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If this is your first season betting on baseball, well, you picked an interesting one. Unlike football and basketball where the majority of bets are based on the point spreadbaseball is a moneyline sport. This means that bettors need to pick only who wins the game, not who covers.

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25 to 1000 betting challenge twitterpated

You need to lay out a clear-cut number of days you plan on running vs. This same line of thinking applies to PR plans. You need a clearly defined plan that reflects your campaign goals and lays out a road map with deliverables and action items to meet them. Have good gear tools. You want some good running tennis shoes that are going to last through training and some shorts that are going to wick away the rain and sweat. Same thing applies when gearing up for a PR campaign.

You need to have the right tools in place like media lists, strategic plans and a clear picture of the competitive landscape in order to run the best and most effective campaign. That is also one of the most important pieces of advice for new runners and those training for their first race.

Get creative and change up the plan. Last, but certainly not least — Celebrate! Whether you are celebrating a 2 mile run, a 20 mile run or just getting off the couch for a walk that day, celebrate. Small successes lead you in the right direction every single day. Like our victory bell here at Konnect , we celebrate the victories with each other on a regular basis when we reach our goals! Since its introduction in , Snapchat has been stirring up the world of social media.

In May of , users sent 25 images per second, and by November of the same year, Snapchat use grew to 20 million photos shared per day. Enter the almighty Geofilter! We hate to spoil the Snapchat magic, but those were placed there strategically by businesses like Konnect Agency.

And there you have it! Good luck and get snapping! While I will be forever Team Jess and wish that I could live off of a diet of pizza and donuts, alas and alack, I will never be transported to Stars Hallow. That being said, I have learned many valuable lessons from binge-watching countless hours of Gilmore Girls that have made me a better publicist.

With his made-to-hashtag name and seasonally-appropriate red sweater, viewers looking for common ground during a divisive election cycle were quick to embrace his everyman demeanor and practical question about energy policy. Within days, he was everywhere —The New York Times interviewed him , Stephen Colbert sang about him , his Twitter followers exploded from seven to more than , and several online retailers sold out of his iconic sweater. But his status as an everyman hero was short-lived.

Bone weighed in on some controversial and politically-charged topics and playfully commented on a variety of decidedly NSFW content. His late-week fall from grace happened just as fast as his early-week rise to fame. First and foremost, be just as careful when choosing the words you use online as you are when speaking publicly. When sitting at the keyboard, it can be easy to forget that much of what we post online can be traced back to us.

Once you share something online, it becomes part of your digital footprint and can be linked back to you in most cases. Secondly, be aware of the privacy settings on social networking sites and be careful with who you allow to follow you. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have options for limiting who can view the content you share.

Bone could easily have avoided the more unpleasant parts of his big week by creating a new Reddit account to use during his 15 minutes of fame. As a brand strategy agency, we believe in a unique approach to every client we work with, and our whatever-it-takes mindset drives every challenge we face.

This integrated approach ensures the right campaigns and solutions for your company. At Konnect, your brand is our brand. Image from Sporting News With such a ripe opportunity for marketing and PR, what companies are cashing in and making some big league plays to take advantage? Here are the top three that caught my eye: Everyone wishes they had tickets to the Series, but they are seriously difficult to come by. Hungry baseball fans who have been drinking late into the evening?

Seems like the perfect fit! But in the meantime, they are enjoying a ton of press for their creativity. Or so I thought. Especially when it comes to business. They are impressive and have withstood the test of time. People travel from all over the world to see them. They have survived anyone who had anything to do with their original construction. They are marvels and people do not know them for the rigor that was necessary to produce them.

The same can be said for business. In the moment, there are challenges that arise that seem insurmountable. Each individual challenge, when looked at with a microscope, can seem too daunting, too hard to overcome. Success takes time. Things rarely go as initially planned. But if you keep the long term goal in mind and in sight, anything is possible. So often, people including me forget to stop and smell the roses. Dodging arrows, Indy gets away on an awaiting seaplane.

Back in the U. The erudite gentleman chides Indy for his illicit practices of hunting artifacts for financial gain, then alerts his friend to the presence of two U. Indy explains that Tanis is the burial place of the Lost Ark of the Covenant, which holds the Ten Commandments, but its exact location has remained a mystery for 3, years. To prevent Hitler from obtaining the ark, the agents offer Indy a lucrative deal to retrieve the artifact, and he begins his journey, unaware he is being followed by a Nazi operative named Arnold Toht.

The young woman, who was once romantically involved with Indy, is displeased by the reunion and blames him for exploiting her innocence. When Indy leaves, Arnold Toht skulks inside with an army of Nepalese henchmen and demands the headpiece, threatening Marion with a hot poker from her fire pit. However, Indy comes to her rescue and a gun battle ensues, setting the tavern ablaze. In the commotion, Toht grabs the medallion, but it has been scorched by the fire and brands his palm.

As Toht drops the artifact and runs away, Indy and Marion overcome their attackers. After a brief respite, the couple is attacked in a marketplace, and Indy mistakenly believes his lover has been killed in a truck explosion. Back at Nazi base camp, Indy disguises himself as an Arab and is joyous to find Marion alive. At sundown, Indy and Sallah excavate the Well of Souls, and pry open the roof to discover a chamber filled with venomous snakes. Belloq, Arnold Toht, and a commander named Colonel Dietrich, throw Marion into the snake pit and trap the couple inside, sealing off light and air.

However, Indy uses his bullwhip to topple a statue and knock down a wall. The couple resurfaces at an airfield where Nazis prepare to airlift the ark, but Indy fights off a Nazi muscle man, who meets his death by backing into the plane propeller, the aircraft explodes due to a gas leak. Realizing the ark will be diverted away on a truck, Indy orders Marion to meet him back in Cairo and chases the convoy on horseback.

Although Indy hijacks the truck, he is thrown from the speeding vehicle and slides underneath the carriage to regain control of the wheel. When the Nazis recapture Marion and the ark, the steamer captain convinces the Germans that Indy is dead, and they fail to notice as he stows away on the submarine.

As the U-boat lands on a remote island, Belloq convinces Dietrich to open the ark before delivering it to Hitler, and the men lead a procession to find a suitable place for the unveiling. Indy ambushes the Nazis along the way, but Belloq challenges the archeologist to destroy the relic, and Indy backs down. Indy and Marion are tied to a stake and watch from afar as the ark is opened. Although there is nothing inside but sand, steam rises from the vessel, taking the form of ghosts.

As Indy warns Marion to keep her eyes shut, chaos ensues. Arnold Toht, Colonel Dietrich, and their soldiers are mesmerized by the phantoms, and Belloq is possessed by a supernatural fire that shoots laser beams from his eyes and drills onlookers through their hearts.

After a gas storm sweeps away the bodies, Indy opens his eyes and embraces his terrified lover. Back in Washington, D. James Bond DR. NO Composer: Monty Norman. British Secret Service Agent James Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate the murder of a fellow agent and his secretary. Upon his arrival, Bond experiences attempts on his life through an automobile crash, by means of a tarantula, and by seduction by Miss Taro.

No, a mad scientist operating from Crab Key; and despite the natives' fear of the key because of the legend of a fire-breathing dragon, he persuades Quarrel, a black man, to transport him there and assist him in the investigation. Landing, they encounter Honey, a blonde, bikini-clad, shell-hunter; and after they are spotted by Dr.

No's patrol boat, Bond persuades Honey to join them. Trying frantically to escape, they are cornered by a flamethrowing tank the dragon of the legend , which kills Quarrel. Bond and Honey are captured and imprisoned in Dr. No's secret base, where they learn of his experiments to divert the course of rockets fired from Cape Canaveral. Bond escapes from his cell by means of a ventilator shaft and intercepts Dr. No just as he is ready to deflect another rocket. In a death struggle, Dr.

No is killed, and Bond flicks every switch in the laboratory; but before the final explosion, he rescues Honey and they escape in a motor launch. Warner Hal B. Wallis Writer: Julius J. Pictures, Inc. Composer: Max Steiner. Exit visas, which are necessary to leave the country, are at a premium, so when two German couriers carrying letters of transit signed by General DeGaulle are murdered and the letters stolen, German Major Strasser and Louis Renault, the prefecture of police, are eager to find the documents.

Strasser is particularly concerned that the letters not be sold to Victor Lazlo, the well-known Czech resistance leader, who is rumored to be on his way to Casablanca. Earlier, Ugarte, a shady dealer in exit visas, had asked Rick to hold the stolen letters temporarily, explaining that he has a buyer for them and with the money from their sale, he plans to leave Casablanca.

Although Rick fought on the side of the loyalists in Spain, he has grown cynical, and when Renault advises him not to interfere with Ugarte's arrest, Rick replies "I stick my neck out for nobody. Ilsa recognizes Sam, the piano player, and while Lazlo makes covert contact with the underground, Ilsa insists that Sam play the song "As Time Goes By.

Rick is taken aback when he sees Ilsa, whom he knew in Paris. He refuses to go without her, and she agrees to meet him at the train station. Instead of coming, though, she sends him a farewell note, and Sam and Rick leave just ahead of the Nazis. She tries to explain her actions, but when a drunken Rick accuses her of being a tramp, she walks out. The following day, Lazlo and Ilsa meet with Renault and, there they learn that Ugarte has been killed while in police custody.

After Rick helps a young Romanian couple win enough money at roulette to allow them to leave the country, Lazlo, suspecting that Rick has the letters, asks to buy them. Rick refuses and, when Lazlo asks his reasons, suggests that he ask Ilsa.

That night, while Lazlo attends an underground meeting, Ilsa meets Rick and explains that she stayed behind in Paris because, on the day Rick left Paris she had learned that Lazlo, her husband, whom she had married in secret and thought dead, was alive.

Now realizing that they still love each other, Ilsa tells Rick that he must made decisions for both of them. Meanwhile, the police break up the underground meeting, and Lazlo takes refuge at Rick's. Before he is arrested, he begs Rick to use the letters to take Ilsa away from Casablanca. They head for the airport, but Renault has managed to alert Strasser, who hurries after them.

At the airport, Rick tells Ilsa, who thought that she would be staying with him, that she is to leave with Lazlo because she gives meaning to his work. He then tells Lazlo that he and Ilsa loved each other in Paris, and that she pretended she was still in love with him in order to get the letters.

Lazlo, who understands what really happened, welcomes Rick back to the fight before he and Ilsa board the plane. Strasser arrives just as the airplane is about to take off and when he tries to delay the flight, Rick shoots him. Renault then quickly telephones the police, but instead of turning in Rick, he advises them to "round up the usual suspects," and the two men leave Casablanca for the Free French garrison at Brassaville.

It is, Rick says, "the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Composer: Dimitri Tiomkin. At on a quiet morning in , three outlaws ride into the western town of Hadleyville just as its marshal, Will Kane, is being married to a pretty Quaker named Amy Fowler. To please Amy, Will resigns his post immediately after the ceremony, but he is troubled because the new marshal has not arrived to take his place.

Suddenly the station master rushes in with the terrible news that Frank Miller, a wild outlaw whom Will had arrested for murder five years earlier, recently received a pardon and is due to arrive in Hadleyville on the noon train. Alarmed, the wedding guests urge Will and Amy to leave town immediately, but after only a few moments on the road, Will turns the wagon around and heads back. Will's young wife begs him to leave with her, and when he protests that he has never run from anyone, she threatens to leave on the train whether or not he accompanies her.

Will hurriedly begins to make plans for the town's defense, and is surprised when Judge Percy Mettrick, who had sentenced Miller to be hanged, packs his belongings and flees. Will is relieved to see Harvey Pell, his deputy, still in town, but Harvey, angry that an outsider was hired to replace the retiring marshal, agrees to stay only if Will promises to support his bid for the post.

Will refuses, whereupon Harvey removes his guns and walks out. Will visits his old flame, businesswoman Helen Ramirez, who had formerly been Miller's mistress. Will warns Helen about Frank, and she admits that she has sold her store and plans to depart on the noon train. In the saloon, men who enjoyed the rowdy times when Frank and his henchmen controlled the town celebrate his imminent return and refuse Will's request for help. Will then visits the home of his friend, Sam Fuller, but as Sam listens from the next room, his wife tells Will that he is not at home.

Next, Will interrupts the church service to ask for deputies. Although several of the townspeople proclaim that it is Will who has made their town safe and decent, many of them also argue that Miller's impending arrival is not their problem. Finally, Mayor Jonas Henderson declares that a gunfight would hurt the town's image and that Will should have left when he had the chance.

Stunned, Will leaves the church and asks his mentor, Martin Howe, for help. Howe, once the marshal himself, has become cynical, however, and after Will exits his home, he mumbles, "It's all for nothing, Will. As noon approaches, Amy visits Helen, who assures her that there is no longer anything between herself and Will.

She also reproaches the young wife for not defending her husband, but softens after Amy reveals that both her father and brother were killed in a gunfight. In Will's office, the only citizen who had willingly pinned on a deputy's badge now backs out and goes home, leaving the marshal utterly alone. Will writes his last will and testament, then enters the deserted street as Amy and Helen drive a wagon toward the train station.

The train arrives, and as Miller disembarks, the two women get on board. Miller straps on his gun, and the four outlaws walk toward the center of town, where Will awaits them. When one of the outlaws breaks a window, Will is able to duck inside a building and shoot him.

Hearing the shot, Amy gets off the train and runs back to town. Will kills another of his attackers and takes cover in the livery stable, which the two remaining outlaws set on fire. As the frightened horses charge out, Will leaps on one and makes his escape, but falls after being shot in the arm. Amy shoots one of the gunmen in the back before he can shoot Will, but is captured by Miller, who uses her as a hostage. In response to Miller's threats, Will faces him in the street, but Amy pushes the outlaw, giving Will the chance to shoot him dead.

Amy and Will embrace, and the townspeople rush into the street. Disgusted by the cowardice of his former friends, Will tosses his tin star in the dirt at their feet, then leaves with Amy. Crawford tells Clarice, a former student of his at the University of Virginia, that the FBI is collecting data on all imprisoned serial killers, but thus far, they have had no luck with Dr. Frederick Chilton, Clarice is warned upon arrival that Dr.

Chilton suggests Jack Crawford is attempting to manipulate Lecter by sending an attractive woman to question him. Clarice is led to a maximum-security corridor in the basement, where Lecter is being held in a glassed-in cell. Clarice introduces herself, and Lecter sniffs the air, guessing the type of lotion and perfume she uses.

Clarice walks past a neighboring cell, where a prisoner named Miggs masturbates and throws semen in her face. Lecter overhears and calls Clarice back. Later, Jack Crawford tells Clarice that Lecter retaliated against Miggs by verbally tormenting him until he swallowed his own tongue. Clarice guesses the killer could be Buffalo Bill and presses for more information, but Lecter demands to be transferred to a new hospital and given a cell with a view.

In exchange, he offers a complete psychological profile on Buffalo Bill. Senator Ruth Martin. She gives Lecter a case file, and he agrees to help in exchange for personal information about Clarice. She confesses that her mother died very young, and her father, a policeman, was killed in the line of duty when she was ten years old, leaving her orphaned.

She went to live with relatives on a farm in Montana, although she ran away after two months. Although Buffalo Bill is not a transsexual, he says it is one of many identities the killer has tried on in an effort to escape his own terrifying pathology. Catherine cries and begs to see her mother, then screams in terror when she sees a fingernail embedded in the well wall. Later, Dr. Frederick Chilton visits Lecter, who is restrained inside his cell. Unwittingly leaving his pen behind on the bed, Chilton claims he made a legitimate deal with Senator Ruth Martin, who has offered Lecter a transfer to a Tennessee prison.

Soon, Lecter is strapped to an upright stretcher, restrained with a face mask, and flown to Memphis, where he meets Ruth Martin at the airport. He also gives a physical description, then insults Martin by asking her if she breastfed Catherine and suggesting her nipples must tingle when her daughter is in peril. Clarice goes to the Memphis building where Lecter is being held overnight in a makeshift cell. He presses her for more personal information, and she reveals the reason she ran away from the farm in Montana: One night, she woke to a frightening noise and discovered lambs being slaughtered in the barn; she tried to save them and was sent to an orphanage as punishment.

In turn, Lecter describes Buffalo Bill as someone driven by a covetous nature, and explains that a person begins to covet what he or she sees every day. Later, Lecter uses the pen Dr. Chilton dropped in his cell to break free from handcuffs and attack two police guards, Lieutenant Boyle and Sergeant Pembry, murdering them and posing as a wounded Pembry to escape the building. Despite the news, Clarice continues her investigation in Belvedere. Clarice rings the doorbell, and Buffalo Bill answers the door.

He identifies himself as Jack Gordon and leads her inside. Clarice observes his odd behavior and notices a moth flying around spools of yarn. She orders him to freeze at gunpoint, but Bill flees into the basement. Clarice follows, discovers Catherine Martin in the well, and assures her she is safe. Catherine begs Clarice not to leave her alone, but Clarice goes in search of Buffalo Bill. The lights are shut off and Clarice fumbles in the dark.

Using infrared goggles to stalk her, Buffalo Bill creeps up behind Clarice, but she hears him cock his gun and reflexively turns and shoots him dead. Police arrive and escort Catherine Martin and Clarice outside. Sometime later, Jack Crawford watches Clarice graduate and congratulates her afterward. She is told she has a phone call, and recognizes Dr. Calling from an undisclosed tropical location, Lecter promises not to attack her, saying the world is more interesting with her in it.

Frederick Chilton disembark from a small plane. Composer: Bill Conti. In late November, , Rocky Balboa, a sweet, garrulous, slightly over-the-hill boxer, wins his latest match with more fury than talent. Although he is well-known and well-liked in his South Philadelphia neighborhood, back in his dingy apartment, he has only his turtles to whom he can report his triumph. He then visits the local pet store in the hope of winning over the painfully shy clerk, Adrian Pennino, but she barely responds to his efforts.

Demoralized, Rocky turns to the one place at which he feels at home, the gym, but there discovers that his manager, Mickey Goldmill, has given his locker to a new contender. After once again getting nowhere with Adrian, Rocky visits her brother, meat packer Paulie Pennino, to ask why she disdains him. Declaring that Americans will love the idea of an underdog ostensibly being given his big chance, he thumbs through a list of local boxers and pinpoints Rocky, whose self-appointed nickname is "The Italian Stallion," as an interesting ethnic counterpoint.

Embarrassed, she declares herself unready for guests, prompting Paulie to explode in anger and throw her turkey dinner into the alleyway. Although she locks herself in the bedroom in response, Rocky urges her to come out and takes her to a closed ice skating rink, which he convinces the manager to open briefly. As Adrian skates, Rocky trots alongside her, explaining that he never succeeded as a boxer because he is a left-handed hitter.

When he confesses that his father told him he had no brains so had better work with his body, Adrian reveals that her mother told her to develop her brains, as she did not have a good body. Walking to his apartment, he asserts that their weaknesses—his dim-wittedness and her timidity—make them perfect partners. At his stoop, she tries to leave but he charms her into staying, then once inside soothes her skittishness and gently initiates a passionate embrace.

However, Jergens convinces him that he cannot pass up the chance of a lifetime, and soon after the bout is announced on television. Watching the broadcast later, Paulie points out to Rocky that the commentators were mocking him, and although Rocky professes not to care, he later admits his distress to Adrian.

Minutes later, however, Rocky chases after Mickey and hires him. Rocky immediately begins a self-imposed, grueling training schedule, running through the city at four a. On his first day, he ascends the steep, stone stairs of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and is exhausted by the time he reaches the top. When Paulie then questions angrily whether or not Rocky has slept with Adrian, Rocky pushes him away, punching a frozen carcass until his fists bleed.

Afterward, Paulie overhears Rocky complaining to Adrian about him, and threatening them both with a bat, raves that he failed to marry in order to take care of Adrian. With sudden vitriol, she screams that she owes him nothing and no longer wants to feel like a loser, and after Paulie collapses in drunken exhaustion, Adrian and Rocky agree that she will move in with him. Each day, Rocky runs through the neighborhood, receiving the well-wishes of the locals. Finally, after weeks of exertion, he is able to run up the museum steps with ease, and at the top throws up his hands in triumph.

His status as the underdog contender has earned him national attention and affection, but on the night before the fight, Rocky visits the empty arena and realizes anew that there is no way he can win. Next, with supreme fanfare, Creed, throwing money to the crowd, enters the arena, costumed as George Washington on a boat. Creed, overconfident, is far quicker than Rocky and jabs at him tauntingly, but when Rocky lands an unexpected strong hit, felling Creed for the first time ever, the champion returns with renewed vigilance.

He begins to pummel Rocky, and when Rocky manages to back Creed up against the ropes, Creed breaks his nose. During the ensuing bout, Rocky takes a tremendous beating but continually rebounds to land a few hard punches. Fourteen rounds later, both are still fighting with equal commitment and have suffered multiple injuries. Exhausted, Rocky keeps struggling to his feet, even as the commentators wonder what could possibly be keeping him up, and Mickey demands that he give up.

Finally, Rocky slams Creed in the ribs, causing internal bleeding. In their respective corners, Rocky demands that his cut man slice his eye with a razor to drain it of blood, while Creed orders his trainer to let the fight continue. The fifteen rounds finally draw to a close and the crowd roars its approval. She runs toward him, slowed by the crowd, as the announcer proclaims that the fight has ended in a split decision. When Adrian finally reaches Rocky, she falls into his arms. Flush with his own personal victory and barely even registering that the fight has been called for Creed, Rocky declares his love for her.

Ripley, a pilot officer, hibernates inside a spacecraft as it docks at Gateway space station. Although Ripley claims she blew up the ship to annihilate the alien that killed her crew, the flight recorder does not corroborate her explanation, and the board is skeptical. Ripley says the alien, which gestates inside human bodies, laid thousands of eggs on the spaceship after it landed on the planet LV Sometime later, Burke tells Ripley that the Company has lost contact with the LV colony and asks her to return to the planet with a brigade of marines.

Although Ripley initially refuses, she wakes from a recurring nightmare and calls Burke to agree under the condition that the aliens are annihilated, not retained for research. Later, the rescue mission crew, including Ripley and Burke, approach LV and are awakened from hibernation. The crew is dropped to the surface of LV in a transport spaceship furnished with weapons and an armored vehicle. Heavily armed, the first squad of marines, including Private Vasquez, Private Hudson, Corporal Hicks and Sergeant Apone, enter the building as Ripley surveys video footage transmitted by eye-level cameras attached to their helmets.

The soldiers soon find evidence of aliens, but Hicks fails to detect signs of life in his motion sensor. When motion is detected outside, the soldiers prepare for an attack, but instead discover a frightened little girl named Newt. Back in the medlab, Bishop dissects an alien while Hudson detects a congregation of life forms at a nearby processing station. One woman, still alive, begs to be killed as an alien bursts from her chest.

As Hudson detects another alien, the soldiers are attacked and their communication with Gorman is cut off. Meanwhile, Gorman hits his head and becomes unconscious. Ripley suggests that they incinerate the planet with a nuclear explosion, but Burke refuses to authorize the plan. When Ripley points out that the mission is a military operation and Hicks is in charge, the corporal orders immediate evacuation and destruction of the plant. Before they can return to the transport spacecraft, however, the ship is attacked by an alien and explodes, leaving the crew stranded.

Back at the central plant, Ripley learns it will take seventeen days for a rescue mission to reach them and orders Hudson to find blueprints of the building so they can barricade themselves. That night, Ripley puts Newt to sleep in the medlab and gives her the locator, promising not to leave without her.

When Bishop tells Ripley about his research, she orders him to kill the alien specimens, but he reports that Burke wants the creatures returned to Company labs alive. Later, Burke explains that the specimens are highly lucrative. Later, Bishop, an android crew member, shows Ripley and Hicks a malfunctioning ventilation system that will cause the planet to explode in four hours.

In a last chance for survival, Bishop offers to commandeer a nearby transmitter so he can remote-pilot a rescue spaceship. After Gorman revives from his injury, Ripley falls asleep with Newt in the medlab, but wakes to find an escaped alien locked inside with them.

When Ripley motions for help on the security camera, Burke turns off the monitor. Ripley then uses her cigarette lighter to trigger the fire alarm and as she fights off the alien, Hicks smashes through the window to rescue her. Ripley tells the crew that Burke released the aliens so they would impregnate her and Newt, thereby allowing him to smuggle embryos back to Gateway.

Although Hicks wants to kill Burke, the lights go out and Ripley announces that the aliens have cut off the electricity. Using a motion sensor, Hudson detects approaching aliens, and the creatures attack from the ceiling. A battle ensues, leaving Hudson and Burke dead. Meanwhile, Vasquez, who is defending the team from behind, is injured and Gorman runs to her aid. Realizing he and Vasquez are surrounded, Gorman detonates a grenade, sacrificing their lives to help the others.

Further along in the duct, Newt falls down a shaft and Ripley and Hicks follow the signal from her locator. However, before they rescue Newt, an alien captures the girl and Hicks is wounded. As Ripley helps Hicks to the dock, the spacecraft arrives. After peeling the girl from the resin, Ripley encounters the queen alien, laying eggs. Ripley backs away, setting fire to the nest. As the queen pursues them, Ripley and Newt return to the dock only to find the ship gone.

However, Bishop pilots the spacecraft back to his companions and they escape LV as it explodes. Back at the space station, as Ripley commends Bishop, he is impaled and torn in half by the alien queen, who attached herself to the spaceship as it flew away. Unarmed, Ripley attempts to distract the alien from Newt, then fights the creature by operating a human-shaped mechanical loader. As Ripley climbs out, she opens the outer door of the chamber and the alien is sucked into space.

Later, the three survivors, Hicks, Newt and Ripley, hibernate peacefully as the spaceship returns home. To help George, Clarence Oddbody, an angel who has not yet earned his wings, is being sent to earth to keep the despairing George from killing himself on this crucial night.

To prepare him for his task, Clarence is shown George's life: As a child, George stops his younger brother Harry from drowning in an icy pond, then catches a bad cold and loses his hearing in one ear. Weeks later, George goes back to work at his after school job in Mr. Gower's drugstore and prevents Gower, who has gotten drunk after learning that his son has died of influenza, from accidentally dispensing arsenic-filled capsules to a sick child.

George promises the remorseful Gower never to tell anyone about the incident and he never does. In , as a grown young man, George, who has always dreamed of travel to exotic places, is about to leave on a world tour with money he has saved since high school. That night, at his younger brother Harry's high school graduation party, he becomes attracted to Mary Hatch, a girl who has secretly loved him since childhood. After a Charleston contest that results in an unscheduled splash into the school's swimming pool, they discuss their different ideas for the future until George's Uncle Billy comes for him with the news that his father has had a stroke.

After Mr. Bailey's death, George's trip is canceled, but he still plans to leave for college until he learns that the board of directors of his father's financially tenuous building and loan society will not keep it open unless George manages it. Fearing that Mr.

Potter, the town's richest and meanest man, will then have financial control of the town, George agrees to stay. Four years later, when Harry returns from college, financed by his brother, George again looks forward to leaving the stifling atmosphere of Bedford Falls and letting Harry run the business. However, when he learns that Harry has just married Ruth Dakin, whose father has offered Harry a good job, he again sacrifices his future to ensure Harry's.

That night, George wanders over to Mary's house. Though he is adamant that he never intends to marry, he realizes that he loves her. Soon they are married, but as they leave for their honeymoon, a run on the bank convinces George to check on the building and loan. Because the bank has called in their loan, they have no money, only the honeymoon cash that Mary offers. Through George's persuasive words, most of the anxious customers settle for a minimum of cash, and they end the day with two dollars left.

That night, Ernie the cab driver and Bert the cop show George his new "home," an abandoned mansion that Mary had wished for the night of the graduation dance. As the years pass, George continues to help the people of Bedford Falls avoid Potter's financial stranglehold as Mary rears their four children. Distracted by an exchange with Potter, Billy accidentally puts his deposit envelope inside Potter's newspaper, and Potter does not give it back when he finds it.

Later, after Billy reveals the loss to George, they vainly search, while a bank examiner waits. Now on the verge of hysteria over the possibility of bankruptcy and a prison term for embezzlement, George goes home, angry and sullen. He yells at everyone except their youngest child Zuzu, who has caught a cold on the way home from school.

He screams at Zuzu's teacher on the telephone, then leaves after a confrontation with Mary. He desperately goes to Potter to borrow the money against the building and loan, or even his life insurance, but Potter dismisses him, taunting him that he is worth more dead than alive. At a tavern run by his friend, Mr.

Martini, George is socked by Mr. Welch, the teacher's husband. Now on the verge of suicide, George is about to jump off a bridge when Clarence comes to earth and intervenes by jumping in himself. George saves him, and as they dry out in the tollhouse, Clarence tells George that he is his guardian angel. George is unbelieving, but when he says he wishes that he had never been born, Clarence grants his wish.

Revisiting Martini's and other places in town, George is not recognized by anyone and discovers that everything has changed. Harry drowned and Gower went to jail for poisoning the sick child. The town was renamed Pottersville and is full of vice and poverty. When George finally makes Clarence show him Mary, he discovers that she is a lonely, unmarried librarian. Finally, unable to face what might have been, George begs to live again and discovers that his wish is granted when Bert finds him back at the bridge.

At home, an elated George is soon greeted by Mary, who has brought their friends and relatives, all of whom have contributed money to help him out. Harry arrives and offers a toast to his "big brother George, the richest man in town. Coates Cinematographer: F. Composer: Maurice Jarre. Dryden, a civilian member of the Arab Bureau, selects Lt.

Lawrence, an enigmatic twenty-nine-year-old scholar, to evaluate the Arab revolt. Enthusiastically undertaking this assignment, the officer contacts Prince Feisal, a rebel leader, and persuades Feisal to lend him a force of fifty men. At the journey's end, however, Lawrence learns that one of his men is missing. Undeterred by Arab assertions that the missing man's death had been divinely decreed, Lawrence returns to the desert and rescues him, earning thereby Ali's friendship and the respect of his subordinates.

At a well Lawrence is confronted by the sheikh Auda Abu Tayi, whom he persuades to join the assault on Aqaba, a Turkish port at the desert's edge. The Turks, surprised by the overland attack, are routed, and the victory revitalizes the Arab rebellion. Arab unity, however, is undermined by internecine warfare. When one of his troop slays one of Auda Abu Tayi's henchmen, Lawrence in expiation executes the murderer, who proves to be the Arab he had saved in the desert.

Unnerved, Lawrence returns to Cairo. Delighted by Lawrence's military success, however, General Allenby provides him with arms and money for future victories. Lawrence launches a series of successful guerrilla raids, which, as reported by American journalist Jackson Bentley, establish his international reputation. While on a scouting mission with Ali, Lawrence is captured and tortured by the Turks.

He returns to Cairo, where General Allenby persuades him to spearhead an attack on Damascus. After the battle, Lawrence leads his men in the massacre of the retreating Turks. Upon entering Damascus the British Army is met by victorious Arab forces. Lawrence relinquishes control of the city to an Arab Council, but soon factionalism threatens to destroy it. On May 19, , Lawrence dies in a motorcycle crash in Dorset, England, and is commemorated in services at St.

Jefferson Smith MR. The untimely death of Senator Foley presents problems for political boss Jim Taylor, who needed the senator's help to perpetrate a land swindle at Willet Creek. Taylor orders Governor Hubert Hopper, whom he controls, to appoint a yes man, but citizen committees want someone else. Hopper is also besieged by his sons, who ask him to appoint Jefferson Smith, the patriotic leader of the Boy Rangers. Jeff's appointment as junior senator is also supported by the senior senator, Joseph Paine, who is both Taylor's stooge and Jeff's idol.

Jeff and Paine go to Washington, where Jeff, overwhelmed by his first sight of the Capitol dome, leaves the group and boards a tour bus. Five hours later, he reaches his office, where his cynical secretary, Clarissa Saunders, is waiting for him with her chum, newspaperman Diz Moore. They think Jeff's patriotic spirit is hokum, and Saunders engineers a disasterous press conference for Jeff.

The next morning, Paine takes Jeff to be sworn in at the Senate, where one senator objects, alleging that the newspaper stories prove Jeff is unfit. Paine defends Jeff, and after he is sworn in, enraged Jeff goes on a rampage, slugging the reporters, who label him an "honorary stooge. Despite Jeff's nervousness, the senators like his ideas, except for Paine, who is horrified to discover that Jeff wants to use Taylor's Willet Creek site.

Paine knows that Jeff must not be in the Senate the next day, when the Willet Creek bill is being discussed, and so he resolves to distract Jeff with his beautiful daughter Susan. Jeff is thrilled by Susan's attentions, but the next night, Saunders, drunk with Diz, becomes distraught over the way Jeff is being misled.

She asks Diz to marry her, and they return to her office to collect her things. Jeff is there when they arrive, however, and she tells him about Paine, Taylor and the graft. As they leave, Diz realizes that Saunders is in no shape to get married, and he takes her home. Stunned by Saunders' revelations, Jeff rushes to Paine's house to confront him, but Paine tries to smooth-talk him. Later, when Taylor himself arrives, he tells Jeff that he runs Paine, and that if Jeff is smart, he will cooperate.

The next day, Jeff attempts to speak against the crooked bill, but, not understanding rules of protocol, yields the floor to Paine, who denounces Jeff on charges of using the boys camp for personal gain. Some time later, at Jeff's hearing before the Committee on Privileges and Elections, Hopper, Paine and others present phony evidence that Jeff owns the land upon which he wants to build the camp.

Jeff is so dumbfounded by Paine's lies that he cannot testify on his own behalf and decides to leave Washington. Later that night, Jeff goes to the Lincoln Memorial, where Saunders finds him and convinces him to attempt a filibuster. The next morning, after a night of coaching, Jeff reveals the truth about Taylor and Paine to the Senate, even as Paine continues trying to condemn him.

Jeff intends to talk until his news reaches his home state, and the people rise up against the corruption, but Taylor organizes a massive newspaper campaign against Jeff. Many hours later, Saunders cheers up Jeff with a note telling him she loves him, and then calls his mother, telling her to enlist the Boy Rangers to spread the truth. The boys publish their tiny newspaper, but Taylor's gang steals the papers and injures some of the boys.

Back at the Senate, Paine brings in 50, telegrams drummed up by Taylor, all of them urging Jeff to quit. Though discouraged, Jeff resolves to keep fighting, but after he gives one last speech to Paine, he collapses from exhaustion after the almost twenty-four hour filibuster.

Paine finally breaks down, and after attempting suicide outside the senate chamber, confesses that everything Jeff has said is true. Everyone in the room cheers and Saunders jumps for joy. Composer: Alfred Newman.

Tom Joad returns from prison, where he was serving time for manslaughter, to his family's Oklahoma farm and finds the house abandoned. Muley, his half-crazed neighbor, tells Tom about the recent dispossession of the sharecroppers, who have been driven out by drought and the greedy land companies. Tom finally locates his family as they are about to pack their belongings on a dilapidated truck and head West, lured by promises of work and high wages in California.

Joined by their friend Casy, a former "fire and brimstone" preacher, the Joads begin their long trek west on Route Soon after, Grandpa dies and is buried alongside the road. Their hopes for a bright future are dimmed when a man at a roadside camp warns of no work in California, but the family continues on.

As the Joads cross the great California desert, Grandma dies, and the remainder of the family emerges from the desert to find no jobs and hoards of starving migrants. Poverty and desperation begin to break apart the family as the husband of pregnant daughter Rosasharn leaves her. Despite rumors of labor violence, the family nonetheless hits the road once again. Hounded by the law and the local citizenry, the Joads find work as strikebreakers. Casy warns Tom that strikebreaking will only drive down wages, and when a deputy murders Casy for his labor organizing, Tom fights back and kills the deputy.

With Tom now hunted as a murderer, the family steals away under cover of night and finds temporary refuge in a government agricultural camp. When the police track Tom down at the camp, however, he is forced to bid farewell to his family, knowing he may never see them again. As the family leaves the haven of the camp for promise of work in Fresno, Ma Joad voices the faith to carry on. Schindler wants to open a ceramics factory but lacks the necessary capital.

He asks Jewish accountant Itzhak Stern to help him recruit Jewish investors, who would go unnamed, as Jews are no longer allowed to own businesses. Stern rejects the idea. However, in March , when Krakow Jews are forced out of their homes and into a sixteen-block walled ghetto, Stern reconsiders. Stern helps some elderly and handicapped Jews get hired by forging paperwork to prove they are essential.

Schindler reprimands him for this practice, but does not fire anyone. He establishes contracts with the German army, and the business gets off to a strong start. Schindler brags to Emilie that he has finally achieved success, and is proud to be a war profiteer.

They briefly reunite, but when Emilie offers to stay, if he promises to be faithful, Schindler sends her away. One day, he gets word that Stern has been sent to a concentration camp. He rushes to the train station, threatens the Nazi officers, and retrieves Stern, who apologizes, explaining he accidentally left home without his work card. The exasperated Schindler wonders what would have happened if he had not made it to the station in time. In the winter of , Krakow Jews struggle to withstand the demoralizing conditions of the ghetto.

Austrian Schutzstaffel SS officer Amon Goeth arrives in Krakow to oversee the building of the Plaszow forced labor camp, and establishes himself as a ruthless killer when he shoots a Jewish engineer for being too argumentative. In March , Krakow Jews are again forced to relocate to Plaszow. Schindler observes the atrocity, and is struck by a young Jewish girl in a red coat, moving alone through the chaotic streets. At Plaszow, Goeth amuses himself by shooting slow-moving or resting workers with a sniper rifle.

Word spreads that Schindler is a benevolent boss. Regina Perlman, a young Jewish woman living in Krakow under a false identity, begs Schindler to hire her parents. Schindler again reprimands Itzhak Stern for his charitable hiring practices. He defends Goeth as someone who is under tremendous pressure, who would not normally act like a tyrant. The next time he visits Goeth, Schindler pulls aside his Jewish housemaid, Helen Hirsch, who recalls Goeth beating her on the first day of work, and predicts he will someday kill her.

Upstairs, Schindler tells the drunken Goeth that true power is refraining from killing someone when you have every reason to do it. The next day, Goeth experiments with showing mercy toward the Jewish prisoners, but quickly gives up and kills his houseboy for failing to properly clean his bathtub.

Finally, instead of kissing her, he beats her. Others cannot believe it, and laugh it off as impossible. With an incoming shipment of Hungarian Jews arriving at Plaszow, German doctors are called to determine which existing workers can stay, and who must be sent to concentration camps. Children are loaded into trucks and driven out of the camp, as their parents chase after them in desperation. Schindler goes to the train station, where departing Jews are packed into unventilated train compartments.

He suggests hosing them down as a prank, but Goeth realizes Schindler is doing it out of pity, to keep them from overheating. Soon, Schindler is arrested for kissing a Jewish worker who presented him with a birthday cake. Goeth negotiates his release. In April , a Nazi edict requires that buried Jewish bodies be exhumed and burned.

Plaszow workers are tasked with digging up the dead bodies. Schindler concocts a plan to start a new factory in his hometown of Zwittau-Brinnlitz, Czechoslovakia. He uses all his money and belongings to bribe SS officials, including Goeth, to allow over 1, of his workers, named on a list, to be transferred to the new factory.

He wants to add Helen Hirsch to the list, but Goeth plans to shoot her. Schindler entices him to wager Helen in a card game, and Goeth loses, allowing Schindler to rescue her. There, their hair is cut off and they are forced to shower in a large room that they fear is a gas chamber. Schindler goes to Auschwitz and uses diamonds to negotiate their release. SS officers try to steal his child employees, but Schindler insists he needs their small fingers to polish shell casings.

Back in Zwittau-Brinnlitz, Schindler forbids SS guards from shooting any of his workers, or carrying guns on the factory floor. He reunites with his wife, Emilie, and promises to be faithful to her. Schindler makes an announcement to his workers and the SS guards that he is a war criminal and will flee that night.

He urges the guards, who have received orders to kill all the Jews at the factory, to return home as men instead of murderers. The guards reluctantly leave. Schindler observes three minutes of silence for the Jewish victims of the war. One of the workers allows three of his gold teeth to be pulled, to fabricate a gold ring as a parting gift for Schindler.

Schindler breaks down in tears, disappointed in himself for not saving more. He dons a concentration camp uniform, and flees with Emilie. The next day, a soldier arrives to tell the workers that they have been liberated, but discourages them from going back to Poland.

He points them in the direction of the nearest town, where they walk to find food. In time, Goeth is arrested at a sanitarium and hanged for war crimes. The descendants of the Jews he saved eventually outnumber all the Jews in Poland. Composer: John Williams. During an interstellar civil war, rebels battle against an evil empire, led by Darth Vader and a villainous governor named Grand Moff Tarkin.

Unable to recover the plans, Darth Vader discovers that an escape pod was launched during the attack, and orders the droids detained. However, they are captured by cloaked scavengers called Jawas and sold to young Luke Skywalker and his Uncle Owen. As the boy refurbishes the droids, he complains that Uncle Owen has thwarted his dream of becoming a pilot and following in the footsteps of his deceased father. Storming away, Luke discovers that R2-D2 has escaped.

The only person equipped to retrieve the data is her Jedi father, so the droid must be escorted to Alderaan immediately. Back on Tatooine, Luke discovers his family murdered by stormtroopers and vows to become a Jedi. He joins Obi-Wan and the droids in their search for a pilot at the spaceport town of Mos Eisley. In a seamy tavern, they hire rugged outlaw smuggler Han Solo and his first mate, a tall, hairy Wookiee named Chewbacca.

Meanwhile, Vader tortures Leia to discover the whereabouts of the rebel base, but she remains resolute. Although Leia claims the rebel base is on planet Dantoonine, Tarkin incinerates Alderaan. At the same moment, on the Millennium Falcon, Obi-Wan feels pain in his heart.

Upon their arrival aboard the Death Star, Han Solo and Luke kill several stormtroopers, don their armor, and capture a nearby outpost. Luke convinces Han Solo to join him on a rescue mission with assurances of a bountiful reward. As they release the princess, a gunfight ensues, and Leia orders her rescuers into a garbage chute to escape.

There, Luke is pulled underwater by a tentacled monster, but the creature suddenly disappears when the dump walls begin to compact. However, Obi-Wan warns that the prospect for peace will become infinitely more powerful if Darth Vader succeeds. The friends escape a firefight, and Leia warns that the Millennium Falcon has been fitted with a tracking device. The Death Star follows as they proceed to the rebel base on the planet Yavin.

The pilots must navigate down a narrow trench and fire into a two-meter-wide thermal exhaust port, causing a chain reaction. As Luke mans his ship, with R2-D2 as his navigator, Han Solo ducks away with his reward money, claiming the battle is a suicide mission. Meanwhile, the Death Star comes within firing range of Yavin and the Imperial leaders anticipate their decisive victory. Rebels race toward the battleship and attempt to dodge their pursuers, including Darth Vader, who pilots a deadly imperial fighter.

The Death Star takes aim at Yavin just as Luke speeds toward its vulnerable portal. Composer: David Shire. In the summer of , Norma Rae Wilson and her parents, Leona and Vernon Witchard, are among the laborers who operate the noisy weaving machines at the O.

Henley textile mill in the small, Southern town of Henleyville. Watson, who dismisses the deafness as temporary. His lack of concern angers her. At home, Norma helps her father clean the kitchen and encourages her two children, Craig and Millie, to do their homework. As she is preparing to go out, Reuben Warshovsky, a labor organizer from New York City, arrives at the door inquiring about renting a room with a mill family.

Although Vernon has never received a raise, he states that Reuben and his union are not welcomed. That evening, Norma meets her lover, George Benson, at a motel. Following sex, Norma tells George that she no longer wants to continue the affair, and he slaps her.

As Norma leaves the room, she sees Reuben who has just checked into the motel. A factory supervisor, Jimmy Jerome Davis, states that a union organizer seems to arrive every four years, just like the locusts. During her shift, Norma is informed that she is being promoted to spot-checking. Gardner, her boss, hopes that the raise will encourage her to complain less. When she monitors an employee named Sonny Webster, he begins to act silly and taunts her.

Norma is not amused, warning him that his behavior could get them fired. As she starts her shift one morning, Norma notices that the workers, who are also her friends, will not talk to her. She smiles when her friend Bonnie Mae welcomes her back as one of them. One afternoon, Sonny drives Norma, along with her children and his daughter, Alice, to the lake. While the kids are playing, he proposes to Norma, reasoning that as single parents they can help each other. Soon afterwards, Sonny and Norma are married.

Sometime later, Norma attends a meeting organized by Reuben who gives a persuasive speech about exploitation in the textile industry and urges everyone to sign a union card. Before long, she shows up at his motel room, now a makeshift office, to ask if participation with the union will jeopardize her job. After Reuben reassures her, Norma signs up. As she campaigns for the union during a work break, supervisor Lujan harasses Norma, but she is not intimidated.

During an evening at home, Norma is busy making calls on behalf of the union when Sonny complains that she is neglecting her responsibilities as a wife and mother. Provoked, she begins charging through household chores until Sonny calms her. He tries to continue, but suddenly collapses and dies.

Screaming, Reuben staunchly defends her and orders the men to leave. Sometime later, Norma calls Reuben from the factory to notify him of an incendiary letter posted by the company, declaring that African-Americans are going to take over the union. As Reuben meets her at the gates, a group of white workers are beating up an African-American because of his union sympathies.

If Norma cannot obtain the letter, Reuben tells her to memorize it and then write it down. During her break, Norma is able to replicate most of the letter on a piece of toilet paper, but Reuben criticizes her for not getting the entirety, reiterating that the union needs the exact wording to take legal action.

The next day, Norma furiously copies the letter in front of her supervisors. Leroy Mason, the top manager, orders her to put down the pencil and paper. In his office, Norma remains defiant, and Mason demands that she immediately leave the factory. In the weaving room, a guard tries to escort her out, but she resists. As the workers look up, they begin to switch off their machines until the factory floor is quiet.

When Sheriff Lamar Miller arrives, Norma proudly walks out of the building with him, but once outside, she realizes that he is arresting her and not taking her home. While she kicks and screams, they force her into the police car. At the station, Norma is booked for disorderly conduct, but Reuben posts bail later that evening.

As she cries from the trauma of the experience, Reuben instructs her that being arrested is minor when compared to the real dangers of union organizing. As soon as she gets home, Norma wakes up her children to disclose her arrest, her imperfect past and the identity of their fathers, so that they will be prepared when people gossip about her.

Even though it got her fired, she explains to them that she believes in the union. Sometime later, a crowd of workers waits inside the factory while the union vote is counted. Outside, Norma and Reuben listen to the cheers when the result is announced in favor of the union. Norma holds back tears while she walks Reuben to his car, which is packed for his trip back to New York.

After thanking each other, they shake hands, and Norma watches him drive away. Guthrie Jr. Composer: Victor Young. While playing on his Wyoming homestead, young Joey Starrett spies a lone rider approaching his house, then listens with great curiosity as Shane, the buckskin clad stranger, reveals to his father Joe that he is heading north, toward home. When Joey cocks the rifle he has been toting, Shane, startled by the noise, draws his gun with the speed of a gunslinger.

Joey is thrilled to have Shane spend the evening with them, and at the end of the meal, Shane, reticent to talk about his past, goes outside to chop wood for the family.

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If so, then the result may not be as easy to predict as it would otherwise have been. If you are feeling brave then it maybe worth backing a team you wouldn't have usually fancied, if the favourite team is considerably weakened for any of the above reasons. Football players are human too and the incentive involved in a match for them can have an effect on the result.

If the game is very important, say for example Manchester City were at home and needed to beat Burnley to win the Premier League title, then you would correctly expect City to put in some extra effort. On the other side, if they had already won the title and the last game of the season was an away game at Newcastle, you could well see the opposite effect.

The importance of the game in question needs to be assessed as it will make sure the bet you place is more likely to come off. It is also worth factoring in any upcoming distractions when doing this too. Some PSG players may have one eye on the Champions League final, making the game you are looking at have a very different complexion. Tiredness plays a huge role in football betting and deciding which team to back.

Fatigue can creep in, especially towards the end of a season or over the busy xmas period. This is even more true for teams with smaller squads who normally play the same 11 if possible. Make sure the team you are planning to back won't tire towards the end of the game by checking when they last played.

Ideally, you want them to have had a good period of rest to recover thus meaning they should play to their best ability. Of course, the flip side of this is looking at the opposition too. When looking at the opposition, you want the opposite scenario to play out. They should ideally not have had much rest since their last game and less than the team you are backing.

If you find a game like this, it should mean your team has more energy and stays strong all game to take advantage of any opposition fatigue. We all know the old saying 'Form is temporary, class is permanent' and essentially this is true. We all know Bayern Munich are a top team but if they are on a bad run, it really is best to find someone else until they pick up. The reason behind this is one of confidence. Football is a confidence-based game and this is true for all teams, no matter how good they are.

A team on a bad run will be low on confidence and thus less likely to perform how you would normally expect them too. Before you back a team, look at their form and assess their confidence levels. If you think they are at a low ebb, give them a miss for a few weeks as they could well underperform. The cup competitions are just too hard to call and too fond of springing shock results that you would never have predicted.

In effect, it turns football betting into a lottery which is not what we are aiming for. The problem with cup competitions is mainly twofold. The bigger team will sometimes rotate their starting 11 which leaves them weaker and exposed to a shock defeat. In addition, the incentive levels of the team you would normally back may be lower than their opposition, leaving them open to a shock result again.

With this in mind, it is best just to save yourself the stress and concentrate on league matches instead! To decrease your risk of losing, there is a neat trick you can do though! Once you have doubled your money, bank the original stake amount. This will mean that the money you used from your own bank account has gone safely back in, meaning you will not actually lose any money even you don't complete the challenge successfully afterwards. In essence, by doing this you are then playing with 'free' money you didn't have anyway, and this just makes it less stressful and more fun.

One perhaps surprising but very common factor to consider in football is bogey teams. After all, surely it is a case of deciding which of the two teams is better overall and in better form? Unfortunately, bogey teams come along to muddy the waters a bit here! With this in mind, it is key to know if the team you are thinking of backing are facing their bogey team. A bogey team is a team that always does well and often beats another certain team in a league.

It is definitely worth checking this out before you put any money down on a particular bet! If the team you were going to back are facing their bogey team then it is not wise to proceed. Don't be fooled if the bogey team has been playing badly or at the foot of the table — if you put any money down, you can be sure they will raise their game as has happened in the past.

To research this properly, it is a case of checking out the recent Head to Head records of matches involving the two teams. One of the most popular aspects of football for fans is the local rivalry between two teams. These kind of fixtures are great to watch but not so great to bet on though! The reason is that they are in effect much like a cup game.

It is hard to accurately predict what will happen as the previous form and results go out of the window. A team that has been playing badly in recent times, may well raise their game for the local derby and spring a surprise win. This extra incentive for players and the added importance of the game makes them much harder to call. The risk is too great and there will be other fixtures around that give a more secure bet to take on. Stick to watching it unfold with nothing at stake and it will be much more enjoyable!

Home advantage is a massive factor in football. In general terms, teams will play better at home and therefore the home team usually has the edge in games. Of course, this does need to be tempered with who is actually playing. Brighton against Manchester City is not such a safe bet as Manchester City against Brighton for example. Only betting on games where the home team seems most likely to see your bet win is a really good strategy to put into place.

This will not only make selecting your bets easier but also increase the level of reliability in your selections. Some teams will also be practically unbeatable at home and win most of the time — Juventus in Italy are an example of this. If you draw up a list of these types of teams then when you spot them playing at home, you know that bet is pretty safe. If you can get decent value odds on it then you can place your bet with full confidence.

This type of strategy is very simple too which makes it great for beginners or those short on time. This tip may seem a little leftfield as most of what I advise is based around hard facts and previous stats. These are still vital so please don't stop doing your research! However, as with normal life, you should also listen to your instincts too. Doing this will stop you from placing a bet that looks good numbers wise but might not actually win for you. Of course, to use your instinct like this, you need to be betting on leagues and markets you are familiar with.

This is why I mentioned this in a couple of the earlier tips. You will not have your instinct to fall back on as a final check with a league you know nothing about. The best way to use your instinct is just to stop and think about the bet before you place it. Do this after your research so you have all the facts at your disposal to mull over.

If for some reason, your heart is telling you 'No' then find another bet to take on. Bad weather is a pain in real life and in football too. From gales that make playing longer passing hard, to rain that makes the pitch slippy and difficult for shorter passing if the pitch gets waterlogged, bad weather can play havoc with results. The problem is that the conditions make any gap in quality between teams reduce down, thus levelling the playing field.

When this happens, anything could occur in the game and either team may go onto win. As we have talked about before, winning the bets you need to complete the challenge is all about predictability. Being able to confidently predict the outcome of a game is what will win you money and bad weather removes this from you.

So, if you spot that the game you are looking at will be played in a hurricane then give it a miss! Depending on when you are completing your challenge, you may hit a few weeks when not much competitive football is being played. For some people, this will see them betting on friendly matches instead but I would not advise this at all. The issue with friendly games is that they are very unpredictable.

There is absolutely no incentive for either team to win or play well so it can lead to unexpected results or game events. In addition, the managers of each team will probably be trying out new formations or running the rule over squad players.

This again makes it very hard to choose what will happen in the game of who will win. During the season, most leagues have regular international breaks for players to represent their countries. When you add in the World Cups and European Championships that happen over the summer every two years, then it may be tempting to bet on these games.

Most people are so impatient to put any kind of bet on, that they cannot wait for the international fixtures to pass and lump money on them. International football is tricky as the players don't play together each week and therefore performances can be erratic. There is also the incentive level to factor in — if the match does not mean anything to one or both teams, it is hard to predict what may happen as players will not put in the usual effort.

It really needs to be something like Germany needing to beat San Marino at home to get to the World Cup. This will tell you where the team you are thinking of backing is at the moment, compared to who they are playing. That is why backing teams with a new manager is not advised. When a new manager comes in, no-one knows what will happen. A popular option is placing an in-play bet on games that you think will yield at least a goal, but are scoreless at half-time.

When attempting football betting challenges, you must get creative with your wagers and find unique markets to exploit. Are you among the brave few who have decided to tackle the behemoth known as the bet challenge? I would recommend betting on under 6. For example, a lead after 60 to 70 minutes of play, for some teams, can still offer in-play odds of 1. As you can probably tell, this will take utmost patience and the returns will be minuscule at first. Betting is an art form, and it is important to remember that you are relying on the law of averages to work in your favour in the long run.

This helps eliminate some risk, but of course lowers the returns overall, or requires you to win more bets in order to reach your target. Most importantly, betting challenges are supposed to be fun. We use a tool called Inplay Betting. This tool scans every single match that is being played and highlights each one that is having a lot of action:. For more info on this you can check them out via this link or read our full Inplay Trading review.

As a bettor, the strategies at your fingertips are just as diverse: bet against a scoreless draw, wager on trailing teams to score, win or earn corners when previously favoured in a match, or stake on teams with a large lead late in games. For every challenge, there are counter tactics and plans you could employ to achieve the desired result. Treat this as a bit of fun, with the potential for more if you really start to master it.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Everyone dreams of amassing a fortune through betting. Challenge betting, of course!

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