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If this is your first season betting on baseball, well, you picked an interesting one. Unlike football and basketball where the majority of bets are based on the point spreadbaseball is a moneyline sport. This means that bettors need to pick only who wins the game, not who covers.

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Crawford ref nba betting

Let's not forget that referees have been in trouble with the law before. There was that slew of NBA referees--nine pleaded guilty--who were caught downgrading their first class airline tickets, pocketing the money and not reporting on their income tax returns.

Now the problem I have with all this is I believe it's pretty hard to perfectly fix an NBA game--even as a referee. A game is made up of thousands of different actions and I'm not sure a referee can guarantee a perfect point spread as much as a star player can. I know people want names here. It's hard to name names because we don't even know if this is true, but Joey Crawford is going to be the first speculated name.

Update: Just a case in point that its really hard to pick these things out. A source with knowledge of the case has informed me that Joey Crawford is not the referee in question. Crawford was one of those referees who pleaded guilty to falsely stating his income from to Once the investigation started, he was not allowed to referee, but was reinstated in during the lockout shortened season of As you might remember, Crawford ejected Tim Duncan--just his second ejection in his year career--on April 15 in a game between the Spurs and Mavericks.

Crawford gave Duncan a second technical foul for what amounted to the star power forward essentially just laughing on the bench. To watch it click here. Duncan said after the game that he hardly talked to Crawford, while Crawford contended Duncan was talking to him the whole game. At the time, I thought it was weird that Duncan said that Crawford challenged him to a fight after the game.

Crawford was suspended for the rest of the season for his actions and later reinstated. People were speculating at the time, on betting message boards, that Crawford's action was possible sign that he or someone he knew had a bet on Dallas. Just your standard handicapping site. The question that has to arise from all of this is: Why take Donaghy's betting advice in the first place? He's a solid, if unspectacular, on the year , but why trust him over all of the other more experienced handicappers out there?

I suppose the assumption might be that, as a former ref, Donaghy has some kind of insider information concerning how to pick games. And that assumption seems to be what he's banking on. Per his website, "Tim has a leg up on most handicappers, he has hands on insider experience in officiating games and knows all to well how and what can affect a score.

That sounds nice, but a few years back, Abbott combed through Donaghy's book and found most of these claims to simply be untrue. For example, Donaghy wrote that referee Dick Bavetta liked to keep games close and often blew the whistle to help a team that was down big. He said that big underdogs tended to beat the spread when Bavetta was refereeing per Abbott. Price told Arnovitz and you can find all of Price's findings here :.

If you had bet on the underdog all of the games in which Bavetta was an official and in which one of the teams was favored to win by seven or more points, your bet would have paid off only This would have caused you to, on average, lose about Donaghy also claimed that referee Steve Javie disliked Allen Iverson , and that it would be smart to bet against Iverson's teams when Javie was refereeing.

Abbot debunked that as well, finding that Iverson shot just around 0. He wrote:. Win or lose, gamblers typically pay a 10 percent vig. Donaghy claimed that referee Joe Crawford favored Iverson; Abbott found that you would have lost big money betting that way.

Donaghy wrote that referee Joe Forte and then-Memphis Grizzlies coach Mike Fratello were good friends and implied that the Grizzlies did better when Forte was refereeing. Abbott and Price found that the Grizzlies played poorly when Forte was on the court. These are some of the criteria that I used. I'm not saying I bet every game. You can spin the stats any way you want The FBI investigated thoroughly.

To sit here and say there was a science to how I did this, with the stats you're throwing at me. Based on the information you're using, with your equation, it's not even in the same ballpark. There were other factors that came into play. Inside information about injuries. Home game or away game. Home crowd. Many more factors to take into consideration.

He was accused of having bet on NBA games that he officiated from the and seasons.

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7m sports betting Blessed with the right connections, and after four years officiating in the CBA, the NBA's minor league, he was called up to the majors in He even contacted Murray Weiss, the Post reporter who wrote the story, to uncover the source of the leak. Now, after Donaghy's downfall but before he headed to prison, Donaghy broke down and wept inside Kulle's office. NBA Referee. Martino had two brothers.
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Crawford ref nba betting When fans start remembering you for certain games or incidents, that's usually not a good thing. Battista would cut a deal, pleading guilty in April only to the charge of transmission of gambling information. The best movers spend years compiling vast networks of clients and "outs," or counterparties, with whom the movers can trade. The night after the Boston victory, according to all parties, the conspirators met once more, at Martino's house in the Philly suburb of Boothwyn. February 8,
Sports betting trader If it were shown that Donaghy had indeed fixed the games he reffed, it would reveal an uncomfortable truth, one crawford ref nba betting almost everyone -- leagues, teams, fans, gamblers -- would prefer to ignore: just how easy and profitable it is to fix an American sport. Just before entering rehab, according to Martino and law enforcement documents, Battista had handed over the reins of the operation to Rhino Ruggieri. Have you already decided I'm crazy? Because that's how you get in trouble. InDonaghy joined a country club in West Chester, Pennsylvania, called Radley Run, along whose fairways the Donaghys built a spacious home. Mavs stop playing anthem at Cuban's direction. When presented with that data, ESPN statisticians crunched the numbers and revealed: The odds that Tim Donaghy would have randomly made calls that produced that imbalance are 6,to
Best online betting sites for ufc 190 But the crucial betting information -- which sides of which games the ref favored -- had been seeping into the black-market gambling business. In AugustDonaghy plead guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to transmit wagering information. June 17, In the years sincewhen gamblers blackened the Chicago White Sox, only the Tim Donaghy scandal has offered the hint of an answer -- but also a repudiation. Supreme Court struck down a federal law that had forbidden states from legalizing sports gambling within their own borders. To watch it click here.

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