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If this is your first season betting on baseball, well, you picked an interesting one. Unlike football and basketball where the majority of bets are based on the point spreadbaseball is a moneyline sport. This means that bettors need to pick only who wins the game, not who covers.

Ante post betting 1000 guineas to dollars best sports betting twitter accounts

Ante post betting 1000 guineas to dollars

Three wagers combined in one. If the horse wins, the player wins all three wagers, if second, two, and if third, one. Age All thoroughbreds count January 1 as their birth date. Ajax UK slang term for 'Betting Tax'. All-age Race A race for two-year-olds and up. All Out A horse who is trying to the best of his ability. Allowances Reductions in weights to be carried allowed because of certain conditions such as; an apprentice jockey is on a horse, a female horse racing against males, or three-year-olds racing against older horses.

All Weather Racing Racing that takes place on an artificial surface. Also Ran Any selection not finishing 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th in a race or event. Ante Post Also, Futures Bets placed in advance predicting the outcome of a future event. Ante-post prices are those on major sporting events, usually prior to the day of the event itself.

In return for the chance of better odds, punters risk the fact that stakes are not returned if their selection pulls out or is cancelled. Apprentice A trainee jockey. An apprentice will usually ride only flat races. Approximates The approximate price a horse is quoted at before a race begins. Bookmakers use these approximates as a guide to set their boards. Arbitrage Where a variation in odds available allows a punter to back both sides and guarantee a win.

ART Artificial Turf. AWT All weather track. Baby Race A race for two-year-olds. Back To bet or wager. Backed A 'backed' horse is one on which lots of bets have been placed. Backed-In A horse which is backed-in means that bettors have outlaid a lot of money on that horse, with the result being a decrease in the odds offered. Back Marker In a standing start event, which is handicapped, the horse who is given the biggest handicap is known as the backmarker. Backstretch The straight way on the far side of the track.

Back Straight The straight length of the track farthest away from the spectators and the winning post. Backward A horse that is either too young or not fully fit. Banker Also, Key Highly expected to win. The strongest in a multiple selection in a parlay or accumulator. In permutation bets the banker is a selection that must win to guarantee any returns.

Bar Price Refers to the odds of those runners in a race not quoted with a price during early betting shows. The bar price is the minimum odds for any of those selections not quoted. Barrier Also, Tape A starting device used in steeple chasing consisting of an elastic band stretched across the racetrack which retracts when released.

Barrier Draw The ballot held by the race club to decide which starting stall each runner will occupy. Bat Also, Stick A jockey's whip. Beard US A friend or acquaintance or other contact who is used to placing bets so that the bookmakers will not know the identity of the actual bettor.

Many top handicappers and persons occupying sensitive positions use this method of wagering. Bearing In Out Failing to maintain a straight course, veering to the left or right. Can be caused by injury, fatigue, outside distraction, or poor riding. Beeswax UK slang term for betting tax. Also known as 'Bees' or 'Ajax'. Bell Lap In harness racing, the last lap of a race, signified by the ringing of the bell. Bet A transaction in which monies are deposited or guaranteed.

Betting Board A board used by the bookmaker to display the odds of the horses engaged in a race. Betting Ring The main area at a racecourse where the bookmakers operate. Betting Tax Tax on a Bookmaker's turnover. In the UK this is a 'Duty' levied on every Pound wagered. In the latter case, no tax is deducted from the punter's winnings. Bettor US Someone who places or has a bet.

A 'Punter' in the UK. Beyer Number A handicapping tool, popularized by author Andrew Beyer, assigning a numerical value to each race run by a horse based on final time and track condition. This enables different horses running at different racetracks to be objectively compared. Bismarck A favourite which the bookmakers do not expect to win. Blanket Finish When the horses finish so close to the winning line you could theoretically put a single blanket across them.

Blinkers A cup-shaped device applied over the sides of the horse's head near his eyes to limit his vision. This helps to prevent him from swerving away from distracting objects or other horses on either side of him. Blinker cups come in a variety of sizes and shapes to allow as little or as much vision as the trainer feels is appropriate.

Board Short for 'Tote Board' on which odds, betting pools and other race information are displayed. Bomb er A winning horse sent off at very high odds. Book A bookmaker's tally of amounts bet on each competitor, and odds necessary to assure him of profit. Bookie U. Short for bookmaker. The person or shop who accepts bets. Bookmaker Person who is licensed to accept bets on the result of an event based on their provision of odds to the customer.

Sportsbook US. Bottle UK slang, odds of 2 to 1. Box A wagering term denoting a combination bet whereby all possible numeric combinations are covered. Boxed in To be trapped between other horses. Bobble A bad step away from the starting gate, sometimes caused by the ground breaking away from under a horse and causing him to duck his head or go to his knees.

Bolt Sudden veering from a straight course. Book A collection of all the bets taken on fixed odds betting events. Bookmaker Bookie A person registered and licensed to bet with the public. Breakage Those pennies that are left over in pari-mutuel payoffs which are rounded out to a nickel or dime.

Breeders' Cup Thoroughbred racing's year-end championship. First run in Bridge-Jumper US Bettor who specializes in large show bets on odd-on favourites. Bug Boy An apprentice rider. Bull Ring Small racetrack less than one mile around. Buy the Rack US Purchase every possible daily-double or other combination ticket. Canadian Also known as a Super Yankee. A Canadian is a combination bet consisting of 26 bets with 5 selections in different events.

The combination bet is made up of 10 doubles, 10 trebles, five 4-folds and one 5-fold. Card Another term for fixture or race meeting. Caulk Projection on the bottom of a shoe to give the horse better traction, especially on a wet track.

Chalk Wagering favorite in a race. Dates from the days when on-track bookmakers would write current odds on a chalkboard. Chalk Player Bettor who wagers on favorites. Chase See 'Steeplechase'. Checked A horse pulled up by his jockey for an instant because he is cut off or in tight quarters.

Chute Extension of the backstretch or homestretch to allow a longer straight run. Client US Purchaser of betting information from horseman or other tipster. Close US Final odds on a horse e. Confusingly equates to 'Starting Price' in the UK. Closer A horse that runs best in the latter part of the race closing race , coming from off the pace. Co-Favorites Where three or more competitors share the status as favorite.

Colors Colours Racing silks, the jacket and cap worn by jockeys. Silks can be generic and provided by the track or specific to one owner. Colt An ungelded entire male horse four-years-old or younger. Conditional Jockey Same as 'Apprentice' but also allowed to jump. Correct Weight Horses are allocated a weight to carry that is checked before and, for at least the placegetters, after a race.

Correct weight must be signaled before bets can be paid out. Daily Double Type of wager calling for the selection of winners of two consecutive races, usually the first and second. See 'Late Double'. Daily Racing Form A daily newspaper containing racing information including news, past performance data and handicapping. Daily Triple A wager where the bettor must select the winner of three consecutive races. Dead Heat A tie. Two or more horses finishing equal in a race. Dead Track Racing surface lacking resiliency.

Declaration Of Weights The publication of weights allocated to each horse nominated for a race by the handicapper. Declared In the United States, a horse withdrawn from a stakes race in advance of scratch time. In Europe, a horse confirmed to start in a race.

Deductions When a horse is scratched from a race after betting on that race has already started, deductions are taken out of the win and place bets at a rate in proportion to the odds of the scratched horse. Derby A stakes event for three-year-olds. Distanced Well beaten, finishing a long distance behind the winner. Dog US The underdog in any betting proposition. Dog Player US A bettor who mainly wagers on the underdog.

Double Selecting the winners in two specific races. Draw Refers to a horse's placing in the starting stalls. For flat racing only. Stall numbers are drawn at random. Driving Strong urging by rider. Dual Forecast A tote bet operating in races of 3 or more declared runners in which the punter has to pick the first two to finish in either order.

Back to Top. An each way bet is when you have the same amount on the horse for a win and for a place. Bookmakers will give you one quarter of the win odds for a place in fields of eight or more and one third of the win odds in fields of six or seven horses.

Each Way Double Two separate bets of a win double and a place double. Each Way Single Two bets. The first is for the selection to win; the second for it to be placed each way. Eclipse Award Thoroughbred racing's year-end awards, honoring the top horses in 11 separate categories. Enclosure The area where the Runners gather for viewing before and after the race.

Equibase Company A partnership between The Jockey Club and the Thoroughbred Racing Associations to establish and maintain an industry-owned, central database of racing records. Equibase past-performance information is used in track programs across North America. Evenly Neither gaining nor losing position or distance during a race. Even Money Bet or Evens A bet. Exacta Also, Perfecta A wager that picks the first two finishers in a race in the exact order of finish.

Straight Forecast in the UK. Exacta Box A wager in which all possible combinations using a given number of horses are covered. Exotic wager Any wager other than win, place or show. Exposure The amount of money one actually stands to lose on a game or race. Extended Forced to run at top speed. False Favorite A horse that is a race favorite despite being outclassed by others.

Faltered A horse that was in contention early in the race but drops back in the late stages. Fast track Optimum condition for a dirt track that is dry, even, resilient and fast. Favorite The most popular horse in a race, which is quoted at the lowest odds because it is deemed to have the best chance of winning the race.

Feature Races Top races. Fence The inside fence is the inside running rail around the race track, while the outside fence is the outside running rail. Field 1 All the runners in a race. This is known as favorite vs the field betting and is common in horse and golf betting. Field Horse Two or more starters running as a single betting unit, when there are more entrants than positions on the totalisator board can accommodate.

Filly Female horse four-years-old or younger. Firm track A condition of a turf course corresponding to fast on a dirt track. A firm, resilient surface. First Up The first run a horse has in a new campaign or preparation. Fixed Odds Your dividend is fixed at the odds when you placed your bet. Fixture See 'Meeting'. Flag A bet consisting of 23 bets a 'Yankee' plus 6 'Single Stakes About' bets in pairs on 4 selections in different event.

Flash US Change of odds information on tote board. Flat race Contested on level ground as opposed to a steeplechase. Flatten Out When a horse drops his head almost in a straight line with his body, generally from exhaustion. Foal A baby horse, usually refers to either a male or female horse from birth to January 1st of the following year.

Fold When preceded by a number, a fold indicates the number of selections in an accumulator e. Forecast A wager that involves correctly predicting the 1st and 2nd for a particular event. This bet can be straight, reversed or permed. USA, Perfecta or Exacta.

Form Statistics of previous performance and comment as to the expected current performance of a runner, useful in deciding which runner to bet on. Form Player A bettor who makes selections from past-performance records. Front-runner A horse whose running style is to attempt to get on or near the lead at the start of the race and stay there as long as possible.

Frozen track A condition of a racetrack where any moisture present is frozen. Full Cover All the doubles, trebles and accumulators involved in a given number of selections. Furlong One-eighth of a mile or yards or feet approx. Futures Also, Ante Post Bets placed in advance predicting the outcome of a future event. Gait Harness horses are divided into two distinct groups, pacers or trotters, depending on their gait when racing.

The gait is the manner in that a horse moves its legs when running. The pacer is a horse with a lateral gait, whereas a trotter or square-gaiter has a diagonal gait. Gate Another term for barrier, or position a horse will start from. Gelding A male horse that has been castrated. Gentleman Jockey Amateur rider, generally in steeplechases. Going The condition of the racecourse firm, heavy, soft, etc.

Good track Condition between fast and slow, generally a bit wet. A dirt track that is almost fast or a turf course slightly softer than firm. Graded Race Established in to classify select stakes races in North America, at the request of European racing authorities, who had set up group races two years earlier. Capitalized when used in race title the Grade I Kentucky Derby. See 'Group Race' below. Graduate Winning for the first time. Green An inexperienced horse.

Group Race An elite group of races. Established in by racing organizations in Britain, France, Germany and Italy to classify select stakes races outside North America. Collectively called 'Pattern Races'. Equivalent to North American graded races. Always denoted with Arabic numerals 1, 2, or 3. Capitalized when used in race title the Group 1 Epsom Derby. See 'Graded Race' above.

Hand Four inches. A horse's height is measured in hands and inches from the top of the shoulder withers to the ground, e. Thoroughbreds typically range from 15 to 17 hands. Handicap 1 Race for which the track handicapper assigns the weights to be carried. Each horse is allocated a different weight to carry, the theory being all horses then run on a fair and equal basis.. Handicapper The official who decides the weights to be carried in handicap events, and the grading of horses and greyhounds.

Hand Ride The jockey urges a horse with the hands and arms without using the whip. Hard track A condition of a turf course where there is no resiliency to the surface. Head A margin between horses. One horse leading another by the length of its head. Head Of The Stretch Beginning of the straight run to the finish line. Heavy track Wettest possible condition of a turf course, similar to muddy but slower; not usually found in North America.

Hedge The covering of a bet with a second bet. Hedging A bet made by a cautious bookie on a horse on which he has accepted large bets - in order to cut his losses if the horse wins also known as a 'lay-off bet'. Heinz A Heinz is a multiple bet consisting of 57 bets involving 6 selections in different events. The multiple bet breakdown is 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15x4-folds, 6x5-folds and one 6-fold.

High Weight Highest weight assigned or carried in a race. Home Turn The final turn a horse must travel around before entering the home straight in the run to the finish line. Horse When reference is made to sex, a 'horse' is an ungelded male five-years-old or older. Hung A horse holding the same position, unable to make up distance on the winner.

Impost Weight carried or assigned. In Hand Running under moderate control, at less than best pace. Inquiry Reviewing the race to check into a possible infraction of the rules. Also, a sign flashed by officials on the tote board on such occasions. If lodged by a jockey, it is called an objection. In The Money Describes the horses in a race that finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd and sometimes 4th or the horses on which money will be paid to bettors, depending on the place terms.

Investor A bettor. A person at a licensed race meeting who bets with a bookmaker or the totalisator, or a person not present at the meeting, but places bets on the horses engaged at that meeting with the off-course totalisator. Joint Favourites When a sportsbook or bookmaker cannot separate two horses or teams for favouritism, they are made joint favourites.

Judge The person who declares the official placing for each race. Juice The bookmaker's commission, also known as vigorish or vig. Jumper Steeplechase or hurdle horse. Jolly The favourite in a race. Judge The official who determines the finishing order of a race. Juvenile Two-year-old horse.

Key Horse The main expected winning horse used in multiple combinations in an exotic wager. Late Double A second daily double offered during the latter part of the program. See 'Daily Double' above. Lay Off, Layoff Bets made by one bookmaker with another bookmaker, in an effort to reduce his liability in respect of bets already laid by him with investors.

Leg In To nominate one runner to win with a selection of other runners. Quinella bet with selection 4 to win, from runners 5, 7, 8 and 9 to come second, in any order. Length A measurement approximating the length of a horse from nose to tail, about 8 feet, used to denote distance between horses in a race. For example, "Secretariat won the Belmont by 31 lengths".

Lengthen The opposite of 'Shorten'. Referred to odds getting longer, that is, more attractive to the bettor. Listed Race A stakes race just below a group race or graded race in quality. Lock As in 'Banker' US term for an almost certain winner. Easy winner. Long Odds More than Long Shot Also, Outsider An runner is often referred to as being a long shot, because of the fact it is returning high odds and is therefore deemed to have little chance of winning the race.

Lug In Out Action of a tiring horse, bearing in or out, failing to keep a straight course. Maiden 1 A horse or rider that has not won a race. Maiden Race A race for non-winners. Mare Female horse five-years-old or older.

Market The list of all horses engaged in a race and their respective odds. Meeting A collection of races conducted by a club on the same day or night forms a race meeting. Mile Rate In harness racing it is the approximate time a horse would have run per mile meters.

Minus Pool A mutuel pool caused when a horse is so heavily played that, after deductions of state tax and commission, there is not enough money left to pay the legally prescribed minimum on each winning bet. The racing association usually makes up the difference. Money Rider A rider who excels in rich races. Morning Glory Horse who performs well in morning workouts but fails to fire in actual races.

Morning Line Approximate odds quoted before wagering begins. Just as many horses scratch when a turf race is moved to dirt main track , MTO horses are entered into a scheduled turf race anticipating the race may be switched to dirt. Turf races occasionally include MTO entrants. They will be added into the field if the race is taken off the turf and scratches can accommodate them.

Mudder A horse that races well on muddy tracks. Also known as a 'Mudlark'. Muddy track A condition of a racetrack which is wet but has no standing water. Mutuel Pool Short for 'Parimutuel Pool'. Sum of the wagers on a race or event, such as the win pool, daily double pool, exacta pool, etc. Nap The selection that racing correspondents and tipsters nominate as their strongest selection of the day or meeting. Reputed to stand for 'Napoleon'.

National Thoroughbred Racing Association NTRA A non-profit, membership organization created in to improve economic conditions and public interest in Thoroughbred racing. Neck Unit of measurement about the length of a horse's neck.

Nod Lowering of head. To win by a nod, a horse extends its head with its nose touching the finish line ahead of a close competitor. Liga I Cup. Super League. Winner Winning Nationality? Top goalscorer. England Poland Sweden Grand Prix Denmark Prime minister after next election. Elitloppet Prix d'Amerique Athletics: European Indoor Championships 60 metres men metres men metres men metres men metres men 60 metres hurdles men 4 x metres relay men High Jump men Pole Vault men Long Jump men Triple Jump men Shot Put men Heptathlon men 60 metres women metres women metres women metres women metres women 60 metres hurdles women 4 x metres relay women High Jump women Pole Vault women Long Jump women Triple Jump women Shot Put women Pentathlon women metres men.

Sweden World Championships Country with most medals Athletics metres men 10, metres men metres women metres women Long jump women Triple jump women Heptathlon women. Men Women. Men's singles Women's singles.


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Our experts also highlight some interesting Guineas betting trends. If you are considering having a bet on the Guineas, it could be worth your while to keep on reading…. Only two horses have completed this feat in the post-war era, Meld in and Oh So Sharp in European bred horses have dominated the race, and the race is usually won by horses trained in the UK, Ireland or France.

Robert Robson is the leading trainer with a record 9 wins between and George Fordham is the top Guineas jockey with 7 wins between and You can check out some more interesting Guineas facts and records below…. Newmarket is the focal point of flat racing in the UK and the Guineas is run on Newmarket Racecourse.

The testing Rowley Mile is the track used for the race and horses need a mix of speed and stamina to win. This year the Guineas will be run at Newmarket on Saturday, May 5th, QIPCO are the current sponsors of the race and they also sponsor the Guineas, run on the previous day. We also have a Guineas betting guide and you should make sure to check that out too.

The Guineas is a Classic in its own right, but plenty of trainers use it as a stepping stone. If a horse stays on late over 8f in the Guineas they will usually be stepped up in trip in the Oaks. The markets have already been formed for the Guineas and most bookies have prices available. If you are considering having an ante-post punt, you should keep on reading.

Below we reveal some important Guineas trends that could help you to unearth the winner. We also discuss the chances of some of the key players, so keep on scrolling to find out more…. It is always advisable to try and spot any trends or patterns for races you are considering having a flutter on. The Guineas is no exception and we noticed some interesting trends that could help uncover the winner.

Check them out below…. Choosing what horse you want to back for the Guineas is obviously an important decision. However, selecting the best bookmaker to bet on your selection is almost equally as important. When choosing a Guineas betting site you should look for bookies that offer value when it comes to odds. Also, check out the available sign up offers and promotions. It is only a few months until the Guineas and already the market is taking shape. Plenty of betting sites have ante post odds available.

However, even at this early stage it pays to shop around, especially if you are having an each way bet. That is why they are our number one Guineas bookie. At the time of writing, the Guineas looked wide open. This filly has won three of her seven starts and took the 7f Group 2 Rockfel here last season.

As one would expect with a horse from this yard, she is bred in the purple. Dansili is an outstanding sire and her Montjeu dam is out of a half sister to the mighty Galileo. She will need good ground to be seen at her best, so keep an eye on the weather close to the race.

However, there is a real chance that Newspaperofrecord could feature in If she does, she will undoubtedly be one of the main protagonists. She beat The Mackem Bullet by a neck in that 6f Group 1, while the margin was a nose when they met at Goodwood.

The worry for supporters of this filly is whether she will see out the stiff mile at Newmarket. Her pedigree is all about speed and stamina has to be a big doubt. She has yet to race at beyond 6f so her first run back should reveal a lot. If it turns out she does stay a mile she will be very dangerous, as she possesses plenty of speed.

One filly that looks massively overpriced for the Guineas is Skitter Scatter. In our opinion, this daughter of Scat Daddy was the best 2yo in Ireland in She is teak tough and won four times from seven runs. She improved with every outing and signed off with an impressive win in the Group 1 Moyglare Stakes over 7f. She has yet to race over the Guineas distance of 8f, but she is bred to get the trip. Her half sister won a stakes race in the USA over a mile, and her dam was a 10f winner. She is also a half sister to Dewhurst winner Intense Focus, so this filly lacks nothing on the breeding front.

That makes them very risky, but the odds are usually very rewarding. At the current prices, we think Skitter Scatter represents the best value. This filly is tough as old boots and she not only travels well, she also has a serious turn of foot. Oxx and Prendergast will be looking to make a statement in their first season together and Skitter Scatter could put their new venture on the map.

With a background in esports betting and a regular bettor himself, Theo loves helping punters find the best deals. This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy. By closing this banner, scrolling this page, clicking a link or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies.

Sportsbetting24 Sports Horse Racing Guineas. Sign-up Offer. New customers only. Money back as bonus if first bet loses. Wagering requirements: sportsbook 3x at min. Unless forfeited the sportsbook bonus must be wagered before using the casino bonus. Bonus expires 7 days after opt-in. No deposit required for NI customers. Call to claim. No deposit required for NI customers This offer applies to your first bet only.

If you win your first bet the bonus has been used. New Customers Only. Customers from Russia Accepted. Free Bets. PayPal and Card Payments only. Please Gamble Responsibly. Gameshow bonus is capped at a max. PayPal and Card payments only. The free bet has a 7-day expiry period. Returns exclude Bet Credits stake. The bonus code CD can be used during registration, but does not change the offer amount in any way. Full list below.

Open Account Offer Available to new customers only. He finished last year winning the Futurity at Doncaster and his trainer has stated he could go straight to Newmarket without a run. Skardu , who won the Craven Stakes this week seeing off Royal Marine and Zakouski has shot up the betting and trainer William Haggas said after his victory that he does little at home but produces it on the racecourse.

But it remains to be seen if that form is good enough over an extra furlong. She ran four times as a 2-year-old and came good in her last two races winning both reasonably comfortably, but was firmly put in her place this week. The final one of which was the Cheveley Park Stakes here at Newmarket.

She is yet to race further than 6f but her trainer said after her victory that he always thought she would get a mile. Oxx stated that his filly would go straight to Newmarket and her big heart could take her a long way.

Betting to dollars ante 1000 guineas post im a celeb betting odds

Tipping: 1,000 Guineas

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Guineas Stakes betting and Guineas Stakes betting. pts e.w. Spring Of Love in Guineas at 33/1 of non-participation, this is clearly no time to be investing heavily antepost. for (half-sister to Kentucky Derby winner Nyquist) and made 1,, dollars as a yearling. Shale is the current favourite in the early betting for next year's Indigo Girl is the shortest priced UK-based horse in the ante-post betting for the 1, Guineas Claim a 50% deposit bonus up to the value of USD $