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If this is your first season betting on baseball, well, you picked an interesting one. Unlike football and basketball where the majority of bets are based on the point spreadbaseball is a moneyline sport. This means that bettors need to pick only who wins the game, not who covers.

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Betting on brothers: B. Duchess of Sussex wins lawsuit against British tabloid. Canadian-born cheetah brothers make rare return to the wild. Actress Gina Carano dropped from 'Mandalorian' over tweets. Vancouver Top Stories. Park Board moves to reclaim part of Strathcona Park from homeless campers.

With Lunar New Year approaching, health officials encourage safe celebrations. Several teens rescued after getting 'hopelessly stuck' in the cold along a mountain road, B. Here's how much you'd have to earn to buy a house or condo in Vancouver, according to a study. Cougar attack on dog prompts warning. Park Board takes action at Strathcona Park. Netflix series probes death of Vancouver woman. Bitter cold turns dangerous on South Coast.

Editor's Picks. As isolated seniors struggle in Point Roberts, calls grow for border exemption. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. The essential checks to make sure your car's safe whatever the weather! Dre enjoys dinner date in LA with a mystery woman rocking a sheer lace bra We're sadder, poorer Don't blame the public for packed hospitals, urge top doctors after string of medics tell rule-breakers they Proof the Pfizer Covid vaccine works in the real world?

Israeli healthcare group says coronavirus infections Milly Dowler's killer Levi Bellfield 'is offered Covid jab at high-security jail before most of the rest of Boris Johnson will 'force travellers from high-risk Covid countries to quarantine in hotels for ten days' in Britons will refuse to live 'like Troglodytes' under indefinite lockdowns, says rebel Tory MP as he urges No Britain's coronavirus cases fall again amid 'scaremongering' row: Scientists play down more deadly variant Diary of a paramedic: We're now rushing a lot of younger patients into hospital and a father, 45, and Britain delivers a record , Covid vaccines in a day - putting it on track to hit 15m first doses Don't make phone calls or talk to each other on public transport to prevent spread of Covid, French Hope for Spanish summer holidays: Madrid 'wants to welcome first tourists in spring' and denies claim it BBC lockdown home-schooling programme tells 9-year-olds there are 'over genders' and shows kids talking TikTok trolls accuse CBeebies star Mr Tumble of being racists because his catchphrase is 'hello monkey' Labour shadow Foreign Secretary praises calls for British Army to be replaced with a 'gender-balanced human Revealed: The extraordinary life of Tiffany Trump's playboy fiance who is heir to billion dollar empire, has


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Hotel Luncheon obtainable at Clifton Gardens Hotel. All day. You don't know Sydney Harbour until you have seen it from the deck. Line 4. Robert Taylor Greta Gaibo in Camille. Line 5. Glenda Farrell Barton Maclane Fly. Line 6. WAI ES. Line 7. Street, Pattdlnston. Line 8. All notices may be served at the. All creditors In the. All Ci editors in the. Proctors for the Executor, All Creditors In the Fslate of the said.

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ED, ETC. HILL-Board friends couple r? Digitisation generously supported by. Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation. Buy Download Please choose from the following download options:. Share Share this item on:. Print Print article as Order now. Scope Download this Article Page Issue. Image or Text. Close Error. Close Details of support. Close Text corrections. Already got a Trove account.

Sign up for a free Trove account It's easy and takes two shakes of a lamb's tail! With your Trove account you can: edit and delete tags and comments, create lists, create private tags and comments, readable only by you, and keep track of your newspaper corrections.

Sign Up. Confirm you're a human Since you've made it this far, we want to assume you're a real, live human. Article text , suitable for Copy and Paste. Change size. Pickwick Paper-? Public Recitsr. Prler Simple—Marryat. Fobinrcn Crusoe.

Rorv O'More—Lover. Rovot-on Gower- -T. Holline Ston". Roe, E. T po;t to Earnest. Sketches bv R07,—Dickens. O:lrrl'1 V' Sunshine. Susan Hopely. Shadow on th? Storv of Marv. Storv 0' M'ldred. Sir W. Tenant of WindMl Hal! Tlirone of David—Inerabam. M —Vanity Eair. V "nilv Fair—Thackeray. Valentine Vox—Cockton. While Tt Was Morning—V. Owing to the Rapid Increase in our Business. Cardiff, latelv ocoupied by Messrs. Poynton and Co.

Limited successors to Messrs. Ware and Co. We have taken over the whole of Messrs. Trusting to receive the continued support of our old Friends in Caroline-street and the Trade generally. If net, do so at once, for patterns of our Bttr- gains in Suiting", and Trouserinics. Speciality, our Famous "Ret orc1 Heign Tweed. Patterns sent fiee. Any length Carnage paid. One Lozenge alone gives relie.

Lozenge will set you right. Any doctor will ten vou they a. Sold everywhere in ti: 13Jd. Thousands of Children Die Annually from Bron- chitis. Whooping Cough, and Croup. It Cures Coughs. Asthma, and Tight- ness of the Chest. Loosens the Phlegm, nnd Promotes Expectoration. Sold by all Chemists and Stores in is. Sample bottles sent post paid for Is.

Females of all ages shonld take them. They at once remove aLl obs'. In boxes 7id.. Is lid. Horton, M. Aston- road North. Agents Cardiff: R. Mumford, Chemist, Ac. Spiot- lands, and Castle-road, Roath. Merthyr: Willis, Chemist, Georgetown.

Swansea: Lloyd, Chemist, Oxford-street. Newport: Young, Chemist. Cannot be had from other Chemists. D Hortcn. Telegrams: "Express," Cardiff. The latest utterance of a Cathays Park coun- cillor upon the great issue before the public leads one to marvel how the cloak of extreme innocence worn by so many of our representatives can be expected to fit them. Business men like Coun- cillor Symonds cannot be so green as they make themselves out to be.

Symonds undertook II to address the Grangetown clubites upon the subject of the Town-hall site, and failed to do himself, the subject, or his audience, justice. This is a pity. Symonds is a newly-elected member certainly, and his conversion to Cathays Park has necessarily been extremely sudden. He has had no time to cover the whole ground.

This can be readily excused when we remember that councillors of much longer standing still exhibit the most ludicrous ignorance of their subject when questioned on it. Symonds has made the most of the time at his disposal, but for the sake of his own side it is to he regretted that he allowed himself to display his imperfect knowledge of the matter ho has voted upon—before a crowd who are likely to become critical.

Symonds rattled over a few of the easiest figures out of the private corporation pamphlet, and hid himself behind the great Waterhouse. Symonds fathered the statement quite honestly and innocently. How things do travel: It did not even get to Mr. Symonds second hand. He hai the news of that mythical synd'cate at twentieth-hand. This syndicate is, perhaps, the clumsiest of all the stratagems adopted by the corporation.

No one has ever heard or seen it. Like Provdence, it is so far off and mysterious that great faith is necessary in the believer. Some smart member of the council set the yarn afloat, and it has been enlarged upon and improved till councillors themselves almost begin to believe it. Alderman David Jone-s gave a rather diffe- rent version of the syndicate to Mr. The alderman's syndicate is "willing to buy the park for building purposes' at this extra fifty thousand.

Svmonds' syndicate consists of saintly philanthropists anxious to throw it away for land on which the ycannot build. It is well known, of course. There need be no limit to the figure, for, of course, the Park is not to be bought for building, and so far the ratepayers have not thought of asking for the names of any syndicate held up to them as a red rag.

When proof is asked for, all these syndicates will suddenly drop. We know that the long and short of the mailer is that the members of the council have taken a fancy to Cathays for their meeting-place—just as the little boy prefers the funniest room in the house for his nursery. It remains to be seen whether tlv ratepayers will indulge their fancy or not. But the most innocent part of Mr. He set both sites upon the same level. Cathays Park is dead- land. It cannot bring in a penny to the cor- poration.

Temperancetown pays its own purchase and expenses. But Mr. That is excusable. He has had no time. The Tatton Sykes Case. The hearing of this case was resumed on Tuesday morning before the Lord Chief Justice and a special jury. The court was again crowded in every part, Lady Sykes appearing in good time in a fresh costume of blue, wil:1 a large black hat and plumes. Sir Tation Sykes was also in court, and took a seat at the solicitors' table. At the outset Mr. Lawson Walton said that after further consideration he had come to the conclusion that he was bound, in duty to his client, to ask his lordship's leave to call Mr.

His lordship having granted leave, Mr. Walton, said he was at Sledmere on the 1st of January, , with Mr. He was clear about it because they were out hunting that day. He dined at Sledmere that evening with Mr. Bag- sha wand Mr. Henry Cholmondelev. According to your recollection, was ybur father. Sir Tatton Sykes, there that evening?

I have no recollection of seeing him that day. The Lord Chief Justice: You cannot say more than that? That is all I can say. The 1st of January was on a Friday? Are you sure your mother was there? Is there anything to call the matter to your mmd? I remember there was a. Clarke: How long had you been at u can't remember how long, but Vi r I J 1PS"AW was staying with me, and I think nad been there about a week on the 1st- of January, and remained about five days after- wards.

Sir Edward Clarke intimating that he should ike to ask Mr. Henry Cholmondelev a ques- tion, that witness was re-called, and replvmo- to his lordship wlw was asked bv Sir E. Clarke to put the questions , said that he went down from London to Sledmere on Fridav the 1st of January.

He had an entry in his PpC u to t! Have you no recollec- tion. In reply to further questions, witness said he had no recollection of seeing Sir Tatton Sykes at Sledmere that evening, witness having dined with Mr. Mark Sykes and Mr.

Bagshaw, and played cards with them afterwards. Sir E. Clerke then resumed his address to the jury. He referred once more to the hand- writing and the correspondence in the case after a brief expression of re? Mark Sykes. Well, the jury had seen Sir Tatton in the witness-box, and it was for them to say if he were a man so utterly incom- petent or if he were a man who would wilfully and deliberately utier such wicked falsehoods.

Mark Svkes's statement, said it only amounted to the fact that he had hunted on the 1st of January. He recollected nothing else definitely. The weight of evidence was that Sir Tatton travelled to Sledmere on the 1st of January, and if so, the plaintiff's case absolutely failed.

Lady Sykes's strange story was also, he contended, destroyed by the evidence wilh regard to the fvisit to the hotel at Brussels on the 1st of Octo- ber, If these transactions had been honest ones, why not tell Mr. He did not believe the jury would have any Sym- pathy with the story, or that it would obtain their credence, and he thought they would come to the conclusion that Sir Tatton Sykes was a man of honour, who, from the beginning to the end, had never heard of these trnn-iaction5 with Jay.

Sir Tatton's whole eon- duel showed that he was a man of honour and of truth, and his account of these transactions was supported by an overwhelming weight of evidence, and, that being so, he.. The issue litre was that Lady Svkes forged these documents, and if the jury did not believe that she forged them plaintiff was entitled to judgment.

It was said that Lady Sykes's story was a strange, one. No doubt, if they believed the story set up for the defence, it was a story without a parallel in the annals of forgery or of fiction. He Mr. Lawson Walton wa;.

It was said that Lady Sykes had indulged in gambling. This was a strange charge to come from Sir Tatton Sykes who married her when she was a mere girl just out of the hands of her governess, and took her to a big house in Yorkshire that had not bean furnished from the beginning of the century, and condemned her to a life of seclusion. He never went out with her, and never introduced her to any but one class of society—and that one class was tli3 class usually tt be found at race meetings, and was it any wonder if she succumbed to the temptations into which he led her, especially as she had no countervailing influence from association with aov other class?

And now, having placed her in tint terrible position in life for a girl of her acre and inexperience, he came forward to say that she had commenced a ca-er of forgery almost from the day of their marriage. It was a monstrous story. The learned counsel then proceeded to deal with the evidence, and to point out those pats which showed that Sir Tatton Sykes was a man from whose memory business transactions were likely to slip, that it was more likely that he had for- gotten the transactions than that Lady Sykes had been guilty of forgery.

She was his con- stant companion. He could not travel or go anywhere without her, and he counsel put it to the jury if, in their knowledge of human nature and of domestic relationship, it was not likely that the strong mind prevailed over the weak one, and that when Lady Sykes told Sir Tation that he must, sign these notes, he did so, especially when he was told there would be no call upon him for money just then.

As to Sir latton s having no occasion to borrow money that -was answered by the fact that he was con- tinually borrowing money from his banker Happily for the reputation of Ladv Svkes, she was in a position to produce Mr. Unwin, the banker of Monte Carlo, whose honour and honesty was unquestioned, and about whose evidence there coutd be no doubt, as the cheques which were disputed were returned at once to Monte Carlo, and came under Mr. Unwin's at- tention whilst his memory was fresh on the matter, and, therefore, he was able to say with- out hesitation that he Sir Tatton signed the cheques himself.

The fact was that Sir Tatton's absence of memory was extraordinary. He could not even remember a word of what was said at the Paris interview with his wife only a few months a so. Mark Sykes, after giving evidence, took a seat beside his mother, and remained with her all the morning, going out with her at lunch Lime.

When the ct urt rose for lunch Mr. Lawson Walt-m had net co:v his speech to Vue juiy. J After the luncheon Mi. Amongst a nnmier of f,it hioiiaLiy-dresst-u ladies at the back of the court Lady Koilit and her daughter seemed to be very attentively lis- tening to Mr.

Lawson Walton's very able dis- section of the evidence, which lie examined in minute detail. The learned counsel said the negative evi- dence of Sir Tatton Sykes was not sufficient to warrant the jury in finding that these promis- sory notes and letters of authority were forged, because, as he admitted, it' was only one further instance of the forgetfulness of Sir Tatton with regard to important business matters, as had been shown in the evidence with regard to other transactions.

Dealing with the evidence as to handwriting, ne said the evidence for the plaintiff included three independent and uninterested men—the two gentlemen who had been tutors to young Mr. Sykes for nearly ten years, and Mr. Unwin, the banker-against which only expert witnesses were set up, excepting the bank manager, who was an interested witness. But there were in court all the time three gentlemen who were perfectly familiar with Sir Tatton's handwriting —Mr.

Miles, his Yorkshire solicitor; Mr. Gar- diner, his town solicitor; and Mr. Com- menting upon the correspondence in the case, upon which. Lawson Walton could not conceive any evidence which could be stronger in favour of the plaintiff's case and of the story told by Lady Sykes. The tendency of the whole evidence, he submitted, was to show that Lady Svkes never got those signatures except at a time when she could get access to him, and when she could not get access to him she waited till she could, and that was a strong presumption against the accuracy of the charge that, she was a forger.

If she were a forger she could have forged a document at any time. The case involved the horour of the woman who had been his wife for a quarter of a century, and who was the mother, of his only son, who might have the burning shame of knowing that his mother was a convict. He asked the jury to save tiir Tatton Sykes from himself by finding a verdict for the plaintiff. Lawson Walton sat down amid some applause after a most able address, occupying nearly four hours. The Lord Chief Justice, having ascertained the wishes of the jury, proceeded to sum up at a few minutes to four o'clock.

The plaintiff's ease was, no doubt, an extraor- dinary one, but the jury had not. They were dealing with a very exceptional Man. That being the mixturs of the man the case of his wife was that she could not get flom him the money she required and had to borrow, therefore, certain sums, at first small amounts at low interest.

But the indeb- tedness, as well as the rate of interest, in- creased ''like a snowball," till they resulted in the transactions now in dispute. His lordship then proceeded to read the evidence, com- menting thereon as he proceeded. Sir Tatton Sykes, would be entitled to a verdict. The jury'found for defendant, and the Judge gave a verdict accordingly, and ordered the docu- ments to be impounded. A large shipowner, named Saune, refused any of bis employes the right of belonging to a Union, ann, after fruitless negotiation, the men, who have recently organised, struck.

Several vessels belonging to the firm trade with English ports, and one, the Newton, is daily expected at Cardiff. At the instigation of the Inter- national Society, watch is being kept rt 'that pori and at Sunderland, Blyth, and other towns.

Lady Harlech was in her seventy-first yerlr and died at West field Lodge, Bracknell. She was the daughter of Sir J. Tyrell, Bart. The only child of the marriage, the Hon. Lloyd Kenyon, and is the mother nf Lord Kenyon. The present Lord Harlech was formerly M. Marylebone, in the county of London. Smith appeared on behall of the Great Western Railway. Augustus Lewis, inspector of factories, was also present, whilst Mr.

Williams Labourers' Union represented the relatives of the deceased. According to George Balsh, dock labourer, the brackets, bolts, and woodwork on the tip had been used for seventeen or eighteen years past. Smith called evidence intended to disprove negligence, and toshow that the accident was caused by a flaw in one of the castings. He had ordered the closing of the schools in the district alTected.

There had been 41 death" as a con-equence of the enidemic durinrr the last three months. A naval court-martial assembled at Devonport on Tuesday morning for the trial of Albert Harris, armourer s mate, of the gunnery ship Cambridge, formerly of the gunboat, Reynai Prisoner was charged with having appropriated eight guineas, the property of his messmates on the Reynard, on which prisoner served at Ha"- wich, also with having forged the names of Harwich tradesmen, vith intent to defraud.

Pleading guilty to boih charges, accused was sentenced to twelve- months' imprisonment, and to be dismissed the service. China has expressed willingness to accede to the British demand for the opening of Hunan, Talienwan, and Nanningfu as treaty ports for the benefit of all nations. She has also acquiesced in the demand for the extension of the Bur- mese railway into Yunnan. But on the question of guaranteeing that no other Power shall be permitted to acquire any portion of the Yangtse-Kiang Vailey the Chinese Government has declined to accede to the stipulation proposed by the British Minister.

It is upon this point that nego- tiations are now centred. Reuters Agency learns that Talienwan one of the new treaty ports proposed in Great Britain's loan terms is considered to ba extremely important both on commer- cial and strategical grounds. In tie latter respect it is observed that without Talien- wan the possession of Port Arthur would be of little value, and that should Russia pro- pose to retain Port Arthur permanently the acquisition of Talienwan might enter into the scope of her policy.

On the other hand, the creation of a free port at Talien- wan would benefit the Powers generally, and would tend to nullify any isolated action of Russia at Port Arthur. A Central News telegram from Shang- hai on Tuesday says:—The special cor- respondent of the "Shanghai Mercury" in Korea telegraphs to-day from Seoul stating that everything is quiet in the Korean capital. The political situation is. There is now little trace of the recent excitement in the country.

The Admiralty on Tuesday resumed the publication of the reports as to the dis- position of the hips of her Majesty's fleet in Chinese waters. It savs there has been, perhaps, some txcess or haste in the announcement that the loan has been given to England. There can be no doubt that, up to the last moment, Russia will make the greatest efforts to prevent it, and on this point the po-ition of Russia is very strong. Now, it is well known that there is no lack of syndicates to come forward, and several have offered all the guarant ies that could' be desired.

On the intenvention of the German Consul here the Chinese Governor-General at once despatched orders by telegraph for neces- sary measures to be taken for dealing with the affair. The two European subordinates, liickie and Pruntz, were safe on the 14th, and were expected at Ormara on the 18th.

A Reuter's telegram from St. Petersburg on Tuesday says: —An explosion of gas occurred to-day in one of the mines of the Russian Donetz Company in the Taganrog district. The defendant was John Davies Lloyd, but in the report sent us from Londou t he name was given as Johu, Lloyd Davies, and he was represented as being a draper's assistant at Commerce House, Aber- dare. We are now informed that the defen- dant has never been employed at Commerce House, and as the proprietor, Mr. James Davies, has a son named Join; Davies, we take an early opportunity of pointing out the distinction be- l ween the nalm s.

Edward Smith. Cwmdows, and John Evans, Blackwood who were injured at the Ceiyneii Colliery, and unable to follow their usual employment, was held at the Public-hall, Neworidge, on Monday evening.

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