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If this is your first season betting on baseball, well, you picked an interesting one. Unlike football and basketball where the majority of bets are based on the point spreadbaseball is a moneyline sport. This means that bettors need to pick only who wins the game, not who covers.

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4d betting hours paul

What is the recipe for passion? Explore these questions and more with a special guest, Peter Diamandis. Diamandis is the founder and executive chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation, which leads the world in designing and operating large-scale incentive competitions. He is also the executive founder of Singularity University, a graduate-level Silicon Valley institution that counsels the world's leaders on exponentially growing technologies. They include secret chapters he has never released, masterclasses on key skills to help you jack up motivation, heighten creativity, and accelerate learning.

Virtual networking has become one of the newest an unexplored challenges in this new virtual world. How do you keep people engaged? How do you get around the distractions? How do you effectively grow your network? In this episode we'll break down how to effectively build your network virtually through zoom calls, skype threads, Facebook groups, and even text messages.

Preston Smiles brings a relentless force of love wherever he lands. Watch it on YouTube. Visit www. Are you aware of the dangers of EMF exposure in your home, but have no idea where to start when it comes to finding, and fixing them? Are you concerned about your exposure to the current 3G, 4G, and 5G wireless networks now activated in most major cities?

Have you attempted to test the levels yourself using EMF meters you found online and ended up confused and frustrated? EMFs electromagnetic frequencies are one of the most toxic elements in our living and work environments. Due to the technical nature of accurately testing for them—and the training required to do so properly—many of us resign ourselves to the fact that we just have to accept them and the consequences they bring in order to use the modern technology we depend on.

In this seven-part video documentary series, you will follow world-renowned building biologist Brian Hoyer as he tests an entire home, room by room, to determine the source and level of every known type of EMF. By the end of this series, you will not only be thoroughly educated on the various types and sources of EMF commonly found in homes but also of the many mitigation tools and techniques available thanks to the cutting-edge technologies. Kin Euphorics is the first non-alcoholic drink for grown ups who care about the little things, like: brain function, hormone harmony, great sex and de-stressing after an insane day… and delicious bubbly beverages These drinks are stacked with the good stuff and none of the bad, as well as nootropics that support cognitive function.

Go to kineuphorics. Back in the day, I used to have to take about 50 ingredients to make an elixir or a smoothie. I had to mix them together, make a big mess, and it took up a bunch of space in the cabinet. But Cacao Bliss has changed the game. Now I have amazing ceremony-grade organic ingredients like raw cacao, turmeric, black pepper, MCT powder, cinnamon, monk fruit, coconut nectar, lacuma, mesquite, and Himilayan salt all in one.

So this is the ultimate superfood elixir, but it really tastes like chocolate milk. It's just absolutely fantastic. Nearly every American adult has insufficient levels of Vitamin K2. But a Vitamin K2 deficiency can cause major heart, circulation, and bone problems, so this is one of the most important supplements that we should all be including as part of our diets — and Just Thrive offers the only pharmaceutical grade vitamin K supplement on the market.

Love the Show? Well, there are many ways you can do this. You can spawn dream characters, manipulate them, even control what they do. Neurologist, Stasha Gominak, MD is back to discuss regulators of sleep--sleep switches--and ways to repair them, naturally. Support your vitamin D levels this winter!

Stasha Gominak sees sleep apnea, requiring c-pap is an end stage disease. You need to be asleep to apply them to repair. Gominak has a workbook on her website for you to use. Considering that, as I write about here, I consider glycemic variability which is exactly what these CGM's track and inflammation which is a bit more difficult to measure as it typically requires a visit to a lab to be my top two key biomarkers for health and longevity, my use of a CGM has given me some very valuable data on how my body responds to certain foods, supplements, exercises, lifestyle practices, and even emotions.

But how does a CGM work, exactly? What does the really tiny "filamentous" needle actually measure? How do you get yours to "stick" for long periods of time, or in water? How does the phone gather data from the sensor, and is EMF a concern? Does the sensor have to be calibrated to a blood glucose reading due to the fact it is recording interstitial fluid vs.

Is this type of thing, from an insurance standpoint, that is only available to diabetics? Are there certain supplements or herbs that do the best job controlling blood glucose? I explore these questions and many others in this podcast with Josh Clemente. Josh is a rocket scientist and worked at SpaceX for 6 years, managing the team that designed the life support systems in their space shuttles. Overtime, he started to notice extreme levels of fatigue and experienced volatile spikes and crashes of energy throughout his day.

For someone that worked out consistently and followed the guidelines for what he believed to be healthy practices, it didn't seem to add up. After experimenting with glucose monitoring, he realized that he was pre-diabetic, borderlining on fully-blown diabetic, and that the foods he was eating were having a significant impact on his performance. It was this discovery and struggle to derive actionable insights from his glucose monitoring that led him to start Levels. Today at Levels Health, Josh and his team are revolutionizing the way people think about their metabolic health.

And why is metabolic health so important? Before Levels, an average person had no way of understanding how efficiently or inefficiently their body was producing energy. Levels enables you, using a new CGM system, to access and understand this information in real-time, so you can start making better diet and lifestyle choices to avoid those energy peaks and valleys.

During our discussion, you'll discover: -How Josh became a rocket scientist Today's guests are Bob and Fran German, they are both in their 80's and have never felt better. Today they share their tips and secrets to being young at any age. Sigma Lens: 1. Our breathing tutorials will help you cope with stress and anxiety, raise your energy and improve your immune system.

Breathwork has been an integral part of Yoga for centuries, and now with the help of people such as Wim Hof, Patrick McKeown, and Joe Rogan, breathwork is now part of mainstream society. These Breathing exercises are extremely powerful and act as mindfulness meditation, breathwork allows you to activate your parasympathetic nervous system which reduces the stress hormone cortisol. Daisy's latest extraordinary woman, Amber, talks about all things carnivore for a special Carnivore double episode.

It really helps new people hear about the podcast. Please consider helping me make more episodes by making a monthly pledge at my Patreon page. There are some cool rewards up for grabs too! More episodes from Living 4D with Paul Chek. As the college football season starts up, Wright Thompson looks at what the sport means to him in a season unlike any other. Odds to win the national championship and Heisman Trophy remain off the board at most sportsbooks, as the season prepares to kick off in full this week.

Works, told ESPN. How much of a trim the books will receive because of the abbreviated schedule is difficult to pinpoint. This year, fewer than games are on a schedule that seemingly could change on a week-to-week basis due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Big Ten, Pac, Mountain West and MAC, however, have canceled their fall football schedules, which caused sportsbooks to take the odds to win the national championship off the betting board for nearly a month.

A big college football game -- especially early in the season when bettors' bankrolls are at their starting point -- can attract tens of millions of dollars in bets around the nation. State gaming regulators do not specify the amount wagered or revenue on college football, instead lumping betting data on both NCAA and the NFL into one "football" category. In , Nevada and New Jersey, home to the two largest legal betting markets in the U.

Even with an abbreviated schedule, recreational bettors may simply spread their normal amount bet across the games available, while others may shift more of their action to the NFL. But some diehard college football fans may just choose not to bet, if their favorite team or conference is not in action.

Jeff Whitelaw, a respected Las Vegas sports bettor, said he likely will bet slightly less on college football this season for multiple reasons. With fewer games, especially ones involving teams from smaller conferences, Whitelaw believes lines will be sharper and have less movement. I may do more betting on Sunday than Saturday. The first games involving FBS teams kick off this week, but the odds to win the national championship remain off the board at most U.

The SuperBook at Westgate Las Vegas was poised to repost national-title odds last week, before pausing when reports surfaced of the Big Ten rethinking its plans for the fall. The SuperBook on Monday did reopen betting on the odds to win the national championship. Ohio State, considered the second-favorite behind Clemson in July, is no longer offered, along with the rest of the Big Ten and Pac teams.

Skip to navigation. College football uncertainty affects sportsbooks. Kansas City Chiefs. Bucs equal bucks as U. Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sportsbook offers refunds after Reed controversy. LeBron now MVP favorite at some sportsbooks. Los Angeles Lakers. It's flipping madness: 'Startling' amount bet on Super Bowl coin toss.

A gamble on Brady's move to Tampa Bay leads to profits.


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Norwich have only won one of their last four away games — a win against Cardiff in Wales, incidentally — although one of those was a defeat in the FA Cup. Despite their minor blip in form, Norwich still have the best away record in the Championship. They have won eight and drawn two of their 13 matches on the road. Norwich have beaten Swansea in each of their last three meetings, including their home win over the Swans in November Marco Stiepermann scored the only goal of the game.

Swansea have a number of former Norwich players in their squad. Korey Smith and Ryan Bennett made 73 and appearances for Norwich respectively, while Naughton had a loan spell at the Canaries in the season. Emiliano Buendia should return to the starting eleven after serving a one-match suspension against Millwall. Przemyslaw Placheta could be the player to make way. Predicted Swansea XI vs Norwich. Predicted Norwich XI vs Swansea. Our content is always original. Note that all of our reviewers are compensated for contributing content to Great Goals.

Learn more. Jose Mourinho rejects speculation Harry Kane may need to consider Tottenham future due to trophy dro Swansea City. Woodman, Freddie. Lowe, Jamal Morris, Jordan. Guehi, Marc. Bennett, Ryan. Hourihane, Conor. Ayew, Andre. Starting lineup.