabeth and Sarah Bethany. Amy was preceded in death by her younger brother, Lynn.

There will be no viewing. A celebration of life will be held at 1 p. Saturday, Nov. Steven McCullough officiating. The family will receive friends before and after the service. Burial will be private and at the convenience of the family. Arrangements were made by J. Davis Funeral Home, Smithsburg, Md. Catherine P. Shelly, 87, of Inwood, passed away Monday, Nov. She was a member of St. She is survived by her three sons, Dr. Richard W. Shelly and wife, Vicki, of Roanoke, Va.

Shelly, of Inwood, and Michael S. Shelly, of Dinwiddie, Va. Jencks and husband, Frank, of Alexandria, Va. She was preceded in death by her husband of 53 years who passed on April 30, , Earl W. A Mass of Christian burial will be held at 11 a. Interment prayers will be said at St.

Leo Cemetery. Family will receive friends from to 8 p. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to St. Box 93, Inwood, WV Clifford Righttenour, 81, passed away Sunday. Services are 2 p. Friday at Hedgesville Chapel.

Arrangements are by Brown Funeral Home. Denied Social Security Disability Benefits? David E. Furrer, Esq. Charlotte A. Turley, 59, of Charleston, formerly of St. Albans, passed away on Sunday, Nov. She was born on Feb. Charlotte was preceded in death by her parents; as well as daughter, Dara Coulter; and her brother, Charles David Viands. A service to honor the life of Charlotte will be held at 11 a. Ken Carter officiating.

Burial will be in Cunningham Memorial Park, St. Family and friends may visit from 6 to 8 p. Albans, and Barbara Simpson, of Nitro. Memories of Charlotte may be shared by visiting www. Snodgrass Funeral Home, South Charleston, is handling the arrangements. Services will be held at 11 a. Interment will be in Cedar Hill Cemetery. Born Sept. He was a member of Central Church of Christ. In addition to his mother, he is survived by four sisters, Catherine Lynne Weikert, of Waynesboro, Pa.

In addition to his father, he was preceded in death by his grandparents, John May Sr. Funeral services will be held at 2 p. Interment will be held at Bunker Hill Cemetery. The family will receive friends from 7 to 9 p. Eagle School Road, ambulance Saturday Nov.

Ware, 74, son, Wanda Mae Court, ambulance passed away Friday. Monday, Nov. Born June 9, , in Colver, Pa. Shira was a veteran of the U. Army and employed as a registered nurse for seven years for the VA Medical Center. She is survived by her sons, Daniel Shira, of Clovis, N. Memorial Mass will be held at noon today at St. Interment prayers will be said at The Basilica of St. Michael Cemetery, Loretto, Pa. If you have information about these or any other Berkeley County crimes, contact Crime Solvers at She was The New York Times reported the elder Shields died following a long illness related to dementia.

Teri Shields started promoting her daughter as an actress and model when she was still an infant and managed her until her 20s. And two, they have the sexy child too, they have the sexy person — that appeals to them. It kills me once in a while. A g olden heart stopped beating , H ard w orking hands to rest. G od broke ou r heart to prove to u s, H e only takes the best. Love,You r w ife Shirley,children ,gran dchildren , brother,n ephew ,an d rem ain in gfam ily an d frien ds.

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No forms to fill out, we do it all. Mauck received 20, votes; Barnhart received 18, votes; and Mark Barney received 16, votes. All results are unofficial until the votes are canvassed Nov. Orem, a Republi- sight of these committees that the Berkeley Jr. Republican primary. She previously served a two-year reporting, Lemaster, a Democrat, secured term after the decision was made in as a uniformed patrol officer. In , he I believe it was a tough race reelection, an opportunity emerged for a In , Lemaster was promoted to lieuwith the presidential race, especially in tenant in charge of investigations for approx- new member to join the council.

Berkeley County, but I do appreciate the With 34 percent of total votes, Barnhart imately seven years. Barnhart said. Bar- the position of chief deputy sheriff in , Barnhart does not credit any one aspect bour, received In , he retired from the U.

I appreciate all the supBerkeley. Republican Larry Hess quickly established worked as a military police operations serPlacing third in the race was Carlton geant. He also has a degree in administration a lead over Democrat Shawn Conaughty. Department of Homeland Security. Hess said having. Tabb upset Democrat Frances Morgan, recieving 12, votes to 8, for Morgan. She previously served on the county commission from In the election, Tabb lost the position to Democrat Frances Morgan.

She is a program assistant for the West Virginia University Extension Service in addition to running a catering service. Tabb said one of the first things she plans on doing when she returns to the commission is to become familiar with her fellow commissioners.

Tabb said she wants members of the community to know they are able to contact her with any questions and concerns they. Even if she is not able to fix the problems, she said that helping people find answers and just listening are things she enjoys.

According to Tabb, Jefferson County has a bright future and she said she is looking forward to getting to work on making sure that it is the brightest future possible. In the assessor race, Democrat Angela L. The firstperfect answers to issues right time candidate defeated Democratic away. Espinosa, a Republican delegate, said he has no problem working across party lines to pass sensible legislation for the Eastern Panhandle and the state.

Democratic candidate Stephen Skinner was elected to represent the 67th district, which is comprised of the northern tier of Jefferson County. While he will be a firsttimer to the statehouse, Skinner said he is confident in his ability to represent Jefferson County and the Eastern Panhandle in Charleston. Voters a continent apart made history Tuesday on two divisive social issues, with Maine and Maryland becoming the first states to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote while Washington state and Colorado legalized recreational use of marijuana.

The outcomes in Maine and Maryland broke a 32state streak, dating back to , in which gay marriage had been rebuffed by every state that held a vote on it. They will become the seventh and eighth states to allow same-sex couples to marry. Washington state also was voting on a measure to legalize same-sex marriage, while Minnesota voters were considering a conservativebacked amendment that would place a ban on samesex marriage in the state constitution.

The outcomes in the four states could possibly influence the U. Supreme Court, which will soon be considering whether to take up cases challenging the law that denies federal recognition to same-sex marriages. The marijuana measures in Colorado and Washington set up a showdown with the federal government, which outlaws the drug. The amendment would also allow people to grow up to six marijuana plants in a private, secure area.

It also establishes a standard blood test limit for driving under the influence. In Massachusetts, voters approved a measure to allow marijuana use for medical reasons, joining 17 other states. Arkansas voters were deciding on a similar measure that would make it the first Southern state in that group. They collected enough signatures over the summer to schedule the vote, hoping to reverse the outcome of a referendum that quashed a gay-marriage law enacted by the Legislature.

In both Maryland and Washington, gay-marriage laws were approved by lawmakers and signed by the governors earlier this year, but opponents gathered enough signatures to challenge the laws. In Minnesota, the question. Even if the ban is defeated, same-sex marriage would remain illegal in Minnesota under statute. Heading into the election, gay marriage was legal in six states and the District of Columbia — in each case the result of legislation or court orders, not by a vote of the people.

If the measure prevailed, the more than inmates on death row there would have. Hutchin- munity center, and homes. Ford said in There are three magisterial districts. A October the commission operated the shelter commissioner runs from each district, but is with no complaints when he was in office, voted on by the county as a whole.

The race was a contentious one. Floridians also rejected a proposed constitutional amendment that would have limited revenue growth to match increases in population and cost of living. While 17 states have ended capital punishment, most did so through legislative action.

Only in Oregon, in , did voters choose to repeal the death penalty; they later reversed themselves to reinstate it. In all, there were measures on the ballots Tuesday in 38 states, according to the Initiative and Referendum Institute at the University of Southern California. Other notable measures: — In Oklahoma, voters approved a Republicanbacked measure that wipes.

Thisspecialpublication w illbe the only place w here the nam esofallHonorRollStudentsfrom a llarea schoolsw illbe announced. With 66 Berkeley County precincts reporting, Incumbent Republican candidate Joann Overington was the top vote-getter, receiving a total of 20, votes and Placing second in the vote tally was incumbent Republican Harry Snow, who won Results from the choice reaction time task and tracking task showed no statistically significant difference between the two groups.

Our results are consistent with the current consensus in sports sciences in that task-specific differences exist between experts and novices while there are no major differences in general cognitive and motor abilities. Biological Races in Humans. Races may exist in humans in a cultural sense, but biological concepts of race are needed to access their reality in a non-species-specific manner and to see if cultural categories correspond to biological categories within humans.

Modern biological concepts of race can be implemented objectively with molecular genetic data through hypothesis-testing. Genetic data sets are used to see if biological races exist in humans and in our closest evolutionary relative, the chimpanzee. Using the two most commonly used biological concepts of race , chimpanzees are indeed subdivided into races but humans are not.

Adaptive traits, such as skin color, have frequently been used to define races in humans, but such adaptive traits reflect the underlying environmental factor to which they are adaptive and not overall genetic differentiation, and different adaptive traits define discordant groups. There are no objective criteria for choosing one adaptive trait over another to define race.

As a consequence, adaptive traits do not define races in humans. Much of the recent scientific literature on human evolution portrays human populations as separate branches on an evolutionary tree. A tree-like structure among humans has been falsified whenever tested, so this practice is scientifically indefensible. It is also socially irresponsible as these pictorial representations of human evolution have more impact on the general public than nuanced phrases in the text of a scientific paper.

Humans have much genetic diversity, but the vast majority of this diversity reflects individual uniqueness and not race. Cancer Statistics Animator. This tool allows users to animate cancer trends over time by cancer site and cause of death, race , and sex. Provides access to incidence, mortality, and survival.

Select the type of statistic , variables, format, and then extract the statistics in a delimited format for further analyses. Race : Deflate or pop? Neven Sesardic has recently defended his arguments in favour of racial naturalism-the view that race is a valid biological category-in response to my criticism of his work. While Sesardic claims that a strong version of racial naturalism can survive critique, he has in fact weakened his position considerably.

He concedes that conventional racial taxonomy is arbitrary and he no longer identifies ' races ' as human subspecies. Sesardic now relies almost entirely on Theodosius Dobzhansky's notion of race -as-population. This weak approach to ' race '-according to which all genetic difference between populations is 'racial' and 'the races ' are simply the populations we choose to call races -survived its early critiques.

As it is being mobilised to support racial naturalism once more, we need to continue the debate about whether we should weaken the concept of race to mean 'population', or abandon it as a failed biological category. I argue that Sesardic's case for racial naturalism is only supported by his continued mischaracterisation of anti-realism about biological race and his appeal to Dobzhansky's authority. Rather than deflating the meaning of ' race ', it should be eliminated from our biological ontology.

European downstream oil industry safety performance : statistical summary of reported incidents, and overview to Of the 27 com Identification of indicator congeners and evaluation of emission pattern of polychlorinated naphthalenes in industrial stack gas emissions by statistical analyses. In this study, potential indicator congeners were identified based on the PCN data in stack gas samples from over 60 plants involved in more than ten industrial thermal sources reported in our previous case studies.

Hierarchical cluster analysis and similarity calculations for the stack gas samples were adopted to group those samples and evaluating their similarity and difference based on the PCN homolog distributions from different industrial thermal sources. Generally, the fractions of less chlorinated homologs comprised of di-, tri-, and tetra-homologs were much higher than that of more chlorinated homologs for up to stack gas samples contained in group 1 and 2, which indicating the dominance of lower chlorinated homologs in stack gas from industrial thermal sources.

Today, even though "social justice" programs exist as a virtual growth industry on US campuses and many universities have incorporated classes on race and racism into their curricula, everyone continues to be faced with the perception that race is a "controversial" topic that has to be broached with care due to its "sensitive nature". This is even…. Prejudice and Race Relations. Contents of this book comprises: Introduction--A decade of change; 1 Race and its consequences: Beliefs and acts; 2 Race relations in different societies: A comparative perspective; 3 Implementing discrimination: the institutional impact of prejudice; 4 Leaders in change: A set of profiles; and 5 Options facing Americans: Pathos to….

The Amazing Mathematical Race. Teams, pit stops, clues, time limits, fast forwards, challenges, and prizes are all components of the CBS hit show "The Amazing Race. Held in recognition of Math Awareness Month, which is advocated…. Garcia, John A. A growing body of social science research has sought to conceptualize race as a multidimensional concept in which context, societal relations, and institutional dynamics are key components.

We model these measures of race as a lived experience to test the explanatory power of race , both independently and as an integrated scale with categorical regression, scaling, and dimensional analyses. Skin color is a dominant factor that impacts self-reported health both directly and indirectly. We then advocate for the utilization of multiple measures of race , adding to those used in our analysis, and their application to other health and social outcomes.

Our analysis provides important contributions across a wide range of health, illness, social, and political outcomes for communities of color. Race and Research Productivity. An investigation of the relationship between race and research output by examining the productivity of black and non-black holders of the Ph. The Kinesiology of Race. In this research article, Myosha McAfee presents findings from her grounded theory and microethnographical study of math instruction in a racially and socioeconomically diverse public school.

Her analysis puts forth a new theory-the kinesiology of race -which conceptualizes race as a verb rather than a noun. It centrally considers how racial…. Microcomputers, Model Rockets, and Race Cars. The industrial education orientation program at Wisconsin School for the Deaf WSD presents problem-solving situations to all seventh- and eighth-grade hearing-impaired students.

WSD developed user-friendly microcomputer software to guide students individually through complex computations involving model race cars and rockets while freeing…. Stock car racing has seen tremendous growth in popularity in recent years. We introduce two datasets containing results from all Winston Cup races between and , inclusive. Students can use any number of statistical methods and applications of basic probability on the data to answer a wide range of practical questions.

Instructors and…. The Arms Race and World Hunger. Facts for Action 4. Designed for high school global education classes, this document examines ways in which the arms race affects the poor. Military expenditures and foreign economic aid of the developed nations are compared with survival needs of developing nations.

Statistics support five premises: the arms race 1 diverts resources from productive activity and…. Examined disciplinary actions taken by school building administrators after receiving discipline referral to identify evidence of race and gender bias in administration of corporal punishment CP. A statistical inference for concentrations of benzo[a]pyrene partially measured in the ambient air of an industrial city in Korea. Although large quantities of air pollutants are released into the atmosphere, they are partially monitored and routinely assessed for their health implications.

This paper proposes a statistical model describing the temporal behavior of hazardous air pollutants HAPs , which can have negative effects on human health. Benzo[a]pyrene BaP is selected for statistical modeling. The proposed model incorporates the linkage between BaP and meteorology and is specifically formulated to identify meteorological effects and allow for seasonal trends.

The model is used to estimate and forecast temporal fields of BaP conditional on observed or forecasted meteorological conditions, including temperature, precipitation, wind speed, and air quality. The effects of BaP on human health are examined by characterizing health indicators, namely the cancer risk and the hazard quotient. The model provides useful information for the optimal monitoring period and projection of future BaP concentrations for both industrial and residential areas in Korea.

The first nanocar race. The first race involving molecular 'cars' stimulated technical advances in scanning tunnelling microscopy and provided insights in surface science and synthetic chemistry — it also attracted wide interest from the public. Race , money and medicines. Taking notice of race is both risky and inevitable, in medicine no less than in other endeavors.

On the one hand, race can be a useful stand-in for unstudied genetic and environmental factors that yield differences in disease expression and therapeutic response. Attention to race can make a therapeutic difference, to the point of saving lives. On the other hand, racial distinctions have social meanings that are often pejorative or worse, especially when these distinctions are cast as culturally or biologically fixed.

I argue in this essay that we should start with a presumption against racial categories in medicine, but permit their use when it might prolong lives or meaningfully improve health. Use of racial categories should be understood as an interim step; follow-up inquiry into the factors that underlie race -correlated clinical differences is important both to improve the efficacy of clinical care and to prevent race in itself from being misunderstood as a biological determinant.

If we pursue such inquiry with vigor, the pernicious effects of racial categories on public understanding can be managed. But perverse market and regulatory incentives create the danger that use of race will be "locked-in," once drugs or other therapies are approved. These incentives should be revisited.

Quantifying the statistical importance of utilizing regression over classic energy intensity calculations for tracking efficiency improvements in industry. Robust energy tracking methodologies are critical to understanding energy performance in manufacturing facilities. Due to its simplicity and intuitiveness, the classic energy intensity method i.

However, the classic energy intensity method does not take into account the variation of other relevant parameters i. Therefore, it is commonly recommended to utilize regression models rather than the energy intensity approach for tracking improvements at the facility level.

Unfortunately, many energy managers have difficulties understanding why regression models are statistically better than utilizing the classic energy intensity method. While anecdotes and qualitative information may convince some, many have major reservations about the accuracy of regression models and whether it is worth the time and effort to gather data and build quality regression models.

This paper will explain why regression models are theoretically and quantitatively more accurate for tracking energy performance improvements. Based on the analysis of data from manufacturing plants over 12 years, this paper will present quantitative results on the importance of utilizing regression models over the energy intensity methodology. This paper will also document scenarios where regression models do not have significant relevance over the energy intensity method.

The development of environmentally, socially and financially suitable greenhouse gas GHG mitigation portfolios requires detailed disaggregation of emissions by activity sector, preferably at the regional level. Bottom-up BU emission inventories are intrinsically disaggregated, but although detailed, they are frequently incomplete.

Missing and erroneous activity data are rather common in emission inventories of GHG, criteria and toxic pollutants, even in developed countries. The fraction of missing and erroneous data can be rather large in developing country inventories. In addition, the cost and time for obtaining or correcting this information can be prohibitive or can delay the inventory development.

This is particularly true for regional BU inventories in the developing world. Moreover, a rather common practice is to disregard or to arbitrarily impute low default activity or emission values to missing data, which typically leads to significant underestimation of the total emissions. Our investigation focuses on GHG emissions by fossil fuel combustion in industry in the Bogota Region, composed by Bogota and its adjacent, semi-rural area of influence, the Province of Cundinamarca.

We found that the BU inventories for this sub-category substantially underestimate emissions when compared to top-down TD estimations based on sub-sector specific national fuel consumption data and regional energy intensities.

Although both BU inventories have a substantial number of missing and evidently erroneous entries, i. This is not unexpected as industrial plant sizes are typically log-normally distributed. A study of trace element contamination using multivariate statistical techniques and health risk assessment in groundwater of Chhaprola Industrial Area, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India. This study is an investigation on spatio-chemical, contamination sources using multivariate statistics , and health risk assessment arising from the consumption of groundwater contaminated with trace and toxic elements in the Chhaprola Industrial Area, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Multivariate statistics PCA explains In this study area, an adult consumes 3. Career profile of the Canadian Standardbred. Influence of age, gait and sex upon number of races , money won and race times. The objective of the study was to examine the career profile of the average racehorse in order to establish normal values for performance.

Records of race performance for a population of horses randomly-selected from the registrations of the Canadian Standardbred Horse Society were summarized to provide annual statistics for number of races , money won, and times for the mile race times over the period to inclusive.

Results were analyzed to determine the influence of sex, gait, age, and year of the first race. Females raced significantly less often than either males or geldings p less than 0. Regardless of the age at which they first competed all horses were raced lightly in their first race year. Of horses which raced , Only 4. Increase in age at first race was associated with highly significant and progressive reductions in career races , money won, and money won per race.

Population mean for career mark was 2. Population trend in mean mark was for progressive improvement over the ten year racing period amounting to 0. The average horse achieved. Race , Emotions, and Socialization. Investigated the connection between emotion and behavior, examining the connection between the construct of emotional intelligence and criminal behavior.

Data collected from a group of men and women on probation from prison indicated that people received different socialization with regard to emotions based on gender and race. Results suggest that…. Race , Racism, and Darwinism. This article examines the views of Darwinist evolution on issues regarding race and how this contributed to the spread of racism in the United States.

The writings of Charles Darwin and a myriad of his followers are examined, including Herbert Spencer, Francis Galton, and others. The influence of Darwinism in contributing to the growth of…. Racing into Physics. Presents an activity in which race cars are designed and constructed out of edible materials. Students explore relationships between speed, distance, and time using both math and science. Includes a chart that shows alignment with the National Science Education Standards.

Race Car Rally. Describes an activity where teams of parents and children work together to solve problems involving matchbox-sized race cars. The teams collect, record, and analyze data; measure distances in metric; and explore concepts related to mass, friction, and force. Sports, Race , and Ressentiment. Discusses the problem of college sports corruption and the debate over "the plight of the black athlete," suggesting that this debate is actually not about race or athletics but a code for examining contradictions between education and mass democracy.

Calls this the problem of "ressentiment. Education and Race. This report summarizes information, current in , on the educational status of the nonwhite population. The study includes the following topics: 1 education and race : the racial gap in education closes, 2 education and employment: the racial unemployment income gap remains, 3 education and income: the racial income gap remains, 4 ….

Winning the Skills Race. This document reports on how key stakeholders in work force preparedness nationwide are responding to pressures of the skills race. Part 1 presents an overview of the skills challenge and the economic and social consequences of failing to meet the challenge. Part 2 examines the impact of the skills shortage on major stakeholders and explains how….

Aerodynamics of Race Cars. Race car performance depends on elements such as the engine, tires, suspension, road, aerodynamics, and of course the driver. In recent years, however, vehicle aerodynamics gained increased attention, mainly due to the utilization of the negative lift downforce principle, yielding several important performance improvements.

This review briefly explains the significance of the aerodynamic downforce and how it improves race car performance. After this short introduction various methods to generate downforce such as inverted wings, diffusers, and vortex generators are discussed. Due to the complex geometry of these vehicles, the aerodynamic interaction between the various body components is significant, resulting in vortex flows and lifting surface shapes unlike traditional airplane wings.

Typical design tools such as wind tunnel testing, computational fluid dynamics, and track testing, and their relevance to race car development, are discussed as well. In spite of the tremendous progress of these design tools due to better instrumentation, communication, and computational power , the fluid dynamic phenomenon is still highly nonlinear, and predicting the effect of a particular modification is not always trouble free.

Several examples covering a wide range of vehicle shapes e. The Great Poetry Race. Research suggests that parent involvement improves academic achievement, but in the busy world in which we live it is often difficult to promote. Many researchers suggest that successful programs value parents' limited time constraints, diversity of literacy skills, and availability of materials.

The Great Poetry Race provides an easy vehicle to…. Racing with the Sun. In 1, mile Australian race , the General Motors Sunraycer, was powered by space-derived solar cell technology incorporating a number of other aerospace technologies.

The lb one seater averaged better than 41 miles per hour and finished miles ahead of the nearest competitor. Biogeographical ancestry and race. The use of racial and ethnic categories in biological and biomedical research is controversial-for example, in the comparison of disease risk in different groups or as a means of making use of or controlling for population structure in the mapping of genes to chromosomes. Biogeographical ancestry BGA has been recommended as a more accurate and appropriate category.

Shriver and Frudakis portray BGA as a measure of the 'biological', 'genetic', 'natural', and 'objective' components of race and ethnicity, what philosophers of science would call a natural kind. This paper argues that BGA is not a natural kind that escapes social and political connotations of race and ethnicity, as Shriver and Frudakis and other proponents believe, but a construction that is built upon race -as race has been socially constructed in the European scientific and philosophical traditions.

More specifically, BGA is not a global category of biological and anthropological classification but a local category shaped by the U. Therefore, caution needs to be exercised in the embrace of BGA as an alternative to the use of racial and ethnic categories in biological and biomedical research. This leads to the presence of higher porosity levels. This paper will first present the different types of porosity found in traditional racing yacht structures.

Difficulties in evaluating defect levels will then be discussed and published work characterizing the influence of defects will be reviewed. Current developments to improve racing yacht composite quality such as thin ply technology, out-of-autoclave processing and automated fibre placement will then be described, and their implications for porosity will be discussed.

Race walking gait and its influence on race walking economy in world-class race walkers. The aim of this study was to determine the relationships between biomechanical parameters of the gait cycle and race walking economy in world-class Olympic race walkers. Twenty-One world-class race walkers possessing the Olympic qualifying standard participated in this study.

Similarly, shorter flight times are associated with a more efficient race walking economy. Coaches and race walkers should avoid modifying their race walking style by increasing flight times, as it may not only impair economy, but also lead to disqualification. Reports on Cancer - Cancer Statistics. Interactive tools for access to statistics for a cancer site by gender, race , ethnicity, calendar year, age, state, county, stage, and histology.

Statistics include incidence, mortality, prevalence, cost, risk factors, behaviors, tobacco use, and policies and are presented as graphs, tables, or maps. Addressing the Puzzle of Race. Although racial discrimination poses a devastating instrument of oppression, social work texts lack a clear and consistent definition of " race ". The solution lies in according race the status of an "actor version" concept, while exploring the origins and variations of race ideas using "scientific observer version" explanations.

This distinction…. Understanding Statistics - Cancer Statistics. Annual reports of U. Attractiveness of own- race , other- race , and mixed- race faces. Averaged face composites, which represent the central tendency of a familiar population of faces, are attractive. If this prototypicality contributes to their appeal, then averaged composites should be more attractive when their component faces come from a familiar, own- race population than when they come from a less familiar, other- race population.

We compared the attractiveness of own- race composites, other- race composites, and mixed- race composites where the component faces were from both races. In experiment 1, Caucasian participants rated own- race composites as more attractive than other- race composites, but only for male faces.

In experiment 2, Caucasian and Japanese participants living in Australia and Japan, respectively, selected the most attractive face from a continuum with exaggerated Caucasian characteristics at one end and exaggerated Japanese characteristics at the other, with intervening images including a Caucasian averaged composite, a mixed- race averaged composite, and a Japanese averaged composite.

The most attractive face was, again, a mixed- race composite, for both Caucasian and Japanese participants. In experiment 3, Caucasian participants rated individual Eurasian faces as significantly more attractive than either Caucasian or Asian faces. Similar results were obtained with composites.

Eurasian faces and composites were also rated as healthier than Caucasian or Asian faces and composites, respectively. These results suggest that signs of health may be more important than prototypicality in making average faces attractive. Race Is Critical race theory offers a way to understand how ostensibly race -neutral structures in education--knowledge, merit, objectivity, and "good education"--in fact help form and police the boundaries of white supremacy and racism.

Critical race theory can be used to deconstruct the meaning of "educational achievement," to…. Individual differences in holistic processing predict the own- race advantage in recognition memory. Individuals are consistently better at recognizing own- race faces compared to other- race faces other- race effect, ORE.

One popular hypothesis is that this recognition memory ORE is caused by differential own- and other- race holistic processing, the simultaneous integration of part and configural face information into a coherent whole. Holistic processing may create a more rich, detailed memory representation of own- race faces compared to other- race faces. Despite several studies showing that own- race faces are processed more holistically than other- race faces, studies have yet to link the holistic processing ORE and the recognition memory ORE.

In the current study, we sought to use a more valid method of analyzing individual differences in holistic processing by using regression to statistically remove the influence of the control condition part trials in the part-whole task from the condition of interest whole trials in the part-whole task. We also employed regression to separately examine the two components of the ORE: own- race advantage regressing other- race from own- race performance and other- race decrement regressing own- race from other- race performance.

First, we demonstrated that own- race faces were processed more holistically than other- race faces, particularly the eye region. Notably, using regression, we showed a significant association between the own- race advantage in recognition memory and the own- race advantage in holistic processing and that these associations were weaker when examining the other- race decrement. We also demonstrated that performance on own- and other- race faces across all of our tasks was highly correlated, suggesting that the differences we found between own- and other- race faces are quantitative rather than qualitative.

Together, this suggests that own- and other- race faces recruit largely similar mechanisms, that own- race faces more thoroughly engage holistic processing, and that this greater engagement of holistic. Epidemiology of race -day distal limb fracture in flat racing Thoroughbreds in Great Britain to A key focus of the racing industry is to minimise the number of race -day distal limb fractures, although no studies have identified risk factors for both fatal and non-fatal distal limb fractures.

To determine risk factors for race -day distal limb fractures experienced by Thoroughbred racehorses participating in flat racing in Great Britain GB. Retrospective cohort. Information was collected from all flat racing starts occurring on GB racecourses between and , including horse, race , course, trainer and jockey data for each horse start and race -day injury data as reported by on-course veterinarians. Associations between exposure variables and cases of distal limb fracture were assessed using mixed effects logistic regression analyses using data from all starts, and turf starts only.

A total of , starts and cases of distal limb fracture were included, of which , starts and cases of distal limb fracture occurred on turf surfaces. In both models, increasing firmness of the going, increasing racing distance and horses in their first year of racing were at a higher risk of distal limb fracture, while increasing number of previous race starts were protective. Trainer performance was associated with distal limb fracture. Generally, the risk of distal limb fracture increased with increasing horse age.

Starts in selling or claiming races or Group 1, Group 3 or claiming races were at higher odds of distal limb fracture in the all starts and turf models, respectively. Clinical diagnosis of distal limb fracture and all types of distal limb fracture considered as one outcome. This study confirmed previously identified risk factors for distal limb fracture including going, race distance and number of horse starts. Novel risk factors were related to trainer and horse performance, and race type.

Identification of at risk groups will help inform interventions to reduce distal limb fracture occurrence in flat racing horses. This article is protected by. Wheelchair racing efficiency. For individuals with disabilities exercise, such as wheelchair racing , can be an important modality for community reintegration, as well as health promotion.

The purpose of this study was to examine selected parameters during racing wheelchair propulsion among a sample of elite wheelchair racers. It was hypothesized that blood lactate accumulation and wheeling economy i. Twelve elite wheelchair racers with paraplegia participated in this study. Nine of the subjects were males and three were females. Each subject used his or her personal wheelchair during the experiments.

A computer monitored wheelchair dynamometer was used during all testing. The method used was essentially a discontinuous economy protocol. Mixed model analysis of variance ANOVA was used to compare blood lactate concentration, economy minute oxygen consumption , and gross mechanical efficiency across the stages. The results of this study show that both economy and blood lactate concentration increase linearly with speed if resistance is held constant.

The results indicate that at the higher speeds of propulsion, for example near race speeds, analysis of respiratory gases may not give a complete energy profile. While there is a good understanding of training methods to improve cardiovascular fitness for wheelchair racers, little is known about improving efficiency e. Injuries from hovercraft racing.

A year-old man presented with a potentially serious neck injury following a racing hovercraft accident. Previous reports of hovercrafting injuries could not be found, and a review of the sport's own records was undertaken. This shows there to be a wide range of injuries sustained from the sport, although most of them are minor. However, there are some worrying trends, and further studies are being undertaking in order to improve the sport's safety record. Multivariate statistical and lead isotopic analyses approach to identify heavy metal sources in topsoil from the industrial zone of Beijing Capital Iron and Steel Factory.

Heavy metals are considered toxic to humans and ecosystems. In the present study, heavy metal concentration in soil was investigated using the single pollution index PIi , the integrated Nemerow pollution index PIN , and the geoaccumulation index Igeo to determine metal accumulation and its pollution status at the abandoned site of the Capital Iron and Steel Factory in Beijing and its surrounding area.

Multivariate statistical principal component analysis and correlation analysis , geostatistical analysis ArcGIS tool , combined with stable Pb isotopic ratios, were applied to explore the characteristics of heavy metal pollution and the possible sources of pollutants. Hg, Cd, Zn, and Cr were the dominant elements that influenced soil quality in the study area. The Nemerow index method indicated that all of the heavy metals caused serious pollution except Ni. Multivariate statistical analysis indicated that Cd, Zn, Cu, and Pb show obvious correlation and have higher loads on the same principal component, suggesting that they had the same sources, which are related to industrial activities and vehicle emissions.

The spatial distribution maps based on ordinary kriging showed that high concentrations of heavy metals were located in the local factory area and in the southeast-northwest part of the study region, corresponding with the predominant wind directions. Analyses of lead isotopes confirmed that Pb in the study soils is predominantly derived from three Pb sources: dust generated during steel production, coal combustion, and the natural background.

Moreover, the ternary mixture model based on lead isotope analysis indicates that lead in the study soils originates mainly from anthropogenic sources, which contribute much more. The pollution of O3 was serious in the city.

The disgrace of commodification and shameful convenience: a critical race critique of the NBA. This essay positions sport as a pedagogical social institution from which people learn about race , gender, power, and privilege. The National Basketball Association is examined closely with a critical race lens with regard to the commodification of Black masculinity.

Logical empiricists on race. The logical empiricists expressed a consistent attitude to racial categorisation in both the ethical and scientific spheres. Their attitude may be captured in the following slogan: human racial taxonomy is an empirically meaningful mode of classifying persons that we should refrain from deploying. I offer an interpretation of their position that would render coherent their remarks on race with positions they adopted on the scientific status of taxonomy in general, together with their potential moral or political motivations for adopting that position.

Our goal is to design a prediction and decision system for real-time use during a professional car race. In designing a knowledge discovery process for racing , we faced several challenges that were overcome only when domain knowledge of racing was carefully infused within statistical modeling techniques.

In this article, we describe how we leveraged expert knowledge of the domain to produce a real-time decision system for tire changes within a race. Our forecasts have the potential to impact how racing teams can optimize strategy by making tire-change decisions to benefit their rank position. Our work significantly expands previous research on sports analytics, as it is the only work on analytical methods for within- race prediction and decision making for professional car racing. Leadership perceptions as a function of race -occupation fit: the case of Asian Americans.

On the basis of the connectionist model of leadership, we examined perceptions of leadership as a function of the contextual factors of race Asian American, Caucasian American and occupation engineering, sales in 3 experiments 1 student sample and 2 industry samples. Race and occupation exhibited differential effects for within- and between- race comparisons. With regard to within- race comparisons, leadership perceptions of Asian Americans were higher when race -occupation was a good fit engineer position than when race -occupation was a poor fit sales position for the two industry samples.

With regard to between- race comparisons, leadership perceptions of Asian Americans were low relative to those of Caucasian Americans. Additionally, when race -occupation was a good fit for Asian Americans, such individuals were evaluated higher on perceptions of technical competence than were Caucasian Americans, whereas they were evaluated lower when race -occupation was a poor fit.

Furthermore, our results demonstrated that race affects leadership perceptions through the activation of prototypic leadership attributes i. Implications for the findings are discussed in terms of the connectionist model of leadership and leadership opportunities for Asian Americans. Copyright APA, all rights reserved. Sy, Thomas; Shore, Lynn M.

Race and occupation exhibited differential effects for within- and…. Two Patterns of Race Relations. What North Americans term " race " is not structurally isomorphic to and, thus, not synonymous with what Latin Americans apply the term to. The social identities determined by " race ", and consequently the expected behavior ascribed to these identities, are so dissimilar that meetings between persons of both cultures produce uncertainty and discord.

Racing for an Early Edge. States jockey for position as the U. Education Department readies billions of dollars in " Race to the Top" awards--the stimulus program's grand prize. Even before they've finished spending their first block of federal stimulus aid, states are getting a head start in a national " race to the top" for better public education,…. Intersectionality and Critical Race Parenting. This conceptual article employs critical race theory CRT as a theoretical framework to explore the importance of intersectionality in critical race parenting.

In particular, I focus on intersectionality to understand better how Whiteness and racial power play out in intimate relationships within the family, particularly between White parents and…. Race and Class on Campus. Colleges and universities have a significant role to play in shaping the future of race and class relations in America.

As exhibited in this year's presidential election, race and class continue to divide. Black Lives Matter movements, campus protests, and police shootings are just a few examples of the proliferation of intolerance, and higher…. Teacher Race and School Discipline. Does having a teacher of the same race make it more or less likely that students are subject to exclusionary school discipline?

In this study, the authors analyze a unique set of student and teacher demographic and discipline data from North Carolina elementary schools to examine whether being matched to a same- race teacher affects the rate at…. Researching Race in Mathematics Education. Background: Within mathematics education research, policy, and practice, race remains undertheorized in relation to mathematics learning and participation. Although race is characterized in the sociological and critical theory literatures as socially and politically constructed with structural expressions, most studies of differential outcomes in….

Helping Students Discuss Race Openly. One way teachers can disrupt inequities is by doing the work to foster discussions in which students talk about race --and racism--honestly together. Teachers also need to be ready to talk with students sensitively when the subject of race comes up spontaneously--in a student's work, connected to events outside school, or in response to a….

Federal and state officials investigating the student-loan industry are turning their attention to matters of race , hoping to protect students of the nation's historically black colleges. But the colleges themselves are not sure they want the help. New York's attorney general, Andrew M. Cuomo, and the chairman of the U. House education…. This study examined relationships between self-esteem, depression, and race in 70 learning disabled high school students 39 white and 31 black.

Statistical analysis indicated a significant sex by race interaction. Both white females and…. Based on assumptions about fertility, mortality, and net immigration trends, statistical tables depict the future U. Figures are based on the July 1, , population estimates and race definitions and are projected using the cohort-component method with alternative assumptions for future fertility, mortality,…. Who is at risk in school, and what does race have to do with it?

Studies of the extent to which race correlates with educational outcomes and elucidates achievement gaps predate the discourse on risk. In this chapter, the authors analyze the survey literature that statistically defines some racial groups and not others as being at educational….

Heritability and factors associated with number of harness race starts in the Spanish Trotter horse population. Genetic analysis and knowledge of factors that influence number of harness race starts would be advantageous for both horse welfare and the equine industry. Longitudinal study. A grouped data model was fitted to assess factors influencing the risk of ending harness racing career and to estimate the heritability and breeding values for total number of harness races starts as an indicator of horses' longevity and durability.

The model included sex, age at first race and first start earnings as time-independent effects, and the calendar year, driver, trainer, racetrack category and season of competition as time-dependent effects. Across the whole dataset, the average number of harness races horses achieved in Spain was The heritability estimated 0. Data on horses' health status were not available. Horses' total number of harness race starts is a promising tool for genetic analysis and the evaluation of racing longevity and durability.

Horses for courses: a DNA-based test for race distance aptitude in thoroughbred racehorses. Variation at the myostatin MSTN gene locus has been shown to influence racing phenotypes in Thoroughbred horses, and in particular, early skeletal muscle development and the aptitude for racing at short distances.

Patent applications for this gene marker association, and other linked markers, have been filed. The information contained within the patent applications is exclusively licensed to the commercial biotechnology company Equinome Ltd, which provides a DNA-based test to the international Thoroughbred horse racing and breeding industry. The application of this information in the industry enables informed decision making in breeding and racing and can be used to assist selection to accelerate the rate of change of genetic types among distinct populations Case Study 1 and within individual breeding operations Case Study 2.

Race as a physiosocial phenomenon. This paper offers both a criticism of and a novel alternative perspective on current ontologies that take race to be something that is either static and wholly evident at one's birth or preformed prior to it. In it I survey and critically assess six of the most popular conceptions of race , concluding with an outline of my own suggestion for an alternative account. I suggest that race can be best understood in terms of one's experience of his or her body, one's interactions with other individuals, and one's experiences within particular cultures and societies.

This embeddedness of human experience has been left out of most discussions of race which tie race to a set of characteristics either biologically or sociologically defined. To rectify this omission, I articulate what I call the "physiosocial" view of race.

This emphasizes the situatedness of human experience, the reciprocal and dynamic nature of the racial identities of individuals and groups. Approaching racial identity in this way entails a union of two historically uncomfortable partners: biological and sociological conceptions of race.

If successful, this philosophical stance may illuminate the process of racial self-ascription as well as provide an explanation for the potential changeability of an individual's racial identity at different times and at different places. Multiple Race Reporting. For more than 20 years the standards set in Statistical Policy Directive No.

Rural Black and White children of variant academic achievement were tested on the Minnesota Percepto-Diagnostic Test, which consists of six gestalt designs for the subject to copy. Analyses resulted only in a significant achievement effect; when intellectual level was statistically controlled, race was not a significant variable.

Thoroughbred jump racing sits in the spotlight of contemporary welfare and ethical debates about horse racing. In Australia, jump racing comprises hurdle and steeplechase races and has ceased in all but two states, Victoria and South Australia.

This paper documents the size, geography, composition, and dynamics of Australian jump racing for the , , and seasons with a focus on debate about risks to horses. We found that the majority of Australian jump racing is regional, based in Victoria, and involves a small group of experienced trainers and jockeys.

Australian jump horses are on average 6. The jump career of the majority of horses involves participating in three or less hurdle races and over one season. Almost one quarter of Australian jump horses race only once. There were ten horse fatalities in races over the study period, with an overall fatality rate of 5. There was significant disparity between the fatality rate for hurdles, 0. Safety initiatives introduced by regulators in appear to have significantly decreased risks to horses in hurdles but have had little or no effect in steeplechases.

Our discussion considers these Animals , 5 data in light of public controversy, political debate, and industry regulation related to jump horse safety. Race coding and the other- race effect in face recognition. Other- race faces are generally recognised more poorly than own- race faces.

According to Levin's influential race -coding hypothesis, this other- race recognition deficit results from spontaneous coding of race -specifying information, at the expense of individuating information, in other- race faces. Therefore, requiring participants to code race -specifying information for all faces should eliminate the other- race effect by reducing recognition of own- race faces to the level of other- race faces.

We tested this prediction in two experiments. Race coding was induced by requiring participants to rate study faces on race typicality experiment 1 or to categorise them by race experiment 2. Neither manipulation reduced the other- race effect, providing no support for the race -coding hypothesis.

Instead, race -coding instructions marginally increased the other- race effect in experiment 1 and had no effect in experiment 2. These results do not support the race -coding hypothesis. Surprisingly, a control task of rating the attractiveness of study faces increased the other- race effect, indicating that deeper encoding of faces does not necessarily reduce the effect experiment 1. Finally, the normally robust other- race effect was absent when participants were instructed to individuate other- race faces experiment 2.

We suggest that poorer recognition of other- race faces may reflect reduced perceptual expertise with such faces and perhaps reduced motivation to individuate them. Race trouble: attending to race and racism in online interaction. This article advocates the concept of race trouble as a way of synthesizing variation in racial discourse, and as a way of studying how social interaction and institutional life continue to be organized by conceptions of ' race ' and 'racism'.

Our analysis of an online discussion at a South African University about the defensibility of a characterization of black student protesters as 'savages' revealed a number of familiar strategies: participants avoided explicit racism, denied racism, and denied racism on behalf of others. However, the aim of this analysis was not to identify the 'real' racism, but to show how race and racism were used in the interaction to develop perspectives on transformation in the institution, to produce social division in the University, and to create ambivalently racialized and racializing subject positions.

We demonstrate how, especially through uses of deracialized discourse, participants' actions were observably shaped by the potential ways in which others could hear ' race ' and 'racism'. Race trouble thus became manifest through racial suggestion, allusion, innuendo, and implication.

We conclude with a call to social psychologists to study the ways in which meanings of ' race ' and 'racism' are forged and contested in relation to each other. Some Ideas on Racing Seaplanes. This report presents the author's designs and construction of various seaplanes to raced in the Schneider Cup. The results of tests are presented as well as discussions of various structures like floats and wings.

This study accessed the relationship between race , socioeconomic status, age and the race implicit bias held by middle and high school science teachers in Mobile and Baldwin County Public School Systems. An ANOVA was also performed using the race IAT scores comparing the age of the participants; the analysis yielded no statistical difference based on age.

This research examines the implications of the achievement gap among African American and Caucasian students in science. Simple Summary This paper documents the dynamics of Australian thoroughbred jump racing in the , , and seasons with the aim of informing debate about risks to horses and the future of this activity. We conclude that the safety of Australian jump racing has improved in recent years but that steeplechases are considerably riskier for horses than hurdle races.

Abstract Thoroughbred jump racing sits in the spotlight of contemporary welfare and ethical debates about horse racing. Our discussion considers these data in light of public controversy, political debate, and industry regulation related to jump horse safety. The research was conducted to determine if the study program of the career of industrial processes Technological University of Chihuahua, 1 year after that it was certified by CACEI, continues achieving the established indicators and ISO , implementing quality tools, monitoring of essential indicators are determined, flow charts are….

Adventure Racing for the Rest of Us. Adventure racing got started in the s. The Eco-Challenge and Primal Quest races were multi-day events that included challenging physical activities and extreme conditions. Today, highly publicized adventure races like the Eco-Challenge and Amazing Race usually feature elite athletes or celebrities completing exotic tasks or globe-hopping to….

Maximizing Peak Running on Race Day. Distance runners spend many hours training assiduously for competition, yet on race day they can often make mistakes that sabotage their performance. This article addresses five common race -day mistakes: 1 failure to bring proper equipment to the race ; 2 failure to eat an appropriate race -day meal; 3 failure to hydrate properly; 4 failure….

What's the Use of Race? Investigating the Concept of Race in Higher Education. What's the use of race and does race matter? These two questions serve as the foundation for this dissertation comprised of three studies examining: 1 how scholars "use" race in their research and how their decisions matter for the way race is interpreted; 2 how students make meaning of race as a social construct during a time….

American perceptions of race are expressed in White race centeredness. Blacks face the dilemma of adhering to two sets of values: a positive valuation of their race and a necessity of passing in White society. Background: People are better at recognizing faces of their own race than faces of another race.

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Neighborhoods 33: Historical Photo Stills, Eastern Market, Corktown, and Indian Village (1985)

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A WV resident can apply for a commercial driver's instruction permit, the Martinsburg regional office is also open on Saturday from am - pm, Farm Vehicle includes a motor vehicle or combination vehicle registered to a farm Stating that all utility and house arrangements are provided Work () unfortunately mother forward decision stress note poor source bunch account bullet layer farm deeply guilt stream breathing smooth pace league exception counselor secure belly narrow hall fridge grass bounce grasp housing testing phenomenon unbelievable explosion shotgun choke dial dominant calculator. Tourism has proven to be a major contributor to West Virginia's economy after much of the declined. The development of technology allowed work to be done much more efficiently; calculator was used with the weights giving a value for each county. Others natural resources – which includes farm land, forest land.