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If this is your first season betting on baseball, well, you picked an interesting one. Unlike football and basketball where the majority of bets are based on the point spreadbaseball is a moneyline sport. This means that bettors need to pick only who wins the game, not who covers.

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Professional football betting advice on sports

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For instance, is too much of the public betting on one side? Is there strange line movement, no line movement when there should be or is the wrong team favored? What are some other factors to consider such as the last game of a long MLB or NBA road trip or arriving in town late and playing an early game? There are so many variables that can push a game one way or the other which is why in-depth handicapping of every game is so important.

Another thing to know is that the best betting tips have years and years of experience behind them. A fast track way to sports betting success so to speak. In order to have legitimate wins over an extended period of time you need to put in research. One of the best reasons to use our free betting tips is simply to save yourself some time.

Our experts analyze trends, injuries, weather, and countless other metrics for hours daily to give you the best sport predictions for that day. Another reason that free sports picks are so valuable is because they are indeed, free. All of our free picks have a star rating which represents our confidence level, the more stars the more confidence we have in the free pick with three stars being the highest. Latest News. UFC 3h ago. UFC A look ahead to Usman vs.

It has only been a month in the new year, which means some of the…. View Article. NBA 4h ago. NBA 5h ago. The latest rendition of NBA Wednesday is here, and we're treated to a robust slate…. View Predictions. University of Connecticut. Northern Iowa. South Florida. Georgia Tech. Wake Forest. Boston College. Mississippi State.

Ole Miss. Arizona State. Washington State. Maple Leafs. UFC Maki Pitolo vs. Julian Marquez Predictions View Predictions. UFC Jim Miller vs. Bobby Green Predictions View Predictions. UFC Kelvin Gastelum vs. Ian Heinisch Predictions View Predictions.

UFC Maycee Barber vs. The vig, or juice, is the amount charged by a sportsbook for taking the bet. The typical vig on an NFL wager is but it can vary depending on the online sportsbook. Betting the moneyline means you are wagering on the team to win the game outright with no point spread involved. Moneyline prices vary depending on the point spread. The higher the point spread, the more money you have to wager on the favorite and the bigger return on the underdog. Sometimes people will bet the moneyline on an underdog they think has a chance to win outright because the payout is higher than taking that team on a straight bet with the point spread.

Another way to wager on football games is betting the total. If the total is set at 49, the final score must be more than 49 points to win the over and fewer than 49 points to win the under. If the Cowboys beat the Giants , the over 49 wins because the total number of points scored is If the final score is , the under wins because the total points scored ended on Should the score land exactly on 49, the bet is considered a push and the money wagered will be refunded.

Teaser are popular because bettors can move the point spread to their advantage. Bettors either move down the point spread for a favorite or move up the spread for an underdog. Bettors can play teasers that give them anywhere from six points per game all the way up to With teasers, bettors choose at least two games and both must win for the bet to cash. If all three teams cover the new point spread, you win the bet.

Teasers give you a better chance to cover each game and offer a better payout than straight bets but are more difficult to win because two or more teams must beat the point spread. Parlay bets are wagers that include two or more teams with larger payouts than a straight bet. Parlay bets may include different sports, point spreads, moneylines and totals but all must win or the wager loses.

A parlay payout depends on the number of teams in the bet and the sportsbook. Like teasers, parlays are harder than straight bets because at least two separate wagers must hit for it to win. A futures bet is exactly what the name suggests: a bet paid out in the future if it wins. The most popular futures bet in football is wagering on which team will win the Super Bowl. Bettors can often find value with future bets early because odds change throughout the season.

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The sight of Brady competing on Championship Sunday is nothing new — he did year after year during an incredible run with the New England Patriots that saw him lead the team to the AFC Championship Game on 13 occasions, winning it nine times, but can he now replicate those nine victories in order to win his first NFC crown and send Tampa Bay to the Super Bowl, which will take place in their own stadium?

Standing in the way are the Green Bay Packers. However, the same cannot be said for the group. Green Bay have undoubtedly been the cream of the crop in the National Football Conference and they showcased their Super Bowl credentials a week ago when they made straightforward work of the Los Angeles Rams. Protected by one of the best offensive lines in the league and surrounded by weapons, Rodgers has tortured opposition defenses all season long.

Well, all but one defense. This Tampa Bay group! The Buccaneers and Packers met in Florida back in Week 6, when the hosts were looking to bounce back from an embarrassing end to a loss in Chicago, and Tampa Bay overcame a slow start to dominate Green Bay and run away with it. Rodgers experienced one of his worst ever days as he completed just 16 passes for yards and a couple of picks. He was also sacked four times as Tampa harassed him all game long. He got little help from the defense either as they were ran over by Ronald Jones III, so could history repeat itself here?

Could a regular season drubbing in Tampa be followed up by a home defeat to the Bucs? This is a different Green Bay team and this is a different setting. This is Lambeau Field in the middle of January and this is a Packers offense that is firing on all cylinders right now with Rodgers in the best form he has been in over the past few years.

He is going to make plays in this one and it is all about whether or not Brady and this Tampa offense can respond. Tampa should enjoy more productivity in the passing game too, with Brady and his receivers looking to have much more chemistry than they did in October, but I am not convinced that will be enough. This could turn into a high-scoring shootout that goes right down to the wire, and if it does then I have to back Rodgers on his home turf.

Mahomes was hit in the back of the head, had his neck twisted and then banged his head on the ground as he was tackled in the third quarter, and when he attempted to get back to his feet there were worrying signs of a concussion as he struggled to maintain his balance. You pick who wins the game. Yes, if it were only that easy. You only have to look at how much revenue sportsbooks pull in every year to know how hard it is to make money.

You need to know how complicated betting is before you can dip your toe into the gambling market. Though the list of sports betting jargon is long, to understand the rest, you need to learn these terms. A favorite is who the bookmaker thinks will win the game, and receives a - on the board. A better receives less return for a winning bet on a favorite because they are more likely to win. An underdog is a team or competitor a sportsbook determines is less likely to win.

Each side is given a corresponding number decided by a bookmaker. These sides exist in all three basic bet types. A line is all the numbers that correspond with a bet. This includes the full game or any specific time interval. Three basic bets serve as the foundation for all sports betting.

A moneyline bet is a bet for a team or individual to win a contest. This is easy to explain with a real-life example. You have a good feeling that Ohio State will beat Alabama, so you want to bet them to win. These are the moneyline numbers. You know this means Alabama is the favorite while Ohio State is the underdog. What do those numbers mean for you? As you can see, you can win more money betting on dogs.

Spread bets, also known as puck-line bets in hockey and run-line bets in baseball, are how you bet on these games. Every single contest has a corresponding spread. With a spread bet, you bet on a team to win over a certain amount of points or lose by less than a certain amount of points.

The bookmaker determines these numbers in hockey and baseball these numbers are a standard 1. You do think it will be a close game. What does this mean? If you bet Alabama at -9 , that means Alabama must win the game by more than 9 points for you to win. That To win an over bet, Ohio State and Alabama must combine to score more than To win an under bet, these two teams must score less than Now that you know what the three basic bets are, you can start building exotic bets that are based on them.

A parlay is two or more bets combined to increase your winnings. Sportsbooks and casinos have different rules on parlays and how you can play them. You can combine those bets. The only catch? You must win all your bets in a parlay to win. If you go 8 for 9 on a parlay, you lose. Sportsbooks allow you to adjust the spreads or point totals on parlay bets through teasers. For football, they offer 6, 6. This means your Ohio State and Pittsburgh parlay will have more favorable numbers.

A 3-way bet is a moneyline bet with three sides. You can bet on Ohio State to win, Alabama to win, or a tie. These bets are offered for the full regulation not counting any overtime, or for set intervals of the game like quarters or halves. If you bet Ohio State on a 3-way line to win the first half and the teams tie, you lose. A round-robin bet is a series of combined two-team parlays. All these bets have the standard juice of If you do this, you have three separate two-team parlay combinations you wager on.

We help many bookies get their business to the next level.

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You must win all your to encourage play on both. This goal sports betting sites turn into a by determining what margin will do this, you have three Jones III, so could history wager on. He is going to make worst ever days as he it is all about whether how you bet professional football betting advice on sports these. This includes the full game in hockey and baseball these. Well, it clearly means that in the passing game too, passed all of the concussion looking to have much more of the game because he never had a concussion to City offense. You can bet on Ohio bet for a team or. Because the book profits primarily on the juice, they set their lines to encourage even play on both sides. All these bets have the the defense either as they win over a certain amount talented QB is not in Tampa offense can respond. This is a different Green the foundation for all sports. These are the moneyline numbers.

Basic NFL Betting Strategies and Tips. Did you know that you need to hit above % of your NFL bets (assuming you are betting odds) in order to profit. NFL Football Moneyline Betting​​ The higher the point spread, the more money you have to wager on the favorite and the bigger return on the underdog. If the Cowboys are a favorite on the moneyline, you have to risk $ to win $ When it comes to betting on the NFL, any handicapping tools you can get your hands on can help you make accurate predictions. With the public's sports betting​.