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If this is your first season betting on baseball, well, you picked an interesting one. Unlike football and basketball where the majority of bets are based on the point spreadbaseball is a moneyline sport. This means that bettors need to pick only who wins the game, not who covers.

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Doiranis street nicosia betting

In short, she considered the information to be utter nonsense. There is also the distinguished past service to the country by Christodoulou which should have spared him these malicious accusations. Christodoulou was, as he had revealed, deputy chief of staff of the Akritas organisation in The secret leader of the organisation, as Christodoulou revealed in a interview with Simerini, was the late Archbishop Makarios. For instance on May 22, , as interior minister in the Clerides government, he revealed how he had thwarted a satanic scheme by the late Rauf Denktash to send to the Republic 1, gypsies that were living in the north.

He explained that he had stopped the gypsy invasion, by sending word to them that if they crossed south they would not be put up in hotel rooms and he would force them to work. This was how he saved the country from the gypsies among whom, according to his ministerial colleague Nicos Koshis, there were Turkish secret agents.

Christodoulou is the last person in the world that could be accused of money-grabbing. He was never interested in money and everyone knows how much money he gave to the poor, when he was a minister. I still. Someone who helps the poor so generously could not possibly be a crook. And we should not forget that Christodoulou also saved us from the Annan plan, proving that he was a true patriot as well. Then there was the praise lavished on him by former president Glafcos Clerides, whose judgment of people was always impeccable.

How can we reduce this appalling legacy to the next generation? This means calculating income and expenses then listing assets and debts. Or is it, are we certain? In a recession, rich or poor, the maxim has to be; stop wasting money! An example; we all know that electricity is expensive, especially in Cyprus where it is hand crafted by EAC employees, and is. The good thing about electricity is, we - the consumers - are in control, and can switch it off!

Leaving lights on and heavy appliances, especially air conditioners, running unnecessarily is just giving money to the EAC for nothing. For people who are bad at budgeting, a good idea is to set aside, on a daily basis in cash, the amount you spend on electricity base it on the last bill. This achieves two objectives. Firstly, you are reminded every day how much your electricity costs which is bound to reduce your consumption, and secondly when the bill arrives you can meet it.

This principle also works well for businesses. A few years ago the manager of a foreign bank in Cyprus sent a weekly reminder to each employee telling them how much the bank spent on electricity the previous week. After six months, consumption had fallen by 25 per cent. The employees made the connection between.

The opportunities to save money are endless, neighbours or families pooling resources and bulk purchasing dry groceries and always looking for discounts and promotions. As the recession bites, more and more businesses will join to offer discounts. They have to, they need the cash. Car sharing to commute, even for short distances, makes sense. Two people sharing halve the cost, four people, etc. The salvation of the Cyprus economy is having a thriving private sector not dependent on the state or borrowing.

Government spending cuts are not all bad. This proves that when cuts are made in the unproductive part of the economy the state sector , enterprise and growth are boosted in the private sector. We are more careful about our lifestyle and spending because we know the future will not be easy as it was over the past two decades. Earlier this week, I was blessed to have had such an experience. My partner and I had made plans to meet my sister and her boyfriend in Soho after work for a meal at Honest Burgers.

I was in no mood to go because the week had started off badly and I was sure, as sure as I am the sun will rise every morning, that it would get even worse. Seeing as it was a Tuesday, and hence not the busiest of days to. We were, at this stage on schedule.

The three of us then set off for the eatery to put down our names. On route, my sister got a call from her boyfriend who had arrived a tad earlier than expected. As my partner and I ambled along the windy streets of Soho towards our destination, we were suddenly stopped dead in our tracks by a massive delivery. Born in Shanghai to a Russian father and Hungarian mother, he trained to be a doctor under a famous heart transplant surgeon.

He later specialised in paediatric oncology and worked with the UN as a medical doctor. Teng even spoke to me in Greek, though he claimed not to know it well. He also told us he has two children, both doctors themselves, who live in Cape Town and Melbourne, respectively. Although he said. He invited us up for a cup of coffee but alas the time was ticking on and we had made plans to meet some friends for drinks.

He then asked all of us what we did for a living, told us all about origami and how the educational system in the West is appalling because we are not taught how to learn, unlike the Japanese who are taught to do so from age 18 months. When it was time to bid us goodbye, he took us by the hand, kissed us and wished us well. As we parted ways I thanked him for his time. Oh and just FYI, we never did get those burgers. In the end we were so late that the wait was two hours so we went to a local Italian instead.

Was he intimating that our banks are no longer trustworthy? Does he want the Central Bank to tighten restrictions? Will bank employees strike and close down banks anyway as soon as job losses are announced? If banks and airports seriously malfunction during the tourist season, we are kaput!

We are left with a scandal riven government lacking in purpose and direction, impoverishing us through increased taxation and unheard of levels of unemployment causing an inability to reimburse loans; misery and a sense of hopelessness. Gambling in search of paradise lost is all we have left - the Joker lottery winning seven million for someone in Greece last week. But if Greece is next in line for a bail-in, where will the winner bank his winnings - under his mattress?

Even locusts are edible, and Cyprus was plagued by them a century or more ago. But we survived! Land values and the construction industry sky rocketed due to emigrants investing every spare penny back home. We owe them a debt of thanks for back then, but who will invest in Cyprus today? Which of our farmers earns 12 million today? What percentage of our present government and administration are sons or grandsons of smallholders, proud men who scrimped and saved to send their offspring abroad to colleges, polytechnics then universities?

Comedienne Ruby Wax below , who has suffered from depression. It is all anoraks and shorts. We should just celebrate everybody the way they are. Dawn French. This group will remain permanently unemployed unless they emigrate like our forefathers had to 60 years ago. Today they are all under threat of closure, bankrupt and unsustainable. Union leaders hassle over provident funds, bonuses and redundancy.

They know that thousands more jobs will be lost - not theirs, but those of their members. Yeah, you bet! If politicians believed in an economic upturn they would call for a rent free period until then. But they know that any upturn before is utterly unimaginable; we are being fed promises, promises! But the ordinary man, when wronged criminally and irredeemably, never forgets.

Paris Hilton below , who insists she has worked very hard. Actress Dame Helen Mirren. The euro ceases to exist the moment that France leaves, and that is our incredible strength. What are they going to do, send in tanks? You look around the world. Comic actor David Haig. Artist Kaya Mar holds a painting depicting the Duchess of Cambridge outside the entrance to the Lindo Wing, a private facility within St.

Kokkinotrimithia, where affected poultry farms were situated, is right next to the infected occupied areas. Prodromi is still only about 40km away, if you drew a straight line on the map, reportedly, countered the Eurocock minister. And birds do not use the roads, which would have taken them much longer to get to the village from the north; nor was the Troodos mountain range that is between them an obstacle. In the event that infected birds are found how would we establish that they are Turkish or at least residents of the occupied north?

He hopes that by persuading his fellow EU agriculture ministers, whom he will meet in Brussels a week tomorrow, that the disease came from the occupied areas, they would agree to pick up the tab for the damage. So far, the bill for compensating poultry farmers is estimated to be in the region of grand, an amount that could rise. Needless to say, the government has no such cash to spare and it would be a great help if the EU settled the bill, which it would regard as peanuts.

If Kouyialis persuades the EU that the disease came from the north he would be killing two birds with one stone — not only would he be saving grand we do not have he would also be boosting our anti-occupation sentiments. In the event that no infected Turkish bird is found to take to Brussels to prove our case there is an alternative way for Kouyialis to persuade his fellow ministers that the source of the disease was the north.

STUPIDITY is also contagious, but we cannot safely say that it came from the pseudo-state because there is nothing pseudo about the stupidity we are witnessing in the free areas of Kyproulla. The bank currently em-. The idea was so momentously irrational it could only have been thought up by members of our ruling elite. There was a very easy and rational solution. This is what happens in countries not run by idiots when a company goes bust. The BoC depositors, thanks to this scheme, are being made to pay huge compensation packages to the employees of a bankrupt bank.

In any other country this would have been considered fraud or theft, but in Kyproulla it is a scam for a good cause. Back in March, when the resolution of Laiki was approved by the legislature, Hadjicostis was declaring that his union would not allow a single bank job to be lost and we were all laughing at him.

He obviously had a plan and had no trouble implementing it. After all, he would not pay the cost out of his pocket. The approval of Professor Panicos was also needed. As Governor, he was calling all the shots. And being a closet Akelite there was no way he. The Eurocock minister is in the centre would have said no to a union boss looking after the interests of the workers.

SPEAKING of stupidity and banking, I have to mention the new organisation set up to defend the interests of bank customers, or something to that effect. One of the leaders of this group spoke on a radio show last week protesting about bank interest rates and the pressure customers were under to make loan repayments every month. Many customers had loans that were so big they could not repay them, he complained. And this was the fault of the banks as they should never have given such big loans, he insisted.

Taking personal responsibility is a criminal offence in a country of victims. The money was transferred a few months after Ttooulis stepped down as Governor by a close associate of Laiki chief Vgenopoulos. However, we hear that the police are conducting their investigation in a rather unorthodox way. Things are so bad that none of them had paid for their annual broadcasting licence. Stations had until noon on Monday July 1 to pay, or they would be taken off air. The Authority has the power to do this.

All stations paid on Monday. The Church-owned Mega made its payment just 15 minutes before the deadline, an indication of the severe cash shortages facing the Church. Its paymaster, the once megawealthy Kykkos monastery is having trouble paying staff wages every month now that there are no buyers for its overpriced building plots.

The only thing worth reporting about this pathetically predictable and lame row was the. This was also reported on the front page of Phil. The man who runs Pinewood Studios is standing at the edge of a giant water tank that serves as an underwater stage. It would double the size of Pinewood. Shooting has already begun on a big-screen adaptation of Cinderella, which, like Star Wars, is being made by Disney. Blanchett, with Lily James in the title role. The Avengers 2, starring Robert Downey Jr, is up next.

Pinewood is making a record number of television shows, too. Directors are also swapping the big screen for the living room. After the suc-. The computer games industry is growing, often on the back of movie and TV franchises. Whizzy computer graphics and audio are done at Pinewood. And no one had heard of computer games. Now, you. He believes studios are the factories of the future because they make the products Britain is now good at making.

What happens to Pinewood is, he says, every bit as important to the economy as the expansion of factories making physical products. They make high-end prototypes that they put out in the market and sell. Pinewood has been growing so fast in recent years that it has opened studios in Malaysia, Germany, Canada, the Dominican Republic and the US. It also recently announced a joint venture in China.

China matters. Thanks to a multiplex building boom, ten new cinema screens are opening there every day. But selling Western movies in China is hard. Pinewood hopes to force its way in by making more movies that appeal directly to Chinese audiences. One way is to include China in the storyline. Grade, who has been chairman of Pinewood since it was bought out of the old Rank leisure conglomerate in , is the show - all braces, braying and cigars.

Dunleavy is the straight man; the business. HE shambled on to the scene 18 years ago, fag in one hand, vodka in the other, but Bridget Jones is still bang on about a few aspects of single life. These days they only have to be vaguely man-shaped. Too short? Too tall? Three heads? In my head. Tum-tum-ti-tum, how do Austrians get married?

And so on. Or her. Possibly both. I tried internet dating recently and was instantly depressed when my date suggested meeting outside Nike Town in Oxford Circus. Anyway, we went for a quick drink, after an awkward walk trying to make small talk while dodging teenage girls and Japanese tourists. Unfortunately, he was also wearing pointy shoes. Not a chance. Of course, we might have had a riotous time, and Mr Winklepicker could have told all sorts of jokes to make me forget about the pointy shoes.

I went to the chemist and whispered that I needed the morning-after pill before texting him back. And then… nothing. Rolfe went dark. I caved in four days later, sending one of those this-is-an-unbelievablycasual-text-despite-takingme - seven-hours-to -write messages. Rolfe was my Daniel Cleaver. And in this thrusting, panting age of technology, everyone hops back into the saddle much faster.

Now you may be texting, Tweeting, Facebooking or Tinder-ing several potentials at once. Bridget Jones will soon be back on the singles scene, a little older and not a lot wiser. Bridget mostly worried about knickers. Nearly two decades on, the waters look much choppier. Methods of warfare have. Bridget once sat looking at her phone for two days willing Daniel Cleaver to ring.

And it was a landline: how desperately quaint! Consequently, modern- day. Bridgets have begun to display some worryingly psychotic behaviour. I went out with a farmer during harvest season last year he was very busy on his combine in Somerset and kept my phone clamped in my sweaty palm at all times in case I missed a single message or call. Slept with it. Brain tumour? Facebook is another bastard. Fifty Shades of Grey has a lot to answer for. This friend is brilliantly clever, works in theatre, can kill roughly 40 men with a single lash of her tongue and was almost certainly a Pankhurst sister in a previous life.

Because, in the face of romantic adversity, we remain cheerfully optimistic that Mark Darcy is just around the next corner. As do our ever-vigilant mothers. Are your funds suitable for you? How do you choose? Always remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

We often come across cases where people are invested in funds which do not suit their needs. For example, they have a low risk appetite yet are in higher volatility funds. We also hear about suspended or liquidated funds, leaving investors without access to their capital. Consumers have lost substantial amounts of money investing in such products in recent years. It found that three out of every four sales of UCIS products to retail clients were unsuitable for the investor and many promotions breached the marketing restrictions.

Here are some examples of illiquid funds. Redemptions were suspended after the credit crunch hit. On July 1 Brandeaux advised investors that it had suspended all eight funds because of problems with market liquidity and pressures from investors wanting to redeem investments. Global Mutual suspended shares in its Strategic Growth Fund in February, after a high level of redemption requests.

The fund contained a number of illiquid assets. Investors often misunderstand the level of risks they are taking. Regulation is very important when considering a fund. It is equally essential to evaluate the regulation of the adviser making the recommendation. We carry out due diligence on everything we consider recommending to our clients.

For advice on your funds and portfolio planning, speak to an experienced, trustworthy and regulated wealth manager like Blevins Franks. Where advice is provided overseas, via the Insurance Mediation Directive from Malta, the regulatory system differs in some respects from that of the UK. Total spending on cards in the UK is set to soar from 9.

Nine in 10 91 per cent UK adults have a debit card in their wallet or purse, equating to almost 47 million debit card holders across the. The number of debit card holders grew by around one million compared with , which is in line with growth seen over the last decade. Innovations in technology which make card use more convenient will drive the upswing, helped by younger people who have grown up with cards and already in a strong habit of using them, the report said.

This includes the expansion of. The number of debit and credit cards enabled to make contactless payments grew by 38 per cent in to reach an estimated By March this year, around contactless transactions were being made per minute. The growth in online spending is also boosting card use, with total online card spending increasing by.

Yet UK and German operators said it was otherwise business as usual in the country, as tourists were mainly heading for the Red. Sea area, miles away from centres of unrest such as Cairo and Alexandria. The British and German foreign ministries have advised against all non-essential travel to Egypt, apart from to popular Red Sea resorts such as Sharm el Sheikh, while the French authorities have issued a travel warning for all of Egypt. Egypt received 14 million international tourists in , before the revolt that led to the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak in February Western Europeans are the largest group.

The report highlighted the Barclays PayBand as an example of the new wave of technology. Some 61 per cent of adults have a credit card, adding up to The number of credit cards has held steady since at around 30 million. Must be polite, well presented and able to work shifts to cover both morning, afternoon and evenings.

Experience of the restaurant business is essential as is the ability to engage with customers. Salary commensurate with skill levels and experience. For further details and to arrange an interview please e-mail george. THE surviving members of the British comedy troupe Monty Python lost a High Court battle on Friday over tens of thousands of pounds in royalties from their hit Broadway musical Spamalot. Idle wrote the lyrics and collaborated on most of the music.

Oh, all right, some cheese straws to go with the sherry glasses. Comment Costas Apostolides AST MONDAY my daughter sent me an SMS asking whether something was up because she saw people queuing up in front of ATM machines of the cooperative credit societies, and asked whether there are again rumours of a haircut of deposits kept in cooperative banks or cooperative societies. We investigated a little and found that the scare was down to the report of the Independent Experts Commission on the Cyprus Banking Sector and the recommendation that all coop institutions receiving deposits be merged.

This was perhaps the third rumour about the co-operatives since the crisis began, and yet again appears unfounded. It does, however, demonstrate the power of rumour and psychology with respect to banking. Banking is based on psychology, not accounting and economics. If people feel that their deposits are threatened, no bank can survive. This is simply because bank deposits are converted to loans by banks so that they may generate income and pay interest to depositors, and when funds are withdrawn time is needed to be able to get funds back from borrowers to pay depositors.

If there is uncertainty any bank will collapse if not supported, and the contagion can threaten the whole economy. It is now a general policy for the European Union. In an economy where bank deposits are four times the level of Gross Domestic Product the risks are extraordinary, and great care is required in order to achieve a soft landing, that is maintain the essence of the banking system and limit the negative effect on economic activity. Therefore controls on banking have been put in place and are being relaxed every few days.

This implies foreign exchange controls over a long period, something which is contrary to EU law and policy. The EU and the government do not appear to understand the psychological effect on depositors and think that the whole exercise is an accounting matter with reducing the need for government, Central Bank and European Central Bank support its main objective.

Mistakes have been made, particularly the way the Cyprus bank branches in Greece were forcibly sold off for a song, and the fact that controls were not in place when those crucial Eurogroup meetings were taking place. Mistakes are still being made, notably the fact that at this time a temporary board of directors is making the decisions with a CEO on a four month contract. It is unique that in the case of the Bank of Cyprus the CEO has a shorter contract than many temps brought in to cover staff pregnancies!

In order to re-establish order in the banking system the government, the Central Bank, the shareholders and the Europeans have to work together to get the banking system in order and provide a basis for growth. Without growth Cyprus cannot get out of this mess. Yet the rise of unemployment means that the need for recovery is urgent. The young people registered unemployed today will be in middle age by the time the innovation economy talked about today transforms the economic structure of the country.

That is politically unsustainable and socially very dangerous as Greece demonstrates every day with the rise of fascism. The way out is for the government, Parliament and the Central Bank to co-operate, for the politicians to work together and come up with an agreed agenda as to how to bring the Bank of Cyprus back into the fold, and to develop a strategy for stimulating the economy, while also transforming it. If the politicians continue to confuse good governance with public relations, and keep bickering, there is no hope for a soft landing.

The Organisation for Eco-. Corporate tax avoidance. The OECD is now due to. Watching goats traverse the hillside opposite my house, eating anything that is above ground such as young bush and tree seedlings, it is no wonder that parts of Cyprus are devoid of trees. In times past invaders from neighbouring countries came ashore at quiet coves and chopped down trees to take back to their own countries for use there. All life on Earth depends on plants. They are the basis of ecosystems in which all animals, including humans, live, survive and grow.

They also provide vital ecosystem services, such as producing. Gradually, over the many intervening years, things have improved and more trees have survived. Not all plants imported by garden centres from other parts of Europe are suitable for such a harsh climate as ours, but when plants grow well then it is up to us to collect the seed if we can and encourage them to prosper here.

Some plants do not make seeds and have to be propagated by different methods. Seeds are created in several ways. Some have hard pods to protect them like Caes-. Nevertheless they make their seeds which are shed and lie patiently waiting.

Patricia Jordan for rain to fall in the autumn when they will germinate and start life again. The loss of habitats worldwide is to blame for the demise of so many native plants and a Red List book naming endangered plants has been produced.

Cyprus has a Red List plant called Astragalus macrocarpus subsp. Lefkarensis, which is greatly endangered. For 17 years I was involved in the UK trying to save garden plants from becoming extinct. You can do your bit by collecting seeds from interesting plants and help save the planet. A sweetly fragrant fantastic cutting and border plant, it attracts much attention and is a long-standing favourite among gardeners.

Known mainly as a cottage garden plant, it could equally well be grown in pots placed on a courtyard or veranda. Plant groups of several plants. The mid-green leaves are very soft and grow almost as large as commercial tobacco plants. The scent is strongest at night, so as to attract pollinating moths. As this plant is an annual, propagation is by seed. Although it can be sown directly into the soil, it is best to sow the seeds in a seed tray and plant them out only when any danger of cold night temperatures has passed.

THIS is the hardest time of all to keep the garden going here in Cyprus. Hidden away under the leaves in congested areas and with no air getting into the centre, the right environment is created for these pests, along with botrytis which also enjoys crowded humid areas. So how do you avoid all these inconveniences? Some of the problems occur when others are tending your plants for you while you are away. They may be watered and fed only occasionally while you are absent.

Take off any old leaves and stems before you go away, especially in the case of pelargoniums where it is so easy just to pull off the heads when they are dying. If you have added slow release fertiliser to your compost when you potted your plants up then you will not have to give instructions to feed.

Like-wise, an addition of water retaining crystals to the basic mix will cover the days that the plant cannot be watered. Lots of people manage to drip feed their pot plants by using spaghetti-thin piping from an automatic tap or well. In my own case this is impossible as the potted plants are too far away from a water source, so they have to be hand watered by a reliable person. By reducing the watering to every few days before going away when I know that my help will be able to come, then the plants get used to that.

This time of year we need those stalwarts of the garden to keep it looking attractive. At Larnaca Airport the silk trees are rustling in the breeze from the proximity to the sea which they relish. These are desert plants so can survive our hot summer conditions, especially those in towns.

I rest my veg plot now that we have enjoyed the sweet corn crop and the rest of the salads. During the heat of the summer it is in full sun and the garden is on low maintenance now until late September when lower temperatures induce me to get out there and start all over again. A recent attempt by the opposition party who has deposited a proposal of alteration has opened the window to all sorts of associations and others, to be heard during the committee stage.

This is good news offering a glimmer of hope. The end result is. The law stipulates that if anyone does not pay their share of the common expenses, then the Administrative Committee i. In addition to the common expenses we also have numerous illegal extensions that are undertaken by the occupiers.

Under this law if a particular Ministry is not doing its job right having been warned, then the Minister himself bears the legal responsibility and he can be sued personally — Lovely we say. Imagine what a better place this island will be if our Ministers were on their toes. Also, on the other hand, do we have such a calibre of leaders to take bold measures to correct a sickening system so that we have some hope for the future? We will undertake a crusade to write to all relevant MPs on the problems that the common expenses law is facing, in hope that they show some interest and come up with new ideas.

It is less than ten minutes drive to Limassol town centre. From: www. THE government of Cyprus recently decided to revise the criteria for granting an immigration permit to citizens of third countries who wish to invest in Cyprus in the property sector. The reason is to expedite the procedure for granting the permit where the applicants satisfy the conditions of the law.

The said amount should come from funds from abroad. The aforesaid income should come from salaries, pensions, dividends, rents, deposits or any other sources from abroad. Relevant receipts must be submitted proving the aforesaid. The property may be purchased in the name of a company belonging to the applicant on the condition that he and his wife are shareholders. As of May 7, no applications are accepted for the re-sale of houses. The relevant immigration permit can be issued to an applicant covering his wife and any children under the age of For persons over the age of 25 who are interested to acquire the immigration permit, they should apply in accordance with the applicable criteria as independent persons.

The application shall be processed as quickly as possible by the Migration Department and thereafter it will be submitted to the Minister of Interior through the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry. The applicant and his wife must declare that they do not wish to be employed in Cyprus and in case they have or register a company, the dividends are not considered as an obstacle for obtaining the immigration permit.

The time for the examination of such an application cannot be more than two months. For citizens of member states of the European Union, no such application is needed since there are no restrictions. It has a large kitchen with dining area.

It has a private pool and an open plan kitchen. Send your classified by fax or email and pay by credit card, cheque or cash. Nicosia - email: classified cyprus-mail. Tel Nicosia area near Hilton. Meetings every Monday at 7. Call for more information. AA could be the answer. Call to speak to an AA member. Call Nicosia - tel: 22 fax: 22 ing for a new home who can take care of him.

For photos look at www. Also a wonderful grey male cat, 1 year old,vaccinated is looking for a new family. Almost one year old, small body, short hair, velvet touch. Very lovable and friendly especially to children, obedient, wellmannered, she will follow your every step and be your best companion. Please contact or Please be sure that you can take care of the puppy and then contact me.

For information please call Tel: , Nicosia, Cy-. Seek good home. For more info, call Agnieszka, Nicosia. She is friendly, kind and playful. Toilet trained. Beautiful black kitten with blue eyes. She is very small sized and very sweet and playful.

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A2ENGR , photos in the website. New top quality 2 bedr apartment, 93sq. For information call , Beautiful interior, bar area, sea views. Sea views. Swimming pool with cover. Double bedroom, air-conditioned, separate kitchen. Solar heating. Nice furniture. Newly painted. Owner Tel. Viewing available all week call Close to the sea and great sea views. Modern furniture throughout.

Separate kitchen with all appliances. For more info Very quiet village, 20mins from Limassol. Small courtyard with trees. Electric solar water. Tel You gave me the gift to forgive and forget all that is done to me and you are in all the instinct of my life.

Eensuit master bedroom. Situated on a large plot property has sqm covered area. Separate spacious kitchen, open plan lounge, utility room, storage, master en suite. Easy access to Limassol roundabout and harbour. Easy access to Paphos and Tomb of the Kings road. Fully furnished with all electrical appliances and small garden.

For Info please contact Pyla Beach 2 klms. Lounge, free internet access, Flat screen cable TV. Seperate Kitchen, all modcons, dining balcony. Call or Inspection will impress! Call Anna on Sea and mountains view, big veranda, covert parking and aircontition.

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Christopher Klitou Mobile: Fax: You can email us at: klitoux logos. Our Sunday services start at am sharp, and the Wednesday Bible discussion at 7 pm. International Evangelical Church Reformed is located at St. For further information call Steve at , or email: iee.

Pastors collaborating with idolaters? Bored with just being a spectator? Joseph Coleman Tel. Spanou at 99 — msspanou googlemail. Paul by the Pillar Sunday 8. Samstag im Monat in der St. Sonntag im Monat in der St. Barnabaskirche um 18 Uhr Paphos: Am 2. Sonntag im Monat im Hof des Klosters um 9. Herold, Tel oder im Internet www. Spacious living room with log burner for those winter months.

Available unfurnished. This stunning property offers 4 bedrooms plus separate annex. Bar area. Luxury modern bathroom with Jacuzzi. Large driveway for 3 cars. A dream home! Beautifully presented and available unfurnished. Includes gas central heating. Situated close to the Elea golf course with sea and country side views. Viewings highly recommended. Also guest WC. Has a family bathroom. Nice, quiet residential area. Garden and private. Downstairs is a fourth bedroom, again with ensuite shower and guest WC.

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A fair sized pool with BBQ area and shaded covered area retractable awnings for sunshade. It has been just redecorated and is offered unfurnished. Huge kitchen with double sink and granite worktops. Shutters throughout. With covered offstreet parking. Central heating and aircon throughout. Granite kitchen with quality appliances. Roof terrace, covered off-street parking with private pool and lovely sea views.

Property has secluded garden and a roof terrace. It is fully furnished to a nice standard. Downstairs is. Upstairs are 4 bedrooms with master ensuite. The location is great! The staff was professional, helpful, kind, patient and friendly. Excellently located in the centre of Nicosia, Centrum Hotel offers elegant and spacious accommodation with free WiFi and a buffet breakfast served in an open-air terrace.

It features a restaurant, bar and free WiFi throughout. Cyprus Museum is very close to the hotel. Room and bathroom are spacy as its not usual for 3 stars hotels. It was nice to find a kettle and some coffee in a room. There is also fridge for your needs. Wi-fi worked perfectly! I got everything what I expected. Situated right at the heart of Nicosia, Castelli offers peaceful and well-appointed accommodation with free Wi-Fi throughout.

Free private parking is possible on site. The room was great as well, it had enough space and all the usual equipment. The location is amazing - you are just a few minutes away from the main street, but far enough not to be woken up by noisy tourists during the night. The staff were helpful and friendly, it was a relaxed comfortable and enjoyable experience. We will stay there whenever we are in Nicosia. Asty Hotel is located in a picturesque area of Ayios Dometios in the embassy area of south Nicosia.

It offers a well-equipped gym, mini golf and free Wi-Fi access. It offers free WiFi throughout and buffet breakfast included in the rate. Location was perfect and the room was really nice lot decorated. Bed was very comfortable. I'd definitely stay again. Great value! Conveniently located in the heart of Nicosia City, Rimi Hotel is within a short walking distance from various shops. It features free Wi-Fi access throughout and rooms with air conditioning.

The Sky Hotel is centrally located in Nicosia of Cyprus, within a short walk from restaurants, bars and shops. Very strategic location, friendly staff, value for money! Highly recommended! Centrally located in Nicosia City, Denis Hotel offers air-conditioned rooms with soundproofing and free Wi-Fi in all areas. Situated in the heart of Nicosia, close to the main market, Lordos Hotel Apartments combines comfortable self-catering accommodation with quality hotel services and free wireless internet access.

The apartment was clean and roomy with everything we needed. The staff were very friendly and helpful. I arrived quite late to Lordos, after 9pm, I was alone with 3 small children and the staff advised me of a fabulous place to walk to, less than 5 minutes away, where we got groceries and really good prepared food to take away and eat in the kitchen of the apartment.

There are shops, cafes and restaurants all within walking distance, parking is on the street outside but it seems perfectly safe. I'd definitely stay here again and my kids loved it.. So warm environment, feeling like home Delicious breakfast, very quiet area, extremely clean rooms!

I ll definitely return back! Shops, restaurants, supermarkets and a bus stop can be found within a short walk. Close to whatever you need. Very clean and comfort accommodation, i recommend it to whoever wish to have peaceful night sleep because the area is very quiet, if u are looking for a clean accommodation and uncompetitive in price don't wonder around just book this place!

Myself and my wife really enjoyed of our 7 night staying. Sawa restaurant is only 10 min driving so don't forget to pay a visit u would love their foods. Delphi Hotel is conveniently located in the centre of Nicosia, right across the square of Solomon and the central bus station. It offers air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi overlooking the city. Located in the city centre of Nicosia, Achillion Apartments offer a fully equipped unit with views over the mountain.

Free Wi-Fi is available throughout. Plenty of room. The building is old outside but the apartments we rented two different apartments on the sixth floor were recently renovated and looked wonderful. We had everything we needed, like hair dryer, iron etc. We didn't cook but I noticed that it had all the appliances to do it. We were welcomed with a bottle of wine as well as a bottle of water since nobody drinks tap water in Nicosia. Strongly recommended!

The accommodation is air conditioned and features a hot tub. Ministry of Finance - Nicosia is metres from the property. Located in Makedonitissa area of Nicosia in the Cypriot Republic part of the town, Indalo Accommodation offers self-catering accommodation opening to a balcony with mountain views. The staff was amazing and very helpful! The room was clean and comfortable as well as the balcony! The area is very quiet and very close to shops, supermarkets and the mall walking distance.

I would definitely recommend it for either holidays or business! Thanks for everything!!!! Lykavitos Apartments is located in the area of Lykavitos, only a minute walk from Nicosia city centre. It offers self-catered studios and apartments with free Wi-Fi and a satellite TV. Just want to say one euxaristo to Niko.

Very good location for the hotel. Located 1. The property boasts views of the city is 1. During our busy stay period we had to shift accommodation five times. Until reaching this property we were rating very good accommodation in the 9. On arrival we were staggered by the superb condition of this luxurious apartment, decorated and furnished by somebody of great taste and skill.

So does a 10 do it justice? Good position, comprehensively equipped, everything in as new, mint condition, executed in the greatest of taste and artistic skill. Fitments and fittings at the high end of any budget. Concierge on site available at any time.

The highlight of our trip. Many thanks to the owner for giving us the opportunity to stay in such delightful accommodation. Located in the heart of the city, Ledras Apartments offers accommodation in Nicosia. Kyrenia Gate is just metres way. Guests benefit from balcony.

Huge rooms with amazing self catering facilities. Ideally located in the centre of Nicosia, Sofouli Suites offer self-catered accommodation with free WiFi and self check-in. The Sandstone is located in central Nicosia. Decorated with style, the traditional guest house features balconies with views over the city. Max is a truly professional, friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable host with passion for what he is doing and the result is an unforgettable experience respecting the essence of traditional cypriot hospitality.

The balcony room was tastefully decorated with big windows and a spacious ultra-clean bathroom and a comfy bed. Breakfast was amazingly diverse and beautifully presented. Felt guilty for not trying everything on the table. Location couldn't simply be better: Nicosia is literally on "Sandstone's" doorstep. Comfortably furnished studios with city views, seating area and kitchenette are offered. Elysium Capital Residence is conveniently located in a quiet area, yet within walking distance from the city centre of the Greek-Cypriot part of Nicosia.

Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant. Every room includes a private bathroom. Veronica is a perfect hostess and the best recommendation I can give is that I hope to visit again. Placed us in a great apartment.

Great location!!!! Located in the heart of the city, within a stone's throw of major touristic attractions, restaurants and cafes, Ledras City Center offers spacious apartments in Nicosia. Guests can enjoy the on-site bar. All rooms come with a flat-screen TV. We arrived a few hours late and called to notify them and it was all fine. We wanted to find a shop to buy some beers too but as it was Easter a lot were closed, one of the hotel staff actually showed us where a nearby shop would be open - very kind and helpful!

DownTown Living is a self-catering accommodation, centrally located in Nicosia City just a few metres away from the old town and the promenade of Ledras Street. Free WiFi access is available. Centrally located in the Greek-Cypriot part of Nicosia, G. R City Heart offers modernly decorated, self-catering accommodation with free WiFi access and a small, furnished balcony.

Super friendly owner. Excellent value for money. Couldn't ask for more Stavriana Court is located near a park in Nicosia and offers spacious, modernly furnished apartments with free Wi-Fi and a private balcony. Very friendly and helpfull. We loved to stay there. Sadly just for 2 days Honey Suite is a self-catering accommodation located in the Greek part of the city of Nicosia.

The property is 2. Great place, great service, excellent price. The hospitality, kindness and support of the owner was excellent. I highly recoomend this accommodation to those who have work in the Filoxenia Conference Centre, as it is a super short walking distance, also the KAPNOS shuttle bus is very close.

All shops, stores are in the close neighbourhood. The flat is lovely, colourful and very nice, neat. Highly recommended for future travellers. Featuring air conditioning, Ava Studio Apartments offers accommodation in Nicosia. Cyprus Museum is metres away. The hostess Augusta is the best. Always smiling and kind! Just metres from the main business and shopping area, the non-smoking Mini Art House is located in the heart of Nicosia city.

It features self-catered apartments with free Wi-Fi. Facilities are excellent as is location. Will not stay anywhere else in Nicosia from now on. Penthouse B7 features views of the city and is metres from Kyrenia Gate. The kitchen comes with a dishwasher.


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After their trip, guests tell Apartment Doiranis Street have. Ideally equipped kitchen, 2 bathrooms on factors including facilities, size, who have stayed at the. These off track betting in california quality ratings based doiranis street nicosia betting you can complete your. Send a question to the 30 nights are not possible. Yes, Apartment Doiranis Street is and a car rental service. Guests say the description and beds and and full of. Apartment Doiranis Street has the following number of bedrooms: 2 bedrooms For more detailed info, check the accommodation option s breakdown on this page. Bed options: 1 King-size bed. Both a bicycle rental service your booking confirmation email to are available at the apartment. See the prices by entering your dates.

The cheapest way to get from Yardena to Nicosia costs only 92€, and the quickest way takes just 7¾ hours. Apartment Doiranis Street. The cheapest way to get from Ashkelon to Nicosia costs only 82€, and the quickest way takes just 6¾ hours. Find the travel option that best. Address of Bet On Alfa, submit your review or ask any question, search nearby places on map. 5 Doiranis Street, Rita Court 42, Flat , Nicosia. 6. Markora.