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If this is your first season betting on baseball, well, you picked an interesting one. Unlike football and basketball where the majority of bets are based on the point spreadbaseball is a moneyline sport. This means that bettors need to pick only who wins the game, not who covers.

Mantes vs nantes betting expert basketball csgo blackjack betting

Mantes vs nantes betting expert basketball

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Colorado still have the best defense of the West, while Minnesota, other than the fact they typically play under because of the very strict orientation on defense, are the fifth best defense out of the 14 teams in the West. They are 9th best in the league. Besides, Colorado played under in the last two games, and lost the last one to the Blues That's not coincidence because Colorado have a very good offense potential.

But, they are currently struggling with injuries, of the forwards in particular. Their best forward Duchene is still not at his best level, he only just got back in the game against the Blues and performed badly. Well experienced Tanguay has been injured for a while and his absence is more than visible - Colorado started losing the games and positions in the table as soon as he got injured.

Wilson and brilliant forward Strastny will miss the game as well. That leaves coach Roy with Landeskog and young and inexperienced MacKinnon. The situation with Minnesota isn't much different - they are under the 5 goal margin for 3 games in a row. Their best forward Parise is out and Mikko Koivu is mostly assisting and not scoring much. The question here is - who will score? Both teams are good home, and away Colorado. Minnesota have two top level goalies at their disposal Harding is second best in the league , while Varlamov, the best Russian goalie, is currently playing for Colorado.

Minnesota scored only three filed goals in the last three games, one in the last two, while Colorado recorded one goal in each of the last two games. They are in serious problems offense vise due to all the injuries. That is why the five goal under with the possibility of getting your stake back is more than good.

One of them, Monahan, is their best scorer and second best when it comes to the points won, and the other one is their best defender Widerman who is fifth best player when it comes to the points. They joined best forward Glencross, captain Giordano, and Galiaradi and I think Calgary stand no chance without them today.

The Ducks are the best home team of the league this season, they have nine wins in 10 games, and I expect them to record a new one today. This is a rare situation when 1,8 has value in NFL because the weaker team is missing quite a few key players today and this is definitely worth playing. Anaheim beat Calgary home even when they had all the players at their disposal, which means they would be favorites for the win even if Caglary didn't miss so many players.

The visiting team are among the weakest teams in the league. On the other hand, Anaheim are among the best teams in the league and this seems like a good bet. The Ducks are missing some players as well, but they have been dealing with it greatly, but Calgary probably won't be able to do the same. Anything other than the Ducks' win will be a great surprise here. The Pens have won the last 7 games, but the total number of goals is what's important here.

The results were , , , , , , , that is, a total of 57 goals or 8. I don't see why under 5. Stamkos might be missing for the Bolts but they have been playing offensively without him and their games go into overs so I don't see a reason for odds to be so high. Even if that were not the case, the games against the Pens are something special, it's a tradition that these games see lots of goals.

Braga's drop in standings is a result of a poor run of games that will probably end tonight, and it should have ended last Saturday against Benfica when they earned more than a minimal draw, but Benfica's keeper and the woodwork got in the way of Braga getting the lead twice. Olhanense barely avoided relegation last season and were on the verge of bankruptcy, but the situation is not much better this season in which they are facing a tough battle for survival as they are one of the weakest and the least efficient teams in the league.

And this already weak team was additionally handicapped by the absence of their best players - club captain Rui Duarte and full-back Jander. Instead of giving their youth players a chance they decided to import a few players, and the Italians brought in many players of dubious quality and motivation. They've only scored 5 times in the last 10 round and their lackluster form was reflected in the last game when they were trailing from 18th minute and got their only serious chance in the last minute.

The difference between Braga and Olhanense is best reflected in a recent cup game than the current standing. Braga won that away game by and Olhanense were forced to chase the results after the first minute and they only got 1 shot on goal. I don't expect them to be any more dangerous tonight and Braga might finally make up for all bad luck from previous games.

An alternative would be Braga winning without conceding a goal. Ulm have gotten into right form, the best of this season. It happened as their injured players came back with the exception of Mason-Griffin, but no one is counting on him anymore. They seem to be solid at both ends.

Their last game against Valencia is the best indicator of their current form. The only defeat in last 9 games came against Alba when they were without their two main centers. Howard and Plaisted are completely ready now as witnessed in the last few games.

They lost Redding and Duggins during the summer, their top scorers, and they haven't found the right replacements. Their best player and jumper Lischka is still unable to help them as he is still recovering from his operation. This team has the weakest offense in the league, and their defense is no fairy tale either. Against stronger teams Artland, Oldenburg, Bayern, Brose they lost by at least 18 points.

They especially struggle against teams that force faster basketball like the hosts for today. For example, they conceded 96 points against Oldenburg and lost by 36 points at home, and conceded and lost by 37 against Bayern The Black Wings have had two consecutive defeats in which, Ouzas in spite, they conceded 11 goals.

They were also badly defeated by Villach and Red Bull, the teams they should be tied with. Besides, the Wings aren't as convincing home as they were - they lost twice in the last four games an they're no longer among the best home teams of the championship. But, I think defense is a much bigger problem, because it's no longer at the level at which it used to be, which is why Ouzas isn't among the best players of the league anymore. On the other hand, KAC might as well be the most motivated team in the league since they finally want to get to the play off zone.

This is their chance, they are only 3 points short of Linz, and their play the next game home. Everyone in Austria know about KAC, the stories about the referees are quite famous. This team were the EBEL champions last year, and they already beat Linz once this season - it was , which would suggest they like playing against the Wings.

They are currently in fine form, they are winning and playing consistently both away and home. KAC have more wins that losses in the last five home games, with the situation being opposite when it comes to the away games. However, both wins they recorded in the last five games happened in the last three of them. Furthermore, even when KAC losses, it's usually either a narrow defeat or they lose after extra time.

They will most probably orient on defense in this game due to some offense problems they're experiencing. Swette, best Austrian goalie will be leading that defense, and I don't think that Linz, given their current state, can beat them in regulation time. That is why these odds on their double chance are way too high. Villach's policy lately has been outscoring the opponents at all costs which is why they shipped 3 and 4 goals in the last 2 games and still won.

Red Bull have built their win run on the run and gun game even though they focus on defense a bit more than VSV and their defense is better. These are the teams that score over four goals per game on average throughout the season , while VSV have scored 12 goals in their last 2 games. They have the best offensive line in the league with John Hughes and Derek Ryan and it would be a real wonder if they didn't score at least goals against Red Bull.

Since returning from the international break, they scored 5,7,4,6 and 7 goals while Red Bull scored 4,4,3,2, 5 and 7 goals in the same period. Both teams have a fantastic run and they will want to win, the Bulls as they have 12 wins in a row and are chasing KAC's record of 17 consecutive wins, and Villach because they have 5 wins in a row and have been playing some of the most beautiful hockey in this excellent form.

Both games so far have gone over this margin and 1. This was in Salzburg when the home team crushed VSV by Cluj in the last round when they beat Corona at home. They achieved their first win of the season three round ago, including the postponed game against Staua. They managed to beat Viitorul at home and announce a comeback as after that game, last weekend to be exact, they won their mentioned game agaisnt Corona.

They showed a completely different game style against the direct competition for relegation battle. The reason for this is the change of coaches that the coaching staff and the attempts of club owner Walter to buy the club stock from the city which put them in these dire straits. Something good is cooking in the home camp and there are indications they will not give up on their top-division status so easily.

Walter is a household name and I'm sure he will fight to the last man to ensure they stay in the division. I am convinced that he will succeed in doing so. Brasov's poor games have put them in a very tight spot and will play against their direct relegation competitors for the third game in a row.

There are no new absent players - the home team are missing their reserve striker Dedu while the away team will come with third-string keeper and without a first-team defender. Brasov haven't had too much fun in away games so far. One win and 2 draws are their efficiency. Faced with the fueled up and resurrected home team lead by their striker Lemnaur who scored 4 goals in two mentioned wins, the guests have also the tradition to fight with as they haven't won here since All in all, I believe the home team won't lose, they should win this one, but I would go a bit more cautious here.

That is, if they manage to win tonight. That would get them extremely close to Top This is a key game of the season, both for them and Partizan. In case they lose, they can reach the next round only if they manage to surprise CSKA home, or Fenerbahce in Istanbul, and that would be a bit more difficult to pull off. Nanterre were under ,5 points in the last 6 games, and that is the margin for today's game as well.

They went over that only against Fenerbahce, but that is not at all relevant for the game today. Defense is not Partizan's strong suit, which is nothing new, but the fact they don't have as many players in the roster makes them even weaker in offense and they are not able to score 80 or so points in a game like this. They lost to Budivelnik, whose pace is quite high, and Nanterre's toughness and physical strength are impressive.

Since the next round of the EuroLeague is at stake here, the game will be quite hard on the eyes. They will be missing three perimeter players, meaning that the burden of responsibility will have to be carried by Calvel, Chelle, Gilbert, Morency and Osmajic. Those five can be reserve players in Montpellier, at best. Such an outer line will definitely struggle vs the Montpellier defense, and that means a lot of turnovers and counterattacks.

Even handicapped like this Toulouse beat Nantes in the last round gamebut with 25 saves by their goalkeepers, which is a once in a season blessing, not a twice a week occurrence. Montpellier are very serious and motivated, judging from what captain Guigou said. They were very distressed by the home loss to Cesson and have been playing at a higher level since.

I doubt they will have any trouble today Details 1 Prev Next Events started nedovrseni dovrseni Statistics The Betprepare tipsters have a two-year experience of giving tips on regional betting website Dvoznak. You can see their overall stats and individual stats for each tipster here. All of our tipsters have years of experience in betting and publishing tips and they are experts specialized in certain sports competitions.

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Austria 1 Grodig - Austria Vienna. Match result tip: 2. Champions League Barcelona - Vardar Skopje. Handicap Russia 1 Dynamo Kazan - Dynamo Moscow. Total points ,5 tip: Over. England 1 Aston Villa - Sunderland. Match result tip: 1.

Croatia 1 Zadar - Istra Total goals 2,5 tip: Under. Greece 1 Olympiacos - Aris. Home team total points OT incl. Turkey 1 Kayserispor - Akhisar Belediyespor. Handicap -0,5 tip: 1. Hungary 1 Kaposvar - Debreceni. Bosnia and Herzegovina 1 Vitez - Radnik Bijeljina. Russia 1 Tyumen - Proton. Match winner tip: 2. NHL Minnesota - Colorado. Total goals 5 tip: Under. NHL Anaheim - Calgary.

Total goals 5,5 tip: Over. Portugal 1 Braga - Olhanense. Germany 1 Ulm - Tubingen. Handicap OT incl. Raonic wed N. Tiafoe wed D. Thiem - D. Koepfer wed A. Bublik - D. Lajovic wed R. Opelka - T. Fritz wed D. Shapovalov - B. Tomic wed A. Mannarino - M. Kecmanovic wed J. Vesely - P.

Ornago - F. Horansky T. Van Rijthoven - G. Fonio A. Andreev - M. Bachinger M. Klizan - I. Marchenko E. Karlovskiy - G. Moroni A. Murray - M. Marterer J. Sels - L. Giustino D. Masur - S. Napolitano D. Popko - M.

Istomin - B. Nakashime L. Rosol - A. Molcan P. Gojowczyk - T. Wu S. Ofner - Y. Maden J. Lenz - H. Gaston M. Janvier - K. Zuk C. Lestienne - T. M 1 Cherbourg kv. M Tuesday M. Geerts - J. Gunneswaran - D. Kuzmanov R. Peniston - E. Benchetrit C. Tseng - A. Santillan J. Brooksby - C. Ilkel J. Clarke - U. Blanch A. Menendez - T. Gabashvili P. Polansky - T. Lamasine wed N. Chappell - H. Grenier wed R.

Quiroz - B. Rogers - O. Danilovic thu B. Bencic - S. Kuznetsova thu L. Zhu - E. Mertens thu K. Muchova - M. Barthel thu D. Collins - K. Pliskova thu A. Barty - D. Gavrilova thu B. Krejcikova - E. Alexandrova thu N. Podoroska - D. Putintseva - A.

Van Uytvanck thu S. Kenin - K. Kanepi thu A. Kontaveit - H. Watson thu J. Brady - M. Brengle thu M. Sherif - K. Juvan thu N. Hibino - K. Mladenovic thu C. Gauff - E. Kyrgios - U. Humbert M. Cressy - A. Zverev G. Dimitrov - A. Bolt F. Lopez - L. Sonego thu A. Rublev - T. Monteiro thu C. Ruud - T.

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This season, he's been even more convincing as he has won all three matches in 2 sets. Last season, he played in the main tournament, took a set against Ferrer and the conditions suit his aggressive style. This is Dodig's first match of the season and I expect an open duel in which both players can dominate their serve. Brown can get into a crisis but he has been playing good tennis here for the past two years and that's why he should drag this into an over. Crocodiles - Adelaide Money line tip: 1 All facts point out that the Crocs should be the favorites.

I would first like to mention the "curse" of the 36ers that haven't won in Townsville in a really longs while. Even though that's the least important reason, it still has an effect on their psyche. This was confirmed by the best player for the visitors Gibson when he said that he is hoping to finally win a game in "The Swamp".

Another more important reason is the absence of Gary Ervin. Even though he's been having knee problems, Gary had a double-digit average number of scored points. When his team lost the first game against the Crocs, he was their best player and scored 22 points.

Now he is gone which means Markovic will have more space up front. The only advantage for the 36ers is the pain where Petrie and Johnson outplayed the Crocs centers in every aspect. The Crocs defend the paint much better and I believe this difference will be much smaller. The Hawks had a chance to beat the Tigers four days ago and they lost the game due to lack of concentration in offense. Goulding showed he is hard to stop, but considering the offensive performance of his teammates, he cannot beat the entire Hawks team all by himself.

The first reason for this bet is the home pitch of the Hawks. Even though they have the same number of home and away wins, the Tigers are much worse away which is reflected in the negative ratio. In addition the Hawks are at the top of the league in terms of three-pointers and they scored only 7 out of 22 in their last game against the Tigers. The second reason are the rebounds that should be a huge advantage for the Tigers.

Davidson and Forman have shown they can control them and this should be crucial. I don't believe Rotnei Clarke will stay under 20 points once again and I expect more from Kevin Tiggs who has better stats at home. The Hawsk really need this game, they've shown major improvements in the last five rounds and they should be thee favorites here. Another good option is the under for the away team that should not come into question.

Reggiana still haven't lost at home and they are rightly considered as the favorites. They have one of the best defenses in the league with only 71 points conceded while this aspect is emphasized even more at home as they concede only 65 there. On the other hand,Venezia have been playing very well since Markovski came and they have a solid rhythm. However, it will be very difficult for them to as teams like Reggiana don't suit them very well.

They lost against Pistoia, against Milano, against Caserta, all physically very powerful teams just like Reggiana, They score 78 points on average but they are the worst team in this aspect in away games with only 69,5 points per game. Kaukenas and White are a nightmare for every player and Taylor is in for a tough task. There is no need to elaborate this further, I'm just going to say that Skalica have conceded 16 goals in last 4 games and Poprad have conceded 17 goals in the last 3.

Since both teams are stronger in offense than defense, we could see a goal-fest. After all, Skalica have scored 4, 7, 2, 5 and 5 in their last 5 games while Poprad have scored 3,4 and 5 in their last three games the ones in which they conceded We should not be greedy and go for the 6. The stats tell us that CSKA have covered this margin only against Partizan in their games this season.

On the other hand, Neptunas haven't lost a single game by more than 15 points. They often lost very tight end-games and were rarely crushed. They were defeated by 22 points in Moscow last season but now they are more experienced and i expect them to put up better resistance. CSKA will take this game as a preparatory game before the Euroleague round 2 and I doubt they will go all the way. They haven't done so throughout the season and they have an away game in Krasnodar and Riga later this week.

Neptunas have enough firepower to stay within this margin. Yvonne Meusburger showed a big progress last season, and also had the best placement in her career. Good results weren't an accident, but a result of a hard work and training. On the other hand, Barthel underplayed last season. Once again, she was losing nerves because of petty things and was giving up too soon. The main reason for this bet is Mona Barthel's shoulder injury.

Even though she decided to play Auckland, Mona had a few services only in the second week in December. She's not hiding she had a few good practices and that will definitely show in her game. She showed how much she depends on the service in the finals last season where she lost five out of six last played matches, and against weaker players. Meusburger had a good quality pre-season, covered the handicap in the match played indoors where the conditions work for Barthel even more, and I believe there might be surprises here.

One thing's fur sure, that is that the game will be very aggressive as this is a trait of both teams, especially Brindisi. Siena know how to defend, they are the best team in the league in this respect and their offense will be without Hackett. Janning and Haynes won't play which means that everything will go through Cournoh who doesn't have that quality. Brindisi can match definitely match them in physical terms while their offense is not brilliant either. Siena have to make up for their debacle in the last round and they have to do that through defense as many times before.

Considering the importance of this game and the qualities of these two teams, the margin is too high and is worth taking and available everywhere. A game of North American teams should offer the game with lots of contacts and pushing. The somewhat more free-flowing Canadians are an older team that played last night and won't be forcing a faster-paced game. The Americans are still not doing their best on the wide ice and I don't believe they will risk too much. All group games aside, this is when the real stuff begins.

The stakes are high and the motivation was never a question in the games between Canadian and American teams. Rochester usually go under this margin in AHL, that is, they've gone under in 8 out of last 10 games. The Canadians went over against Vitkovice and were much more careful in the second round against Davos so there were only 3 goals until the last 3 minutes 5 goals in total.

Rochester got their only over against CSKA with a goal in the last second. But none of these games should be taken into consideration as all teams have poor defense and love faster-paced game. Pistoia are not someone who can impose their rhythm and they won't try to outrun Roma as confirmed by the games against Brindis 60 , Siena 66 , Reggiana 56 and Milano Roma have started winning but due to defense, they are the third best team in this aspect while their offense is the worst in the league.

Since Jones got into the squad, the quality of defense has improved and it's not the same team from the first part of the season. I definitely don't see this as a game with over points and everything up to that margin is worth taking. Okorn took the team with ratio, and under his guidance, they had five wins and only two defeats in the last seven rounds. The turn happened because Koszalin started playing a better defense.

If you take a look at the games against defensively very bad teams, like Polpharma or Tarnobrzeg, those were all games in which the defensively oriented basketball dominated. That's how Koszalin defeated both Anwil and Slupsk, two teams that can be compared to Asseco with their game style. Guests are also lead by a Slovenian, David Dedek, who's basketball philosophy is similar to the one by Okorn - defense has the top position.

For example, Asseco usually have under points per away games. They managed to slow down even the offensively best teams of the league. They lost to Stelmet , they defeated Turow , and with the first offense of the league, Trefl's, they played a game with points. In the first round, Asseco defeated Koszalin , but the home team improved their defense significantly with the new coach in the meantime, and we should expect a pretty tough basketball in that regard.

With the home team's under, the complete under of points is also a good option. They didn't score less than 81 points in either of those games, and besides the good offensive game, they're also good in the defense. That's why they only conceded 73 points against Vechta's run-and-gun team last weekend, and only 46 against Dexia in a revue game.

They only concede 69 points per game this season, and score over 80, at home 88,5 in the championship. On the other hand, Braunschweig are going through a tough time. They have big issues with injuries and their rotation will be reduced to only seven players today. Clearly, Braunschweig have problems keeping the intensity and freshness because they only managed to win one last quarter in the last eight games. A tight rotation is especially problematic today because Alba's coach Obradovic is known for forcing an aggressive defensive game.

Guests' offense depends on the back duo Swann-Florence, and if they don't play the right way, there are big problems. They're left without the substitute point guard Zazai, so Immanuel McElroy will probably be a back up solution for that position. He usually plays the three. After Braunschweig scored 53 points in Frankfurt, they scored 66 against Oldenburg at home in the last round. Struff has won 5 out of 6 head-to-heads, all 3 from last season.

Struff has entered Top lst year, Gojowczyk was in Top only for a while. In addition, Struff has had a very good end of the season while his compatriot ended it with 3 consecutive defeats. Gojowczyk got through the first round of the qualifiers after only 30 minutes but he has played against the year-old home players. Struff lost a set against Safwat but the Egyptian is in Top and took a set against Brands in the main tournament last season Struff has a specific style, uncharacteristic for younger players forcing the backhand slice and offensive forehand and their head-to-head is a good indicator that he knows how to handle his compatriot.

The stakes are lower as the season has only started, but it's just a precaution. In the last seven matches, only Maccabi managed to score more than 63 points and that was only Also, the offense slowed down compared to the beginning of the season, and Panathinaikos scored more than 80 points in only two out of the last nine matches.

Pedoulakis finally got what he had last year, a team that are crushing everyone with defense and are not reckless in the offense. On the other hand, PAOK had a lot of games with a bigger number of points this season, but they were all against weaker opponents where the fast point guard Cooper would lead the counterattacks and that would take those games to high points.

Cooper had a virosis before today's match and his state is questionable. PAOK wouldn't allow him to run much because they know that that is the only real chance they'll have. Guest coach Markopoulos is known for preferring a strong defense and an organized basketball where the major role is played by the center Bogris.

Last year, these two teams played two games with points exactly, and I don't see anything different happening this year either. First of all, the shock they suffered when Panathinaikos knocked them out of the Cup which ended their run of wins will certainly affect their confidence and they won't play with such ease.

The second important thing is the absence of Spanoulis who might not play much in the league but still carries the team in offense and his absence means quite a lot. Petway is also injured and his attacking game and speed in counters often makes the mentioned huge difference.

Th rest of the team is mostly hard-working and doesn't have the flow and speed needed to crush someone in an away game, especially not a solid and talented team like Dramas. Oly won the game by 10 points last season and I don't see how they could win by 20 or more without Spanoulis. Both teams are primarily defensively oriented and their goal is to slow down the game as much as possible. Last year, their duels ended with and points, and this year, it's really rare to see them over points per game.

Today's duel was declared as the season finale on both sides because a defeat would mean going to the last position of the league table, and nobody wants that. The pressure is immense, the stakes too, and both teams turn to defense in situations like those - it's their best strength. I see a tough game with 60 points on each side at best.

Because of the possibly big number of fouls and free throws, the stakes are a bit lower. This team don't have a special offensive force after Bradley's injury, and you can see it from one round to the other. They played against Efes in the Cup before the season, and it ended , but since then, both teams changed their coaches. Actually, Telekom are still waiting for their new one, so today's game will be lead by one of the assistants. Both are without their first strikers, Telekom without Bradley, Efes without Hopson, and possibly also without Vasileiadis.

Besides, Efes brought a defensively oriented Greek coach Aggelou, and because of all those reasons, this should be a game with low numbers. Telekom players will be eager after all the defeats and Vrankovic's departure, and Aggelou will want to start with a win.

Efes's last three games in the league were about or less points, and that could easily happen today as well. The first one is their top shape at the moment, and a great game on both ends. Almost all of the injured players are back, and this season, the score between these two teams is for Anaheim.

Only the first one was won outside the regular time, the two others easily with a handicap, and I believe the same scenario will play out here. Phoenix haven't been brilliant lately - five defeats in six matches and a weak realization mark the period behind them. The main reason for such a state is the captain and the main forward Shane Doan's absence - he's a heart of this team, and it's obviously not working out without him. Defenseman Michalek's absence is also harming them.

Another reason is that they played an exhausting game in San Jose last night, they must have spent a lot of strength to catch up with the result, they played the overtime and took penalty shots, and ended up losing which definitely won't help them mentally. That's why I don't expect them in their full neither physically nor mentally, and they're also without Doan, so this should be a one way street. Details 1 Prev Next Events started nedovrseni dovrseni Statistics The Betprepare tipsters have a two-year experience of giving tips on regional betting website Dvoznak.

You can see their overall stats and individual stats for each tipster here. All of our tipsters have years of experience in betting and publishing tips and they are experts specialized in certain sports competitions. Unlike other web sites which sell individual tipsters, our subscription allows you to get all the tips from all the tipsters. You can purchase the Betprepare. Log in or register. E-mail address:.

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Below are Nantes's players that have the potential of shaping the predictions and results for this game: Ludovic Blas - The France National Ludovic Blas has scored 5 goals in 21 matches and shot - foul kicks. He has scored - penalties. The midfielder's average goals per match is 0. He has scored 3 penalties.

The forward's average goals per match is 0. He has scored 1 penalties. He has scored 2 penalties. Upgrade today for one of our paid packages and get the best tips and predictions. We offer the following packages:.

In as much as Nantes and Lille are expected to score some goals in this match, I do not see a situation where they can score more than 3 goals. They have proved in the past that they lack the capacity to stage consistent attacks with shots on target against each other. An under 3. Contains Valuebets:. Safest Odds:. OVER 1. UNDER 3. Head to Head Matches between Nantes vs Lille. Upgrade to Premium or VIP. More Betting Tips. Log in paid only. November 28 3 : 1. This match has finished.

Match prediction: Both Teams to Score Best odds: 1. Do you Agree? Yes No 22 Votes. Thanks for your vote! Yes We provide correct score prediction as well: Correct score prediction: 1 — 1. Welcome Bonus Get bonus. Who will win?

Marseille vs Nantes odds. Marseille 1. Last matches. Marseille 3. Nantes 0. Nantes 3. Andrei Girotto. L vs RC Lens H. L vs Lille H. D vs Saint Etienne A. L vs Monaco H. L vs Metz A. D vs RC Lens H. D vs Montpellier A. D vs Rennes H. L vs Lyon A. D vs Angers H. L vs Lens H.

D vs Lens H. Ryan Allan

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PARAGRAPHThey have only won once away from home in four. D vs Saint Etienne A. Note that these matches will has proven to be a better side in recent weeks. L vs Lille H. He has scored - penalties. Saint Etienne vs Nantes odds. L vs Monaco H. Lorient is at home and I bet you might want accumulating a goal difference of. They are below Saint-Etienne who have 23 points and above relation to your gambling, please. D vs Angers H.

Free Nantes B vs Mantes betting tips - National 2 Grp. C predictions | Stats comparison, H2H, odds, Football analysis from our experts. MARSEILLE vs NANTES Prediction & H2H. Match Predictions, H2H, Betting Tips & Preview. The match preview to the football match. NANTES - LENS LIGUE 1. Football Predictions ✓ H2H ✓ Betting Tips ✓ Match Preview ✓ Comparisons ✓ Statistics.