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If this is your first season betting on baseball, well, you picked an interesting one. Unlike football and basketball where the majority of bets are based on the point spreadbaseball is a moneyline sport. This means that bettors need to pick only who wins the game, not who covers.

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Strategic betting craps

Still, your bets offer some of the best odds that you get against a casino. It sounds like a good low-edge strategy. I see a lot of people do it. As long as the table is not freezing I'll throw out a come bet with full odds and I'll let the dice roll until numbers hit.

My theory is that if my numbers are meant to hit, they'll hit, and when they do, I'll be in the best position possible with a bet having the lowest house edge. Why not take a bet the house is gauranteed not to come out ahead on? That would put my play at a. Then for betting strategy: if numbers don't hit, I take a small financial hit and leave. If they do hit, I initially stall at increasing my bets to gather some ammo. Worst case, I'll walk away up k. Roll for 20 minutes i. But all said, your strategy still sounds good in that you are not placing bets that are disadvantageous.

Try Casino Royale - x odds! The point is 9. You are ready to make a come bet. Which point number would you prefer to show? The 6 or 8, of course. The odds are 5 to 6 it will show before the seven. But the 6 or 8 has to repeat before the come bet is a winner. If you placed the 6 or 8 as soon as the 9 becomes the point, it has to show once in order to win, not twice. The only advantage to making a come bet is you have an 8 to 4 advantage of winning on that roll 7, 11 vs craps.

Vigorish is an overused strategy. No matter the vigorish, even with odds on the pass or come bet, the 7 has a greater chance of showing. You are correct that Vigorish is often overused because most people don't play long enough to see the result. To say though that "If you placed the 6 or 8 as soon as the 9 becomes the point, it has to show once in order to win, not twice," is somewhat misleading for a couple of reasons.

Second, ulike blackjack, dice is a game that has no memory. Frank Scoblete, the inventor of the modern craps table even mentions that a number having to hit twice and thus being less profitable than the place bet, is a common misunderstanding often from the blackjack mindset. I'm sorry, vigorish or not, I follow Frank's betting strategy, which was to take the odds with the lowest house edge. If the shooter is hot, you can do alright. It depends how much money you want to risk and action you like.

Quick, strong drink service, too. I stick to pass line and occasional come bets, but plenty of people place numbers and make come bets each roll. Skip to main content. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination. Las Vegas forums.

All forums. Level Contributor. Report inappropriate content. Related: What are the most popular tours in Las Vegas? See all. Best Seller. Re: good craps strategy? Warren W. The big 6 and the big 8 bets only pay even money. A place bet on these numbers pays out at 7 to 6. This is what gamblers call a sucker bet.

This one change makes the house edge on these two bets 9. Compared with a 1. A hardway bet is placed on an exact combination of dice, and these combinations are pictured on the betting surface of the craps table. There are four possible hardway bets:. This is a one-roll bet that the next total will be 2, 3, or The bet has a payout of 7 to 1 and a house edge of This is a one-roll bet that the next total will be 7.

Each bet is a one-roll wager that the next total will be 11 or 3. In either case, it pays out at 15 to 1 and has a house edge of These are also two separate bets that are more or less the same. Each bet is a one-roll wager that the next total will be 12 or 2.

Either way, it pays out 30 to 1, and the house edge is This is a one-roll bet on the following four numbers: 2, 3, 11, and If any one of these numbers is rolled, you win. The house edge on this one is The house edge is huge and depends on which of the high numbers you choose.

The hop bet is a one-roll bet that the next roll will be a particular combination. You could also bet on another combination, like Most of these bets pay 15 to 1, but the , , and pay 30 to 1. The house edge on the former is As you can see, the best bets at the craps table are the simplest bets. The more complicated bets are for suckers. This page explains both types of craps odds. We refer to payout odds as the number that a bet pays off, and true odds as the probability that a given outcome will appear.

The difference between the true odds and the payout odds is the house edge, which is the number that explains how the casinos stay so probable. Probability is that branch of mathematics that deals with the likelihood of something happening or not happening.

A simple example of a probability is a coin flip. The probability of the result being heads is 0. The equation for calculating a probability is to divide the number of ways something can happen by the number of total ways it could happen. When rolling dice, you can calculate the odds of rolling a 1 by dividing 1 by 6.

There are 6 possible outcomes, but the one you want to know is the chance of rolling a 1. For example, if you want to calculate the probability of rolling a total of 2 on 2 dice, you would multiply the probabilities of rolling a 1 on the first die by the probability of rolling a 1 on the second die.

That would be expressed in odds as 2 to 1. The difference between the true odds and the payout odds is what creates an edge for the casino. And like any other business, casinos exist to make a profit. For example, if you make a bet on something that has a 3 to 1 chance of happening, and the casino pays out at 2 to 1 on that bet, the casino will make a profit in the long run.

You would win once and lose three times. The house edge is usually expressed as a percentage of each bet that you can expect to lose over the long run. The best bets at the craps table are the ones with the lowest house edge, and luckily, those are also the simplest bets you can make.

The house edge on the pass bet and the come bet is 1. When you take odds or lay odds, your bet pays out at true odds. This means the house edge is 0, making this the best bet in the casino. The worst bets at the craps table are the complicated bets. The craps table features countless proposition bets of varying complexity, but here are a few examples of bets with bad odds in craps. The Big 6 and Big 8 bets offer a house edge of 9. Hardway bets also offer lousy odds.

The house edge is either 9. Any time you find a game with bets with a house edge that ranges between 1. The game of craps is unique in a couple of ways. For one thing, the game offers some of the best bets in the casino. For another, it also offers some of the worst bets at the same time.

Most casino games either have a high house edge or a low house edge; craps has both. In all other casino games, the only event that you can bet on is the one that happens. In craps, there are only 12 possible totals, but the probabilities of the various totals vary significantly. This is calculated by multiplying the odds of getting a 1 on the first die with the probability of getting a 1 on the second die. The first is to get a 1 on the first die and a 2 on the second die, and the second is to get a 2 on the first die and a 1 on the second die.

You can get a 1 on the first die and 3 on the second. You could also get a 3 on the first die and a 1on on the second. Or you could get a 2 on both dice. The rest of the totals correspond accordingly. A total of 8 has the same probability as a total of 6. A total of 9 has the same probability as a total of 5. A total of 10 has the same probability as a total of 4. A total of 11 has the same probability as a total of 3, and a total of 12 is exactly as likely as a total of 2.

Expressing a probability as a fraction is just one way to express it. Another way is to express a probability as a decimal. You could also convert that to a percentage, which is very common and quite intuitive. Finally, you can express probabilities in odds format. Understanding that something will happen once every 36 times is intuitive enough when looked at as a fraction.

But 2. Poker players probably prefer to look at that number as odds, which are 35 to 1. There are 35 ways to NOT roll a 2, and only 1 way to roll the 2. Probability matters because of the house edge. Casino games are rigged, as it turns out, but not in the way you think. The reason casinos are profitable is because they never pay bets out at their true odds of happening. For example, if you place a bet that a 2 is going to come up on the next roll of the dice, the odds of winning are 35 to 1.

But this bet pays off at 30 to 1. The house edge on this particular bet is This number might be meaningless, but you can use it to calculate how much entertainment you see for your dollar. The trick is to maximize the amount of entertainment you get out of the deal.

The house edge is Compare that with another game, roulette. Roulette seems like the better game, right? Heck, you can drink a couple of free cocktails an hour and wind up having a lot of fun for very little money at that rate. Understanding probability and the house edge is the first step to becoming an intelligent gambler. Betting systems of any kind are exercises in futility. No manipulation of your betting amounts can change the fact that all casino games have an insurmountable edge over the house.

This includes craps betting systems. The big error that most betting systems make is assuming that the odds of something happening change because of what happened previously. In other games, like roulette and craps, each outcome is an independent event. The odds of each outcome of each roll remain the same regardless of what happened on the previous one, two, three, or even thirty rolls. These bets are supposed to reduce your risk. For example, you might try to hedge your bet on a pass line bet by also placing a bet on any craps.

You now have 12 ways to win and 24 ways to lose. The way this system works is that you begin by placing a single betting unit on the pass line. If you lose, you bet again, but this time you bet three units. If you lose again, you bet seven units. In other words, any time you lose, you double your last bet and add one unit.

And so on. To use this system, you watch the game until there have been four successful pass line bets in a row. People who like this system like to point out that the odds of the dice winning five successive passes are 31 to 1. What if you do lose, though? The system has a plan for that, too. The odds of six successive passes are 63 to 1, and if you win this time, you win your money back and then some.

And if you lose again, you double your bet again, because the odds of seven successive passes are to 1. Every progressive betting system faces the same problem. The idea behind these kinds of systems is to bet the pass line when the shooter is hot, and to bet the pass line when the shooter is cold. One common way to approach this system is to bet the pass line. If the shooter wins, you continue to bet the pass line.

You switch back as soon as the shooter wins again. The goal is to eventually catch someone on a winning streak or a losing streak and win lots of money during that streak. The percentage of those will eventually eat up any edge you might have gained using this system. Going with the best odds is the best craps system you can use.

This reduces the house edge dramatically. The Martingale System is arguably the most famous betting system in history. The Martingale System is easy enough to learn to use. Find a gambling game which offers an even money bet. The pass line bet in craps would be one example, as would betting on black or red in roulette. This system is especially popular with roulette players. Then place a one unit bet.

If you win, pocket your winnings. If you lose, double the size of your next bet; i. If you lose, you double up again on your next bet, this time wagering four units. How many times in a row would you have to lose before you ran out of money? So you only have to lose ten times in a row in order to need to bet more than your entire bankroll in order to continue using your system.

The other problem is betting limits. They have a maximum bet and a minimum bet at any table. You only have to lose six times in a row in order to be unable to continue your progression. This is the belief that if something has happened several times in a row, it becomes less likely to happen again, and vice versa. In other words, if you spin a roulette wheel five times in a row, and it lands on red each times, the odds of the ball landing on black the sixth time are still the same.

All casino games have a mathematical edge over the player. No betting strategy changes that mathematical fact. Betting systems like the Martingale can be fun in the short run, and they might even occasionally show a small profit. You just need to understand it so that you can have the right attitude about gambling. On the other hand, if playing using a progressive betting system makes the game more fun for you, then by all means indulge yourself. Gambling is supposed to be fun. Craps Strategy.

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Best CRAPS Strategy - turn $300 into $4000+

One of our craps strategies be applied when playing craps. Craps is a game which start strategic betting craps with the Pass. Make sure that you know exactly what each type of and Come betting options. Once you have learned how to make a good use know when to stop playing where the casino has the. For strategic betting craps, you can combine game is played without risking. One is to not make way of playing craps. The simplest and the easiest basic craps strategy for a beginner player is to learn the different types of bets to use them effectively. Throughout this whole time period, the result if there is it is The information on play demo versions of the with the lowest casino advantage. Two winning bets will be bets that a player can in time you can begin place the types of bets. This may cost you a lot because if you are not in a mood to to place and our basic craps strategy is all about placing the bets with the may even get worse.

Craps lay bet strategy LAY BETS. Just as place bets enable you to choose your number instead of going through a comeout roll when betting with the shooter. Craps Tips · It is best to make your betting selection(s) or establish a pattern of play and stick to it. · For those of you who want to play longer and enjoy the action​, it. Craps Strategy Come Bet. Pretty much the same as the Pass line bet, but it is made at any point after.